Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Last Week of November...

Hello everyone.. 
So happy to finally get back here.. 
It seems to be taking me longer and longer.. 
I am not sure why.. 
Usually I feel like I haven't much to offer on here so just keep putting it off. 
But here I am for tonight anyway.. 
We have had such weird weather here in New Brunswick this month.. 
Getting lots of snow.. 
I do not remember a November quite like this one before.. 
I think we are going to have a long winter but really we are Canadians and we just go with the flow... 

I have been pottering along.. 
\Doing a bit of this and that.. 
Bought some pears and made a cake.. 

It will be prettier next time as I think I would increase the cake recipe but it was different and tasty... 

The kitchen windowsill ....

A few herbs growing and putting the roots of some green onions in water.. 
They grow very well and get more out of them...

We so enjoyed having our grandsons for supper the other night.. 
Made them a loaf of bread.. 

The no knead recipe to the rescue once again!  smile.. 

And a couple of toppings.. 
Olive Tapenade and Herbal Cream Cheese... 

Salad and House Dressing along with Pasta with Broccoli and Lemon.. (sorry I forgot to take a pic) 


Carrot Cake...
We had a lovely evening... 

One morning we went for a drive out to the farm...

We were wanting to pick some greenery and such.. 

First stop as always was for coffee... 

Charlie usually gets a timbit donut for being such a good dog.. smile.. 

By the time we were almost to the farm the weather had turned .. 

We only got one bunch of branches with cones on them.. 

The roads were so bad that we had to turn around ....

We will go another day.... 

But a bowl of homemade soup was welcome when we got back home.. 

One of our faves... 
Julia Child's Leek and Potato Soup.. 

Christmas is soon going to be here and I am hoping to get a few things made..
How are you doing getting ready for Christmas? 

So many people have their trees up and houses all trimmed... 
I guess I need to get at it.. 
Perhaps tomorrow... smile.. 

Well this is not an inspired post for sure but it was nice to touch base with you all again... 
I need to get my act together and get a few pics taken.. 
I do get around to posting a pic on Instagram more often..
You can catch me HERE.. on there... 

Take care dear hearts and have a blessed week.. 
Thanks for dropping by and I look forward to hearing from you all.. 
God bless... 

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Saturday Night Ramble and Roll.. ...

Well hello there dear hearts.. 
It has been awhile since I have been here.. 
Face Book informed me today that it has been 28 days since I had posted.. 
I could hardly imagine how fast the time has flown.. 
I have shared with a few friends something I had read in a book the other day.. 
The author wrote that time had just flown by while she had been  busy doing something else.. 
So true.. 

But anyway welcome to the Blessed Hearth tonight.. 
So happy to have you and thank you for being so patient with me when I seem to disappear at times.. 

Hope you are all well and enjoying the passing of the season.. 
Another little ramble and roll for you on this Saturday...

So to ramble on here a bit.. 
 Just when I think my preserving chores are through along comes another one.. smile.. 
We bought a fifty pound bag of lovely carrots last week.. 
Peeling, chopping and canning have been going on.. 
Such a satisfying bit of work.. 
I did a batch of Mexican Pickled Carrots just to see if we would like them.. 

Terry approved so I may do one more batch.. 

Our days are busy just like everyone else but we still have time for a bowl of homemade soup for lunch.. 
This is an Acadian Recipe called Chicken Fricot.. 

I put a teaspoon of summer savory in the dumplings, also.. 

I even made bread and apple turnovers one day.. 
I posted it on Instagram and explained how it takes me all day to complete something that should only take a couple of hours.. 
Awww ... the life of a senior .... grin.. 

We also bought a fifty pound bag of apples and squash.. 
The apples unlike the carrots are only half finished but they will keep for awhile.. 
A batch of apple butter is finished..

Our favourite roasted apple sauce... 
Thanks to Storybook Woods blog recipe.. 
This was the Apple Butter... 
It is an old recipe where you make jelly and then make butter from the puree..
I did not want to make jelly that day so just put the peelings in a cheesecloth and simmered them together.. 
Turned out pretty good..  

On another day I spent time with a sweet kindred spirit... 
It was such a lovely day.. 
She is so talented and taught me to do Needle Felting.. 

I so loved doing it.. 
This will be a sock with a snowman felted on it.. 
I just have to blanket stitch it and it will be finished.. 
Barb is an antique dealer with a darling shoppe in Sussex.. 
She is also a lovely cook and we had a delicious lunch together.. 
So thankful for such dear friends.. 

Then Mom and my Step Father were over for supper.. 

I so love making a meal for them.. 
Mom loves to come here for supper... 
She was craving a turkey meal and I had cooked one of our large home grown turkeys last week... 
She taught me years ago to freeze turkey or chicken in portions that are wrapped first in the skin of the bird and then put in freezer bags and freeze.. 
When you reheat in the over be sure to add some broth and cover.. 
It was very moist..

We still have zucchini so I am trying to make more breads like I posted a time or two ago.. 
I keep giving them away.. smile..  
I love making that recipe because you can do 2 breads each with chocolate chips, nuts or raisins..
Terry keeps encouraging me to make more.. grin.. 

This is what we woke up to this morning.. 

Very slushy snow.. 
And tonight the wind is whistling for sure.. 
Last weekend our province was hit with a huge wind storm and some people went for days without hydro.. 
We were fortunate that ours was only off for 3 hours.. 

Winter is on it's way here in Eastern Canada.. 
Not my favourite season for sure.. 

Rolling along... 
Enjoying my geraniums from Summer ... 
Do you bring your's in for the winter?  

Another little fall chore was drying a few pears... 

We will eat some of them but really I dry them for crafts.. 
I get about 3 slices per pear for crafts and then we enjoy the rest for a treat.... 

This was some packages I made a few years ago.. 
I have these ones glued on tea dyed luggage tags but I couldn't find my spray glue or glitter.. sigh.. 
Must be down in my workshop... 
I will try to finish them next week.. 

Rambline along here.. 
This is a bit of a page from a book I was reading.. 
I sent it to Shonda.. 
She is thinking of putting a tall tree in her vestibule as it reaches to the second floor... 
Isn't the author's description just so lovely and old fashioned  Christmas like?  
The author's name is Rosemunde Pilcher and she is one of my go to authors that I sometimes just need to read.. 
She is not a spiritual writer but she is an old fashioned home like author that I love.. 
I do not agree with everything she writes but love her descriptions of home and family.. 
Do you read any of her books?  
I love her short stories best.. 
The Blue Bedroom for example.. 
The one above is Coming Home..

Christmas is not too far away so am trying to get some ideas together.. 

Terry bought me a lovely thick steno pad from Staples.. 
It is so thick.. 
I love it.. 
You know me and my notebooks.. 
I decided to put a pretty cover on it.. 
Just glued a pretty page from Country Living UK on the cover with a glue stick then a swipe of sealer with a sponge brush... 
I am making a few journals for gifts which I will share when they come together.. 
Love paper crafting.. 

We are still rolling along.. grin.. 
I was tidying up the fridge yesterday and found a jar of green beans that I had fermented... 

Oh my goodness!!!  
Are they delicious or what?? 
Oh I wish I had done a lot of them but was not sure of the recipe.. 
Will be doing many more next summer, Lord willing.. 

Oh and one more food idea.. 
Sorry about so many ... smile.. 
But you will love me for this one.. 
Terry does.. lol.. 

Just looks like a pan of Rice Crispy Squares, eh?  
These are the best Rice Crispy Square you will ever eat.. 
The difference is browned butter and salt.. 
Makes all the difference!  
Thanks to Smitten Kitchen for the recipe.. 

Perhaps you have been making them for ages but I just found the recipe.. 

Well, my dears I guess this is it for this time.. 

Hopefully, I will start posting some Christmas stuff.. 
Trying to get inspired so I can really enjoy the season.. 
I am not a person who puts the decor up before the first of December but I love making and doing for it all..
What are your plans.. Anything exciting?  
Would love to hear from you all.. 

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day once again.. 
Last week the hydro was out in Salisbury so church was cancelled.. 
There is a wind tonight but nothing like last week.. 
Looking forward to the service.. 

This is a pic I posted on Instagram last week..  

Romans 16:1 - 2
 16 Phoebe, a dear Christian woman from the town of Cenchreae, will be coming to see you soon. She has worked hard in the church there. Receive her as your sister in the Lord, giving her a warm Christian welcome. Help her in every way you can, for she has helped many in their needs, including me. Tell Priscilla and Aquila hello. They have been my fellow workers in the affairs of Christ Jesus. In fact, they risked their lives for me, and I am not the only one who is thankful to them; so are all the Gentile churches.

Can you imagine being referred to in the Bible as a "dear Christian woman".... She must have been a wonderful soul.... 

Thank you so much for visiting and I look forward to reading your sweet notes.. 

Welcome to the new followers of the blog here and on Face Book.. 
So glad to have you.. 

Also for  the sweet emails... 
I am wondering if some of you are having problems getting your email post? 
Please let me know if you are ... 
Thanks and God bless..  

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A week in October

Good Evening everyone.. 
Thanks for dropping by the Blessed Hearth today.. 
Hope you are all well.
We had our first snow today.  
Very messy!  Slush but it didn't last long!
  Thank heavens!

The wind has been blowing the last few days and nights.. 
Makes for very cozy sleeps.. 
The curtains billow and we snuggle under the duvet.. 
Just love those kind of nights.. 
I did put an extra thick old quilt on top of the duvet last night..  
Terry warned me it was going to be be freezing so I tried to be helpful...  
But the window stayed open.. grin... 

This is just a short post tonight.. 
I have been doing but have not been very vigilant with my camera.. 

I don't know if I mentioned on here that I was pressing leaves between waxed paper to make a table runner... 
I forget if it was here or on Instagram.. 
But here it is.. 

Terry and I went to Calais last week for the day.. 
I bought some lovely fabrics (they are so much cheaper in the States)
I have some dish cloths to make and such..  
And I had them cut me a long table runner of clear table topper to put over the leaves with a crochet runner on the bottom.. 

My friend Dawn shared her recipe for 2 ingredient Bagels.. 

We loved how they turned out..
You can find the recipe on Weight Watchers site.. 

We had Chinese one night.. 
Sweet and Sour Chicken and Chinese Pasta.. 
My Mom worked for years in a Chinese restaurant and this is a recipe the owners used to make for their family.. 
They didn't serve it in the restaurant but she used to make it for them and we like it every once in awhile.. 

Stir fry whatever veggies you like in a bit of oil and garlic.. 
Some onions, peppers, celery, mushrooms, onions and carrots in this one.. 
Add a bit of shredded fresh ginger and 5spice... 
Cook your pasta.. You can use spaghetti or even rice noodles.. 
Drain and add to veggies.. 
Add soy sauce to taste... 

Charlie seems to enjoy looking at the view.. 
We have deer come out often to feed on the apples... 
It is deer season here once again.. 

I bought a new cookbook on Saturday from our community.. 

It is a reprint of 1972... 
I loved looking through it and the recipes are lovely.. 
Well, except for those jellied salads.. 
Do you remember when they were served at every fancy dinner and not so fancy.. smile.. 
I just never took to them except for Tomato Aspic.. 
We learned to make that in Home Economics and I still like that one.. 

The food world has changed but one thing that hasn't is CAKE... 
It is still delicious.. 
Have you ever felt like a piece of cake and cup of tea would make everything better?  
Well, last night that is how I felt even though we have been trying not to eat sugar.. 
I noticed this recipe in the new cookbook and as it was so simple I thought I would give it a try.. 
It is lovely! 
We only ate one piece each but each bite was so good!  
Here is the recipe.. 
Very simple.. 

Nut Cake.. 
1 3/4 cup of flour
2 1/2 tsp. of baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 cup of shortening
1 cup sugar
1/2 tsp. vanilla 
2 eggs
1 c. milk 
1/2 cup chopped walnuts.. 
Mix all together and place in greased pan.. 
350 degrees F. for 35 minutes or more.. 
Till firm in the middle.. 
8 x 8 square or round pan..
I didn't bother to frost the cake.. 
It is just so moist..  

Well dear girls so happy to have you.. 
Hope your Fall is going well ..
Looking forward to the weekend as Shonda and I are taking a little shopping trip... 

Take care and God bless... 

Friday, October 12, 2018

The week of Thanksgiving..

Good Evening Everyone.. 
So happy to have you visiting.. 
Hope you are all having a great fall season.. 
It certainly is gorgeous here in New Brunswick .. 
Eastern Canada is well known for the beautiful fall foliage and this year Mother Nature has outdone herself... 
Just going to keep you up with our doings the last few days here in the post tonight.. 

Terry was a dear and collected some Sumac leaves for me.. 
These bushes just crown the countryside in their glory.. 

Lovely, eh! 

Everywhere you look there are pumpkins.. 
and more pumpkins.. 
This is a market over in Salisbury.. 
They have lots of fresh veggies, homemade crafts and antiques.. 
All kinds of stuff but in the fall they have a corn maize .. 
It is hard to believe how many people show up there on the weekends.. 
Amaizing!!  lol..

Did you have a happy Thanksgiving?  
We had a lovely one.. 

Headed down to our daughter's this year... 
The drive was beautiful... 
She always decorates so sweet... 

Makes almost all of her own decor.. 
And the table is so beautifully set... 
Everyone has a great time catching up and then the food was delicious!

The grand finale is her famous apple pie.. 
There were other desserts of course but this one holds a place in my heart... smile.. 

Grandpa is always the star of the show... 
Those boys love to tease him.. 
Believe me they get it right back.. grin.. 

We had an extra reason to be thankful on this Monday of Thanksgiving... 
This dear guy (our oldest son) Trevor works at the Irving Oil Refinery.. 
He worked all night and left his shift and went home.. 
At around 10 am there was a horrific explosion there.. 
What a terrible experience for the Irvings and their employees and the city of St. John.. 
It has been deemed a complete miracle that there were not even one major injury.. 
Not one... 
The God we serve was once again faithful... 
I honestly believe that with all the prayers that go up daily for so many people working there by their families that God has angels round about that vast refinery.. 
The largest in Canada.. 

So we are so thankful! 
Thank you dear Lord.. 

We had a blessed day with our precious family!  
Missed our youngest son, Dustin though.. 
Not there in body but in spirit I am sure.. 
So glad he is doing well out west, though.. 
This mama misses him at times terribly but I know he is God's hand... 
Trusting in that.... 
Anyway we had fun with everyone.. 
Mom and Gerald drove down and Dave's mom, Vivian and his niece Victoria were there along with a couple of sweet girls... 

Later on in the day we left them to it and went for a long way around drive back home.. 
Took a country ferry across the St. John River and drove through the Kingston Peninsula ...
Beautiful art work by the Master's hand... 

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend.. 
The weather here was awesome and all is well.. 

If you can believe it ... I am still doing tomatoes.. 

Oven dried those above and made a delicious soup today... 

Out of the Three Ingredient Cookbook.. 

Cabbage and Barley Soup... 
Here is the recipe although it is my version.. 
Chop up an onion and a head of cabbage and a minced clove of garlic... 
Put in a large pot along with 2 T. olive oil.. 
Cook this on low for several minutes until the cabbage wilts.. 
Add a can of tomato juice and 1/2 cup of pearl barley.. 
A large can .. 48 ounces..
Let this simmer away and add vegetable stock (I save this from our supper veggies) or you can add chicken or whatever stock you have on hand.. 
Just a cup at a time...
After awhile add another just so it does not get too thick.. 
I also added a large tablespoon of powdered chicken broth stuff, salt and pepper, hot chili flakes and a large tablespoon of my soup base that we made last fall.. 
Just add the herbs and seasonings to your taste...
I have read many times that the best soup is one that simmers a long time.. 
I just put it on and left it for a couple of hours except for adding broth now and then.. 
Sprinkle some chopped bacon or parsley on top to serve...
This made enough for a couple of meals easily... 

Here are a few vinegars that I flavoured.. 

Well dear hearts this is all for today... 
Sorry I have such long times in between.. 
This computer is a pain so I kind of put off posting at times... 
Praying for you all and thanks so much for visiting and I love your dear notes.. 
Before I go I want to share a bit of scripture that has blessed my heart so much this week.. 
I am memorizing  it... 
It so gives me joy... 

Remember that old old hymn of the church.. 
When the Redeemed of the Lord come gathering in.....

Isaiah 35: 9-10

But only the redeemed will walk there,
10     and those the Lord has ransomed will return.
They will enter Zion with singing;
    everlasting joy will crown their heads.
Gladness and joy will overtake them,
    and sorrow and sighing will flee away.