Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Clementines and Garlic.....

Hello my dears... My, we are having a huge snow storm tonight.. I am glad we are home safe and sound....Bible Study was cancelled as the snow is really coming down... Well, I guess that is what we expect in our part of the world....
Today, I made some marmalade... We were into Costco and they had them on for two dollars a box so we picked up a few. 
I looked a recipe up on the internet and thought I would give it a try..
I followed the recipe except for a couple of changes...
I added an extra lemon by mistake and an extra 1/2 cup of sugar. 
I will do the same if I make another batch..
It turned out really well and made a big batch...
I made corn chowder and cornmeal muffins for supper and Terry put some of the marmalde on his muffins... He must have liked it as he told me he would buy it all so I didn't need to sell
I also thought I would show you a little experiment I am working on..
an inside garlic plant...
When I was cleaning out the fridge I found a garlic that was sprouting.... So... I divided it into separate cloves and planted them..   They are growing pretty fast...
Have any of you ever done this.....
I expect I can cut the tops and use like garlic chives and wait and see if the cloves grow ....
I will let you know later, eh....
 I am taking up crocheting again..
I have not done that for years but before Christmas I made some 
apple cosies.... They protect your apple from getting bruised in your purse or whatever... 
I saw them on someone`s blog but I forget whose it was... Anyway, I am just guessing how to make them.. They are not as good as the ones that I saw but they are ok...
I would not dare show you as they are not very

What are you all busy doing in your spare time ... if you have any spare
Well, girls have a lovely week ...
Please leave a comment as I LOVE to hear from you...



  1. Faye,
    That is how we plant garlic in our garden. Garlic chives are a perennial in our garden. They are beautiful when they bloom and the plants double every year. You will love them in your garden, too. I wish I had a window sill on the south side so I could have a window garden. *sigh*

  2. Hey lady,
    Well it has been some time for me here hasn't it....what have I missed...LOTS!
    Oh I love Marmelade and your husband had the right idea putting it on his muffins..yummmmm.

    What a sweet idea to make an apple cozy..unique.
    Stay warm - we have lots of snow here too....last to come down was this morning. I think Doug is very tired of shoveling and snow blowing.


  3. Hi Faye, orange marmalade and muffins sounds really good right now. I'm going to try and plant some garlic myself and see how it turns out. Hope you & hubby stay safe and warm in all that snowy weather. I heard on the tv tonite that 49 states here in the US had snow except for FL!

  4. Yum, marmalade. A perfect project for a snowy day. I have thought about doing just that with my garlic, but have yet to give it a try. You sure will enjoy that savory bulb.
    Blessings and keep safe digging out of the storm.

  5. Yummy~ the marmalade sounds so good, Faye!! I'll bet your house smelled heavenly while that was cooking.
    We are still covered in snow, it hasn't been warm enough to melt it. Not what we're used to in Tennessee... most snows we get are gone by the next day.
    I would LOVE to see your apple cozy! I've never seen one before... you'll just have to show it!! *grin*

  6. Well, the Lord knows the desires of our heart! LOL... I certainly can use a snow day to catch up on a few things, mostly course work. The next time I have sprouting garlic in the fridge, I'll plant it instead of tossing it- good idea!

  7. I'm just trying to pack and get our stuff over to the new place...So that is basically what is taking up most of my time this month. But I did manage to go out with friends too. We all need a break sometime from our busy schedules. Praying everyday that Jesus will give me the strength to get up everyday and keep my chin up and go matter what life may bring my way.

    Love Ya,