Friday, September 28, 2018

A lovely trip to Kings Landing..

Good Evening everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth tonight.. 

I have been pretty slow getting back to you but I do have a little bit of a special post for you.. 
Terry and I took a little day trip up to my very favourite village on Thursday.. 
Just to warn you this is a bit of picture heavy post but there is just so much to grab one's imagination ... 
So many beautiful scenes, lovely vignettes, homes and gardens to capture with the camera... 
I am no professional for sure but what a lovely place.. 
Kings Landing... 
The most lovely of New Brunswick's tourist attractions in my humble opinion.. 
A little historical village on the banks of the beautiful St. John River... 
A place and time where my heart belongs... 
Come along... 
Wait up Terry... 
I have to get my camera ready.. 
We are on our way to the Killeen Cabin... 

But the farmer boy has to admire the livestock... 
Cute, eh!  
Terry, I mean.. lol... 
There is the St. John River... 
We went into the dear little church... 
I remember pews like this.. 
Do you?  

And here we are at the Killeen place.. 
The lady of the house had just made an apple crisp.. 
It smelled lovely!  
She also gave a little lesson on making beeswax candles.. 
She used equal amounts of beef tallow and beeswax and dipped the candle wicking into lukewarm wax and kept dipping until they were large enough to hang.. 
She had an open fire, a table and chairs and a bench in her cabin.. 
Also their big bed and a trundle bed for the baby.. 
A lovely visit with lots of home schoolers visiting and learning to make candles... 

The village was lovely on this sunny warm day.. 
We will head over to the store.. 
Terry noticed the geese over across the way.. 
Such a nice walk.. 
Here is the store.. 

Lots of beautiful dishes and antiques to see and drool over.. grin.. 
Outside is where the horses trough is.. 
Here are some pics from inside the houses.. 
A quilt on the go.. 
I so love all of their plants.. 
They are in every house and window sill.  
I believe this is a Maple Plant.. 
My Dad used to have one.. 

All kinds of wonderful handiwork going on in each house.. 
And cooking of course.  
This looks like a bowl that I keep on my counter.. 
Garlic, shallots, herbs.... 
New potatoes ....
Homemade Vinegar
The lady of the house invited me to smell them.. 
Chive, real cider vinegar from their own apple press, rose vinegar and herb... 
I have been busy making mine, too.. 
I have rose, different herb ones, lavender and hot pepper.. 
Oh and chive, too... 
They always inspire me to make and do.. 
Tea towels on the clothes line.. 
So homely... Is that a word?  grin.. home like... 
At another the lady was putting together a bouquet of dried flowers.. 
So pretty... 
I tried to grow straw flowers this summer but they didn't grow.. 
I so love them.. 
A dear garden...
Every home has a touch of flowers.. 

I have two favourite houses.. 
This is one.. 
The Morehouse....
I love the summer kitchen.. 
They always seem to have so much going on in this house.. 
One time the Keepers of the Home went up on a cold fall day.. 
They invited all of us to sit down and gave us fresh hot apple pie and a cup of tea.. 
It was so nice!  
Just love seeing all that they dry... 
This is the side porch on the Ingraham house... 
Every home has a Pregnant Onion plant.. 
One time they gave me a slip and I now have several plants.. 
Just grabs your heart all of this simple beauty... 

Well we need to head back up the road.. 

Don't you just love seeing sheep?  

We need to wash up as dinner is on at the Kings Head Inn... 
We always have lunch here before we leave... 

Terry had the Ploughman's Lunch and I had Salmon Cakes and Salad... 
We got to talking to people at the next table and I forgot to take a pic.. sorry.. 
They were from Grand Manan and so interesting.. 

Then a drive back to the car... 

Just a lovely lovely day.. 
My favourite trip all summer..  

Hope you enjoyed our little day trip.. 
Thanks for stopping by.. 

Next time I will share some of our daily doings and I am putting together a post of windows from the village.. 

God bless you dear hearts and I look forward to hearing from you.. 


  1. What an incredible trip for the Soul...thank you for all those beautiful photos and time spent placing them on here too. I wonder what kind of camera you have. is it in your phone? Wow it takes wonderful photos... love everything ..warms yes, my heart right down to my toes... Blessings, Merri

  2. What a lovely place to visit, Faye. We have historical villages like that too and often the men will cook damper outside. The rustic look and simplicity of homes years ago is very appealing. Thanks for taking us on your little trip.

  3. Hello Faye.......your pictures are, once again, pleasing and perfect!!!! I do know it is time consuming but I must say - I enjoy them so much!.......a march back in time....that is for Jim and I. I enjoyed seeing the team of horses. I think I told you that Jim grew a massive amount of onions. They have been drying out in the garage. He has given so many away this year. Everybody loves his onions and beans and tomatoes and musk melon, squassh aand etc. But no herbs like you do! Maybe next year. I have had flowers hanging in the garage and kitchen, too. So much fun....YOU get me going!!! Say hi to Terry.


  4. I feel as though I have been there with you. What a fascinating place to linger. Thank you for that visit.

  5. What an amazing village to visit, it made my heart sing I had to scroll up and down a few times to take everything in. Inspirational.

  6. Everything is so lovely at that village; I can see why you enjoy visiting there!
    Yes.. the simply beauty does hug ones heart :)
    I love that you seek after good things and lovely places, and share those with us, thank you!!

    Smiles :)

  7. What is ploughman's dinner ?. It was a nice blog . Loved it all . Xo

  8. What a beautiful place! I especially love your pictures of the kitchen.
    The plant is an abutilon - absolutely gorgeous.

  9. This was...I can hardly put it into words
    all I know is it speaks to my Soul.

    Thank You x

  10. A lovely day indeed. Those pews sure did keep the parishioners awake much better than the cushy ones of today!

  11. Oh, this looks like such a fun trip! It reminds me of a school trip that my children took when they were in the 5th grade. They made a cedar shingle, a beeswax candle and helped to make apple crisp. I always chaperoned that trip, I loved it so!

  12. I loved this post...including every single picture. I love living history sites, but don't get to very many any longer. They are always so inspiring!

    Anita ~ the cabin on the creek

  13. Amazing documentary of photos of a wonderful place...Love it

  14. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures. Have a blessed week. Joan

  15. Beautiful Faye...thank you for sharing . smiles.

  16. I love all your pictures but especially the one of the little white church and the rustic fence!

  17. Thank you for all the wonderful photo's. I see why it is your favorite place to visit.
    Happy Fall!

  18. Faye
    Your pictures bring many memories of where I spent alot of time as a girl of 5 to 7 at my sisters farm. I was the baby in family. Big age difference . Your lay out of the farm pictures you took of the Village almost identical of her hubby and her farm land. She had her husbands Mom live them back then. So she did all the nice quilting and sewing and taught the one girl . Then she to this day has become the sewer and entered many contest in the fair and won ribbons back then. Thank you for sharing. I will be back to look at more of your pictures in your other dates you have put up.

  19. The handwork is beautiful I forgot to mention. Beautiful.