Monday, August 16, 2010

Homestead Style....

Good Morning Everyone.. Just wanted to leave you a small post to start your week with.  I went out this morning to let the dog out and stood for a moment smelling the sea air.  It sure feels like fall today. 
We had a wonderful Lord's Day and weekend.. But here is another Monday and school will soon be starting.  Our grandsons were telling me last night at church that there is only 2 more weeks.  Time passes so quickly.... 
When Fall gets here I love to go to one of my favorite places and that is Kings Landing.  It is so inspiring to see all they do to get ready for Winter.  I come home and just want to get at
My sweet husband usually takes me every September.  Last year this was one of my favorite pics that we took....
Using garden harvest to make some vinegars and squashes and plants to make a prim look in your home even if you do not use them....
Drying flowers and even weeds to make garlands, etc can really help with the country decorating...
So with that in mind I have a link for you if you would like to add some country or prim touches to your homes.  I found this link really helpful.... your homestead style
She gives you lots of ideas that are so frugal this time of year with so much harvest available...
I know that not all of you are into decorating in this style but you that are I hope this is helpful..
Well, I have some pickles and jam to do up so have a wonderful God blessed week and enjoy the last few weeks before school begins....
Praying for you...


  1. Thanks for the link, Faye.
    I had not visited this site before and found it very helpful too!
    The summer surely has flown and my children will be back to school in a fortnight so we'll try to do a few more family things together.
    Thanks for your prayers,

  2. Just me again! Forgot to answer your query about my blog's header photo.
    It's a photo we took of a gorgeous prim shop with a barn to the left when we were on holiday a few years back in Cape Cod on Antique route 6. Just can't recall the name of it, sorry!

  3. What a lovely post..once again...I too would love to go back to Kings Landing again. What a lovely website for primitive decorating ideas. Hope all is well and you are doing great in your shop. Love Ya

  4. Thanks Faye. I'm going to take a look at your link. x x x

  5. I'll Have to check out That link for sure! Thanks for the post!

  6. thanks faye.I will have something to look at when Im working.I have increased my shift to 7 hrs a day with no lunch break so sometimes a good link to prim is just what i need.