Saturday, July 14, 2018

Days of July...

Hello everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth this lovely evening.. 

It is another weekend and the summer is lovely.. 
So much to love with this season of the year.. 
Here in Eastern Canada the winter can be long and dreary so we appreciate these long glorious days of summer.. 
Some times we have heat and lots of it and on others we cool down with thunder storms and rain... 

We were headed to the farm the other day and it was raining very hard!  Raining cats and dogs as we used to say.. 
Terry was filling up the truck with gas and there were so many doing the same.. 
The Tim's coffee always starts our little trip out there.. 

Charlie was watching all the busyness and trying to spy the cats.. grin.. 
Summer also brings our delicious crops of strawberries.. 
I dehydrated these this morning... 
I love them to put in pitchers or glasses of water.. 
So tasty but you can use them in granola, in desserts or to make an instant jam for your ice cream.. 
I also read in the preserving book that the stems make an excellent tea on a winter's day.. 
I did half a rack just to see.. smile.. 
I found this recipe on Instagram.. 
Pickled Strawberries.. 
They are different but good.. 
Are you on Instagram?  
I love it and enjoy my time there.. 
So much inspiration!
Just follow the ones that interest you.. 

Terry and I took last Sunday afternoon and did a nice little field trip.. 

We went to church and then bought a coffee and headed for Cambridge Narrows and the lakes area... 

Down around Wickham and Hampstead.. 

Beautiful old farms..
\They have their haying done and their wood cut... 

The flowers are everywhere and so beautiful...

We went to the Washademoak Lake where his brother has a cottage..
No one was home but we had our picnic alongside the lake..
I love our picnics.. 
Everything seems to taste better, eh?  

And we went through the Belleisle Bay area... 
Summer people everywhere.. 
Really enjoyed visiting a sweet antiques shop and had ice cream from an old general store in Wickham.. 
Terry visited a friend he had not seen for about twenty years.. 
Made his day... 

You can tell by the fields that summer is winding down.. 
Hurts my heart to think about it... 
So enthralled by the wild flowers.. 
Always have been.. 

We were also at the farm for a two or three days last week.. 

Last summer a young couple who live near us had a crop of potatoes in the spot above  where all the daisies are growing.. 
Isn't that neat? 
It all filled in perfectly with wild daisies this year.. 
As neat as can be.. 

We are enjoying the company of the cows once again.. 

They always greet us when we get there.. 
We still are not staying overnite a lot.. 
Must say I am enjoying being home this summer much more.. 
Once we get a few yard sales organized we will feel more like staying perhaps.. 
Trying not to let it stress me.. 
Terry says it will get done when it gets done.. smile.. 

Made some flatbreads this week.. 

They only take two ingredients and are fun to make and taste delicious.. 

There is also a recipe for the self rising flour. 
I make a container full and have it for when it is called for in a recipe.. 

This was breakfast one morning.
Monterrey Jack with Pimentos Cheese and lots of olives on top of a flat bread.. 
Grated the cheese, cut up some olives and put it in the microwave for a couple of minutes.. 
I am not a breakfast person and find it hard to enjoy eggs or cereal.. 
Would rather have soup.. grin.. 

Then I am drying roses and such for potpourries.. 

So pretty ....

Well dear hearts this is another post ...

The sun goes right around the house.. 
Begins here in the early morning and goes all the way around and ends up here again in the evening... 

Tomorrow is another Lord's Day.. 
He has been faithful this week as always.. 
I really can't imagine my life without the Lord.. 
Things come up where I wouldn't know where to turn if I didn't have Jesus... 
When we have a need or there is a problem then He is there.. 
In the nighttime hours when your mind is looking for answers then He is always there.. 
An old old chorus we used to sing at church says it all.. 

Standing somewhere in the shadows you will find Jesus.. 
He is the only one who cares and understands.. 
Standing somewhere in the shadows you will find Him 
And you will know Him by the nail scars in His hands...

Trusting you will have a great day tomorrow.. 
Putting Him first in our lives is what counts especially in the day we are living in... 

God bless sweet friends.. 

Thursday, July 5, 2018

A day at the farm...

Good Evening everyone.. 
So happy to have you visit... 
Hope you are all well.. 
We are going through a heat wave here in Eastern Canada.. 
A very cool Spring and now right into above 30 degrees C. every day... 
The first few were fine because we were so happy to have a summer's day but now it is like ok... enough!  lol.. 
We are hard to please I am thinking.. 
We were at the farm a few days this week.. 
Picked some chive blossoms and am steeping some vinegar... 
It is lovely and turns a nice pink shade.. 

The pantry is now back to normal almost.. 
Except for an old cupboard that needs to be sold.. 
This is what I see out of the window.. 

Aunt Eva's old apple tree.. 
My swing is not hung yet nor do I have my bunting made.. 
So slow this year... 
But the garden is in and coming up.. 

The garlic are starting to scape... 
Can't wait to get at them.. 
We just potter away at stuff.. 
Boxes and boxes to sort.. 
I try not to think about it all or it overwhelms me.. 
I will be so happy when we get a yard sale under our belt and get some spaces empty of stuff... 

We had a pan of fried potatoes for supper the other night.. 

Something we don't have very often but pretty soon we won't be able to buy old potatoes and new ones just do not fry up the same.. 
We did not plant potatoes but thinking we should have.. 
Oh well.. 
The herbs are doing well.. 
I need to get my basil plants in soon... 

We are still coming home each night.. 
Charlie enjoys the farm but as soon as he figures out we are leaving he is ready to go... smile.. 

He finds it a bit hot, too... 

Took this lovely pic on the way through Petitcodiac last night.. 

Such beautiful shades.. 
I asked Terry to turn around so I could take it.. 
The Petitcodiac River... 
This river widens out and flows into the Bay of Fundy and has the famous Tital Bore... 
Up here though she is pretty calm..... 

Well, ladies this is just a very short post on a very hot night.. 
The fans are whirling... 
Terry is putting another air conditioner at the farm which will be nice once we get there.. 
Probably next week.. 

Will get back to you all soon.. 
Sorry, I didn't respond to comments on the FB page after saying I usually do but it has been a busy week.. 
I will try harder this time.. 

God bless... 

Sunday, July 1, 2018

The last part of June...

Hey there everyone... 

Happy Canada Day!  
And a lovely one it is here in New Brunswick.. 
A bit hot but I am not complaining! smile... 
We have had such a cold Spring that we are all welcoming the heat wave, I think.

Hope all is well in your part of the world and am so happy you dropped by for a few minutes... 

Just a post of a few things we have been doing.. 
Last week we went to the farm for a couple of days.. 
Trying to get through the mayhem of the selling of our places in St. Martins.. 
Accomplished quite a lot.. 
Have the kitchen pretty well cleared and the pantry almost finished.. 
While we were there the second day I made dinner.. 

I think a lot of us Maritimers still cook according to Marilla's Table.. 
In the last post I posted of a culinary class in P. E. I. and it was just down home food, really.. 

One of the dishes I grew up with was called Codfish Gravy.. 
Nowadays, I use whatever fish we happen to have.. This was actually Sole... 
It is just a white sauce with fish fillets and I usually add a bit of shrimp or scallops unless it is actually cod... 
A sprinkle of chili pepper flakes and some chopped herbs.. 
We always serve it over mashed potatoes... 
Notice the new cut on my carrots.. grin.. 
And a simple cucumber salad.. 
Nothing fancy but good for a rainy day there.. 

My rhubarb was getting away on me so took a couple days and preserved some..  

A Rhubarb Cordial type of juice... 

Pour a bit into glasses with ice and top with Sprite or Soda water.. 
Very refreshing and with it canned it will keep all winter.. 
Lovely for punch, also... 

Then I had to try out a new BBQ sauce.. 

This was so good that I made 2 batches of it.. 
Terry ate half of a bottle instead of just having it on the meat.. smile.. 

A lovely plant that Trevor and family gave me for Mother's Day is so pretty this morning that I had to take a pic... 

The rain the last few days has really perked the outside plants up... 

Love my inside plants, too...

Geraniums in the living room... 

And this huge one in the spare room on the window seat.. 
When we move to the farm I will put them on the deck out there... 

I didn't post the pics we took of our day trip to the Fundy Trail with our friends from Arkansas... 
St. Martins is as beautiful as ever.. 

And the Fundy Trail is amazing.. 

You cannot imagine the rock they had to get through to make this beautiful drive.. 

And the hills were a bit scary for my friend.. 
We are used to it as we try to visit every summer once at least.. 
Love the Bay of Fundy and when we get to the farm we will only be a half hour away once again... 

Received some pics and recipes from the Table in my email this week of the classes we took.. 
I am learning the chopping skills right here.. 
Must have been concentrating... 

Anyway, dear hearts that is about all for today.. 
Although I do want to mention that it is our youngest son's birthday!  
This is one of my fave pics of him.. 
It was taken several years ago.. 
With dear old Sammie.. 
Dustin lives out west now and we couldn't really share the day with him except through calls and texting... 
We are so thankful for this dear son of ours.. 
He is such a blessing and we all love him so much... 
He does read my blog or at least look at the pics so I wanted to wish him Happy Birthday here, too... smile.. 
Thank God everyday for our sweet family... 

And thank you sweet friends for your visits and comments.. 
I love hearing from you and on Face Book page I try to comment back.. 
If you have a question I will try to answer it here.. 
To be honest it is easier on FB because I can do it through my tablet.. 
Here I have to get on my laptop and it is a pesky thing as if I move it turns off sometimes.. grin.. 
I should get a new one someday but I love this one as I am so used to it.. 

Anyway my friends have a lovely weekend and may God bless and keep you and your families...