Saturday, August 18, 2012

The only real peace that I have...

Good Evening, my dears.. 
How are you all doing? 

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day ... 

The weeks just seem to fly by lately.. 
I don't know if it is the same for everyone or just that I am getting older and time seems to be slipping by faster than ever.. 

I have been thinking about that lately.. 

When we are realistic and think about our age then we know that as far as Terry and I go we are quite a way down the road.. 
With the Lord's blessing we may live many more years if he doesn't come back for us first. 
Or we could go home just any day now.. 

I suppose this is on my mind because in a couple of months I will be saying good bye to another decade..
 And starting a whole new one.. 
Oh my... 

But God's grace and mercy has brought me this far.. 
I am thankful for all He has done for me and for this family..

Shonda called me last night on her cell phone on her way home.. 
She said...
 "Mommy, I am so glad the Lord healed you of cancer all those years ago..

Shonda is a chemo nurse and sees so many sad things and sometimes it reminds her of what God did for her Mom.. 

I know I have talked about this before but there are a few new ones who might not know that in 1998 God healed me of breast cancer.. 
Such a miracle..

I am so thankful that He did that but I am thankful for many other things, too.. 

I'm thankful that one day many years ago He saved my soul... 
I repented of my sins and He forgave me.. 
I was baptized in His Name..
He filled me with His precious Spirit.. 
Then He gave me a changed life.. 
One filled with His wondrous peace and joy..

I am so thankful that he still heals..
Not just bodies but broken hearts and messed up lives..  
That He is still on the throne of my life.. 
That He keeps me in the palm of His hand.. 
That He never leaves me nor forsakes me.. 
That He is still a prayer answering God.. 
That I know His name and He knows mine.. 
That His Grace and Mercy is renewed for me every day..
That He is as close as the mention of His Name.. 
And no matter where I go.. He is there.. 
That His long arm of love covers me...
When I fail... He forgives me.. 
And that He sees me as worthy and not as I am.. 

God loves me ...
And He loves you... 
He can make a difference in your life and in your family.. 
He can replace sorrow for joy..
He can mend a broken heart and make it whole.. 
He can heal your body and your marriage.. 
He can give you real joy and real peace.. 
Only trust in Him... 

Every once in awhile my dears..
  I need to tell you about Jesus.. 

He is a faithful God.. 
The best friend that I have ever known..

I stand on His Word tonight.. 
Knowing all is well and thankful for the peace He has given to my heart and soul.. 

Hope you all have a blessed Sunday.. 
Take your dear families to the House of God and show them that God needs to first in their lives.. 
He makes life worth living... 

I hope you don't mind me sharing a bit of my heart with you tonight.. 

II Corinthians 5:1 NIV

Love and Prayers.. 

PS.. The last song on my play list over on the right is a wonderful song... 
Just click on it.. 
The only real peace that I have Lord is in You... 


  1. Beautiful thoughts and music as well. Oh the Gaither program. Love it. My daughter has seen just about every one of them. I'd watch it with her if I was home. Thanks for sharing Jesus. Everybody needs Him in their lives. So glad He is in our home and hearts! Hugs and have a great SONday!

    1. Thank you Becky.. So happy to have you and your sweet comment..

  2. God had a purpose for Faye Henry. Maybe you were spared in 1998 to be able to touch so many hearts....such as you are doing tonight. May we all know Jesus like you do, Faye. Blessings to you and your family..... and you have a special blessing in that you have a sweet daughter like Shonda.

    1. Yes, Sue... You are so right.. God has been so good to us..
      God bless, my friend..

  3. Such a wonderful testimony you have my sweet Faye. God is wonderful. Can't imagine beginning a day without His presence. I love the saying, "Jesus KNOWS me , this I LOVE!! You have a blessed Sunday too my friend.

    1. Thank you, dear for your sweet comment.. Yes, He knows our names...

  4. And we are thankful to him that you are with us ! I didn't realize you battled breast cancer , I had just got into the blog land by then . Lovely post and photo ! I am not a religious person but I do believe that he does answer our prayers believe me he has answered mine in time of need ! Now , as for the days passing by , I have found the same to as I get older , where does the time go ? Have a lovely evening my dear lady !

    1. Hello dear Elaine.. I just wanted to tell you that I did not have to fight breast cancer.. After the biopsy showed positive for carcinoma I had the operation and the nurses woke me up in the recovery room saying...
      Wake up Mrs Henry you don't have cancer...
      I had been prayed for before the surgery and the tumor had turned benign... What a miracle..
      God was so good.. I did not even need chemo which I was going to have to take.. Jesus still heals...
      Blessings my friend..

  5. Yes, oh my, Yes!
    And all God's people say : Amen!

  6. Faye, a wonderful piece and so fitting for Saturday night.

    1. So glad you dropped by, Mary Ann...

  7. I love this...

    a beautiful testimony - of the LORD's loving touch, for heart and soul. You've stirred mine afresh - this morning.


    1. So glad to hear from you, Bevy.. He is altogether lovely, isn't He?

  8. Thank you Faye


  9. I did not know you had breast cancer. I am so thankful for God's healing on your part. I love this post. It is so honest and heartfelt. Enjoy your day and God bless.

    1. Yes, Donna I did but God turned it into a miracle of His healing power...
      Thanks for your sweet visit...

  10. Hi Faye...
    Wow! What a beautiful testimony.. thanks for sharing it.
    I too know my Heavenly Father knows and loves me, and he blesses my life EVERY SINGLE DAY... he never forgets :)
    Amazing that you are a breast cancer survivor. My mom also survived breast cancer.

    I do a lot of reflecting myself these days... and the days do speed by.
    Time grows shorter as we grow older... of that, I am convinced.
    Good thing we have the maturity and life experience to be grateful for the time that we have :)


    1. Hi Kerin... What I really am is a recipient of God's miracle working power in the fact that the tumor was benign after the biopsy showing it positive for carcinoma... So blessed..
      Thank you for your dear visit.. I always love to hear from you....

  11. I don't quite remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but I'm glad I did. You share so many wonderful things--recipes, how to's, life, and your love of God. Thank you!


    1. I am so glad you stumbled upon it, too, Marla..
      Good to hear from you, dear..

  12. Oh Faye what a post to share straight from the heart! Praise God for His Grace!
    Thank you for being so faithful to God and may you and Terry know many, many more happy healthy years serving the Lord!

    1. Christine, my sweet friend.. You are one of my truest blog friends and so glad we met and know we are sisters in the Lord..
      I hope Terry and I have many more too..
      Luv ya...

  13. How wonderful to read your story.
    Thankful to HIM for healing my friend.
    Oh God is soo good.
    Grateful He loves even me.
    Wonderful post.
    Love to you

  14. Praise the Lord for his healing touch upon you those years ago. I'm so glad God still heals today and will heal broken hearts and families like you said. Thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony.


    1. Thank you dear Felicia for stopping by.. I always enjoy hearing from you..
      God is good..

  15. Thank you Faye for the gentle reminder, sometimes we all need that. You are such a wonderful example of the peace His faith and love can give a person.


    1. Thank you for your sweet comment.. Praying God's peace for you at this time in your life..

  16. So very beautiful, dear Sister, I'm so thankful for the grace and mercy that God has extended toward me. And I'm so glad that I found your blog, you are definitely a kindred spirit.
    Love and hugs, Cindy
    PS I'm only five years younger than you. :)

    1. Yes, my dear Cindy we are kindred in so many ways..
      So glad we found each other's blogs..
      Take care, my friend..

  17. Oh Faye,
    Your words touched my heart and made me cry... It's always nice to hear that God can do anything and that he is always there with us. We had a wonderful service last night. My life was surely changed. Love and appreciate you. Miss you. Char

  18. you are a blessing, thank you for posting your testimony <3

    1. Glad to hear from you, Andrea..
      God bless...

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