Sunday, May 5, 2019

Early Farm Days...

Well, hello there dear hearts... 
How are you all on this beautiful Spring evening?  
It is so lovely outside here tonight.. 
So happy Spring has actually arrived here in Maritime Canada.. 
I am so pleased to have you drop by the Blessed Hearth today.. 

This post is farm oriented.. 
I am so excited to say that I am really enjoying getting ready to move out there for the summer.. 
As you could probably tell from my posts I have been wondering if I would want to go for the summer or stay here as we did last year.  
There is just so much work to do there with getting all of our cottage stuff relocated out of the old farm house and such.. 
Charlie and I have decided we want to go and do what needs done.. grin.. 
No... actually.... 
Terry and I have come up with some plans that are feasible for us so we can enjoy the place once again.. 
It may take all summer to accomplish but steady on as we go... 

This past week we were there a few days because the sun shone!  
Praise the Lord!

Usually the first thing I do when we get there is to prepare something to cook on the wood stove,.. 
It is just a wood stove and not a kitchen one but it cooks a soup or stew really well... 

This one is a tomato base with hamburger, cabbage, onion, celery and carrots... 
Almost a Hamburger soup, I guess.. 
Then I added a bit of rice... 
Lots of parsley and garlic, of course.. 

While that is cooking away out in the porch I started washing out kitchen drawers and such.. 

With an old place like this you never know if a mouse might have been about ... 
All the dishes get washed.. 
Some girls will pack up everything in totes but I would just rather spend the day washing up... smile.. 

Love setting the old farmhouse table once again.. 
Some pretty lavender coloured bowls and napkins from the thrift shops... 

The soup was really tasty and even though the sun was shining the house is still taking awhile to warm up.. 
Terry has the stove and heaters and dehumidifier all going full steam.. 
My old Arthur can take a beating if I get too damp.. 
Isn't old age wonderful?  grin.. 

Another reason I am excited to be at the farm is my sweet husband has decided I can use this old stove that I used to have in my shop in St. Martins.. 
Isn't it gorgeous?  
I have wanted to use it for years but he kept saying no that it was practical... (Imagine!)
He finally gave in and here it is.. 
And ... 
I have my kitchen cupboard from our old house in St. Martins.. 
You can see a bit of it there.. 
And our new fridge from there, too.. 
And in the pantry through that door there is another old cupboard we brought from the shop.. 
It is perfect for the pantry.. 
Please excuse everything in the background.. 
It will take me a bit to get it all together.. 
Do any of you know what the wide porcelain part of the stove was used for?  
I tried to google it but could not find out.. 
The stove still has the papers it came with and is a 1947 model.. 
Terry put the knob that is missing up so we would not lose it and now can't remember where he put it.. 
He just saw it the other day though... grin.. 
Will be happy to get it all cleaned and going.. 

Meanwhile there are lots of dishes to wash..  

No dishwasher here.. smile.. 

I took my daily quart with me and drank it through the day.. 
It does feel like it might be the Spring tonic the ladies in the 1800s thought it was.. smile.. 
It is Nettles.. 
I hope I can find some growing somewhere this year so I can dry them myself and not have to buy them.. 

While we have been visiting the farm our dear daughter and her friend have been visiting Paris... 
Needless to say they are having a wonderful trip.. 
Shonda is the one with the green scarf.. 
Her and Wanda grew up together and now they attend the same church and their kids have grown up together.. 
So love the family of God.. 

Speaking of which .. 
We had a great service this morning.. 
Love feeling the Presence of our Lord .. 
The pastor taught on reaching our world with the love of Christ.. 
The fields are ripe with harvest.. 

After church we decided to go and have lunch at the farm.. 
I picked out paint colours to paint the kitchen and some old cupboards.. 
Can't wait ... 
This week, hopefully... 
He is patiently waiting... grin.. 

Not very impressive, I am afraid.. 
We don't have a lot of groceries up there yet but some hamburger (again) in the freezer made an oldie we call Hamburger Gravy.. 
It is his favourite... 
Then some french beans I canned last fall and my favourite cucumber salad... 
Do you like my salt and pepper shakers? 
A sweet gift from my sister.. 

Just slice up cucumbers in a bowl and sprinkle some salt and chili flakes.. Then drizzle fresh lemon juice over top.. 
Let it sit for a bit and it is ever so good! 
I make it a lot for a snack, too.. 

Well I guess this about wraps it up again for now.. 
I started out with a much larger post.  
Downloaded all the pics of here and the farm and messed it up and had to start all over again.. 
This time I did half of it but the good thing is that next time won't be so hard.. eh! 
I love this verse.. 

Guess it is my prayer for the next while.. 
I will try to take pics and show you our accomplishments.. 
I was telling Terry we have to get this done before he gets full time on the gardens because that will be the end of inside work.. 
Lots to do but enjoyable for me when it is this kind of stuff.. 
Was so happy to hear from my friend Becky in Arkansas this week.. 
She was anxious to see the stove.. 

Thanks so much for dropping by and love your notes.. 
I answer the Face Book comments most of the time but find the ones on the blog don't get responded to ... 

Hint hint.. 
Please feel free to like the Face Book page or to follow with Google above on the sidebar or share the post.. thank you.. 
Welcome to all the new followers of the blog.. 
So happy to have you.. 

Now have a blessed week and choose joy.. 
Hugs from me to you... 

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Wednesday Evening in April...

Good Evening everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth on this Wednesday ..  
It is a very rainy week here in New Brunswick..  
The rain has been falling steadily here for several days and our province is once again fighting flood waters.. 
Our capital city is in a bad state as is many parts of our province. 
We are blessed to live in an area that is not near the St. John River and is on high ground... 
Praying for these communities that suffer so during this type of Winter with lots of snow in the north then so much rain in the Spring. 

How are you all doing?  
Did you have a grand Easter.. 
We had a nice one but quiet non the less.. 
We did get to St. John and we all attended an Easter drama that Shonda and Dave were in..
 All except for our youngest who lives in the west as you know.. 
Miss him so much during these holidays especially... 
After the drama we all gathered at Shonda and Dave's house and had a lovely visit and food, of course.. 
And our gorgeous grandsons!
They are just so much fun!  

David had a big birthday so we were able to celebrate that also... 

Things have been sort of slow around here lately.. 
The weather is not helping.. 
Although it is Spring except for a few lovely days it seems that it is quite dreary... 

We went out one day looking for a few pussy willows for Easter.. 
We spied them in this ditch.. 

It was kind of neat since they were on Terry's old farm where he grew up.. 
I think I will keep some of them for awhile.. 
They are lovely and big this Spring... 

We were out to the farm on Monday and it was so nice and warm.. 
Cloudy but the brook was running and the wind was blowing.. 
It is still not very green but it won't be long... 

It is amazing how drab it is one week and you turn around twice and the place is full of dandelions and green grass.. 
I went through the house making plans for moving out there for the summer months.. 

We hope to do some painting inside before we get there.. 
I would like to paint the walls a creamy colour.. 
And the curtains need changed and so on... smile..
I wish the kitchen was this clean now but it needs some work, shall we say.. 

The gardens are ploughed and will soon be dry and ready for planting.. 

Our garlic weathered the winter and is up already as is a few herbs.. 
Charlie was ecstatic to be there! 
Just runs around like a puppy and drinking from the spring.. 
Although, he keeps looking back to make sure we are not leaving him there.. smile.  
I love this season the best of all of them.. 
What is your fave season?

Here is a sweet pic of our daughter and son in law with their Easter drama costumes on.. 

So cute!  

Terry and I had a dinner with Mom and my Step father but on one night we had a meal just for the two of us.. 

Roast Beef for a change from Ham and Turkey.. 
It was lovely.. 
But next year hopefully we will return to a ham dinner with all of our family here .. 
I missed that actually although it was a lot less work.. grin.. 

We did have lovely Easter service at our church.. 
We shared the Lord's supper and that is always so special.. 
Just thankful that I know the risen Saviour and He's in my heart today... 
Do you know Him, too?  
He makes life so worth the living.. 
What I so love about Jesus is that He is as close as the mention of His Name.. 
We just need to whisper his Name in prayer and He is there and available.. 
And faithful! 
Meeting our needs and comforting our hearts.. 
Like the old chorus goes.. 

Where would I be without Jesus.. 
Where would I spend eternity.. 
Lost in  a world full of sorrow.. 
Without Jesus ... 
Where would I be?  
Just wanted to share with you a bit tonight. 

And now on we go...  
My Mom turned 85 on the 15th... 
We took her and Gerald out for dinner to their favourite place.. 
St. Huberts... 
Then I wanted to make her a little somthing .. 

This is their cat Mable.. 
They both love her so much.. 
I made this pillow for her birthday .... 

Not a great job but it is the thought that counts and she liked it... 
It is amazing how fast time goes.. 
I remember when Gram (her mother) was 85.  
So many sweet years have passed... 
Praying we will have many more with her... 
This was a stir fry I made for tonight's supper.. 
One piece of steak goes a long way in a stir fry.. smile.. 

Thank you all so much for dropping by.. 

As I said we will be going to the farm soon and then I will have something to chat with you about.. 
The first pic up top is one of our meals out there.. 

Anyway, dear hearts have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you all.. 
Your notes are precious to me.. 
Take care of yourselves and your sweet families and we will meet here again soon, Lord willing..

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Spring has arrived...

Hello everyone.. 
Happy Spring! 
The last time I did a post it was the tail end of winter.. 
Seems as though it is still here in the Maritimes of Canada.. 
We had a day of snow and then rain after feeling very Spring like for several days.. sigh... 
I am ready for Spring although I must say I am not nearly as desperate as I have been in the past.. 
Our winter was not really all that bad and I found activities to keep me mindful of home and hearth...

Now with that said; I must say it is good to be back.. 
Especially as I am using my good old laptop..
I brought it into the sun room and just plugged it in for a couple of weeks and then did some work updating it and hopefully it will do for awhile.. 
How are your days going? 

Terry has started going to the farm quite regularly each week.. 
I believe he is getting quite anxious to be out there for the summer.. 
But here at home we are still just doing the usual retired life.. smile.. 

Each morning I make my daily quart...grin.. 
It is something I learned this past winter... 
It is for your health.. 
I am on a Nettles kick right now.. 
It is a heart healthy herb.. 
So I just boil up a quart of water and pour over 1/4 cup of dried nettles in a mason jar.. 
Let that sit for 10 minutes or till you get around to it later in the morning..  Strain into a lovely little cuppa and slug her down.. 
I was told to sip away at it but when it comes to nettle tea I just get her down.. grin.. 
It is so healthy for you.. 
I did not dry my own nettles but bought them from the health food store in Sussex... Winterwood.. 
I do dry my own peppermint, lemon balm. sage and such ...
They taste better, too.. 
You can add a touch of honey and sip away at them.. 
They are tasty and soothing.. 
I have my little cup from my shop that I used to have in St. Martins and a little strainer and enjoy this little simple pleasure.. 
After supper each night I drink a cup of chamomile and peppermint..  

Here are 10 healthy her teas you can try.. 
Chamomile Tea
Peppermint Tea
Ginger Tea
Hibiscus Tea
Echinacea Tea
Rooibos Tea
Sage Tea
Lemon Balm Tea..

Probably you girls already drink these. 
I am slow at getting on the herbal tea train but now I am here.. smile..  

I made up a couple of batches of the two ingredient bagels again..  

We took a little trip south of the border and I found a bottle of Everything but the Bagel shaker.. 
It contains poppy seeds, sesame seeds, garlic and such.. 
Very tasty.. 
Here is the recipe for the bagels in case you would like to have it.. 

As I was saying we took a little trip to Bangor in Maine.. 
We were celebrating our 49th anniversary... 
We have made this trip almost every March for many years.. 
It is just something we both like to do.. 
We used to stay two nights but now we seem to enjoy one night better.. 

We don't shop as much as we used to and really there is not 
that much to do there for us... 
But we do have a great time.. 
We shopped at my fave places... 

This is a darling shop... 
Antiques, crafts and books galore.. 
All kinds of dishes, linens and laces.. 
I love it... 
Terry and Charlie wait so patiently in the car for me.. smile.. 
Of course Terry has some treats I made before we left.. 
He ate most at home.. 
I had to make 2 batches.. 
And for me.
A jar of homemade Hummus and Pita Chips.
Do you like it? 
We ate at Texas Road House which is Terry's favourite and at Ruby Tuesdays which is mine.. 
They were both delicious... 

Here is a Goodwill treasure that I found.. 

Magazines from 1950 to 1953
Lots of neat patterns and ideas... 
I found some wonderful finds there.. 

I also love the Tiller and Rye store.. 
Here is a link... 
There are some recipes and such there, too.. 
I bought some Rennet tablets and a new Sprout Kit... 

We had company with us, of course... 
Dear old Charlie... 
Such a perfect dog to take.. 
Never gets excited or barking or anything.. 
The kids say he is a perfect dog and he is.. 
Sorry to be dog bragging.. lol.. 

On with the show.. 
Yesterday, I did a bit of sewing.. 

Made a fresh pot of coffee and used my cup that Trevor bought me for my birthday.. 
I love the size of it and it doesn't spill... 
And stays hot.  

I started on these.. 

New dishcloths.. 
You can recycle old towels or such.. 
Terry bought me some that was a really great buy.. 
Just plain white terrycloth so I covered them like I do when I reuse an old white towel.. 
Just makes them a bit more homelike.. 

Then for my gift pantry I finished up a few more Lavender 
Sleeping bags... 

I also made a couple of sachets for a purse..
I think the secret to these is to put the lavender buds in a bowl and sprinkle several drops of lavender oil on.. 
Mix it all up and crush with your fingers and let it sit while you are making the bags..  

I have one in my pillow case and everytime I move my head I smell the lavender.. (if I am awake)  grin.. 
I gave one to my Mom and she loves it.. 

I must mention that I visited Shonda\s Ladies Group.. 
It is called REAL... 
We had a lovely morning together.. 
Made some bread and other dishes.. 
The ladies there are always so welcoming and I love being with our daughter.. smile.. 
I just wish I had taken some pics but of course, I didn't... 

Oh yes... 
the first pic is a little idea I saw a few places on the web.. 
Use a wide mouthed short mason jar and leave out the lid.. 
Stick your measure spoons and such in and you can find them so much easier. . 
The other spoons are good for tasting.. 
I put mine right by the stove on the countertop... 

Well dear hearts this is all for today.. 
Here is a little verse I have kept for years..

It is my Anniversary card to Terry each and every year.. 
It always rings true..  

Have a great weekend and so happy to get back to you all.. 
Looking forward to your sweet messages here and on FaceBook.
I wanted to mention that I was so happy to meet one of you dear girls the other day.. 
I have read her little notes for several years but not met her.. 
She graduated with my sister and is good friends with my cousin but I personally had not made her acquaintance .. 
Only on here.. 
She called to me at the Walmart and so now we have met face to face.. 
It was nice meeting you, Kathy... 

Take care everyone and God bless.. 
I will say of the Lord, 
He is my refuge and my fortress;
my God; in Him will I trust.. 
Psalms 91:2

Sunday, March 17, 2019

A Sunday in March

Good Evening everyone.. 
And what a lovely one it is here in New Brunswick.. 
It is the kind of day that lets you know winter may still be here but Spring is just around the corner.. 
The sun shone all day but there was a bit of a bite in the air with the wind.. 
That is all right though as we know that the worst is over, eh! 

A few days ago we had some rain and the wind was blowing... 
If you have been following the blog for awhile you know that I am a stormy weather type of person.. 
Especially the wind! 
The rain was hitting the windows and I could hear the wind whirling around the fireplace chimney.. 
The furnace was on and it was all so cozy.. 

I turned on some lamps and lit my fave incense stick.. 
And put in an old CD that is so lovely.. 
I love Gospel music but I like other kinds, too.. 
Several years ago when I had my wee shop in St. Martins I used to be on the lookout for shop music, perse...
Well, I was in a store in Bangor when I heard this beautiful old style music playing ...  
It reminded me of when I was a kid.. 
I ran up to the clerk and asked where the music was from.. 
She said it was a store CD and they sold it there.. 
Needless to say, I bought one and occasionally played it in the shop or here at home.. 
I still do.. 
The music was playing, the incense was burning and I needed to put a kettle of soup on to simmer.. 

I had some homemade chicken broth, a can of tomatoes, carrots, celery, peppers, onions and a couple of handfuls of wild rice and mixed grains .... 
All I needed was some herbs.. 
Last Fall when I was cleaning up the herb bed I gathered little bundles of mixed herbs and tied them with kitchen twine and put them in individual little freezer bags.. 
They are lovely for a pot of soup.. 
I must remember to do it again this Fall, Lord willing.. 
Parsley, sage, thyme, rosemary and perhaps summer savory.. 
Oh yes and some garlic.. 
Don't forget the garlic.. smile.. 

So with that all going on I pulled out my sewing machine..

Just pottering about, you know.. 
I had bought this pretty tea towel at the dollar store and decided to turn it into a dish rug or whatever you call them.. 
I love them beside the sink.. 
It is thick and gathers the moisture from wet dishes or washed veggies.. 
It can hold a hot pot that has been drained and so on.. 
I did get it finished but forgot to take a pic.. (as usual)  

Sometimes I wonder why you girls read this stuff but you do.. 
Onward I go.. grin.. 

I have been buying some plants here and there... 

I may of mentioned this last time but here are a few more.. 
Moses in the Bulrushes, Ivy and a Cast Iron plant.. 
Oh and Purple Passion.. 
I love this plant and have not had one since the 70s..   
Shonda thought that was funny for some reason..  grin.. 
For some reason I think plants and books enhance a home.. 
What do you think?   

Here is a book I picked up at the Thrift and am enjoying.. 

Love reading about this beautiful country and love the followers here on the blog from that place...

Here is a new recipe that I tried out on dear Terry... 

Baked stuffed potatoes.. 
Only the stuffing is potatoes mixed with cooked flaked white fish and a bit of cheese on top.. 
Of course, I loved it and he liked it... smile.. 
I will keep trying.. 
Perhaps with something from this book.. 
She is lovely.. 
From England.... 
Her recipes are lovely, too.. 

Another soup from this soup junkie...

Chicken Noodle.. 
He did like this one.. 

And another Australian book..  
I ordered this one from Thrift 
It is a very interesting book.. 
It is just coincidence that I have so many Australian ones though..
I love love books... Do you? 
I read all year through.. Not just the Winter.. 
How about you?  Are you readers?  

Well dear hearts I am almost finished.. 
Our youngest son just called and said it is ten degrees out in Alberta... 
I am missing him quite a bit these days... 
Bless his heart... 

We took a wee drive up to the farm this afternoon.. 
Still a bit of snow up there but the brooks are open... 
We will soon be able to go up and spend some time... 
Have to get ready for the summer.. 
I expect to be there this year although it was lovely being home last summer ... 
Time flies and it will soon be June.... 

This is a little needle felting project I am trying to do... 

I don't know if it actually looks like lavender or not.. grin.. 
I am going to try another one till I get it to suit me then I want to make some lavender sachets... 

So I guess I am finished for today.. 
So happy you stopped by.. 

Another beautiful Sabbath is almost over..
We were so blessed this morning in service.. 
God's Presence was so real.. 
So happy to have a daily relationship with Him.. 
He surely enhances our lives.. 
And gives us a hope of an eternal life with Him... 
An old song we sing sometimes says it all.. 

Just to walk with Him means everything to me.. 
Just to know He cares and His hand is leading me. 
Though the world pass me by
Go their way 
Let me be.. 
Just to walk with Him means everything to me.. 

Take care sweet friends and don't forget to leave me a note..