Monday, July 14, 2014

From Here to There and Back Again...

Happy Monday everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth tonight.. 
Last week we went home for a quick visit.. We had to do a bit of laundry as we have no facilitates here at the cottage and then there is the never ending round of lawns for Terry to do.. 

Sometimes, I think people feel sorry for us and think we are in over our heads trying to keep these place afloat but I am telling the truth when I say we enjoy it even if it is work.. 

What else is there to do if you are retired?.. 
I know some folks enjoy travelling or golf or shopping.. 
That is great but for us two oldies we love getting in the truck and heading to one of the places and enjoying our time together.. 

Hopefully, it will keep us on our toes and they will stay flexible.. 
At least Terry's will.. grin.. 

The lovely geese above live at a farm near our house and I so love to look for them each time we pass.. 
Aren't they gorgeous?  

Then on the way to the farm we passed this old abandoned house.. 

Darling Moss Roses.. 
Don't you love them? 
They have just filled the yard with their glory and they have created a place of beauty.. 

At home Terry has these ones growing down the drive.. 

Nothing so lovely as a Summer rose.. 
Did someone say that once?? smile.. 

When we arrived at the farm to check it out and for Terry to mow lawns we found the new pasture fence and gates are in..
As we do not live at the farm and only enjoy it whenever we or our boys can get there we have no need for the pasture land.. 
A farmer wanted to use it so we agreed..
I was inside tidying up a bit and looked out and saw him.. 
Leaning on the fence.. 
Probably, like he did when he was a kid at home.. 
He grew up on a farm you know.. 
Anyway, I expect his thoughts were a little different now then they used to be.. 
I expect he were wishing that those were his cows and hmmm... wonder how much on the hoof???  LOL.. 
Just kidding.. 
We really like having them there.. 
Makes it like a real honest to goodness farm.. 

Well, tonight we are back at the cottage here in St. Martins.. 
The waves today were awesome although I didn't get a picture ... 
I just sat on a rock for awhile .. 
So thankful for the beauty we enjoy in this old world.. 
Our God is a wonderful Creator and just to think 
He knows my name.. 
He knows my every thought.. 
He sees each tear that falls
And hears me when I call ..
Click to hear this beautiful song.. 

Just some stuff I have been reading.. 
Nothing too deep.. smile.. 

It was rainy this morning so a cup of soup tastes pretty good.. 
Cleared up in the afternoon, though.. 

Our dear daughter and family have returned home from Florida safe and sound.. 
Thank the Lord.. 
Here is a little pic I came across of her in downtown Disney.. 

She is pretty happy that they now have a Starbucks.. 
Doesn't take much to please the gal, eh? grin.. 

Well, must go.. 
Terry just called and he will be home in an hour so I need to make him some Supper.. 
Not sure what, though.. 

Have a great night everyone.. 
Thanks for your visit and look forward to hearing from you all.. 
God bless... 


  1. Wonderful post and photos ! I grew up on a farm to and I know how he feels when he sees farm animals brings back good ole farm memories for me and yes how much for the beef haha !!! Glad to hear all got home safely ! We are the same here I am retired Papa is not yet but we do enjoy our little farm house to and it is not work to us if ya love what you do lol ! Thanks for sharing , have a good evening my friend !

  2. Your photos are beautiful today Faye. I love the one of the geese and the old farmhouse with the roses and of course, your roses along the driveway. It's a beautiful and calm evening here tonight. Rain in the forecast though. I hope you have a wonderful week. Blessings, Pam

  3. I was raised on a dairy farm and my husband grew up on a beef, sheep, and pig farm. I would imagine that my husband could read your husband's thoughts as he stood there at the fence when you returned home. Your pictures are beautiful, as always, Faye. I'm glad that you just sat and watched the beautiful waves when you returned to the cottage later today. We do indeed serve a wonderful God! The picture of the sea that you did share is beautiful to me. I trust you will have a restful night tonight, my friend. xo

  4. Oh my goodness... this post made me tear up. So sentimental, sweet and simple. Loved the roses.. so pretty!! and the farm... him leaning on the fence rail. I get it.

    Yes! I love Jesus, so much. He is my everything. I'm glad HE knows my name. Thank you, for the wonderful, subtle reminder again... to take time to SLOW... and enjoy the blessings HE shares along the way.

  5. You're thoughts warm my heart ; thoughts about cows, thoughts about old house, old rose, and younger days.

    Beautiful pictures, as always.
    You have a sweet testimony of our Heavenly Fathers love for each of us.


  6. Your pictures are beautiful. My husband grew up on a ranch. He would love to see cattle out in the yard.

  7. Oh, Faye, Dear Heart, this is such a lovely post! I love seeing the moss roses, the abandoned house, and the wandering geese. Gorgeous pictures! But you know I love it when you take us to the farm and you are right when you say you can now call it a true farm! Look at those new fence posts, wire....and the gates. And cows in the pasture, too. When we rented out our back field I told Jim now he has a true farm. LOL! I know Terry's desire. Being a farm girl, I would be standing there thinking how much that cattle was going to make me in money if they were mine! LOL At day's end you drive back to the fun! Ya know, a lot of people think the same thing of us, that we are always doing some kind of work around here. When we owned the shop house, too, it was double the work but now that Jim is retired (still works one day a week for the kids) we could never just sit down and watch tv all day. We always have to have something going on or some project that we like! We have to keep busy! AND that is the cutest picture of Shonda! She is all happy...she must really love Starbucks!!!! LOL Have a beautiful week and take care..........


  8. Hello Faye! You two live in the loveliest of places. Enjoy your time together. xx

  9. Beautiful post and lovely photos. The photograph of your daughter at Downtown Disney made me smile, I did the exact same thing. LOL!! We don't have a Starbucks near us. The cottage and roses are delightful. Have a great week.

  10. Should the Lord tarry, this would be our type of retirement!

  11. We just got a Starbucks near our house on the lake. I was not really happy about it since it means the place has been discovered and is now crowded with people and traffic and boats. It used to be such a small town backward little place. The funny thing is my parents live near downtown Disney and go there just to walk around quite often. So we don't really consider it a place to drive days to or fly to--such different perspectives!

  12. Cute photo of your daughter. :-)
    My favorite is of your husband by the fence. That would be me too, I grew up on a farm too. I do miss it.
    xx oo

  13. wow thank you for such a lovely long post and so many beautiful photographs. There's a lot to take in and enjoy. Your life sounds just perfect to me. I love the geese, just like in a nursery rhyme and the old farm is so pretty as are the moss roses (your daughter too.) That soup looks so tasty.
    Thanks for taking time to share this with all of us.

  14. Lovely post. I know you know how blessed you are. I spoke of home at my blog today, and you are blessed to have three :) I think the cottage by the sea would be a lovely choice for me, if I had the choice you see. Blessings friend

  15. Again, I never thought of explaining our house situation to people that don't understand "it" that way, thank you for putting words to our perspective Faye! Long time no comment, this Summer has been insanely busy…not slowing down as I get older, hmmm? Glad to hear all is well, Kendra