Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The first week of December with a recipe and how to..

Hello everyone.. 
Hope all is well in your part of the world.. 

We have been waking up to snow some mornings and then the next day it is completely gone and we may have rain.. 
Never quite sure what we will be having.. 
Today the roads were very dangerous here in New Brunswick.. 
I was glad we did not have to go anywhere and our sons did not have to go to work until tonight.. 

The Christmas Closet has been emptied.. smile..
There is a closet in our room which has been given over just for Christmas decor and such.. 
This week I have slowly worked my way through it... 

The only things left in there are the ornaments for our real tree.. 
We will not put it up until the week of Christmas.. 
There are several smaller artificial ones here and there, though..

The mantel is the one thing I love to have finished and except for fresh greenery it is completed.. Yeah... 

Not a great pic but you get the gist for now, eh... 

The mornings are so dark when I get up now, especially if it is a rainy or snowy day..

Do you enjoy the dark mornings along with your coffee?  smile.. 

As we have been busy this week I have tried to do a few bowl meals.. 

Terry is finishing some work in the back hallway and me decorating so I like something easy that will do for at least a couple of meals.. 
One I did was chili which we love over hot mashed potatoes, rice or salad.. 
The only thing is it was such a big hit with hubby that it disappeared before I could stretch it much.. 
We did have it over rice and potatoes but then it was gone.. smile.. 

We also had Broccoli and Beef which is good over rice, too.. 
Do you make bowl meals and what ideas do you have??
I would like some new ones.. 

We had bought a butternut squash so I baked it into a couple of sweet breads.. 
Baked it in the oven and then pureed it.. 

The bread is such a nice treat with a hot cup of tea, eh? 

Here is the recipe in case you would like to have it.. 
It is an old one that I have had for years..

You can use either pumpkin or squash.. 
The Best Pumpkin Bread..(or Squash)
2 1/2 c. flour
1 1/2 tsp. baking soda
2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. baking powder 
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. ginger or allspice
1/4 tsp. cloves
2 c. sugar 
1/2 c. butter
1 1/2 c. pumpkin or squash puree
1/2 c. water
3 eggs
1 c. nuts or chocolate chips (optional)
1/2 c. raisins.. 
Place all dry ingredients in a bowl and whisk together.. 
Cream butter, sugar, and eggs.. 
Add water and dry ingredients.. 
Stir well.. 
Add nuts , chips or raisins if desired.. 
Pour into 2 greased pans and bake at 350 degrees F. for 35 minutes or until done in the centre.. 
You can also use a 28 ounce can of pumpkin pie filling if you like.. 
Hope you enjoy this.. 
It is so nice for the Winter... 

I included a pic of little gift bags you make with lunch bags, pages from an old book, a stamper, and dried pears.. 

You glue it all together with an Elmer's glue stick and then spray a bit of glue and glitter.. 
Add a tag..
I go around the edges with a bit of brown ink.. 

Well, that is all for tonight dear hearts.. 
Hope you are enjoying getting ready for the season, too.. 

Thanks so much for visiting and leaving your sweet notes.. 
Take care and God bless.. 


  1. Evening Faye, the snow looks so pretty, snowed all day here.......Thanks for the recipe and I love the bags you did up, wonderful job, Blessings Francine.

  2. the recipe sounds wonderful, I love the photos, love days when you can stay home and out of the elements, the gift bags are wonderful and would make great cards too!
    hugs, enjoyed reading this!

  3. The snowy wagon is beautiful Faye.


  4. Dear Faye..
    Sounds as if winter is there to stay..... like in so many parts of the world :)
    We had a terrible storm here last night, and we finally got dug out today. The temperatures are bitter cold now, and I'm keeping the wood stove stoked up, and burning hot.
    One meal bowls are perfect this time of year. We like to have pasta rustica. I cook a big pot of sausages, peppers, tomatoes, squash, etc..etc.. and we serve it over hot buttered rice.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe with us. Maybe I'll get time to make it tomorrow.

    Stay warm, and stay safe.


  5. The snow pictures are gorgeous and the gift bag is so sweet! The beef and brocolli looks yummy! I don't have a bowl meal to share but crock pot bbq whether it be pulled chicken or pork is one of my faves. I serve it on a bun with some type of salad, potato or even chips.

  6. Thanks .Faye, for the recipes...if I ever find time to do a little cooking again! Our decoration inside and outside are up and glowing. Also, our big tree inside is finished, too. I love your gift bag.....and the dried pear attached to it. So pretty and festive. Will the whole family be coming to your house for Christmas dinner? Such a delightful time of year but very busy!!!!!!!

    Snuggle up with the Mr. during your gold days and nights.

  7. Good Morning Faye
    Oh your food and recipes look good . I love your 4th photo of the winter scene that would look great in a 8x10 frame on the wall ! The weather here has been up and down to but haven't had snow since last week which that is all gone now and lots of green again the temps have been warm right now this morning it is 10*C wacky weather for sure !
    Thanks for sharing . Have a great week .

  8. Your food photos always look so good! The bread sounds wonderful and the broccoli and beef looks very good!
    I look forward to seeing more of your decor photos.
    We have -13 temps and lots of new snow, we have more than a foot of snow on the ground now!
    Hugs, cindy

  9. Thanks for the new recipe! I am excited to give it a try. I might try it today if I have all the ingredients. No snow here yet. I'm glad. I like snow, I'm just not in a big hurry to get it. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  10. Your bread looks so yummy! I'm a huge bread lover. Sounds like your weather has been kind of crazy lately. We're supposed to get our first round of wintry weather this weekend.

  11. This post's ideas are marvelous. And all your centerpiece needed was a carrot nose. I love that idea-- I knew right away "he" was a snowman! That's as close as I'll get to one again this year. YIPPEE! I need palm trees. :-)

    Happy highways,

  12. Hello,
    I love your gift bags.
    Cold here in Wisconsin -20 wind chills. Brrrr!

  13. Hi Faye, I, too love one pot meals. If I could use my crock pot every day I would. We have had several meals like that this week and chili is on my menu for tomorrow. Something we like too is Mock chow mein--basically a hamburger and rice casserole which is really good ( or at least we think it is). If you would like the recipe let me know and I will e-mail it to you.
    Love your bags. You always have such good ideas.
    Take care,

  14. Faye, I have been missing you, these last 2 posts have not shown up in my reader. I really dislike the iPad, and am now laid up with several broken toes from a bad spill in my kitchen on Thanksgiving morning. I love this recipe and the sweet gift bags, perfect for treats. I also enjoyed the post out the Keepers. Have to check out the links. xo

  15. Faye, I need the patience of Jobe with this iPain. It should read about the Keepers, it would not let me correct it. xo

  16. Oh the bread looks good! I like the bag idea!