Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cottage Days...

Making bread for some sweet company... 

Good Evening my dears.. 
Hope you are having a good week.. 

We are having a rainy one.. 

As I sit here loading up pics and typing this post there is extreme thunder roaring near by... 
We are having Old Home Week but it has rained almost every day and there does not seem to be much action.. smile.. 

Last night the wind was quite fierce so I made a nice hot cup of tea and wrapped myself up in a shawl and hoodie and set out on the deck and enjoyed myself.. 
We have a wind chime and it was dancing about like crazy so I got up and hooked the part that makes it chime so I could enjoy listening to the wind.. 
Later, I mentioned to Terry when I went to bed that I had forgot to unhook it and we do like to listen to it's occasional melodies through the night.. 
Well, I would just get to sleep and it would do a polka or something and wake me up.. 
The wind was really blowing ...
Eventually, I decided I would try out another bed as Terry can usually sleep through anything.. 
When I came out of the bedroom this morning I noticed he had changed beds sometime through the night, too.. 
It was a bit too much even for him.  lol
Believe me.. that thing will be hooked tonight. 
I hope our neighbors are still speaking to us..grin..

I had a wonderful sleep though once I had changed beds as I could hear the waves and the rain on the roof ... 
How is the weather in your part of the world? 
This is the view that my cousins wake up to every day.. 
Gardiner's Creek on the Bay of Fundy... 
Lovely, eh? 

Here are a few batches of the strawberry jam that I mentioned, I had made.. 

Then this week, I finally completed my kitchen curtains.. 

Such a nice change... 
Slowly putting white and creams back in the cottage kitchen that has been pretty primitive for a few years.. 

Love little bouquets of wild flowers about.. 
White daisies... 

Copied these curtains from my cousin Bugsy... 

Another cousin brought me these books from the Library.. 

I had mentioned that I was wondering if they had any by Miss Read and yes they had several.. smile.. 
Thanks to Michelle for the suggestion.. 

Took these pics of some young energetic people the other night down by the caves after supper.. 

I think they had a good time.. 

I guess this is all for tonight, my friends.. 

Thanks so much for visiting... 

We stopped by a farmer's market today and bought a bunch of green beans and such so that I can make some hot pickles tomorrow... 
We should have our own in a couple of weeks.. 
I know a lot of you are already pickling away but here in New Brunswick we are a bit behind.. 

I hope you stay and leave a note and let me know how you are doing.. 
So enjoy hearing from you all... 

God bless.. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Sunset in a little cottage bedroom..

Hello dear hearts.. 
So sorry I have been absent so much these days but thought I would drop in with this little post of pics of a little bedroom at sunset here at our old cottage by the sea.. 
We are having a great time with lots of company and keeping busy.. 
Made 39 bottles of jam today and my Mom and Step-Dad are here overnight for the Yard Sale tomorrow for St. Martins Old Home Week.. 
I am having a sale too trying to get rid of the last of the shop goods.. 
Here's hoping, anyway.. 
Have a great weekend everyone and God bless.. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Ordinary Summer Days...

Welcome to the Blessed Hearth.. 
So glad you have taken the time to visit.. 
Summer is so busy and it is seems a bit hard to find time to sit down and compose a post so this is kind of a fly by night type of one..

Just a few pics once again of our daily life.. 
Nothing spectacular for sure but ordinary and peaceful.. 

We have company this week.. 
Her name is Ginger and she is Shonda's family dog.. 
They have all gone to the wonderful city of New York for a holiday and Ginger wanted to stay with Grandma.. grin.. 
Actually, Grandpa seems to be minding her a lot.. 

Still picking roses and doing whatever with them.. 

Love them sitting around in old jars, don't you? 

Then of course, I love making the talcum powder with the fresh petals.. 

I sell this sometimes and my Mom just loves it.. 
So easy to do, also.. 
Here is the link to the post where I posted the recipe.. 
Click here..

Did a little baking.. 

I will post about that next time, I think.. 

We have finally moved here to the Bay of Fundy for the Summer.. 
It has taken us a bit longer this year.. 

I never feel quite settled until I get some plants in the cottage.. 

These are two of my favourites.. 
The first one is a slip that I was given at Kings Landing Historical Village last Fall and it is called Angel Wings.. 
It was so small and I am happy to see it spreading it's wings. grin.. 

The second one was a slip from a friend.. 
And does it have a story to tell.. 
She gave me several slips as I wanted them for my Mom for Christmas.. 
She told me many times that if I ever saw the Star of Bethlehem that she would so love to have a slip.. 
She remembered Gram having one as a child.. 
Well, the dear friend kept giving me slips as I could not get them to root but finally they did.. It took ages.. 
My Mom comes out for Christmas family dinner and I forgot to give them to her.. 
They were in their truck ready to go and I run out in the snow with no coat or anything and pass the slips to her and she was thrilled.. 

Well, to make a long story short.. 
The poor woman was exhausted after the busy day and she fell asleep on the way home and never thought of her plant again.. 
Quite a while later I asked her if she had planted them and she had forgot all about them and thought they must still be in the truck.. 
You know that just one night in the truck would have froze them solid.. 
I couldn't believe it.. 
After all the bother I caused my friend bugging her for slips and all.. 
Anyway, I had saved a couple of slips for myself and they are growing as you can see and even has a beautiful blossom.. 
star flower plant
Mom is coming down next weekend and it is up on the mantel so we shall see if she notices it.. 
Yes, I will have one already and planted for her this Christmas and I will even deliver it.. grin...
I looked this up and it is also called Hoya... ???

On with the show.. 

Another beach on the Bay of Fundy... 

A bouquet of Devil's Paint Brushes that my hubby picked for me.. 
All asleep for the night.. 

Another plant that Shonda slipped to me.. 
It has a blossom also... 
Prayer plant.. 
I needed that one from her as I need to spend so much time in prayer for her flying somewhere every time we turn around.. lol... 

The light house that my uncle help to build.. 

Yes, we were back to the farm for a day this week to mow the grass...

The Lupins are almost gone... 
But the cows were at home.. smile.. 

Then we came back down to the cottage.. 

Poor Ginger.. 

She is tired out from all this going to and fro... 
I think she would like to stay put for a bit.. 
I know that I do .. smile.. 

Well, God bless you sweet ladies and may you have a wonderful Lord's Day.. 
In the midst of all of our holidays and going to and fro let's remember to give some time to the Lord.. 
He is faithful to us... 

Thanks so much for your visits and sweet notes.. 
I love and appreciate the time you take to let me know you are out there.. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Just a little catch-up....

This is the famous Petitcodiac River which is on the way to Hillsborough... 
Sometimes it is referred to as the Chocolate River.. smile.. 

Well, hello everyone.. 

I have been away from the computer for awhile so I thought I would do a little catch-up post tonight.. 

We are in St. Martins at our summer cottage and it was a beautiful day.. 
I had been chatting to someone from home and they were saying how hot it was there but I had a sweater on.. smile.. 

The air here is so fresh and clean coming off the Bay of Fundy.. 
Whenever, I have to cut up veggies or such I sit on the deck so that I can enjoy the lovely breezes... 

We have been going from pillar to post the last couple of weeks.. 

We were here for a few days and then went home for a beautiful wedding and up to the farm to mow the grass and spend a night and back home for a night or two and now we are back here.. 

Hopefully, the worst is over and we have successfully moved in for the Summer.. 

Here are a few catch-up pics for you.. 
Remember I mentioned that I made up a few jams and toiletries for the Apple Blossom Cafe in Hillsbough... 
Well, we took a day and visited these dear sisters... 

We had a grand time and they treated us to a lovely meal.. 

Terry had a BBQ Chicken Sandwich... 

I had soup and salad, of course.. 
I always have soup and salad for some reason.. 
Anyway, it was Cream of Asparagus Soup and Salad with Maple Garlic Dressing which is a speciality of their's, I believe.. 
So delicious!! 

We enjoyed the drive down the Petitcodiac River to Albert Co.. 
One of my favourite parts of our province.. 
I had bought a lovely Lavender Plant and it was ready to be harvested... 

There is a nice bouquet ready for my linen cupboard... 
I brought it down here for the deck and I think there is another bouquet ready.. 
Don't you love the scent?  
Perhaps, it is an old woman thing but this old gal loves it almost as much as Patchouli.. grin.. 

Stopped at a Thrift Store the other day when we were home and found this wonderful Cast Iron Roaster.. 

It was only five dollars and I love the colour, too.. 

Some of the flowers in our garden here at the cottage.. 

We have been doing pots and pots... 
Herbs, tomatoes, and lots of geraniums, of course.. 

Then one evening we had some sweet company... 

Jared and one of his friends motored down for the evening and was lucky to meet up with his cousin, Matt and his friend Kayla... 

Along with Shonda, Dave and their dog Ginger.. 
Carter was away to camp... 

Then one evening we went for a drive...

St. Martins in the fog.. 

One of the drives that I love the most is down Duck Pond Road.. 
There are not many people and for some reason this place calls my name.. 
I could very easily live there.. 
I know.. I know.. 
Just forget that I said that..  

Here is a new addition to the family.. 

Dustin's new puppy.. 
So sweet.. 

Well, dear hearts this is all for tonight.. 
Hope you are enjoying your Summer where ever you may be or to my friends down under your Winter... 
The season is literally flying by and it hard to believe that is half way through July ... eh? 

Take care and thanks for dropping by and welcome to the new followers of the blog and the new Facebook friends.. 
I appreciate your support so much as I do your sweet comments...

God bless.. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pinterest Motivations...

Hello there.. 
Hope all is well with you... 
We are packing and trying to get moved to the cottage but I thought I would post a few Pinterest pics that interested me this week.. 
Looking for a few ideas for the old cottage and the next couple of Summer months... 

This will be the first Summer in 19 years that I have not worked away at either craft shows or the shop so I am looking for a bit of inspiration so that I do not waste my time... 
Perhaps I will read too much if I don't have a few creative chores to keep me busy... smile.. 

Hope they inspire you also.. 
If I could just get to a French  car boot sale.. 

I would love to change the kitchen to a bit brighter colour.. 
Why I made it so primitive is beyond me but I kind of went with the flow of my crafts and that is how it was... 
I don't expect to get it done really as we have other plans but a girl can dream.. 
One  of the first chores Terry will be undertaking is replacing our sink cupboard and putting in an antique sink and new cupboard..
I am excited about that as I have yearned for it for simply ages.. smile.. 
But the white walls probably will have to wait... 

Here is something I may accomplish as we already have an old table and I love the color of the blue.. eh?  

One of the things on my list of things to pack was the copper cleaner... 
Our copper is not this lovely but we do have a hanging pot holder that Terry made and the copper will need a good cleaning... 
Are you ladies collecting copper pieces.. 
I was telling my friend what a great investment it is when you find it at the thrift shops at a good price.. smile.. 

I love this blue cupboard, too.. 

We have one in the dining room and I think I will try to rope our sweet girl into painting it with some Annie Sloan paint.. 

As you can see these are pins from my Pinterest and this one I love.. 

An old chair is going on the truck and red geraniums for sure.. 
I think there are a few pieces of enamel at the cottage that I can use.. 
A nice afternoon project... 

And of course we are into the jelly season and I can't help myself .. 
I will need to make some ... several... many... 
Whatever.. grin.. 

Love the covers.. 

When we go to the cottage I always look forward to using the brown transfer dishes that I have been collecting for a few years now... 
Do you like transfer ware?
I love blue, red, green and brown is my fave.. 

This must be a pic from the UK... 
I noticed they have these curtains or drapes across their doors.. 

I love the look of the red... 
And that little heart wreath just catches your notice, eh? 

The lace in this window is sweet.. 

I found an old lace tablecloth today that I want to sew into kitchen valances this week.. 
My list is getting bigger by the minute.. 
I guess I will stop.. 

I must say I am looking forward to the Summer.. 
Being able to come back and forth to home will be such a change that I will enjoy.. 
Normally, we go down to the cottage and I stay there except for a couple of nights as I needed to keep the shop but now that I am retired  I can come and go as I please.. 

Hopefully, we will head to P. E. I .  for a few days also.. 
Don't ya just love Summer? 

Well God bless you all and thanks for visiting.. 
Tomorrow is the Lord's Day and He is greatly to be praised..
Such a good God and so thankful for his mercy and grace.. 


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