Saturday, April 18, 2015

This week....

Hello everyone.. 
Here we are on another Saturday night and another week has come to a close.. 

We have had quite a week but the temps have been lovely and the snow is leaving very quickly.. 
The snow pics on this post were taken last week and what a difference there is.. 
That is the church my husband attended when he was a child.. 

Still  a lot around but the fields are clearing but there are still  patches and banks here and there that will take a bit longer... 
At least now, we know Spring has arrived in Maritime Canada... smile..

This is a picture post of this  week's doings... 
Nothing special for you this time, I am afraid.. smile.. 
I have mentioned many times that this blog is about the simple life that Terry and I live... 
Just a keeper of the home even though we are retired... 

The cookies I bake up and put 2/3 in the freezer because we don't need them.. Then when someone drops by there is hopefully a bag there that I can take out.. 
The little craft items that somehow find there way into my day....

A tea cozy that we made at Keepers Meeting.. 

Then we take little drives to see how many deer there are.. 

They are everywhere.. 

So glad they survived the Winter snows... 

Trying to put plants every room in our home.. 

I love the look of them and they are so good for the air we breath.. 

I have a not so secret love for these birds... 

If only my husband felt the same.. 
Alas.... no.... grin..

A beautiful book I bought at the thrift store.. 

Hoping to frame several of the beautiful photos in the book.. 

Still making soup ... often...

Hamburger and tomato and veggies and herbs.. 

A simply lovely view that my cousin sees everyday.. 

This is on the way to our old farm.. 
The snow is almost gone from the lane so next week, Lord willing, I will do an old farm day post... smile.. 

Another craft I tried but did not work out... 

I have to try this one again.. smile.. 

My parcel from sweet Shane arrived that I won... 

Wrapped up so beautifully...

I was so thrilled to receive this all the way from New Zealand.. 

I have a special place for it in one of the spare rooms and will share when it is finished... 

So French.. 
Thank you, dear Shane.. 
You can find her HERE...

Terry brought home some apples.. 

Apple pies were made just in time for some sweet company... 

this is a photo that a dear reader from Alaska sent me.. 
It is her own private tea room... 
Beautiful, eh.. 
Love the colors and the daintiness of it all.. 
Thanks, Delores.. 

If any of you have a pic of your coffee or tea corner please send it to me in my email and I will post it.. 

Well, this is all for tonight my friends.. 
Tomorrow is the Lord's Day so we are looking forward to a lovely day.. 

Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving me your kind notes.. 
I so appreciate it.. 
Also, welcome to the new followers of the blog... 

May God bless and keep you.. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

As Keeper of my Home...

Welcome everyone to the Blessed Hearth today..

We are having some lovely Spring temps here in New Brunswick and the reality of Spring is here.. 
Granted, we have a lot of snow but it reduces daily... 

My Mom's tulips came up through the snow.. 
She told me that you just can't stop Spring.. 
Thank the Lord.. smile.. 

With sunshine and Spring weather comes the joy of being at home... 

Even though we are retired I still want to look for ways to improve and to enjoy the role as the keeper of my home..
I want to find joy in the daily routine and to have fun and experience new things..  I always want to celebrate life and to feel creative energy daily.. 
It is important for me to look for inspiration and to be sure that whatever I do that I do it as to the Lord.. 
Even if I am retired.. smile.. 
Is that how you feel?.. 

Some mamas work outside of the home but home is still there at the end of the day and needs love and attention.. 
Dishes need washed, meals made and laundry is always waiting in the wings... smile.. 
If we can enjoy and love our role then life is so much better.... 
When Mama is happy then everyone is happy.. grin.. 

I love lists.. 
I am a list maker or list fanatic or whatever but when I have a list then I can get on with whatever is there for me to do.. 
Tonight I thought I would post a list of a few goals,  projects and even challenges that I am using to inspire me during this Spring season.. 

The photos are a mixture of mine and Pinterest.. 
I seldom use Pinterest pics and strive to use my own but for this post I needed both..

Here goes... 

1.  The number one goal on my list is to study and memorize more of the Word of God..
2.. To eat a healthy breakfast each morning..
I generally just want coffee... smile.. 

3.  To keep my kitchen clean and organized each and every day ..
This is a challenge.. grin..  

4.. To make good and nutritious meals for Terry and I..
5.  To finish all of the projects that I have begun...
6.. To visit somewhere interesting this year to get inspiration and appreciation of home when we return.. 
Perhaps Old Quebec City.. 
our son took this photo.. 
7.. To turn my Sun Room into the space I want it to be..

8.. To entertain effortlessly often.. 

9.. To enjoy every opportunity I can with my dear family..
Life is short and God has so blessed us .. 
They inspire and enrich my life because I am their Mama.. 
A role that I take very seriously and thank God for daily.. 
10.. To enjoy this old cottage that God has blessed us with and to enjoy sweet fellowship there..
Looking forward to grandsons visiting along with family and friends..  
11.. To spend more time with friends who enrich my life and help me appreciate my role as they do theirs..

12.. To finish the pantry at our old farm.. 
We hope to spend a week there as soon as the snow goes down.. 
Hopefully this is one project that will get well started.. smile.. 
This picture from Pinterst is my inspiration.. smile

13.. To find some old wallpaper SOMEWHERE and paper the stairwell at the farm like this... 
Don't you love this pinterest photo?  

14.  To bake up new recipes for bread from an old cookbook that I found at Good Will..
14.. To make lots of home made salves, lotions and such..
To improve the herb gardens..  
Even though I have closed my shop I would like to have these type of things available to sell... 
15.. To make my living room a much more cosy spot and try to establish my new style... 
No not Victorian.. grin..
Warm and well loved is how I see it.. 
I read the words British Country somewhere and as I love the pics in the UK Country mags then I think that is it.. 

This was the livingroom in a Julia Roberts movie that kind of turned my crank even though it so old fashioned... 
16..To improve the Keepers of the Home meetings..
To find ways to keep us all  interested and inspired..  

17.. Spring cleaning and redecorating the guest bedrooms.. 
I worked on this one all day today.. 
I have to buy new curtains and my style has changed.. 
Hopefully, this one will be done this week and Terry has the new floor done in another one.. 
We will pick out paint tomorrow for that room.. smile.. 

18.. To sew creations with some of my fabric stash... 

19.. A sweet project that would be lovely for Spring.. 

20.. the last one I will share tonight.. grin.. 
Lots of jams and jellies.. 

This is all for tonight, dear friends.. 
Hope something here has inspired you all... 

Thank you so much for dropping by and your lovely comments.. 
God bless you in your role as Keeper of your Homes.. 


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Company and a Coffee Corner..

Hello there my dears.. 
How is your week going?  
Can you believe that tomorrow is Friday ? 

I think the time has flown because of the Easter weekend and then Monday was kind of a holiday here, too... 

The rolls above were made from the no knead recipe on my side bar to the right ...
Once the dough is mixed and proven once just pat it out on a very well floured space and shape into a rectangle about 9 x 13 and cut out into 8 rolls with a pizza cutter..
Place on a cookie tray and raise once again...
Bake in a 450 degrees F. for 18 minutes.. 
They were a nice change.. 

We had a bit of company the last few days.. 

My Mom.. 
Her birthday is next week ... 
She will be 81... 
Still enjoying life.. 
Thank you, Lord.. 

We had a turkey dinner... 
A wonderful smelling candle that my son-in-law gave me.. 
Lemon Verbena... 

Then we had a lovely day visiting with some friends... 
Reading books, drinking tea and chatting.. 
The weather has been pretty good and the snow is melting like crazy... smile.. 

Tonight I tried one of those one dish pasta pots that you find on Pinterst.. 

This was one of Martha's ... 

You just put everything in the pot and let it cook until finished.. 
Terry liked it... 
So that was a good thing.. grin.. 

I finally finished my little coffee corner.. 

I noticed it on Pinterest, too, of course and my friend Dawn and I decided we would make one for ourselves.. 

Very convenient having everything for coffee/tea making all in one spot.. 

Sugar, little milk pitchers.. 
Old spoons for the stirring.. 
I found these at a thrift shop years ago with different kings on them.. 

The little can holds the coffee filters... 

I love these little milk jugs.. 
They used them in restaurants in the old days and if you are fortunate you might find them at auctions or thrift stores.. 
I have 6, I think.. 

I must admit that I keep changing this around and trying to tweak it to suit me.. 
There are lots of cups and such on the shelf above... 
I think it is just about right, now.. 
There are some lovely ones on Pinterest and this doesn't compare to them but it suits us.. 

This one is my friend's... 

She sent me a picture on her phone so it is not really clear but you get the idea.. 
I love the tray of pretty mugs and her chalk board is sweet.. 

If you decide to make one please email me your pic and I will try to show everyone.. 

Thanks for dropping by, my friends..
Looking forward to hearing from you... 

Take care, now.. 


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