Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A little Christmas thought...

Good Evening dear hearts..
I am trying to make up for my absence by posting again tonight.. smile..

Just sharing a few things we have been busy doing..

We had a Keepers of the Home meeting the night before my computer crashed..
I had done a whole post and with one wee swipe deleted it all and as it was quite late I thought I would do it the next day but alas it was not to be..

The dear girl smiling at you in the picture made the lovely cake above..
She was so kind as to give us her recipe..
Caramel Cream Cake..
For cream
-8 eggs
-200 grams sugar
-1 liter Milk
-150 grams sugar for caramel
Put the sugar in a pan on the stove ,medium high.
Melt the sugar ,take out and turn around until the sugar is all over. 
Set aside.
In a separate bowl, beat together the eggs and sugar, add cold milk and vanilla extract.
Pour this mixture in to the sugared pan.
For the cake layer 
-6 eggs
-6 table spoon sugar
-6 tablespoon flour
-6 tablespoon water
-1 teaspoon of baking powder
Beat the egg white and add the sugar, the water continuing to beat.
Separately beat the yolks with baking powder and add to white eggs mixture ,but mix slowly .
Add flour mixing slow.
Pour this mixture on the top of the milk from the pan.
Bake for 50 minute in a preheated oven to 350 grade F.
Check to see if it is done.
The surface have to be brown and if you shake the pan ,it has to be firm.
If it seems like a jelly, cover and let it another 10 minute.
Take out from the oven and cold .
When is completely cold, put a plate on the pan, turn it upside down. 
The liquid from melted sugar should go around the cake and be absorbed by cake.
Cover with wiped cream. Decorate up to your imagination. 
Can be used with any kind of flavors  vanilla, rum, almond, etc

My dear hubby chopped me down a birch tree and gathered a bunch of greenery to decorate the house with..
I want him to cut the smallest tree into 15 slices about an inch thick and I will print the letters for Merry Christmas on them and string them up on the fireplace..
I hope so anyway..
Do you ladies use fresh greenery? 
It probably won't be put around until the weekend..
We made a quick trip to St. Martins to check on the cottage and made sure everything was snug and safe for the coming storms..
The weather was exactly how I love it..
Not too cold but windy with high waves..
I could have stayed there all day but we needed to get back home..
There was a lot to do.. smile..

I thought I would mention something to you all..
We have found that once our children left home Christmas just was not the same..
The longer they were married and their children came along the amount of time they managed to get home for the holiday changed too..
At first they come home a lot for Christmas but then they needed to have their own Christmas traditions so they came home less..
Now, they only come home for one night and a day at the most..
It is so precious to me when they are all here under one roof..
You know how I feel as I expect you all feel the same..

We understand all this because of course we had done the same thing.. eh?
Made our own Christmas dinners, had our own little customs and traditions as they grew up..
It was the natural thing to do.. smile..  

Anyway, the last few years I kind of turned into a Grinch, kind of..
I just didn't see the point of doing the work for such a short time. 
I would do it but would not enjoy it very much..
I had lost my Christmas joy..

This year our pastor taught a simple little lesson on Christmas and one thing he said made quite an impression on me..
He noted that there is so much less in this world that celebrates our Lord Jesus..
The world is steadily changing and leaving Him out of the picture of our lives..  He mentioned that when there is a chance to celebrate Christ then we should do our best..
Actually, strive to find the joy and celebrate Him with our family and friends every chance we get ..

to put Christ back into Christmas and old fashioned joy..
It does not need to be all about presents and such but the joy of sharing love and laughter with our family and friends.. Just of being together..
Isn't that a wonderful way to look at it..

I am decorating and planning and finding joy in my days..
Spending time with friends and looking forward to the day we will spend with our family...

Just enjoying doing little things like making Christmas crafts and gifts and making lists of Christmas dinner recipes ideas and such..
Do you find joy in Christmas preps? 

Hopefully, tomorrow I will get a chance to take a pic of my new curtain that my friend found on Pinterst and we both made one..
So cute..

Today was spent away from home again but hopefully I can spend the day home tomorrow and get some work done... smile..

Well, my friends I hope you enjoyed this post and I look forward to hearing from you..
So glad some of you missed me.. smile..

Merry Christmas, sweet ladies..
He is the reason for the season.. xoxo


  1. I'm so glad you posted this! I had been feeling much the same way over the last few years-the kids married and starting their own traditions. We try to all be together, but it doesn't happen every year. We have started attending a new church and this has given us an opportunity to start some new traditions for this new stage in our lives. Our new church is very service focused, especially at Christmas time and we have been spending time with our church family packing boxes of food and wrapping gifts for those less fortunate. For myself, I started advent scripture readings everyday. These things have made a big difference for me and have really brought back the joy!

  2. It's hard as our children get older to find the same joy we used to but I've been working at it. In fact, it seemed as if the kids weren't as interested but when Stephen came home from college at thanksgiving he said, "I can't wait until Friday when we put up our tree." So he was looking forward to those traditions. :-)

  3. Hello Faye,

    I'm so glad that you listened to what your pastor taught, we all need that reminder. A friend recently shared with me that when she opened up a tote of Christmas decorations, it was damaged, all but 2 ornaments were destroyed to include handknit stockings, heirloom ornaments, etc. Her boys exclaimed "Christmas is ruined!" She immediately stated "No it isn't because we celebrate Jesus!" What a precious reminder to savor the Savior. I am glad that you are finding joy in Him and preparing for His birthday Faye. Many blessings to you and your honey this Christmas and always!


    PS I think Terry is so sweet to gather decorations and craft supplies for you :)

  4. Now we are older and the family have raised their own families, we actually revel in just having our own time together. I still decorate in a small way just because we both love the feel of Christmas represented in the tree, the crib etc.

  5. Wise words from your pastor and you. Thanks for being a good example of a Godly woman

  6. We feel the same way about Christmas it just hasn't been the same over the years with out the kiddos but they to have their lives and other families . That cake looks YUMMY ! and would go nicely with a cuppa tea lol ! So kind of Terry to collect the greenery and birch tree pieces for you ! Yes your pastor has a point . so Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us here at Woods Country Cove . xxoo

  7. Dear Faye,
    Yes, Christmas changes once our little birds leave the nest :)
    Still, I love your determination to find the joy, and infuse joy back into this Christmas season.
    Keeping Christ, in Christmas... the most important thing of all.

    Yummy looking cake. I've pinned a recipe for caramel cake, but I've yet to make it. Maybe soon :)

    Looking forward to seeing your latest project, and just so you know, I think your hubby is a sweetheart for gathering greens and logs for you**smile**
    Aren't we lucky and blessed to each have such great husbands?!

    Merry Christmas!

  8. A precious post, Fays with a very needful message for us all so thank you for this!
    Looking forward to seeing how the wood slices turn out! I love fresh greenery in our home too!
    God bless Faye, and Terry too! Have a wonderfully joyous Christmas!

  9. SO glad to see you back! I know exactly how you feel about Christmas with the kids grown up. I feel really Grinchy this year so thanks for the reminder.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  10. So, good to hear from you - here!! - again!...

    I love pulling in all the natural from outdoors, greens, berries and even a bird nest or two..and you're idea of the birch-bunting sounds so nice.

    I love your reflections on the ever-changing that it is of the Season and how it goes down in our hearts. I'm afraid to tell you that even now at my age (ahem, 41) I haven't always been the most joy-filled either... I can easily let the busy of the season be my deferment. I'm learning to SLOW and enjoy the Moments more and more...

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  11. Hi Dear Heart...I have to admit....I was a little worried about you and Terry....but here you are and all is well! Whew...I am glad of that! I am feeling the same way as you over the kids not being here and having their own places and such...but we will be together on Christmas Day and Jim and I are so grateful for that. I have to say----sometimes I am lonely with out them. But life goes on and we have to make the best of it! Nice of Terry to cut the birch for you and what a great idea to cut it into "rounds" that say Merry Christmas. I hope we get to see it! God's blessings to you and Terry.


  12. Hi Faye, So nice to get another post. I know how busy this time of year is and I know exactly how you feel with the kids grown. I had a hard time with it all as well. We do have a family Christmas usually in Halifax the weekend before xmas. All 5 boys, wives and 7 grandchildren are there and it is such fun and very noisy. We go this weekend actually. We still have Christmas day with at least 3 of the boys and families as well but it does vary. Doug cut a birch tree for me too and lots of greenery. I love your idea of printing the letters on slices of the trunk. Can't wait to see it. Have a wonderful Xmas and if you are coming up this way let me know.
    Take care dear friend.

  13. Hello Faye, I was so happy to see your posts.
    Our Christmas's are always so busy, it is hard sometimes to spend time thinking of the real meaning of Christmas with a house full but we do try & spend the week before doing just that. We will have thirteen for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day so very busy but full of joy. I sometimes think about all the hard work & how different it will be once they are all grown, maybe more relaxing! But after reading your post it has made me want to enjoy it more than ever as time flies by.
    Have a wonderful Christmas Faye with your family, I am so pleased to have found you & your blog.
    Seasons Greetings Michelle

  14. Yes CHRISTmas is really about CHRIST without him there would be no Christmas thanks again for the reminder, we can never have enough Christ in our lives. Oh and I can't wait to see you birch sign. Here in the US I have to buy a 2ft log for around 10.00 would love to have some I could just go and cut. I made my son some Christmas ornaments with the log I had. I stamped deer scenes on them from some rubber stamps I have. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  15. I understand what you mean Faye, it sure does change things when kids are all grown and doing their own thing and as grandchildren get older, some of the excitement just isnt there; but I will enjoy Christmas Eve when it gets here and we get tog; one daughter/grandson cant be here...we'll skype with them, not the same but best one can do. Merry Christmas to you and yours Faye and a Blessed New Year; look forward to lots of pics and your blogs in the new year.
    Cheryl (Fton)

  16. Olá amiga, hoje quero agradecer a Deus pelo dom da sua vida, e desejar a você e sua família
    um feliz e santo Natal, cheio de saúde e alegria!!!
    Que seu coração esteja preparado para receber o Menino Deus!!!
    Um grande abraço, Marie.

  17. Very wise words from your Pastor. Beautiful post.

  18. Thank you for sharing your pastor's wisdom. I have been like you at times too, since the kids moved out and on to other things. And this year is especially hard for my since my brother's passing last month so I was really being very sad and depressed and lonely but I realized that even if I didn't have everything 'just so' for Christmas, I could still worship and give thanks for the gift of our Saviour that we celebrate this season. That's what's important, along with the family and friends that are near and dear to us. Blessings. Pam