Friday, December 10, 2010

A wee bit of Christmas...

Good Evening my dears.... Another weekend is here already.. I received an email the other day and it was a pic of a poor old plucked over chicken which said... "It's been a rough week but I made it.." lol... 
Let's just say that I think it could apply to, I am very thankful to be on the mend...
I have been able to do a bit of decorating here and there so here are a few pics to share with you....ok?

Part of the mantel... I still need to add fresh greens but will do that later...

A twenty-five year old craft...
But Jesus is the reason for the season, eh?

The kitchen chandelier.. love rusted bells but need more greens here too.  We have wood heat and they dry out so fast.  So, will add them a week before Christmas...

Meet Fred and his snow pal.  He came all the way from England

This year's addition to the snowman tree...

The bench in the foyer....

On top of the vintage lace cupboard...

Do you think someone around here likes
As you all know I love country primitive decor style even at Christmas....

I have so enjoyed your visit and please come often..
Have a God blessed weekend and thank you so much for your prayers and emails...
Love to you all..



  1. Love to see your decorations Faye... ESPECIALLY FRED :-) x x x

  2. Faye, so glad you have started your decorating, it looks great so far, I know what you mean by the greens drying out to fast that is why I got the fake pine boughs to put around because I usually decorate in the middle of November and with the heat in our house the real greens wouldn't last a day...haha hope you are feeling better.... love Tam

  3. I Love snowmen too! Yours look great!Missed you tonight!

  4. I hope you get back completely well soon Christmas is no fun being sick! Love the decorations. I have real stuff outside and fake inside!lol

  5. Your Christmas decorations are so pretty! Snowmen are such whimsical fellas and ever so cheerful. Hope you're feeling lots better Faye. Still have you in my prayers.

  6. hope you keep feeling more and more chipper! The decorations look so cozy and cheerful.Love the Fred!

  7. So far so good! Love all those snow folks!
    God bless

  8. I love all your little prim decorations, Faye!! Especially Fred... he is too cute.
    Hope you are feeling better now, dear...