Friday, May 22, 2015

Another Farm Stay.. ...

Hello ... 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth .. 

Terry and I spent a few more days at the farm this week and had a great time.. 
The weather was good except one day when it rained.. 
It didn't really matter as he was working inside on the pantry... 

It is coming along fine although it is taking longer then we thought, of course.. 
It seems whenever one does this type of work it takes longer and costs more then you thought it would.. 

I am going to hang a curtain there and he is has the boards cut for another shelf midway... 
I love the old dresser .. 
The drawers will come in handy.. 

We found an old porcelain sink at the end of someone's drive a few years ago and he is planning on hooking it up.. 
I will love that.. 

Above will be open shelves which I will paint eventually but for now they will be stained...
The border that I showed last post is going where the pots are going to be hanging.. I think... 
And so on... smile.. 

Next week is tax week... ugh.... 
On with the story.. 
I did a bit of baking.. 

No knead bread... of course... 
I did do a bit of kneading this winter but must say that this one loaf is sufficient for the two of us.. 
I love making the two small loaves and adding different flours, seeds, herbs, cheese and such... 

While Terry worked on the pantry I housecleaned the livingroom.. 

It is not very fancy as you can see.. 
Just full of left over furniture and such.. 

The two old chairs there need new backs which I had hoped to do but forgot to take some padding so that is a job for another day.. 

One meal we had is a fave of Terry's and I think I have mentioned it before on here.. 

My version of Bubble and Squeak which is an English dish, I believe.. 
I just start with a bit of bacon... 
Let it cook up a little and add sliced onion, green pepper and sliced raw potatoes.. Sometimes I just use leftover ones.. 
Then a bunch of thinly sliced cabbage... 
Let it all cook up with salt and pepper.. 
At the end I add herbs .. 
Whatever I happen to have.. 
This day was cilantro and lemon juice...

After the busy day we went for a little drive.. again..

You know how I detest this type of road... 
Scares me half to death but this one was not muddy but hard ruts in a short side road.. 
What a surprise for at the end was the dearest house with a large sign which I think said Prosser House and the year of 1800 something.. I forget the year.. 
It was way up a side of the mountain .. 
Terry would not let me take a picture and hardly gave me time to look at it as the road ended at their driveway so he just backed up and turned around.. Just respecting their privacy, I know but I am the curious type as you know.. 

I just cannot imagine living there in the old days... 

Then we went on another side road which had a bridge over this stream.. 
It also ended at their driveway but I noticed they had lovely garden with huge rhubarb... 
We once again backed up and turned around .. grin.. 

We noticed this partridge on a rock.. Quite a large one.. 
Did you ever have Partridge Stew?   

One of our breakfasts... 
Scrambled eggs, home made bread toast, orange juice, coffee and 
French apple and rhubarb jam..

Terry took the four wheeler up there so he could get some wood.. 
We had a small fire each morning but that was all.. 
The wood will be dried out for Fall.. 

Little jobs like cleaning shelves and such.. 

It is just an old farmhouse... 

We did enjoy this cake... 

Brown Sugar Pound Cake.. 
It is late tonight and my friend Dawn will be disappointed but I will post the recipe next time.. 

Just a few little pics of this and that.. 
I will try and take more next time.. 
I hope we can get a few more days before cottage season starts.. 

He is a hard working man... smile.. 

Another salad... 
I love salads almost as much as I love soups.. 
Do you?  
We still eat soup all summer but more substantial salads then we have during the Winter...

We are back home and there is lots to do here, too.. 
A very busy time of year for everyone.. 

Tomorrow is clean up day for our dear little church .. 
We had a great time last year working away with everyone.. 
I hope to get up early and make a batch of rhubarb muffins.. 

I have to make a batch of jam and Trevor got me a bunch of fiddleheads which will need to be pickled.. 

Dandelions are out and violets .. 
So salves, soaps and such will need to be done soon along with taxes... 
Oh.. I wonder where I put my paper bag... lol.. 
No, really I love the busyness and such.. 
If I could just get my Winter clothes put away now.. grin.. 

Thanks for your sweet visit, my friends and your comments are much appreciated and enjoyed.. 

God bless.. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Farm Stay....

Good Evening everyone.. 
Hope you all had a great week.. 

Terry and I went to our old farm for a few days this week.. 

We headed out Monday morning and it was not raining for which we were thankful..  Terry had to take saws and tools and I had my sewing machine and such packed in the back of the truck.. 
We have had this old place for quite a long time and have only stayed overnight once..
We have always come back home each day as it is only a half hour drive.. 

 We decided to stay for a few days and perhaps we  would get more accomplished.. smile.. 
Kind of a small Spring working vacation.. grin.. 

We arrived and unloaded everything, had a cup of coffee and got to work.. 

Terry made the fire and started working on the pantry and I needed to make some new living room curtains.. 
I had a bunch of vintage pleated ones for years and just decided to make over and make do.. 
They required a lot of  pressing but they are good enough.. 
I forgot to take a picture of the finished product but will show you later.. 
We had  a lovely supper.. 

Pasta with a tomato sauce and chicken and Swiss cheese.. 
It rained on and  off all day but after supper Terry wanted to go for a drive.. 

We must be old as we get excited to take a little drive.. grin.. 

We are up in the Kent Hills and this is rural countryside as you can see.. Kinda foggy, too.. 

Albert County is full of brooks and rivers.. 

We ended up in a small place where my Gram was born.. 
She used to walk all the way to school and this was her little church.. 
 My dear Gram and Gramp along with my darling Dad are all resting here.. 
I have 4 sets of grandparents in this cemetery along with a lot of uncles, aunts and cousins... 
I always love having a visit with Dad...sort of.. smile.. 

The views are spectacular.. 
It is called Hillside... 

We had a wonderful sleep that first night.. 
The rain poured and the wind howled and I was a happy camper snuggled up in our Brunswick sheets and comforter.. 
I am a stormy weather girl, as you all know.. smile.. 

The next morning we had breakfast.. 
We forgot to bring bread so I made a couple of loaves.. 

And some cookies in case we had company.. 
Which we did... 
Our farmer neighbour dropped by with a lovely gift of maple products... smile.. 

I had washed some little cloths that needed ironed.. 
One of the notebooks that I love.. 
You know me and my lists.. 
For Supper we had a small roast beef and decided to go for another drive.. 

It was a beautiful evening... 

Lots of wood in those hills.. 
We drove across Caledonia Mountain and in less then half an hour we came out to this.. 
The beautiful Bay of Fundy.. 
The same bay where our cottage in St. Martins is.. 
Just the other end of it.. 

This is a little thing that is going in the pantry.. 
Terry finished one cupboard area and cut down an old dresser but still a lot to do.. 
I hope to incorporate the border somehow.. 
I know borders are not in style right now but this is so typical old pantry that I hope it will look ok.. 

We shall see... 

Anyway, dear hearts that is all I have of pics.. 
I meant to take more in the house but hopefully we will be going again next week for a few days.. 

Now we are back home.. 

Thank you so much for your sweet visit and I love your lovely notes.. I read and appreciate each and every one.. 
I will try to answer any questions in your comments.. 

God bless you this long weekend... 

Our grandsons are all at the Youth Convention that is being hosted in Moncton.. 
It just seems like yesterday when our kids were packing their clothes and away we would go and now it is our grandchildren.. 
Where has the time gone?  smile.. 

Take care, my friends and God bless.. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Week of Spring...

Good Evening everyone.. 
Another weekend is here and another week has passed... 

Spring is actually here finally in the Maritime provinces of Canada.. 
So love putting the clothes out on the line and watching them blowing in the brisk spring breezes.. 
The last few days have been pretty windy and the snow is almost gone.. 

As you can see in these favourite views..
I love every time we top this hill and start down.. 

You can still see snow along the edges of the far fields.. 

Terry and I have decided to spend most of next week at our old farm.. 
We usually just go for the day and then come back home that night but we have quite a bit of work to do there and it will be easier if we just stay for a few days.. 

We took a quick run up there late in the afternoon... 

The brook is running fast and the water is high.. 

Terry and Dustin went up the other night fishing but it is still too early and they didn't get any 

We had a great day with both of our boys visiting that day, though... 
Love my children.. 

The farmer plowed up some of our fields... 
There is still a bit of snow higher up but it is practically gone.. 

We had to make lists of building supplies and such that we need to use when we are there.. 
Hopefully, the back porch will mostly get done and some work on the pantry.. We were down to the cottage yesterday and I found 3 rolls of old wallpaper... I want to do the stairwell and it will do until I can find some old French roses type paper.. 
And curtains need to be made and hung and..... 
Never mind.. 
I will take lots of pics and share with you when we get back home.. 
We don't have any internet hookup there .. 
Just a basic phone so I will be missing most of next week, I expect.. smile.. 

Here are a few pics of some Tansy Ointment that I made this week.. 
Tansy grows wild here in New Brunswick and is a very useful herb..

The tansy was infused in the oil last fall.. 
It needed to be strained through cheesecloth.. 

Then added some essential oils, vitamin E and beeswax.. 

The colour is lovely, eh.. 
It is good for Arthritis...
I sold it at my shop last year and a customer loves it and ordered more as he ran out.. 

Then yesterday we took a trip down to our old cottage to see how everything was doing.. 
The last time we were there we could not even get to the end of the street or get in the driveway... 

But now the snow is gone.. smile.. 

Terry did a bit of raking out the flowerbeds.. 


And a few crocuses ... 
So nice to see some flowers, eh?  

And the lovely Bay of Fundy.. 
A long time love of my life.. 
Soon ... we will back for the summer.. 

I was so excited yesterday as walked about and realized that this Summer I will not need to be dealing with the shop.. 
I can just do as I like.. 
Terry is going to make a raised bed so that I can plant a salad garden... 

Then we headed to St. John where I spent a wonderful evening with our daughter celebrating Cherished Memories with a wonderful tea  and enjoyed a favourite lady speaker .. 
Sister Della Lewis Cole... 
She so inspired us to walk closer to the Lord and to realize that He never changes... 
He still answers prayer, He still heals the sick and He still saves the lost.. 
 God's power has not diminished.. He is still the same.. 
I have known Sister Cole since I was a teenager and she never fails to encourage me..

A statement she made.. 
Your influence is contagious... 
Is it worth catching... 
If someone catches it.. is it worth keeping?  
Such words of wisdom to consider.. 
I pray that any influence I have on my children, my friends or neighbours is worth keeping... 

Today, I visited with my Mom..
She had apple pies and fresh home made bread..
She loves to cook.. 
Her present this Mother's Day was cookbooks and roses.. 
Two of her favourite things.. smile
Another gift was a couple of china napkin holders.. 
She thought they were wonderful because she loves to set a nice table for her and my step-father.. 
She said that he enjoys a fancy table and good meal... smile.. 

As I was leaving she gave me a bag with green peppers and grapefruit ..  
You never leave Mom's empty handed.. grin.   

So another week of Spring draws to a close.. 
It was a lovely week full of warm temps, spring winds and lovely outings and sweet company... 
God is good... 
We celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday so have a lovely day, mamas... 
May you enjoy your day with your dear ones... 
God bless... 


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