The Blessed Hearth

The Blessed Hearth


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cleanin' the pantry and bakin' the bread....

Good Evening All...
It has been a lovely windy day here.  The sun shone and my clothes blew off of the line twice.. It was an ideal day to strip the beds and hang everything out...(Even if I did have to do it more than once...)I love using the line this time of year.. It all blows out so nicely and then the beds smell so nice and crisp..  
We have been doing a bit of cleaning since we have moved back.(if we are not in the car going somewhere that is..)
 Cleaning and I are not the best of friends.. I can find soooo many more interesting things to do... But when I get back home the whole house needs a good going through.. Of course, there are still preserves, decorating, cooking, amd crafting to do...
But the most of my days lately have been in the cleaning department... I know I need to clear out and simplify... Get rid of stuff I do not use.. That is my GOAL...

Anyway, today I cleaned my PANTRY... One of my favorite rooms in any house.. I love big ones but this little one is great..
It used to be a storeroom off of the kitchen...Then my sweet husband put in shelves all the way around and a work counter.. I can do my baking in there and store stuff too..
I would love for it to be a primitive style one.. You know with old crocks and jars and antique tools but...
I love to cook so it is just an ordinary work pantry... I am still trying to find space for a wee sink... lol..
Here are some of the shelves at least sorted and all the stuff I did not use before is GONE... Thank you, Lord...
I grow and enjoy using HERBs... My Lovage and Lemon Verbena were all dried today.. I stripped them from the stems and stored them in mason or other type glass jars..
Would you say that doing things like that are puttering?  I get accused of that a
Then there are items like
 dried beans, pasta and sprouting seeds in bottles, too..
When mushrooms are on sale or we have peppers in season I dry them and store them in jars .. They are great for homemade soups...

These old jars used to belong to my Great Aunt Emily.. I have enjoyed using a lot of her household things that my Mom inherited many years ago...  
I keep the same spices as she did in them...
I picked these up at a yardsale and although I don't use them a lot I could not bear to get rid of them... Yet...
I think they are vintage...
Just for fun I took a pic of a print I have on the wall in there.. It is Tasha Tutor in her pantry..
Tasha Tutor was a wonderful lady who lived to be over 90..
She lived in Vermont and was a well known artist...
I have loved her work since I was in my twenties..
 She used all of the old homemaking skills and back to basics living..

The very top shelf has old tins and stuff... Lots more that you can't see... lol...
Oh, this is one of the interesting occupations of my day.. I was on a blog that showed a picture of this and I decided it was a lovely idea...
Just take an old doilie... It can be lace or whatever and put it in an embroidery hoop and use it for a cover for an old  bowl..
Isn't it sweet?  I tea dyed mine..
The picture I seen was much nicer.. It was from a book by Storybook Woods.. I can't wait to read it...
It has recipes and such..

I am almost done... I just wanted to tell you girls who are making our daily BREAD that I found a neat little trick today..
Another more interesting thing I did was to make our (the Keepers of the Home) special bread..
The recipe is in a previous post on this blog if you would like it..
Just type in bread recipe in the search engine on the sidebar and then go back up to the top of this posting and click on it.. 
Well to get back to my story..
Here is the bread I made today.. It is soooo good!!
And it only takes about 3 minutes to make..
The hint is this.. Maybe you have
 already discovered it if you make the bread..
Instead of flouring your board or table to flatten and flour it..
Just put some flour on your cloth and flatten it there!!
No mess... Just roll it up and wait till the oven is heated..
Also, a large cloth napkin is the perfect size..
Then just wash your cloth in the laundry.. No flour mess...
I love it...
Then when it is in the oven you can make another batch and bake it the next day..
If you don't need it ... Freeze it or give it away..
Such a lovely thing to give someone...

Well, that is all for tonight my dears...
Thank you so much for visiting and for leaving a wee comment...
Talk to you all soon...
Have a safe and happy week...
God Bless...


  1. What a great pantry! I would love to have one! That bread sure looks yummy too!

  2. Your pantry is wonderful. That is something I don't have and wish I did. Great job!

  3. Hi Faye - the bread looks fantastic and you are so lucky to have a pantry! I've wandered around trying to find the recipe for the bread, but I can't seem to locate it....could you post it again and/or send me the recipe? please....Thanks and have a great day!

  4. Ummm... bread! I haven't made it in quite awhile- my dad sent down bake shop bread so I have a few loaves in the freezer still. I can almost smell your spices from here - LOL!

  5. Your pantry is so well stocked and organized!
    I too would rather do 101 other things than clean house but it must be done... LOL!
    Have a great day!

  6. That is a great ideas of putting the bread dough in the tea towel from the beginning. I really love the look of the Doilie and the Embroidery Hoop, looks really nice and primitive...I!
    Always love your postings Faye.

  7. I do so enjoy visiting with you each day,,,,thank you,