Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Getting fire wood on a Canadian Fall day.. .

Good Evening, dear hearts.. 
How are you all doing in your part of the world? 

Today has been another sad day in Canada as another senseless tragedy has taken place with the shooting death of one of our own  soldiers in our capital city.. 

This world is getting to be a scary place even here where we are known to be lovers of peace.. 
We so need to pray for our government and the protectors of our  country.. 

Terry and I went to the woods yesterday.. 

He needed to chop some more fire wood for Winter .. 
Actually, I believe that this is for next year as this season's is already in the basement.. 
I guess that is how it is done..
Chop this year for next and so on.. smile..

Anyway, I did not want him going alone so I packed up a bag of books and a lunch and away we went.. 

Picking up the mail yielded this book from Amazon that I ordered a couple of weeks ago.. 

Good timing!! 

Our Canadian woods are a beautiful place to be this time of year.. 

And the wind was blowing so I was a happy gal.. 
Terry chopped wood and I read and made lists.. (That is one thing I like to do..)
Shonda wants me to share a craft table with her at a Christmas show so I had a few plans to make.. 
I may try it.. smile.. 

After a while we had a bit of lunch.. 

A thermos of tomato soup and a bit of homemade bread that my Mom made.. 

Terry had a couple of salmon sandwichs with some homemade pickles.. 

A glass of ginger ale hit the spot, too.. 
The mosses and ferns and foliage are so beautiful.. 
Nearby, were a few windmills...

The drive up to the Kent Hills is uphill all the way.. grin.. 

Midway through the afternoon the thermos of  tea came out.. 

What is there about having a hot cup of tea outside on a cool windy day?  It tastes so good and I am sure it is just what the doctor ordered.. smile.. 

During the War everyone drank tea during each crisis and it helped everyone to calm down.. 
I think it works.. grin..  

Watching Terry (who is not a young man) cutting down wood with a running power saw in one hand and a pulp hook in another is not really my cup of tea.. The wood was huge and heavy .. 

I felt like I had been drug through a knot hole backwards by the time we came off that mountain.. 

But several hours later it was time to head back home with a trailer and the back of the truck full of wood.. 
He's a good man... smile.. 

We did have a flat tire on the way back in the dark.. 

Ohhh.. I was so glad to get home.. 

I think he only needs to get one more load.. I hope.. smile.. 
Terry thinks I would like for him to live in a bubble..grin..
Are you ladies like me when your husbands are just not the youngsters they think they still are.. 
Oh well.. 
I am thankful that he still has the health and strength to do this.. 
I will just be glad when this chore is done.. eh? 

On another note I am also thankful for this country that we live in.. 
For the people who put their lives on the line every day to protect us.. 
I pray that God will cover them with His divine protection.. 

Thank you, sweet friends for dropping by the Blessed Hearth tonight.. 
Your comments mean so much to me and make blogging so worth the effort.. 


Luke 21:28

28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

God Bless...

God bless you on this lovely Sabbath.. 

Just posting a few pics of God's handiwork and doings around home this week... 

So thankful for the love and faithfulness of our Lord.. 

Looking forward to a day of family and friends..
Meeting together to worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.. 
He is worthy... 

Thank you for your visit and sweet comments.. 
Blessings and Hugs..  

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Farm Day Thanksgiving...

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.. 
This has been a wonderful weekend full of blessings.. 

Thanksgiving in Canada is an awesome beautiful time of year.. 
As you can see the Lord has used his paintbrush and created a lovely portrait.. 

We actually celebrated this holiday with our family last weekend  with a wonderful Turkey Dinner at our oldest son's house.. 
We also had family pics taken with my Mom and her husband.. 
What a blessed day we had.. 

Then on this Saturday, Terry and I headed up to our old farm in Albert County for the day.. 

Isn't it a pretty place this time of year?? 

Terry had rented a bush cutter and spent many hours pushing the thing around the fields. smile.. 
It makes him happy so that is a good thing.. 

As for me, I put the turkey in to cook..

Did a bit of decorating.. 
Don't you love Chinese Laterns? 

Made a couple of apple pies.. 

And a couple of Banana Breads.. 
A little dressing and cucumber salad..

A simple turkey dinner for the two of us.. 
Then home again.. 
We did make a small stopover so a grandson could try out the new toy... 

Then on Sunday we were blessed to share another Thanksgiving Dinner with our sweet church family.. 
It was so much fun and the food was awesome .. 
That made 3 turkey dinners for us.. smile.. 

Then once again this morning we went to the farm again for Terry to finish his bush cutting.. 

I had seen these little decorations on the news page.. 
Two little peat pots with apples and moss.. 
Carved out a space for tea lights.. 
There should have been little leaves tied on with twine but my pots were too small.. 
Oh well... they did the trick.. smile.. 

I made a turkey and barley soup... 
Caesar Salad... 

Oh yes.. and dumplings.. 
Terry's favorite.. 

For dessert more apples.. 

Apple Crisp... 
It all tasted good..

My Mom and Step Dad dropped by and some friends here and there and gave Terry a hand pushing that thing around.. 
The fields look much better now.. smile.. 

All in all it has been a great time.. 
God has blessed us with such a dear family along with our church family that we love so much.. 

Then with a roof up above us and a fine place to sleep, food on our table and shoes on our feet.. 
We are indeed blessed.. 
And we live in a great country where we still have peace and freedom... 
God has been good to us.. 

But most of all tonight, I am thankful for salvation.. 
Thankful that He died for me and made a way that I can spend eternity with Him.. 
He forgave my sins and gave me a brand new life.. 

Thank you, sweet Lord for your blessings..

And I am thankful for you dear friends who are so faithful in supporting this blog by dropping by and visiting and leaving your sweet comments.. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Going back in time on a lovely Fall day...

Good Morning, everyone.. 

Just a very quick post of some pics of our visit to the Historical Village of Kings Landing here in New Brunswick.. 

We had a lovely day there.. 
It is one of my favorite places to visit and almost need to go each Fall to get my fix for the Winter months.. grin.. 

We had lunch at Kings Head Inn.. 
Homemade turkey soup and brown bread.. 
I wanted dessert but there was not anything that called my name so I did without.. 
I love their Apple Blossom but it was not available.. 
They were preparing to close down until next year and several homes were not really occupied but I still learned lots and left completely inspired.. 

They gifted me with a couple of slips of plants which was wonderful.. 
An Angel Wings one and a Pregnant Onion... smile.. 
They showed me a vinegar made with dill and lemon that I hope to start today... 

Also, notice the rugs ... 
Aren't they lovely.. As soon as I get my fabric cutter from the shop I hope to start one.. 

Anyway, girls... I am sorry this is so late in coming and short but it is rather a busy day ahead.. 
I have a huge cauliflower and cabbage that we bought at the market that needs something done to them.. smile.. 
And my book shelves are half organized... 

Isn't God good?  So loving this time of year that He has blessed us with and just humming His praises as I go about and praying He will bless the work of my hands... 

Take care, dear hearts.. 
Thanks for visiting and your sweet comments.. 
So love to hear from you all.. 


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