Monday, February 24, 2014

A Winter Weekend....

Good Evening everyone.. 
Hope you all had a great weekend.. 

We had a lot of snow last week and then over the weekend the warmer temps came along with rain and a lot of snow has departed.. 

I am trying not to be anxious for Spring but to remember how much we enjoy the coziness of being inside during these Winter days..
Especially the weekends.. 

We are also trying to practice some healthy measures by having oatmeal for breakfast several mornings a week along with a little healthy drink recipe I found on the Internet.. 

I can remember my Gramp drinking one something like it.. 

They say it is good for your digestion and many other things so  I am giving it a try.. 

1 T. honey 
1 T. apple cider vinegar 
a pinch of cayenne pepper and then fill up the cup with water and heat in microwave for a minute and then stir ... 
It really is not too bad... smile.. 
The Readers Digest tells the benefits HERE..

We have had quite a bit of company over the weekend.. 
My Mom and Stepfather were here for supper and some friends dropped by for a visit.. 
I love cooking for my Mom.. 
She makes me feel like a grand chef with her lovely compliments.. smile.. 
They brought us some wonderful Canadian coffees.. smile.. 

Yesterday after church some friends came by and we made a couple of meals together.. 
Seafood Pasta and Salad and Rolls and such.. 
While the men watched the race we girls  watched the fire, drank tea, chatted and looked at books..
They had brought some delicious treats and it was such fun.. 
Blessed friends and fellowship.. 
It makes for wonderful winter weekends.. 

Thank you so much for praying for sweet Olivia.. 
She is doing better but still needs prayer.. 

I told a friend I would share the recipe for Texas Hash tonight.. 
You can find it HERE..
We had it today for lunch.. 
I use the basic recipe but spice it up a bit with half of a jalapeno
pepper and as we love cumin I added a teaspoon of that.. 

Take care, dear hearts.. 
So happy you dropped by and I do love your comments... 


  1. lovely post!
    so good to come by,
    so glad you had family and friends in,
    hugs and prayers for the week!

  2. Good evening Faye !
    Oh your photos are lovely . The first scenery photo is beautiful . Funny first thing I said when I saw the coffees on the counter is hey Timmies lol I like their English Toffee coffee and any blueberry treats YUMMY ! I am glad Olivia is getting better praying for a full recovery ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !

  3. Beautiful photos! Sounds like you had a cozy weekend.
    The apple cider vinegar recipe is a good pick-me-up. I like it cold too.
    Thanks for the hash recipe.
    Continuing to pray for Olivia.

  4. The snow looks grand although it's late February. I'm sure its wonderful to have your mother with you! The recipes sound yummy. Stop by and see me sometime :)

  5. You must love to cook, Faye. You always have the yummiest looking dishes.
    Your hearth sure looks inviting too!

  6. Love your photos. It started snowing here on the west coast on Friday and it's now Monday night and still snowing. Kids are loving it.


  7. Hello there Dear Heart, I am going to make your Texas Hash this week! It looks so good and since the weather is suppose to get bad again, this will be perfect. We love rice. It is so wonderful to have friends and family to visit. How is your Mother anyway? I have not asked about her in a while. Give her my best, will you? we are redecorating our downstairs bathroom. Well, Jim is doing the painting. Faye, it is like a chocolate brown and I am really loving it. I still have not finished the new kitchen. I am finally feeling like getting out some more with this fibromyalgia thing and my back. Life is good. God is with me every step of the way. I know He is taking care of me and has brought me so far since I fell at the lake.

    Say hello to your hubby ....any great "rides" lately? We want to go and use our new camera but it has been dreadfully cold and snowy here. We will wait for better weather.

    Take care and abide in His love!

    PS - I almost forgot to mention that I thought the apple cider vinegar drink in the morning was very interesting. Someone in my family used to take a tablespoon a day of apple cider vinegar. I went to the other sight and read all about apple cider. That had me deep in thought and I want to remember some of the things it said so may add to my journal notes about it. Thank you...I enjoy your remedies like that. By the way, I enjoy your header.

  8. Morning Faye, love to visit you, always so warm and inviting. Family is so wonderful, Blessings Francine.

  9. My mother used to drink cider vinegar with apple too.

  10. hi Faye, my mom just used to drink pickle juice. Love seeing your pictures. Stay warm.

  11. Your drink sounds good.
    Have a great week.

  12. Hi Faye - Oh my...I absolutely love your jar with the oatmeal and goose measuring cup...I hurried on over to Amazon to see if I could find any measuring cups like that - and yippee...they have them.
    Love all your pictures and we are still praying for Olivia.
    Have a lovely evening.

  13. Thanks for the update on Olivia and I hope she improves quickly.
    I am sure you are a wonderful hostess and master chef also!
    God bless

  14. Your photos alone convey a nice homey weekend. :o) I love Winter because it makes us pause from the hectic lifestyles most of us are forced to live...and slow down. We are home more and stay together longer in the evenings, making wonderful memories. Each season has it's merit. Blessings!