Friday, August 5, 2016

Farm Diary # 6

Hello there dear hearts.. 
Can you believe it has almost been a month since I last posted.. 
I have not forgotten you but being up at the farm with no internet has kind of hindered me shall we say... smile.. 
Nevertheless, here I am once again with a large amount of pictures just showing you our days... 
It has been a different summer from the ones we have had for the last twenty years.. 
The cottage in St. Martins is still there and waiting for us.. 
We did do a little weekend with a couple of nights there a few weeks ago when they had Old Home Week... 
But, I must say I am glad we decided to do this change for us.. 
It is a lot more work then we thought as we have not done much there since we bought the place .. 
We used to mostly just have a quick visit for the day and then home again at night.. 
Anyway, this summer we are staying and doing... 
Here are some of the highlights... grin.. 
Our son and grandson up for a visit... 
Did they come to see us or have fun??  smile.. 
They had a great time and didn't realise how many trails there were and such beautiful views... 

Doing a bit of jamming... 

Five batches of strawberry and 2 batches of hot strawberry jams... 

Breakfast on the go for a little road trip.. 
I always take a book and this one was awesome.. The first author anyway but I didn't like the second one... 

On our way.... 
Old country roads... 
So beautiful this time of year.. 

Terry trying to find the satellite direction... 

A very unwelcome visitor... 
Actually there were five of them.. 
Yikes !! 
But they disappeared and we haven't seen them since.. 
Poor Terry was up the flagpole and I was watching him when the dog came up beside me and stared out toward the barn.. 
Then they all came together from the spring and went under our barn... 
Thank the Lord, the dog didn't go after them.. 
Hopefully they won't show up again.. 

Folding air dried laundry.. 
Such a wonderful breeze from the Kent Hills... 

Making summer meals.. 
Hamburgers and salads.. 
Oh here is a wee recipe for a new salad dressing I like.. 
1/2 cup of mayo
10 sprigs of mint, chopped 
2 garlic cloves minced
salt to taste
juice of 1 lemon 
2 tsp. cumin.. 
A bit of cream to thin it out... 
Try it ... 
You might like it.. smile.. 

A man and his dog.. 
Well, not really.. 
It is our son's dog visiting for the summer.. 
Terry loves the paper at the end of the lane each morning as we have not internet... 

Terry takes the dog for a drive each night in the truck and came home with a sweet bouquet for me one night.. 

The hay is all raked in our field.... 

Then our farmer baled it the old fashioned way... 
Over 600 bales in that one field... 

Early morning... 
Out the kitchen window.. 

Making a bunting to hang between the lilac and apple tree.. 
I just love it and will show you a pic next time.. 
Terry hung a lovely swing there for me, too... 
Loving it.. 

Drying flowers to make my Hippie Wildflower Potpourri this fall... 

Our daughter and her family returned home safe and sound from Europe with lots of tales.. 
They had a wonderful time but this mama was glad to see them.. 
They were all interested in the cows out in the front pasture.. 

Gathering Queen Anne's Lace for jelly... 

A sweet pic form our little day trip... 
Another painting, Patti?  grin... 

Aren't they beautiful? 

They swim under the old Turtle Creek covered bridge.. 

The pics were so pretty I could hardly decide which ones to show you.. 

We have had lots of hot weather with no rain but if we have a cooler day then I make bread... smile.. 

Trying to use up my herbs in some creative ways.. 
This made Rosemary Soap Balls which I will wrap in cheesecloth and add a sprig of rosemary for remembrance.. 
I have to let them dry for several days.. 
A lovely idea.. 
Soak a few sprigs of rosemary with 1 cup of boiling water.. 
Let it steep for several hours and then add 1/2 cup of the mixture to your bottle of shampoo.. 
I love how my hair feels and it is great for your hair's colour so it says in my book of country wisdom... 
If you don't have any growing just buy a few sprigs from the grocers...

One of my 3 herb beds... 
Have to make pesto soon... 

Scarlet Runner Beans.... 
One of my favourites... 
Hope to make a pickle from a recipe I have had for ages..

Well, this is it for this time my friends.. 
Thank you for your sweet emails of concern and such.. 
We are doing pretty good.. 
I received a mysterious bug bite and have been going through it for a while with antibiotics and then infection because the antibiotics 
killed all of the good bacteria along with the bad.. 
Thought I was well again and came down with the same infection three days ago... 
Let's just say that this too shall pass and life goes on... 
Our pastor told us of a saying he heard from an old saint that really registered with him as it did me.. 
I will close with it and hope to hear from you all.. 
I will check again when I can and do another post soon, I hope.. 

Life is what you make it !!

True, eh?  
God bless... 


  1. Such beautiful photos of a beautiful place. I copied your dressing recipe and will buy mint soon! Sounds great. I see you are keeping very busy. So nice to hear from you.

  2. Faye you are living a romantic country summer. always things to do. everything feels lovely! xo

  3. So glad to hear from you. The pictures are beautiful!

  4. Oh sweet Faye, you have been missed...I enjoyed seeing your photos...and really enjoyed the laundry on the line. And ick on the skunks...we had one here in town not long ago who sprayed. Again, thank you for the photos and the update. smiles

  5. Hi Faye, Of course, I did miss you but I also knew where you were. Oh, to be on the farm for quite a few days......I know you and Terry were really enjoying yourselves. Your pictures are so wonderful and I love the farming aspect of it all. (Remember, I am a farmer's daughter) I took pictures of our field when they baled it but really wanted to old fashioned baled but they did the big round ones. But a bale of hale is good anywhere. Your cattle are looking good. What kind are they? Beef cattle? Your herb gardens are fabulous. I used to have one but you have three!!!!!! Amazing!!!! Glad you got to the cottage for a few days. Will you be going back to the farm for more weeks this summer and fall? Your post was great, as usual. Take care and God bless you, Terry and your whole family.

    Have not been to the lake much this summer. Too busy and now we are having a new roof put on the house and etc.


  6. Linda Andrews SmithAugust 5, 2016 at 2:52 PM

    Hi Faye so good to hear from you and see your beautiful pictures! I love the summer you and Terry are having!!! Sounds like you are staying busy and enjoying a special memory making time with all. Can't wait to try the salad dressing and to get me some rosemary! Blessings to you and Terry!

  7. So happy to see your post Faye. Your summer sounds wonderful, even if you & Terry are working hard. Your pics are just have a great eye! Enjoy the remaining summer days!

    Anita ~ the cabin on the creek

  8. So glad to hear from you and that all is well. That bread looks good enough to eat!!! Lovely photos. Enjoy your weekend.

  9. I have missed you, Faye! But I can see that you have been having a lovely summer. I am glad for you. I so enjoy your updates and photos. Just like a breath of fresh air. God bless. :-)

  10. Looking at your photos is like entering another world, so lovely. I'm interested to read that you use Queen Anne's lace for jelly, I hadn't realised you could do that. I have made elderflower jelly before.
    Love your herb beds, they look so full of growth. Mine are all in separate pots.

  11. Isn't that funny, Faye as I was out in the garden today on the other side of the world and was wondering how you were going but knew you would check in when you had a chance and access to the internet. I hope you can get that infection to clear up soon.

  12. Hello Faye! summer is running away too quickly for me but what a breath of fresh air and a moment or two of relaxation with you on the farm! Lovely sights and simple farm joys warm my heart and all the treats you make!
    God bless, dear friend!

  13. I'm so happy you and your family are doing well! Well, except for the bug bite. I chuckled when you mentioned me in your post about the beautiful photographs that I could paint. Thank you for thinking of me! I must do inspire me!
    I have plenty of Rosemary and I will for sure will try it in my shampoo. I love the smell but I'm not too crazy about eating it, so shampoo or lotions will be wonderful.
    Have a blessed and safe summer. Patti

  14. Wonderful post and photos . I love how you home make so much . Yes my mum always said that to us kids and I to ours Life is what you make it ! I hope your feeling better soon . Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  15. What a beautiful place you live!
    We're an hour from the beach, but I much prefer the mountains and
    rolling hills. Alas, they are 4+ hours away! Ah, well, I'll have to settle
    for our pine forests, I guess. :D

    You must do a post on queen anne's lace jelly. I've never heard of
    it before.

  16. Such beautiful pictures. Glad to hear you are enjoying yourselves. The bread looked delicious, I am afraid I cheat and use a breadmaking machine. Take care.

  17. I love the rosemary Shampoo idea! I have missed your posts while you are at the farm!

  18. I've missed your posts and am glad to know all is well. You may want to try some lavender essential oil on that bite. I hope it heals soon. Your place is lovely and I so enjoyed the pictures. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  19. We missed you and your beautiful pictures!!! Take care of yourself!

  20. Sounds like you are having a wonderful summer. I am so envious of your chicks. I would love to have some laying hens but I can't talk Doug into it.
    He says the only thing our animals would ever die from is old age. Enjoy the rest of your time. I can't believe summer is flying by so fast.

  21. I love the rural scenes of Albert County Faye. So nice to see your blog today. I haven't blogged much this summer at all as I've had too much company. My sister is still here but visiting our older sister this week for a change. She still can't fly for several more weeks due to the detached retina repair she had. It's been a struggle for her to wait so long to fly home. Enjoy the rest of August in the country! Hugs.

  22. Glad you are enjoying the farm and I really enjoyed the photos. Makes me wish for the country again, as I grew up on a farm. Sigh! My daughter has grown mint and chamomille and we did get lavender but it wound up molding since it was wet. She wants to make her own lavender tea that she's bought the last few years. She didn't pick ours soon enough and she bought the lavender to dry but it was in a plastic bag and I don't think there was enough air circulating in it. It had rained the morning of the day we went. Oh well, live and learn!

  23. I'd love to sample some of that pesto when you get it made ;)

  24. Queen Anne's Lace jelly! Sounds fabulous. I've made other floral jellies, but not QAL, will have to give it a whirl:) Also, of all your beautiful pictures, the simple one of the jelly jars is just beautiful to me. Just the very things it represents is powerful.
    Thanks for sharing. Hope you are having a lovely summer so far.

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  26. Lovely post!
    Blessings and good health to you!

  27. Always so much fun to read about.
    Your photos should be published my friend - as well as your recipes!!!
    There's nothing wrong with being without the internet - for awhile anyway lol
    I don't miss it at all when we travel.

  28. Love your post as always , And all your Pictures, So glad are getting do the things you enjoy. God Blessing be with you and Family.

  29. Goodness, so many things to comment on! First, Father God, I pray for full and complete healing from this bite and from the resulting infection from the medicines. I pray that Faye will have a strong immune system and will feel great. I ask it all be cause of the stripes Jesus took for our healing and in the name of Jesus Christ, son of the Living God. Amen.

    Now, you've got so many lovely photos. It seems you are building a beautiful life with your family. Is your move permanent? It seems a lovely place. I hope you are very happy where you are as well as busy and productive. Be blessed!

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage
    Do drop in!

  30. Wow! Your photos are beautiful ♥

  31. Hi Faye, my favorite name by the way as it was my sweet grandma's name. Can you tell me how you dry your flowers, I would love to do this instead of just letting them die on the bush. Thank you

  32. Haven't been on your post for months and months, (or Bloglovin) it is just a beautiful as I remember Woo xx