Monday, January 17, 2011


It is almost halfway through Winter, I think... Although, I am not wanting time to go any faster I am looking forward to some mild windy weather that is forcast for Wednesday..
I thought I would show you a couple of things I have been doing the last little while..
I had bought some of this fabric over in Calais and I can think of a lot of ideas for it... Anyway, I saw them over at
at this site  and thought I would make a few...

They are trivets for teapots or any hot dishes ...
You cut out 2 x 11 inch pieces of fabric.   Then you sew them up with right sides together... Leave a 3 inch opening and turn out right.. Press with an iron ...
Over at Chickens in the Road she used a lovely teapot fabric..
These are more prim...My style...
Then you stuff them with this spice mixture...
2 oz. whole cloves
2 oz. cinnamon sticks, broken up
1 cup of bay leaves
Sew up the opening and tie with yarn or string in 5 or 6 places...
When you place your hot pot on the trivet you can smell the lovely spices..
Anyway, I made a couple of them for now..

I have also been making some homemade apple cider vinegar... I love experimenting with some of these things that I see on the web and if they turn out it is even better...
I tried to get the web site but I couldn't find it..
But you just fill a large jar with apple peelings and cores and then  cover them with good water.   Cover it with a doilie or cheese cloth...
And put it away for a while until it smells and tastes like vinegar to your liking..
I covered mine with a doilie and placed it on the pantry shelf.. They said a warm darker spot.. Inside a cupboard or such...
Then when it is ready you strain it and then strain again through cheese cloth if you want it clearer...
If you google this I am sure you could find better instructions.
I have had this for about 3 weeks and it is smelling very vinegar like...
I am hoping that it is really good and I will continue to make it instead of buying it in the Fall for pickles..

Well, girls I hope you are keeping warm and enjoying the Winter.. It will soon be over..

Thank you for dropping by and let me know what you are doing for your January pasttimes..

God bless .....


  1. Hi Faye...those little hot pads are great. I can imagine how they smell when you put the teapot on them. Great idea! Watching and listening to you make cider is very interesting. I may have to try that myself.

    What have I been doing lately? Yesterday my 11 yr. old grandaughter came for the afternoon and we made cherry pies. She did hers all by herself...even fluted the crust! I am so proud of her and she is fun to teach something new to. Other than and's good for the soul!

    Sounds like you are feeling much better. Prayers are answered, aren't they?


  2. Hi Faye,
    The trivets are just darling and I'll bet they do smell wonderful!!
    That's a great idea for making apple cider vinegar too. I hope it works for you for pickle making.
    Hugs~ Birgit

  3. Those hot mats are so nice and bet they smell heavenly with the spices in them. So glad you're feeling better now. Lots of Hugs!!!!!

  4. Faye, those little spice hot pads are such a cute idea!! Will definitely have to try those. And the apple cider vinegar sounds easy enough... I'm sure homemade is much better than store-bought.
    I am spending these cold days sewing and cleaning... oh, and potty-training Lily! *UGH*

  5. The hot mats are beautiful great idea to have spices in them bet they smell wonderful ! My mum used to make apple cidar vinagar when we were on the farm . Great photos and post. Have a wonderful day !

  6. My January past time,my photography, I just finished a portfolio and am to work on another one. Blogging, reading all the wonderful blogs, reading my books, playing with Miggy, making home made soups and stews or just relaxing with a pot of tea and my movies !

  7. MMMM-I think I can smell those tea cosies from here!
    Did I mention that I like the new green background?