Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Here I am again..

 Hello everyone..
How are you ? 
Hope all is well in your part of the world..

I have been missing here on my blog for a bit as my computer crashed and it took a bit to get it back together..

I had no way really to explain so I am apologizing to you all now..

I had done a whole post on our Keepers of the Home meeting and erased it all in one swipe and then my computer broke..

Tonight it has taken me awhile to try and get things back in order and find that even the typing of this post is off but hopefully all will be back to normal soon.. smile..
We have been busy, though getting ready for Christmas and doing the seasonal things..
Visiting Christmas concerts, shopping, decorating and crafting.. I have not very much cooking done yet, though..
I think I will try and make one thing each day for the next few days and perhaps I will get at least a bit accomplished, eh?

I did take a few pics and got them on here and then lost them all so to be honest I am about to screammmmmm..
No, not really scream but perhaps yell a bit loudly.. grin..

I promise to try and get a decent post on tomorrow or when I can..

Here is a little project I finished last week..

A modge podge nativity picture..

I will try and get a better picture for you later..

As for now, my dears I am going to say good night and hopefully I will get the kinks out of everything soon..
Who would know that even my Blogger dashboard is different..
Oh well.. in due time..
How are your Christmas preps coming along..

Thanks so much for your sweet emails and concerns and I do look forward to hearing from you all..

God bless..



  1. HI Faye, I just realized today that you hadn't posted in a while but I figured you were very busy. I'm so sorry about all your computer and blog problems. That is really strange and I hope it gets worked out for you soon. I had some issues with doing today's post last night too. It is a very busy time and I've been fairly absent as well. I wish you and Terry and your family a wonderfully blessed Christmas. Enjoy every special moment. Hugs. Pam

  2. Hi Faye, I'm so glad to see your post tonight. I was getting worried about you. Love your nativity project. December should not be this busy but every year it is the same. I don't have any baking done either but I don't do a lot. I'm kind of a "bake as you go" gal. Sorry to hear about your computer problems. So frustrating. I am "technically" challenged but Doug can usually fix anything for me. Merry Christmas!!

  3. Evening Faye, love the simple cup, red candle, greens and book picture. Great nativity project, will be wonderful.Christmas Blessings Francine.

  4. I wondered what had happened to you. Don't worry about your post. We'll all survive. :- )

  5. I'm glad to hear from you, Faye, and am happy to know that it's just a computer glitch. Gotta love technology! ;-) Have a blessed Christmas.

  6. Faye,
    I have been really missing the Blessed Hearth and you blogging. Glad you are back...that is a Christmas blessing to all of us.
    Terri F

  7. Dear Faye, I am so sorry to learn that your computer crashed. I've missed you, but just assumed that you were busy with Christmas preparations. It was wonderful to see your blog come up in my blog list today! I trust you will have a wonderful day today.

  8. Oh I thought you were taking a blog break . Glad to hear all is good and well and that you have been busy . I am glad your computer is up and running again , electronics can have a mind of their own I think lol ! And no apologies needed these things happen . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. So glad to know all is well with you except for computer problems. Love the pictures you posted, so sweet. Wishing you a blessed Christmas, joyful, precious lady.

  10. yah, you're back :) Good to see you today, if only for a minute...Happy belated bday, by the way!

  11. Love your project. Glad you are back on line. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  12. So glad you are back your post are always something to look forward to!! :))