Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Last Week of November...

Hello everyone.. 
So happy to finally get back here.. 
It seems to be taking me longer and longer.. 
I am not sure why.. 
Usually I feel like I haven't much to offer on here so just keep putting it off. 
But here I am for tonight anyway.. 
We have had such weird weather here in New Brunswick this month.. 
Getting lots of snow.. 
I do not remember a November quite like this one before.. 
I think we are going to have a long winter but really we are Canadians and we just go with the flow... 

I have been pottering along.. 
\Doing a bit of this and that.. 
Bought some pears and made a cake.. 

It will be prettier next time as I think I would increase the cake recipe but it was different and tasty... 

The kitchen windowsill ....

A few herbs growing and putting the roots of some green onions in water.. 
They grow very well and get more out of them...

We so enjoyed having our grandsons for supper the other night.. 
Made them a loaf of bread.. 

The no knead recipe to the rescue once again!  smile.. 

And a couple of toppings.. 
Olive Tapenade and Herbal Cream Cheese... 

Salad and House Dressing along with Pasta with Broccoli and Lemon.. (sorry I forgot to take a pic) 


Carrot Cake...
We had a lovely evening... 

One morning we went for a drive out to the farm...

We were wanting to pick some greenery and such.. 

First stop as always was for coffee... 

Charlie usually gets a timbit donut for being such a good dog.. smile.. 

By the time we were almost to the farm the weather had turned .. 

We only got one bunch of branches with cones on them.. 

The roads were so bad that we had to turn around ....

We will go another day.... 

But a bowl of homemade soup was welcome when we got back home.. 

One of our faves... 
Julia Child's Leek and Potato Soup.. 

Christmas is soon going to be here and I am hoping to get a few things made..
How are you doing getting ready for Christmas? 

So many people have their trees up and houses all trimmed... 
I guess I need to get at it.. 
Perhaps tomorrow... smile.. 

Well this is not an inspired post for sure but it was nice to touch base with you all again... 
I need to get my act together and get a few pics taken.. 
I do get around to posting a pic on Instagram more often..
You can catch me HERE.. on there... 

Take care dear hearts and have a blessed week.. 
Thanks for dropping by and I look forward to hearing from you all.. 
God bless... 


  1. I am always happy to see a new post from you. I so enjoy reading about what is going on in your world. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  2. Great to see Charlie again - I've missed him! Your posts are always interesting - I'm in the UK and we rarely get snow so I enjoy your snowy pictures.

  3. I too am in the UK, so like Penny it is a joy to see the snow. I love the beautiful pictures but wouldn't want the reality. The pear cake was inspirational, definitely one to try.

  4. You inspire me - finding joy in your homekeeping! I have to clean next I can put up my tree etc. It all seems to be getting too early for me too! I enjoy the anticipation of putting up the tree.

  5. That is really serious weather Faye, no wonder you had to turn back. And I'm sure the soup was so welcome!

  6. Your home looked so warming, glad you didn't chance the weather and your soup looked tasty. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Faye...all of your posts are interesting, & all of your pictures are lovely. I love all the trappings of everyday life. My husband passed away unexpectedly 6 years ago at age 66. Since then, what I have missed the most is the gift of an ordinary day. We did enjoy the special occasions once in a while, or a vacation here & there...but it is the everyday life we had together that I miss terribly.

    God has blessed me & I live next door (in the country) to my son & his family, so I feel that I have contentment in my life as it is now. But we often miss the best part of life because it comes dressed in everyday clothes.

    Love your blog...whenever you have the time to is a gift!

    Anita ~ the cabin on the creek
    ...all is grace!

  8. Time does fly by quickly, doesn't it?
    Some days I too feel as though my days are less than inspiring, though I always find something to smile about as I read your blog, so thank you for posting :)

    We are in the midst of winter, snow, ice and gray skies here in Utah. I have the fireplace burning away, and candles flickering to add some cheeriness to our home.
    Christmas will be here, before we know it, and I am trying to get in the Christmas spirit.

    Warm wishes, sweet friend.

  9. Hi Faye, I'm late to the blog. Your blog used to appear in my email but it doesn't now. I'm not sure if I updated to the new email address. But, I have you saved in my favorites too so I was able to click on you there. I always am inspired by your blog and your beautiful pictures. This is the first year in my life that I didn't feel like putting up the Christmas Tree but on Thanksgiving our dear youngest son brought it up and put it up in like 3 minutes. If I or my husband could have put it up that fast, I would have had it up. It has the lights on and all I had to do was hang the decorations on it. So much easier. I just don't decorate the whole house like I used too. Seems like these days i just run out of energy. So far here in south central PA, we have had a lot of rain. Back in November, we had about 3 inches of snow but it melted the next day. I have been busy trying to put together and sew up some walker bags for our Sewing Servants at our church. These are donated to Nursing Homes in the area. Also, we will have children home for Christmas so I am already planning meals that are their favorites. And, of course, cookies. Seems each one has their favorite too. I used to make up a lot of Christmas flower arrangements taking cuttings from our pines. I took them to shut-ins and dear friends. I hope to make a few next week but I just don't seem to have the energy to make as many as I used to. Thankful though that I can still take care of my husband and me, even if I am a little slower. Thank you for your posts as I sure do enjoy them. God Bless!

  10. New here...hello from Texas! That’s some seriously cold weather....hope you had a wonderful Christmas!