Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The purple days of Summer...

Good Evening my dears.. 
Hope all is well with you.. 

We here in Eastern Canada are trying to get over the storm Arthur.. 
He sure wrecked havoc on our poor landscape.. 
Thousands of trees are down and still thousands of people without hydro.. 
We were so blessed to keep our hydro and trees but others were not so fortunate.. 
Praying that their power comes on soon.. 

One of the saddest things I heard was that my most favorite place in New Brunswick which is Kings Landing has suffered terrible losses and will be closed for who knows how long.. 

I just posted some pics of some of God's beautiful artistry .. 

We went for a little drive out Tynemouth Creek way and came across this lovely patch of Blue Flags although they are really purple.. 
So gorgeous..

Farmers are making their hay and the scent in the air is simply beautiful..

We have an old bedroom here in the cottage for our Summer guests which is purple.. 
Every year I think I should change it up a bit but all these years later and it is still purple.. smile.. 

A couple of years after we had bought the old cottage the youngest child of the first owners dropped by for a visit and told me that this room used to be her parent's room .. 
At the foot of the bed is a portrait of one of her older sisters who was raised in this house.. 

The people at the museum called me and informed me that I could buy it if I liked and of course, I did.. 
So sweet to think that even though she is gone her picture is still hanging in her parent's old room, eh? 
The dear lady was Pauline and she was in her eighties then.. 
Since then she has gone on but I still remember that visit with a smile.. 

The last pic is of my sweet husband who is always ready to jump out and pick me a bouquet.. smile.. 
We keep a pair of scissors in each vehicle just in case.. grin.. 

Thank you my sweeties for stopping by during these busy months.. 
I know I am not doing a great job in keeping my promise to blog better so please forgive me.. 

Tomorrow the shop is opened again for 3 days so hopefully it will be busy.. 
Had some lovely visitors who read the blog and stopped by.. 
It is so nice to meet you all.. 

I have some Rhubarb Jams made for those who are interested.. 
For as long as they last anyway.. 

Take care and I look forward to hearing from you all.. smile.. 

Hugs form St. Martins.. 


  1. Faye, I love the photos of the blue flags. They are so pretty aren't they, especially in a field of green grasses. I like your purple bedroom as it looks so cozy with the bed in the bay window. I can smell the hay here this evening as the scent blows in the windows on the evening breeze. What lovely summer weather after Mr. Arthur rolled through. Enjoy! Hugs, Pam

  2. I have been thinking about you today, Faye...missing you, really. I totally understand that with the summer months come other things to fill our days. Once our garden begins producing enough to can and freeze I probably won't be posting as much either.

    The purple guest room is lovely. I clicked on the picture to study it thoroughly, as I often do with your gorgeous pictures. I would be hard pressed to pick something "favorite" out of the room. It is all so lovely. Did you make the quilt that is on the bed? It is beautiful?

    I am so sorry that your area suffered so much damage from Arthur. We were without power for a week a few years ago when hurricane Sandy went through.

    Wish I lived closer...I'd come visit with you in the shop! ~smile~

    Have a wonderful remainder of the week, Faye.

    xo Dianna

  3. Hi Faye, That is quite the storm you had out there. So sorry to hear about Kings Landing. We were there in 2008 with our family. The picture of the blue flags looks like a painting!!
    Hope you have a great tourist season out there and warm Waterloo hugs from here!

  4. A beautiful post, hopefully the power will be restored soon. The guest bedroom was a delight, I wouldn't change the colour either, it is perfect as it is. I was drawn to the cushion, stunning! Harvest has started over the fence from me, beautiful smell but my poor eyes!!! Have a great week.

  5. Hope the power is on soon for your neighbors. Beautiful pictures.

  6. I'm glad that you survived the storm. You were quiet last week and I was concerned. It's a sad about King's Landing. I hope that things can soon be restored. This is such a calm and peaceful place for me to stop and read. I wish I could be there in person to meet you but this is the next best thing.
    Your little shop sounds lovely, especially the rhubarb jam.
    Thank you for keep sharing little stories about your life and your homes.
    Happy days.

  7. Really nice pictures. I should keep scissors in my car as well - good idea. Neat story about the picture. Have a great day.

  8. Everything is so beautiful, Faye. I always enjoy your posts and pictures because there truly is such beauty around us that so many miss. You have such a wonderful eye and a way of making me appreciate the beauty I find in my own home!

  9. I love purples and your pictures are so beautiful! I really like the pillows too. I'm redoing a guestroom in our home and may use some of those ideas for accent pillows. Have fun at the shop. Blessings

  10. Oh my Faye, so lovely the purple colors. Everything loos amazing, Blessings Francine.

  11. Blue Flags? I wonder - they're the same as blue Iris here. Am I correct?

    I love the smell of fresh mown hay... and the guest from is lovely. I wish I was one of the ladies able to swing by and visit your shop. :) some day...
    That rhubarb jam sounds lovely.

    May blessings, fall like rain, your way and bless you much throughout your day!!

  12. Dear Faye,
    I always try to read your blog, and leave a comment. I enjoy seeing what you've been up to, and the scenery around you is so pretty.
    Love the little story of the previous home owners daughter... quite sweet.

    What a nice hubby you have.. cutting fresh flowers for you.
    He's a keeper :)


  13. love the purple summer photos and I'm glad you are okay after the horrific storms. We still have 1000 without power down here in my county. Luckily I have power, phew! Enjoy your summer days!!

  14. Beautiful photos. So sorry to hear of all the loss suffered during that storm. I don't listen to the news much but heard through various places (including you) of the devastation. Praying for all those affected.


  15. Faye, your blue flag iris is stunning. What a glorious sight!! I love the smell of freshly cut hay. Today, they came to cut the first cutting of our hay. Oh it smelled so good! I love your room with the lovely summer pretty with purple. It was just calling to me to come take a little siesta! God bless.....


  16. Hi Faye, your post feels like the height of summer.. What a crazy week for clean-up of "Arthur". It affected so many people and the landscape. A good reminder to preserve food by canning and not freezing which is something I have not been practicing enough of.... but I will.
    Love your Purple room. feels wonderful.. I think a person would feel very rested after a nights sleep there. xo

  17. Hi Mrs. Henry this is Matthew just saw your post and wanted to say how beautiful your flowers are in Canada. And I really like your sons hat in the older post:)God bless you both

  18. Hello~
    How are you both doing? We are well :)
    Just wanted to say how much I really enjoyed the pic's of the purple room:)That is my favorite color......Looks lovely!
    Keep it that color and one day.............We shall visit!
    Annamarie Col3