Saturday, February 15, 2014

Old Love..

Good Morning everyone ..

Valentine's Day is over for another year.. 

Yesterday, I hauled our little table and chairs from the Sun Room and out in front of our Family Room fireplace.. 
We had decided to eat in so I thought we could have it a bit special.. 

Terry got the fire going in the fireplace . 
He is such a great sport always humoring me and my bright ideas.. smile.. 
Next month is our 44th anniversary so I guess he is used to it

Some people think that if you have been married that long then the romance is gone.. 
Well, romance never dies.. 
Love and affection is always necessary in your life no matter how old you get.. 

Although, young love is exciting old love is better.. 
You have been down the road together.. 
He knows what I am thinking usually even before I know I am thinking it myself.. smile.. 
Holding that dear old hand is just as satisfying to me as it was that first time we walked around our block all those years ago.. 
The bond we have together has been strengthened by the many years of trials and tests.. 
We share family..
He makes me laugh still..
Our marriage brings comfort and joy..

I am just so glad I found the one my heart loves.. 

Have a great weekend everyone.. 
We are expecting a lot of snow tonight.. 
So many Sundays this Winter has been stormy days.. 

Spring is on it's way, though.. 
God bless..

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  1. Age simply makes it deeper, doesn't it?

  2. That is beautiful... photos, thoughts and all.

    I'm learning to like this "OLD LOVE" more and more myself and yet - I've/we've got nothin' on you. Congrats to the 44 years coming up.

  3. Old yet ever new! Blissful still after 44 years is something to rejoice in and I wish you every happiness!

  4. Amen to this . . Lovely photos and what lovely way to spend a Valentines supper all cozy by the fire . Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  5. Absolutely adorable and so romantic...

  6. Such a perfect setting for a romantic dinner. You and Terry are so blessed with mamy years together. Mr P. and I have been married for 40 years and spent a nice evening at home also. I so hope our ice and snow are gone for the winter. Stay warm and safe.

  7. True love is true love, whatever age. Your table looks so beautiful in front of the fire. xo

  8. Faye I love this beautiful setting for an intimate meal. I'm sure it was just lovely and much nicer than a noisy restaurant. Your food looks delicious. I agree. There is nothing like old love between a husband and wife. It's tried and true and faithful. Stay safe in the storm. Hugs. Pam

  9. Evening Faye, so lovely and charming table setting, love to sit by the fire, Blessings Francine.

  10. Your setting was soooooo beautiful Faye. Just like an elegant restaurant.

  11. I could not agree with you more, Faye. Old love (ours will be 49 years on May 1) is the best. We know each other inside and out. And we speak for each other, too. When he smiles at me, it is better than when we were young...because I know what he is thinking. We stayed in last night and we both prepared a beautiful dinner of crab legs, baked potato, fresh tossed salad and our favorite chocolate cake for dessert. It was one of the best Valentine's Day dinners we have ever had. It was quiet and we could talk about anything. Your table looks so lovely and being by the fireplace is so romantic and wonderful. I think of you often.


  12. Faye you are so right. Old Love is wonderful. Hubby and I will celebrate out 33rd anniversary this year. It just gets better all the time. We actually spent Valentine's evening with our 3 grandchildren spending the night with us. : ) I love your setting in front of the fire place. So cozy and wonderful. Thank you for all of your posts I just love to read them.

  13. I agree wholeheartedly Faye! Old love is better..... Time just brings us closer and closer together.. I have been married 35 years and I hope my marriage is even stronger at 44.. Marriages like yours are a testimony to true love.. faithful love.. sticking together through all the rough tiimes and good times just makes us stronger.. Beautiful table by the that Old Love! Blessings!

  14. What a lovely table you set... so romantic. Having been married for over 40 years, I have to agree with you... Old Love is best!

  15. Love your dining arrangement. Glad you had a good time together eating in. We ate out since it was my birthday and we had a fun time. Too long to tell here so will post it tomorrow with photos! We have alot of rain and many rivers and creeks are swollen. Near 50 degrees. So different than last week when we had a foot of snow! Rain washed it away starting Monday. Interesting weather we are having all over the place! Old love is good. I can talk to husband about anything and we enjoy our space but are doing things together, especially walks where we talk or not. 36 years of marriage for us and we are going for the gold! So happy for the both of you! Hugs!

  16. Oh, yes. Old love gets gooder and gooder. In good English, old love is better.

    Loved this!


  17. such a sweet setting...,,,
    just last week, we were driving down the road in the pickup truck, and my husband told me I am his best friend! have not heard that in a long time and right out of the blue. too!
    I agree young can be fast and sweet, but old is long and lingering in goodness and joy!

  18. Faye, that is such a nice tribute!

    I hauled out my china plates on Valentine's Day because of you & your encouragement - I thought at first, oh, I don't feel like washing these by hand....but then I just hauled 'em right on out and the children were so enthused.

  19. I am with you! Our almost 36 years have gotten sweeter and sweeter. My dear husband had a heart attack on Jan 13 and so I am appreciating having him now more than ever. Everyday has become so precious. We had a huge snowstorm here in the southern US and were snowed in for several days. I thought that the entire town would be out eating Friday night since it was the first day the roads were clear so we had a lovely dinner at home too. It was so much nicer and tastier than going out.

  20. So sweet....loved the post.


  21. I love what you said.....young love is exciting....old love is better....
    What a lovely sign that would make for Valentines Day. Or even on a Valentine.
    We will be married 15 years this summer. I can't wait for 44 years :)

  22. Hi Faye...Hooray for Old Love :) One of my daughters has been married for 2 years, the other for 9 months, still in the first bloom so to speak. They would never understand about old love at this stage in their lives, about how it is so much deeper as the years pass. So blessed to have had my better half for going on 31 years now, and another 31 would be more than welcome:)

    Take care, and again, thank you for your lovely posting:)

  23. Your food looks delicious! I hope you had a great valentines day. God bless.

  24. Oh my, what a wonderful post. I agree with you, we will be married 17 years this May. And yes our love has changed over the years, and you are right. Old Love is better. :-)
    xx oo


  25. Olá amiga, vim desejar-lhe uma excelente semana.Amo passear por aqui !!! Belas imagens !!
    Beijos Marie.

  26. I agree Faye, Old love is best -- 42 years for us. Love your romantic dinner setting.

  27. Beautifully said Faye.
    You are blessed to have such love.

  28. That was a beautiful setting and a wonderful idea - married 23 years

  29. Loved this post. So true. It will be 43 years for Mr. T and myself this year, and every word you shared rang true with me. Loved your beautiful fireside table for your Valentine dinner. Just lovely. Thanks for sharing!