Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winter Time Doings...

Good Evening everyone.. 
A stormy Sunday here in Eastern Canada.. 
We have snow and ice and more ice but thank the Lord we still have hydro.. 
So many people do not have it and may not have it even by Christmas Day.. 

We are to have this going on all night yet so who knows how much the hydro lines can take.. 
So blessed though to have wood heat...

I made a nice big turkey soup and keep refilling my big thermos jugs with boiling water.. 
If I can have a hot cup of tea then all is well.. smile.. 
The washer is filled with water in case of outages for the flush and Terry braved the roads and went out and stocked up with gas for the snow blower and such.. 
Not much more we can do.. 

What preps do you make if you know a storm is on it's way.. 
Last week we made a couple of trips to St. John as Terry needed to have some tests done.. 

These are a few pics of our neck of the woods...
We live on a bit of a higher plain... grin.. 
Not that high actually but some of the pics look that way, eh? 
After his tests which have been good so far we went shopping again.. 
So many people shopping.. 
My goodness it makes a person wonder where all the money is coming from.. 

Afterwards we dropped by Shonda's to pick up a couple of parcels.. 

She was preparing for a dinner that she and Dave and her boys were putting on for the ministers from their church.. 
The tables were decorated beautifully.. 
She made all of the centrepieces.. 
Aren't they lovely? 

The tables were all set up in the downstairs of their house..

Another tree is decorated down there in the family room.. 

The gathering was last night and she said it went well.. 
Some wonderful young people worked very hard at serving their elders.. 
Bless their hearts.. 

I have been busy today trying to get the homespun Christmas presents made for you know who.. 
I will show you some of the finished product later.. 
I don't want her to see anything yet.. 
We don't open our family gifts until they are all here on Boxing Day.. 

Sure hope she will like them.. 
This has been a very fun project, actually.. 
I have enjoyed the challenge .. 
I was not expecting Shonda to change her style half way through the year but I think I have a handle on it.. 

Tomorrow I hope to get some baking and wrapping finished.. 
Are you ladies all ready? 

I am never really all ready.. It just happens and I stop.. grin.. 

Church services all over the province have been cancelled today.. 
Seems funny not to go to church today but that is Winter.. 

Take care my dears and keep warm and safe.. 
Love and Prayers 


  1. Oh my, it sound alike you are getting quite the storm...I'm so glad we only get those occasionally. We had one last year and one the first year that we lived here. It has been unseasonably cold here this winter. So much for Climate change...
    Your photos of your "neck of the woods" are lovely, it does look like you live on a higher plane. :)
    Shonda is one very talented lady, the ministers and people of the church she attends are blessed!
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. Hello dear Faye. Shonda's table is stunning. I hope your electricity doesn't go out during the storm. Good luck with your project. I hope you and your family have a lovely time together over the holidays.

    We're having some hot weather here. Christmas Day should be around 32C/90F so we'll probably have the air conditioning on to keep everyone cool. We're having 8 for lunch. On Friday we'll travel five hours north to visit my son, DIL and grandson. It will be hotter there. (gasp) Today is a cleaning day for me, tomorrow I'll be cooking. Everything else is done so no stress.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Faye. Thanks for your blogs during the year. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading here. xx

  3. Hello Faye, your posts are so warm and comforting....everything looks so lovely. The project is great, what fun.....Stay warm and safe, Christmas Blessings Francine.

  4. Can't wait to see what you made. I am the same as you, busy till the day and then it is over. I still bake during the week of Christmas and New Years. Blessings

  5. Ready? I think you worded it well when you said " comes and you stop...". We are doing our family Christmas with Jene's family on the fifth of January so that buys me a bit of time on that end of it but for the boys and hubby I a m ready.


  6. Just have to pick a few bits and pieces tomorrow then all done FEW!! Lovely post and photos . Oh my Shonda did a lovely setting at those tables glad it all went well for her ! Good to hear Terry's tests went well to ! We prepare fro storms by having our old camping gear on hand , lanterns and what not and we have the wood stove for heat to as well as our gas kitchen stove for cooking so we are good for power outages . Thanks for sharing . Have a good evening , stay safe and cozy ! Wishing you and your family A Very Merry Christmas

  7. you'll be glad to know that I made a turkey soup today too. I put it in the crockpot to keep it warm for the afternoon. We did venture out in the buggy- just for fun.

  8. Sounds like you're doing your best to stay cozy and warm... and how nice that sounds.

    We have had the warmest day - ever!! here, today. We hardly needed a sweater.. we had lots of rain overnight that washed away any and all of the snow that we've had here during the past week. :( sad to see it go. I highly doubt it will white here - this Christmas!

    You have yourself a very Merry Christmas - my friend.

  9. beautiful table decorations. Sure hope you don't lose electric either. Stay safe and warm.

    Merry Christmas.

  10. storms...I always make sure we have extra batteries for flashlights and candles. Water. We have a gas stove and water heater so we are good. Live in city limits, rarely out of power. But one never knows. Years ago growing up on the farm, mom would fill tub full of water for flushing toilet since we had a well. tonight will wrap up gifts for our son and family and give them to dad to take to work. They work in same place. We'll be here for Christmas but that's ok since we had a get together last week looking a Christmas lights up in Portland, OR after eating dinner together. (Blog post coming Tues of family photo) Need to go and wrap a few things and head for bed. Merry Christmas! Hope you stay safe and warm in the storm. Feel His presence!

  11. lovely tables she prepared, must be several ministers in her church, how good of her to do that, and the young folks to help! hope you fare well in the storm.
    we rarely get huge storms, but once in a blue moon one will strike.
    today one of the transformers blew down the street, it sounded like a bomb going off, twice.
    the power surged both times, but came right back on. it wasn't even raining hard.
    mostly we have batteries, candles, kero or propane for the spare heater. and lots of extra blankets.
    hope you have a truly Merry Christmas! Hugs!

  12. I love Shondra's centerpieces and tree decorating. You prepare way more than me for no hydro Faye, to be honest I do not even think about it. Enjoy your family and friends over the holidays Faye. Merry Christmas.

  13. Shonda's tables are beautiful! I hope your power stays on but if not sounds like you are as prepared as one can be. I love that we have wood heat as well. No worries on that part anyway. I use mine for heating and for cooking. We also have the pond at the edge of the yard. We get water to flush the commodes from there. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  14. Shonda is just like her mom! What a beautiful table and decorations. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Faye. xo

  15. I hope you are safe and warm! I am as ready as I can get! This year was easier than many in the past and our family has all arrived from out of town and out of state so we are in progress now :) Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  16. God bless you all this CHRISTmas season! Hope you stay warm with plenty of Tea!
    I love Shonda's decorations - wonder who she takes after????

  17. Merry Christmas Faye. It's 41C here and a couple of weeks ago we were evacuated due to a bush fire. Our little village was saved thanks to 200 volunteer fire fighters. We're always as prepared as can be. The decorations look so pretty ... clever girl. Hope you and the family have a wonderful day. Sue x

  18. Thanks for all the sweet uplifting post that you write. I just want to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and the best for the coming year. Hugs