Thursday, April 17, 2014

This week in my kitchen...

Capturing my love of whole foods, combined with the activity of a bustling kitchen.
A weekly collection of photos from the center of my home. 
Joining Heather again this week for her Blog Hop...
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Thanks for dropping by.. 
Once again this week just a few pics and joining the Blog Hop over at BEAUTY THAT MOVES... .. 

If you have any questions I will try to answer them in the comment section.. 
Looking forward to hearing from you all.. 
God bless..

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Doings...

Good Evening everyone.. 

A little post here at the first of the week.. 
The wind is fierce the last couple of days and the snow has been disappearing very quickly.. 

I love Spring.. 
It is my favorite season of the year although I enjoy all seasons really.. Even Winter is not the big dread that I had when I was younger.. 
I have learned to enjoy the coziness of it all with Terry being retired and all.. So long as my children are not travelling to or from work during a storm I actually enjoy most of it.. 

But Spring just calls my name.. smile.. 

We went to the city today and bought a table set for our deck.. 
We needed a new one but since we spend most of the time at the cottage we only bought a cheap one.. 
We also plan on buying a Deck Swing but we could only find one at Costco and it was quite expensive so we are waiting for a week or two.. 
No other store had any for sale.. 
I don't know what's up with that..

I have wanted a swing for years so I am looking forward to it..  
This will be our anniversary present to each other as we did not take a little trip or such.. 

You who have read the blog for a while know we spend a lot of time at our old farm in the Spring.. 
Well, the picture above is dear hubby taking in some strapping for the ceiling in the back porch.. 
He has been puttering away at it for quite awhile now so I have finally started putting a bit of pressure on him to finish.. 
He has tried to spend a day a week up there all Winter so I am wondering how comfortable that old couch there is.. grin.. 
He is also carrying newspapers to make a fire which he puts on each time he goes.. 
The snow is still deep and he has to snowshoe in but after the wind and rain this week we are hoping that I will soon be able to go, too.. 

As the wind was blowing and the rain coming down I took some books and such and sat in the truck for an hour or two and waited for him.. 

I worked on my crochet.. 
I am making a mason jar cozy.. 

And a few mags and books.. 
Note the size of those snow banks.. 
Yup... this is Canada.. 
Once the snow starts to leave it really doesn't take long, though.. 
These pics were taken last Friday, I think and our fields today are almost bare.. 

Then our old back roads look like this.. 

That dear man I am married to loves roads like this and I detest them.. 
I made him turn around here because I was not wading in the mud to get out.. 

On our way home tonight we had to travel through water twice before we reached home as the river has overflowed it's banks.. 
We just go from one extreme to another but no worry.. 
We are used to it.. 

Today with snow piles in parking lots fifteen feet high there were people everywhere with hardly any clothes on... 
We are a  tough breed, I am thinking.. 
I prefer a bit of modesty myself but anyway.. 

A very good thing today is my Mom's 80th birthday.. 
I posted that we all (17 of us) had taken her out to dinner a couple of weeks ago but her actual day was today.. 
We are so thankful to still have her with us.. 
Our Dad has been gone for 25 years and we miss him so but Mom is a going concern.. 
She bakes pies, breads and such almost every day.. 
They have a lot of company... smile.. 
And almost every day she and her husband go shopping.. 
She told me this morning that she doesn't think she can keep going and picking up cat food or whatever every day.. 
I told her she should just go every other day then.. grin.. 

I am just thankful she is quite healthy and so is our Step-Father.. 
They sure enjoy each other and that is wonderful for not only them but for her family, too.. 

I had to include this little face.. 
So cute... 

Well, thank you dear friends for dropping by and leaving your sweet comments.. 
I truly appreciate it.. 

I must get to bed and listen to the wind..
It is 10:30  (a bit late for me) smile..  
Nightie night.. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Springtime Visit with Dear Daughter...

Happy Weekend my dears.. 
How are you all doing? 

We are beginning to think that perhaps Spring is actually going to appear here in New Brunswick.. 
We still have loads of snow but it is melting very fast.. 
We have had some rain and lovely breezes that are doing their Spring work.. smile.. 

We were down to visit our daughter a day or so ago..
Despite the snow she has her home decorated for Spring.. 
I thought you might like to see a few pics of her new home this season.. 

I love her new bunny that is on an old trunk in her foyer.. 
Isn't he cute? 
Shonda has a way with little vignettes as you can see.. 

Her bedroom is quite lovely.. 
The last time I posted a picture I don't think she had the new cushions and such.. 
I love her color scheme in there.. 
She has her morning coffee and devotions there.. 
Such a comfy place to be, I think.. 

Our sweet grandsons were about and visiting with us.. 
They have grown into such wonderful young men.. 
I know ... I am a grandma, eh!  smile.. 

Shonda made a wonderful meal and filled her Dad's plate way too high but he ate it all.. 
Salmon, shrimp and scallops.. 
Mashed potatoes, haricot verts, baby carrots, hot bread and homemade pickles.. 
Then her special homemade apple pie.. 
She has a wee secret in making that but I can't figure it out..grin..  
It tastes awesome..

It was a great time and we are happy that Dave loves his 
They are so funny..  grin..

Anyway, thank you so much for visiting once again.. 
I hope you are enjoying your Spring days..

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day which we look so forward to.. 
So thankful for all of his blessings and the peace that only He can give.. 

I look forward to hearing from you.. 
Love and Prayers. 
Faye .. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

This week in my kitchen....

This Week in my Kitchen:   Blog Hop 
Capturing my love of whole foods, combined with the activity of a bustling kitchen.
A weekly collection of photos from the center of my home. 
*     *     *     *     *
The kitchen is the centre of our home and each week we post just photos without words.. 
Thanks for dropping by.. 
If you have any questions I will try to answer them in the comment section.. 
God bless.. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Weekending ....

Hello everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth tonight.. 
We are windy and rainy here in New Brunswick.. 
Some areas are worried about flooding but hopefully it will not be too bad.. 
We had some sweet company this weekend.. 
We had tea in my new thrift store finds.. 

We had some lovely company for supper on Friday night.. 
Sweet little girls..
Even twins.. 
This little ceramic kitten found a new owner.. smile.. 

I found it in this box of old mementos while I was cleaning out my closet.. 
1976... a ceramics class I took then.. smile.. 
And they liked playing games.. 
And then on Sunday someone came home with us after church for lunch... 
Another couple of cutie pies.. smile.. 
They had fun outside until they got cold and wet.. 
I remember those days.. smile.. 

I made another homemade salad dressing.. 
Their Mama loves it.. 

I must confess now.. 
I promised to share the recipe for the casserole in my last post.. 
But I am afraid I forget which book it was in.. 
I will look some more tomorrow and if I can't find it then I will give you the edited version.. OK? 

Hope you all had a great weekend.. 
Take care, dear hearts and I will get back to you all soon.. 
God bless.. 


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