Friday, August 3, 2012

Back to the Ordinary....

Happy Weekend my dears... 
And for us New Brunswickers a Happy Long Weekend.. 
Monday is New Brunswick Day... 

We are celebrating the best province in Canada although, 
I guess I may be a wee bit prejudiced... smile.. 

Our sweet grandsons have left and gone back to their homes.. 
We certainly enjoyed having them.. 

As for us we are back to doing the ordinary things.. 

Terry is still up on the roof.. 
Literally... Here it is almost 8:30 pm and he is still pounding nails.. 

It will be great when he has his two projects done.. 
One is the roof and the other is our back wee deck.. 
It is only large enough for an umbrella table and chairs and then a couple of extra chairs and some planters.. 
It needed fixed and painted.. 

The poor guy.. 
The second deck and the second roof he has had to do since Spring.. 

He says it is good for what ales ya.. 
Have you ever heard that saying?  grin... 

As you probably noticed I have not been posting a lot.. 
I think you dear girls need a break from my boring chatter and perhaps read something a bit more inspiring.. 

But here I am tonight anyhow... 

This is such a lovely time of year as far as herbs go.. 

Here are some dill, rosemary and basil...
I managed to put all three into supper... smile..

Plus... I made this Garlic and Rosemary Jelly... 
It is delicious...
The recipe is HERE 
I have it at the shop just in case you were wondering.. smile.. 

I poached some fish for supper...

Dill, parsley and green onions.. 
The recipe is HERE

I always cut up my herbs with a pair of scissors.. 
Do you? 
 I find it does it easier then chopping them on my chopping board.. Most of the time anyway... 

I gathered some plantain here..

I will be putting it in oil to make some ointments.. 
I made some and have it at the shop... 
It is for very dry skin and turned out rather well.. 

Tomorrow is kind of an exciting day for me..

Lindsay (one of the Keepers) and I are going to Kings Landing Historical Village to take a class on Herbs and Medicines... 
We are both looking forward to it so I hope to have a bunch of pics for you.. 

Kings Landing is my favorite place to go to.. 
I tell everyone I need to go there at least once a year for my fix.. grin... 
So totally inspiring to me... 

The sun seems to be setting much earlier on the Bay of Fundy these days..

I told Terry at supper that we will soon be going home.. 
Another 5 or 6 weeks ... 

Thank you all for dropping by and visiting.. 
Please forgive me for not posting nor catching up with your lovely blogs... 
But Lord willing things will slow down and I will be more up to it.. 
I seem to have a reading craze on when I get here.. 
Something about this place brings out the bookworm in me.. grin.. 

Take care, dear hearts and I look forward to your lovely notes.. 
God bless...

PS... I am going to start replying to your comments here on the blog rather than try to email you back which I do not do well.. 
Hopefully, I will do this better.. 
Tomorrow, I am going away but will get back later to reply to your comments.. 
Do you think that would be better ???



  1. I enjoy seeing all you do!
    Hope you learn and share lots from the class!

    1. I did learn lots, Ann and will get a post in soon.. xoxo

  2. Hello Faye, lovely post. Here in Wpg, Man we also have a civic holiday Monday, yey, long weekend. Relax and enjoy your book, Blessings francine.

    1. Hope you are having a great holiday, Francine..
      I have been to your city before.. Long time ago...

  3. I love my herbs too...and would love to take a class on how they help our bodies..I do not doubt that one bit...
    I hope someday grandsons come to my house!!

    1. It was a great class Annmarie and the boys make the Summer special.. smile..

  4. Hello Faye,
    You are not boring that is for sure! The kids and I are in St. Andrews for a few days or so. We are camping with the Albrights. I am hoping to take the kids and Mom and Dad camping in St. Martins soon(do you know of a good cheap place we can stay for a few days?) As far as the relplies do whatever you can when you can. You don't need to reply to my comments everytime. I understand you are a very busy lady and there is never enough hours in the day to get everything done. Love Ya, Char

    1. I will give you a call, Char..
      Love ya, too...

  5. What lovely herbs and photos. So glad your grandsons were there to visit. I enjoy every precious moment with my grandson.

    I usually only leave comments....don't think I've ever emailed unless someone emails's just quicker as I always like leaving a quick comment whenever I visit someone. Kind of special I think.

    Have a blessed long weekend as we are doing here on the West Coast in Vancouver.


    1. Yes, it is special and thank you, Connie..

  6. I always enjoy your posts. They're like a letter or phone call from a good friend. I like reading posts about how other ladies spend their days so please post away!

    Have a wonderful long weekend. It's Simcoe Day here in Ontario so we're enjoying a holiday Monday as well.

    From Ontario, the other best province!
    (even though I think all the provinces are the best!!)

    1. Yes, Sandra ... all of the provinces are lovely ... Although there are 3 that I have not seen yet... smile..

  7. I enjoy reading your posts. The bay sure is pretty.

    Have a wonderful day.


    1. The Bay is lovely and thanks for dropping by Cheryl...

  8. Good day Faye, Oh I so hope you have your camera along with you on your adventue this morning. You are such a silly lady to think you might bore us with your post. You are so creative especially when it comes to your herbs and crafts. Always enjoy my visits, but taking me on the trips with you are definitely my favorite . Can't wait to hear about your trip to the village today. Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Holiday on Monday.

    1. I will try and take you on another trip, soon my friend..
      I have not done that for awhile, eh?
      Love your visits, Angela..

  9. Grandson's always come first :-) Lovely to see your fantastic photo's again Faye :-) X X X

    1. I love hearing from my sweet friend from across the pond.. smile..

  10. I cannot believe you could think your post are boring. I so look forward to reading them and seeing what new thing you are doing. How exciting to be going to the herb class. I would love something like that. Okay, I must know how you made the ointment with with plantain. We have tons of it here. In the spring, we use it as a fresh green but after that it is too tough to eat. Would you care to share the directions for how to make it? Enjoy your day and God bless.

    1. Hi Donna... I have not heard of eating plantain.. Sounds interesting..
      I will try to do a post on the ointment sometime soon... ok?
      I didn't find it on the net or I would send you the link..
      Thanks for the visit..

  11. Hello Faye.....I always look forward to reading your posts. It is so much fun and you are always interesting. Don't ever think you are boring. I have spent much of my summer reading.....seems like more than ever. Maybe because it has been so hot and humid here that it is better to just sit down and read!!!!!! I hope you enjoyed your trip to King's Landing. It sounds very interesting. I can bet you will be glad when Terry is done with all of his roofing this year. Have a happy Sunday tomorrow.

    1. Hi Sue... He will be glad to be done roofing... smile..
      Thanks for visiting... xoxo