Saturday, February 9, 2019

February Doings..

Hello my dears
Hope all is well with you in your little corner of the world.  

One more time I need to apologize for my post. 
This is being done on my tablet and I find it quite vexing to say the least! 
I get my photos up and hit a wrong button and they are gone in a blink of an eye!  Then I have to do it all over again.  
I guess I will shed my pride and confess that I am only using my tablet because it is all I can see to work with at the moment.  
As you know I am an older (wink wink) person and I have to have cataracts to be removed in the next month or two.  
Until then I need to use this as I find it very challenging to see my laptop.  
Now on with the show!  Grin.. 
Above I believe the pics speak for themselves.  
Made a bunting for heart month for the mantel and then another wee one for the front hall to trim a cedar tree I have in there.  
Have also been baking breads... 
No knead and James Beards Sour Cream and Dill.  You can find the link in Google.  It went over very well. 
We have had quite the weather here in Maritime Canada!  Just like the world over, I guess!  We go from rain to ice to snow to freezing temps and then back to mild ones.  
The weather is one thing we all have in common, eh!

I will also admit that I am mostly enjoying these long evenings and cozy days.  
We go out a bit but I find myself very content to stay home.  
I wish I could report that the decluttering is going a breeze and closets are being cleaned out but honestly they are not.  
Books are getting read, soup and breads are being made, fabric stashes are being pored over and decided which project they would work best on, my layered journal is being immensely enjoyed and we have even watched a few old movies.  
Hmmm. What else?
Oh yes!  
Enjoying herbal teas and going through the bookshelves of old glorious books. 
Kitchen books, recipes, herbs, gardening, old journals of mine, handmade poetry books, my mother in law's cookery books and more.  
Yes, there are stacks of them beside my chair.  
One end of the table has a sewing machine and whatever project I am pottering with. 
And a large willow basket full of felting stuff is stuffed under the end table.  
Yet there is so much more I want to do.  
The problem being that it takes me so long to accomplish anything that my to do list never gets shorter! Smile

Well, I guess this is all for this time. Thanks so much for visiting here and on
Love hearing from you all.  
Leave me a note and let me know what you have been busy doing.  
There are to be more blog changes due to Google so will just have to wait and see how it affects us here.  
Tomorrow is the Lord's Day!  
Have a blessed one!  

He is all together lovely, the fairest of the fair
And on Him alone, I know I can depend!  


  1. I like your heart mantel banner. It is very pretty and so well done. I am contented to stay inside in this terrible Winter we've been having.
    I have cataracts also and am on a waiting list to have them of. Apparently, we can wait a long time here in Quebec.
    As for Google, all my comments have been deleted along with my Profile. So I have lost all my comments on all my blog posts since the beginning of my blog.(2008)..Not too happy about that. . I had to make a new Profile with Blogger and makes changes in the comment section from Google to Blogger. Well, I guess it could have been worst.
    Have a Blessed Sunday. Thelma.

  2. Faye, I hope you can see better after having your cataracts done as it makes such a difference for some people. I haven't been told I have them as yet thankfully and I am now the ripe old age of 70 but my husband has had his done. Yes, the weather is all over the place here in Australia too with flooding in the north and drought and bushfires in the south. I can't remember it being like this when I was young. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Hello there dear friend, My life seems the same as yours but add in a few dentist appointments for a new cap! I am trying to grow a couple of orchids! Fun for me and not much bending over and etc. I love your pictures....They are camera? .....or are my eyes changing, too? I have macular degeneration. Jim had cataract surgery in both eyes and he said it was nothing to have the surgery. I found my journal with the pictures and other things. You encourage some of your church girls and readers to do it. Well.......I love mine. Thanks to you or otherwise I would never have done it. I have you and your family in my prayers.
    God bless..... Sue

  4. It was like looking at a Winter Wonderland looking at your snow picture. The journal looks beautiful, something I have been considering for awhile. Your felted hearts and wooden banner are a delight, so pretty. As always the bread looks delicious. Take care.

  5. Hi Faye, as always I enjoyed reading your blog. I had my cataracts removed when I was 74 and it really helped me with long distance. I remember going to church the next Sunday after both eyes had been done and I was sitting way back in the rear of the church and could see the preachers face so well. I thought my eyes weren't that bad but I could even see colors more vividly. Did not feel anything with the surgery. It has been about the same weather here in south central PA. Rain, snow, bitter cold, rain, snow, cold, but I know each day is closer to SPRING! I have been sewing, trying to declutter, and organize closets. Wish I had time to read a book but too much to do and taking me longer to do anything:)

  6. I, too, am really enjoying staying home this winter. Every time I get in it, I thank the Lord for my warm, soft, cozy bed! I live in a resort town which gets a lot quieter in the winter, as well, and it is much appreciated! I feel so sorry for the moms who work outside the home, having to get up extra early in order to get their little ones up, dressed and out the door to the sitter or daycare. I was very blessed that I got to stay home while raising our children. Thanks for the lovely pictures, which were so hard to post. I love the Valentine bunting!

  7. Always such lovely, warm, photos. The layered journals are fascinating. We are hunkering down here, too, in IL.

  8. Hi Aastra always beautiful post , Thank you so much for sharing always. I'm been stuck in bed Oct. I just get to bathroom and back and that's with help from the Lord.

  9. ah, Valentines day here in US is this week. and my birthday. I need to pull out a few hearts as well. I know they are somewhere! It's been chilly this past week, with an inch of snow on Monday in Oregon. Chilly after we got out of church and wind makes it colder. I worked on one spot in dining room to clear it up and it looks good. I am still working through all the paper stuff and needs to go away! I've had too many appts for dental work these past few months and hope it goes away soon! If it's not one things, it's another...and always could be worse. Thankful the Lord gets us through the rough spots in our lives! Have a blessed week, Faye!

  10. Thinking of you Faye, and sending wishes for a speedy recovery when you have your cataract surgery.
    I so enjoy reading your posts, and seeing your lovely pictures.
    "Give us this day, our daily bread" seeing your delicious homemade bread, and your smash journal with scriptures, etc.
    You have a happy heart and I am inspired by you!
    I am trying to do better and have a happy heart in these cold and dreary days.
    Loved seeing your cozy and inviting kitchen picture. Isn't that just the best...a clean and inviting kitchen??!!

    Stay warm, and safe.

  11. Reading books and hooking rugs when it's too messy to ride my horse!!
    I love your photos! I know what you mean about taking longer to get things done.. I need to live to at least 125 AND be in good health to get my knitting, hooking, quilting and spinning done!!!

  12. Hello dear Faye,
    I can't express how much I enjoy your posts. Whether long or short...I usto delight in doing all the things you write about...then my beloved husband passed and having struggled for my whole life with terrible depression, it became worse. I know my Lord and trust He is with me and sustains me...but the days are endless and dark. I do not enjoy homemaking anymore and struggle to get out of bed and do not enjoy serving at my church (my youngest son is the pastor). I just want to be alone. I guess I'm living vicariously through your marvellous posts and adventures.
    I can't talk with anyone because I am in a position at church of heaviness and the pastors mom and I'd not want my troubles to reflect on his ministry. He and his family live with me and I am mindful of their pressures and obligations. I know they love and care for me but I don't want the attention to be perfectly honest.
    Well, I thank you for listening and would appreciate your prayers. I hope you stay well and continue to adore your hubby.
    God bless you, Trish Clark

    1. Hello dear... I know you have been reading here a long time as I recognized your name. I am so sorry you are going through such a terrible storm. I can only imagine the pain and sadness that is yours. I so do not want yo experience that but only God knows who and when. Whether it is I or he that goes first .. All I know is that in that storm as I have experienced so many times Jesus is right there beside us. The old song goes Learning yo lean on Him. I am sure that is all you can do for now. But the Lord has given us healing with time if we allow Him.. So dear friend I will 've praying comfort and healing yo your dear heart! It us xo easy for someone to tell you to trust on Jesus right now but truly that is all you can do and gradually He will make a Way for you. I will be praying. God bless. Xoxo

  13. In place of the word "heaviness" I intended it to say " Deaconess"

    Trish Clark

  14. Thank you dear Faye for taking the time to reply. I will take more time to dwell in HIS presence instead of brooding. I know HE is my life-line. I appreciate the prayers.

    Bless you, Trish