Sunday, April 5, 2020

A Sunday in April- 2020

Hello there everyone... 
So great to be back and chatting with you all.. 
It seems to take me awhile to get here and then the posts are so long.. smile.. 
Oh well.. 
Hope you are all doing fine in this world we are living in.. 
Times are topsy turvy aren't they?  
Everyday when we wake up I wonder what changes there will be today... 
Then I remember that there is one thing that is unchanging in my life every morning that I waken and that is the faithfulness of my Lord.. 
As close as the mention of His Name.. 
I must say that I have certainly been calling on that Name more then ever before..  

We have been pretty isolated here at home.. 
Doing grocery shopping on line and trying not to get too close to anyone.. 
Some days it seems that all is well .... 
Love being at home anyway ... 
But then there are times when I wonder if our life will ever be the same again.. 
Where is this going and what is going to happen... 
Then is when I have to pray for the peace of God that passes all understanding.. 
And as always He is faithful and the sweet peace comes my way..

We are trying to accomplish some projects and such.. 
I made some wipes the other day... 
There are many links for these on Google.. 
I made mine from an old flannel sheet.. 
They are 10 inches by 10 inches and I put in 8 drops of lavender, 15 drops of clove and 4 drops of bergamont essential oils.. 
3 cups of distilled water, 3/4 cups of rubbing alcohol 90 percent, 6 tsp. Dawn dishsoap... 
Place all in a glass jar and mix up mixture.. When dirty place in washer before putting back into liquid.. 
I am not saying this is as safe as it should be but better then nothing.. 
Especially for light switches and such.. 
Have you made anything like this.. 

Then I love this pillow spray from a Hibernate course I took last Winter... 

You can change the oils up to suit you.. 
I like more lavender and leave out the orange.. 
Of course, I need a bit of patchouli... smile.. 
I made a double batch and just put it in a mason jar until I could get a bigger spray bottle..  

Terry's Mom had a promise box that I was gifted when she passed away.. 
It was up in my cupboard and I kind of forgot about it until the other day when I was cleaning it out.. 
It was such great timing.. 

I really don't think there has been a time in my life when I needed this as much.. 
Each morning after prayer time I take out His promise for the day.. 
This was this morning's... 
So encouraging each one has been..

Here are a couple of pics from a drive up to the farm..  

There are literally herds of deer in the fields.. 
And our Canadian geese are back and in the fields too.. 
Spring is here and soon we will have flowers and the garden will be ready to plant.. 
So love it... 

As usual I am all over the map... 
Here are some food pics.. 
Comfort food for sure.. 
Cabbage Roll in a frying pan... 

Another batch of chocolate chip cookies.. 
I freeze them in small bags so we don't have them often.
I posted the recipe last post but forgot to say that I use butter instead of shortening.. 
Butter makes everything taste better.. 
This is my new fave recipe... 

And coleslaw... 
Terry bought 2 sacks of cabbage within a few weeks.. 
He made two big buckets of sauerkraut and it turned out lovely.. 
Then we have coleslaw, cabbage and potato soup, bubble and squeak and so on... 

And of course a Maritime favourite.. 
Potato Scallop..  

My Mother's signature dish.. smile.. 

And pickles.. 

And more pickles.. 
Mexican carrot pickles and dill beans.. 


Can you imagine me making soup.. 
Soup... How I love thee.. grin.. 
I think this one is turkey and barley... 

Are you keeping busy with projects.. 
I have been cleaning closets, drawers, china cabinets and such.. 
Doing some crafts.. 
Journals and a poster for my fridge.
I do like to do paper crafts... 

And then my plants.. 

I do like working with them.. 
Terry has been planting tomatoes and stuff for the garden this Spring.. 
We are thinking we may need more then usual... 
Who knows? 
Groceries may get a bit pricey if this continues... 
Not worried but preparing how we can... 

And then this past month was our anniversary month.. 
Quite the year to have our 50th.. smile.. 
Oh well.. 
We were going to do simple monthly celebrations anyway... 
On the 26th day of March we were married 50 years.. 
On another Thursday night half a century ago we pledged our vows to each other.. 
I was 17 and he was 20... 
The world was our oyster... 
We couldn't imagine looking down the road this far.. 
Nor could we have imagined the state this world would be in... 
But the same God who had held our hands each day of the way is still holding them.. 
All will be well... smile.. 
We had planned to stay in an ocean side Inn and have a lovely gourmet meal and such.. 
We took a picnic lunch and headed to the Bay of Fundy.. 
you remember my love affair for the Bay... right?  grin.. 

We went the long way through a little place where I was born.. 
Turtle Creek and up over the Caledonia Mountain where my grandfather was born and on to the Bay...
It was even my favourite kind of weather.. 
windy and rainy.... 
But the sun came out... 

There were only a couple of cars there.. 
Two families who stayed far apart and us in our red truck... 
Eating our picnic lunch and coffees.. 
Terry put his head back and had a nap and I listened to the wind... 
Thank you, Jesus... 

Then we took a selfie (which we never do) and picked up a few rocks and driftwood to remember... 
We wanted to have a nice pic taken for our kids but it will have to wait... smile.. 
This one will do for now.. 

and the days go by... 
finding joy where we can.. 
Crabbing at each other sometimes and finding a private place when we need to... 
Making special moments and memories.. 
Even if it is just a chocolate chip cookie and cup of coffee.. 
We are together and thankful for that.. 
I would not want to go through this without him... 

We miss seeing our children and hugging those darling grandsons but this is as good as it gets right now.. 

Our three vehicles parked at the parking lot and windows down enjoying their company... 
God is good.. 
He is looking after our precious boy out west.. 
Talk to him every day... 

I came across this on the Tumblr and loved it.. 

There is something so beautiful, so captivating, about a woman who remains positive, even in the worst of times. Who embraces her husband when trouble arises, who hugs her children and softly whispers words of positive wisdom that only a mother can give. Life can be difficult, but a woman who sees the beauty and light even in the darkest of times, should be celebrated. For she is the seed in the soil that blooms flowers.

Isn't this true, Mama?  
Just keep holding onto Jesus and speak promises from the Word to your children.. 
Let them feel secure in the faith of their mother.  
Make this a special time that when they read about it years from now in the history books their hearts will fill with the sweet joy that their mama introduced into their lives when they were living through these days..
Let their pages of memory be joyful and full of beauty.. 

Philippians 4: 6-8 
Psalms 91  

Saturday, March 21, 2020

A Saturday Night Posting...

Hello dearies.. 
A Saturday night posting here on the Blessed Hearth.. 
I am so glad you have stopped by tonight.. 
As I sit here in the sun room and type these words to you, I can hear my husband in the family room chatting with our youngest son out in Alberta.. 
My heart is full.  
I expect yours is too... 
What is it about a mother?  
When everything is lovely and our kids are great then we are lovely too.. 
But when the world is turned upside down you want those chicks near to you..  
You know they are grown with lives of their own and able to make decisions and fend for themselves but you feel better when they are near.. 
You put them in the hands of the Father but yet our heart yearns to hug them close...
Isn't it wonderful that we have a Father above who feels the same.. 
He gathers us under his wings and we will find refuge... 
He is a faithful God and during these terrible times we can put our faith and trust in Him.. 
Not that we don't have moments of anxiety but we can take a time out with Him and get back our peace..
I didn't mean to get to that already in the post but there it is.. smile.. 

How are you all doing? 

We are in isolation along with most of the world.. 
Doing our thing.. 
Just the two of us.. 
We were so happy to have our oldest son visit this morning.. 
Outside in the windy day with lots of space between us.. 
But so happy to see him.. 
To see his sweet smile... 
Thanking the Lord for the special moments.. 

The rest of the time though it is just Terry and I.. 
It is not hard to keep ourselves occupied though.. 
I will share a few of our doings with you as I always have..   

This post is not in order of the days but anyway.. 
We visited the farm and trying to get it ready for the summer months... 
An early foggy morning there when we arrived.. 
Terry put the fire on while I read in the truck for a bit while it warmed up.. 
The house is not heated all winter and the water is turned off.. 
We do not always get to be here as early as this year.. 
There is snow but mostly mild and windy days.. 
That means the snow won't last long.. 
The kitchen and porch do not take long to warm up.. 
Water is turned back on and a big kettle boils on the old wood stove.. 
My chore this day is to clean the kitchen and pantry ... 
Here are some pics of the pantry... 

Everything is cleaned but there are always some new decorating to do... 
I seem to always have little things I want done.. 
Hopefully we will get an old old sink put in this spring... 
It will go there where the pots are hanging above.. 
The shelving will be taken out and put on another wall.. 
I guess I only took one side of the room but will take more later... 
The old cupboard with the pine cones hanging are on that side..
Our oldest son brought the cones to me one day last summer when he was walking out in the woods.. 
I thought I would hang them below Tasha Tudor's pantry pic.. smile.. 

Then of course we always have lunch there..  

This is the turkey I talked about last post.. 
Sliced and frozen with a tub of gravy.. 
An easy meal to get ready.. 
We bought a big bag of turnip last fall.. 
They were starting to soften up so Terry peeled and we cooked and mashed them.. 
The first time I have frozen turnip.. 

Remember my wonderful old stove.. 

I actually found the knob that was missing.. grin.. 

Many years ago we had a hobby farm in Sussex.. 
We had 3 sheep and chickens, turkeys, geese and even a bunny.. 
I so loved those sheep .. 
After we bought this farm we really didn't go there much for the summers as we had our cottage by the sea.. 
Then about three years ago we decided to try out the farm and see how we liked doing the hippie -want- to- be thing.. 
I am sure I have written posts about that but anyway.. 
I have wanted and yearned for three sheep and a donkey.. 
I love love donkeys.. 
Well, he doesn't think we need them.. 
We come home again in the fall and where would we put three sheep and a donkey.. Pray tell.. sigh.. 
I was at a yard sale and there on the table were these 3 wee sheep and a donkey.. 
I thought they were trying to tell me something.. 
I bought them and took them to the farm.. 
They are a constant reminder to Terry that I have not given up!  grin.. 

Oh my.. 
This is turning into another one of those long posts.. 
Oh well.. 
You have no place to go.. grin.. 

Since I am on a story telling binge... 
May I share one more with you.. 
I had a lot of plants at the farm last summer.. 
Then in the fall I bring them all home again.. 
As you know .. I love my plants.. 
We were home quite awhile and I noticed that my Strawberry Begonia was missing.. 
I had a small one that I had planted but could not find my big one.. 
We went to the farm a couple of times but I looked around and couldn't see it.. 
It was odd!  
We arrived at the farm for the first time to stay for the day.. 
I am doing my thing.. 
I needed something in the living room which was very cold.. 
We keep the french door closed in there for the first several times as it takes awhile to get the place warm and dried out.. 
Well.. on with the story Faye... 
I happened to look on top of the hutch which had a ladder leaning against it and thought I saw a plant pot.. 
Lo and behold... 
There it was!!! 
Alive and well!  
No water and freezing all winter.. 
Isn't that amazing!  
The dear thing came right home with me.. 
It is on the kitchen windowsill and soaking in the sun.. 
I think it has grown a few inches.. 

I know.. 
I am half baked!  

Here on the home front.. 
My fave view as you all know.. 
Bleak and Cloudy but the promise of Spring is everywhere.. 

Spring is coming to New Brunswick.. 
Well, it is actually here but not really!  grin.. 
We are so behind some of you.. 
A friend from Arkansas sending me daffodil pics today.. 
Sad... just sad... lol!  

Made a couple of  rolls of bread the other day.. 

One of sourdough... 
Lori was asking about the brand of sourdough flour.. 
I bought it at a Bulk Barn and there are no brands perse there.. 
Just a bin of flour that you scoop out.. 
Sorry about that.. 

Then a loaf of whole wheat no knead bread with sesame seeds.. 

I forgot to take a pic of it baked but it was delicious... 

And a big bowl of chicken soup with dumplings.. 
No.. a dumpling..
That is all I get.. grin..

On these lovely warm blowy days I do laundry and hang it out..  
Our waterbed sprung a leak in it.. 
The first time.. 
Oh well.. 
All fixed and back to normal.. 
Made for a bit of laundry in one night though.. grin..
And it was on Terry's side.. grin..  

Another meal.. 
Put this one on Instagram.. sorry girls if you have already seen it!  

One of my little projects.. 

Slow stitching.. 
Tis my first try so not so great.. 
Love doing this craft though.. 

Then just before all this world crisis actually took place.. 
We spent a wonderful few hours with our daughter.. 
She was decorating her church for a Cherish Conference for girls.. 
It is a lovely time and the girls look forward to it all year..

This year the theme was to be Sparkle..  

Here are a few of the trimmings.. 

Shonda and her friends were almost finished ... 

So awesome!  
So much work and talent.. 
but lots of fun, too, I am sure.. 
I had my pic taken with Shonda on the left and a dear friend she grew up with.. Wanda on the right.. 
I had a grand time.. 
The next morning Shonda messaged me that the government would not allow that many in a conference so it was cancelled!!  
Oh my!  
Understandable for sure but so much work.. 
I hope they can use it all next year.. eh!  

Just one more thing.. 

Made some cookies.. 
I know.. 
We all make cookies but at this time when everything is haywire; 
it seems one just needs a cookie...


A lovely hot cup of tea and one cookie served on an old fashioned plate.. 
Makes the world a better place.. grin.. 

I found this recipe in an old old book.. 

I told Terry it was the best chocolate chip cookie I have ever ate!  
Not sure if the cookie was that great or the fact that I had not had one for months made the difference.. grin.. 
If you make them then please let me know if you think the same!  

Well, dear hearts.. 
This is all for tonight.. 
A very long post once again and I don't blame you if you just scroll down the pics and say hello..  
But it was still wonderful to be able to chat with you again.. 
Isn't life grand?  
Really, though?  
Won't we appreciate normal when it comes back?  
When we can hug our big kids and shake someone's hand and go through that door at church and tell the pastor's kids how beautiful they are... 
Won't it? 
Not having our hearts quake when someone coughs a mile away from you?  grin.. 
Did you see that video clip of the cat?  
Oh my word... 
It is so funny!  

Here is an amazing clip art someone came up with.. 
Now how awesome is that!  
Says it all.. 
I take Christ.. 
Don't you?  

No matter what we go through, He will be there with us.. 

God bless you dear things and I will be praying for you and yours  and you pray for me and mine.. 
Thank you for being here..