Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Working in the Sun Room..

Hello my dears.. 
Just a little post about the things I am preparing for the Craft Show on Saturday.. 

Terry has been working on our kitchen,.. (thank the Lord) 
Hunting season is over so he has been working away on varnishing and rehanging the doors.. 

The weather here in N. B. has been a bit Winter like, shall we say.. 

Cold and dull outside with a bit of snow..
So I turned up the heater, made a nice hot cup of coffee and got to it.. 

Cutting out circles of fabric...

Lots of tags and even ideas for serving... 

I used the little method of putting tags of kraft paper into milk and sticking them on.. So simple.. 
I wish I had known this method years ago.. 

This chore takes much longer then one would think.. 
Hopefully, it will help sell preserves.. 
Nice for Christmas gifts.. Perhaps??? 

Today was the third day preparing and making more stuff.. 
Today I made some Christmas Jam.. 
It is really good.. 
I will show that to you next time..

We had this soup today.. 
Carrot Cumin Soup

You can find the link to the recipe HERE..

I love the spice cumin and loved this soup.. 
I even toasted a few cumin seeds to sprinkle on top.. 

Then back to work... 

Bottling up the vinegars.. 
Nasturtium, Tarragon and Elderberry..
I included a recipe to use them to make a salad dressing.. 

Elderberry Vinegar Salad Dressing.. 
So good for you, too.. 

Lots of strawberry jam.. 
The one I sell the most of.. 

Apple Jelly.. 
 And then I decided to make some bags to put preserves in to give away for gifts.. 
They are not quite finished yet ... 

So dear friends this is my post for tonight.. 

Mission Point Craft Fair 
130 Mark Drive, 
St. John East.. 
near McAllister Place.. 
Nov. 28 at 9 am.. 

If you are nearby I hope you stop by and say hi... 
There will also be a flea market going on downstairs.. 
And Apple Spiced Cider using my recipe.. smile.. 

Take care, dear hearts and please know how much I appreciate your comments.. 
You girls rock!!



  1. You have been BUSY! Everything looks delicious and lovely, I'm sure you will sell out! I haven't heard of using milk to stick the paper on, sounds like it would clean off much more easily than sticker labels! I'm thinking even my veggie hating hubby might like that soup! Yum!

  2. My goodness, you have been very busy! I hadn't heard of the milk labels either, neat idea. I love the little gift bags, very sweet.

  3. You have been busy and everything looks so delightful. Wishing you well at the market :)


  4. Hope all goes well at the market. It certainly all looks delicious and presented so beautifully, it would be hard to resist. Love the bags, a real delight.

  5. Your bags are so pretty, and I'm wondering if the little trees are stitched?

  6. Hope you have a very good day at the craft fair - you've certainly been very busy! the jars look so pretty like that they will be sure to fly off your booth!

  7. You canning jars are decorated so lovely! :)

  8. All looks soo wonderful ! I bet you will sell every jar they look lovely nothing pleases the eye or pallet more then home made with TLC ! Have a fun time at the Craft sale . I to am going to a craft sale on Sat with the girls of the family , I wont be selling any thing but plan on having a nice time and buying a few lovely things and maybe taste testing I like doing the at at craft shows home made fudge , like yours there jams and jellies . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  9. Dressing up the jars will help them sell surely. Who can resist a pretty jar of jam or jelly? Not I. It might help to have samples. Put out that block of cream cheese with the jalapeno jelly poured over and some crackers and ask people if they'd like to sample it. Or you might include a small (cute) jelly spoon, hang it off the side of the jar as part of the decorating.

  10. Oh I so wish we lived closer to you Faye, to enjoy all your delicious goodness in jars :0) wishing you a very successful craft day. Blessings....

  11. Such a cozy room Faye, love it. Your canning jars is so pretty, lucky recipients...Blessings Francine.

  12. Oh how I wish I could visit, friend. Many Blessings to you.

  13. Oh I wish I could come to your craft Faye...have a good one! Jackie oxo

  14. Lovely presentation of your goodies, good luck at the sale!

  15. Everything looks so nice for your sale and I hope it all went well. I do hope that you had a lovely Thanksgiving. I do want to try out that Turkey recipe that you linked up to our link party. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Julie xo

  16. All of these photos of your wonderful preserves look amazing. I hope you sold a lot.

  17. Beautiful jars Faye.
    Hope your sale went well
    Fondly Michelle