Friday, December 11, 2015

A Gift...

Hello everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth this evening.. 
Just a little post for you.. 

Almost everyday I think about a sweet friend of ours who passed away several weeks ago.. 
Her name was Marilyn and I thought the world of her..

She was married to my husband's first cousin and I met her in 1970 at our wedding.. 
We did not really get well acquainted for several years but we would meet at family gatherings and so on..

In the late eighties I started selling crafts at some shows in St. John and she became a customer, as well.. 
When we had open house here twice a year she and Clayton would always arrive and down through the years we became close.. 

Christmas was her favorite time of year.

She loved the season and excelled at preparing for it and everything she did was done with love and joy.. 

I thought I would share a few Christmas memories that I have from my sweet friend that seemed to make Christmas more special. 

To begin with when we went to the front door there would be a basket hanging and filled with  red and white berries, cedar and pine. There would be some white lights and when the door opened it would smell like Christmas... 

In the front hall there were little lamps lit and some fresh greens would make it so cozy.. 

She would send out gorgeous Christmas cards with her wonderful script.. 
I always enjoyed opening the envelope from them.. 

She also loved books.. 
 Beatrice Potter and Rosamund Pilcher were faves.. 
And Tasha Tudor, of course... 
She introduced me to Tasher's work many years ago... 
She encouraged me to buy the Victoria magazine and to study it and learn whatever I could from it.. smile.
She was a teacher in all of her ways.. 

 When we would just drop in she would prepare a little snack.. A lovely drink with crackers and a delicious spread, tiny gherkins, wedges of different cheese and some wonderful shortbreads and sweets along with her famous fudge of white chocolate and cranberries. 
And a nice hot cup of tea.. 
It would all be placed on the coffee table with her beautiful old dishes.. 
It always made me feel special that she would take the time to entertain us so beautifully..
It always felt kind of old world like if you know what I mean.. 

She bought gifts for her many friends but I doubt there would be  anyone who loved her gifts any more then I did. 
I would look forward to them like a little kid .. 
I told her once that I hoped she would never forget me at Christmas.. grin.. 

The dear girl.. 
To begin with the gift would be in a very special container.. 
Perhaps a hat box, a big old basket,  or maybe an old tin or gorgeous bag..
There would be tissue and Christmas Chocolate lining the bottom..
Then a new Christian Christmas novel tied with a piece of ribbon.. And always a little bit of something Irish and it would be all wrapped up with a sweet seal sticking it together.. 
She knew I love anything Irish and she gave me sweet tree ornaments, plaques and such..
And an antique piece of some type.. 
A glass depression dish full of Christmas pot-pourri that she had purchased at auction from the Red RoseTea mansion.. 
Or a beautiful old silver piece that she thought I could fill with greens for the dining table.. 
One time there was a dear old vase that was her mamas. She had it sitting on her dresser and would fill it with a little fresh flower..
 I appreciated that she would give me something that meant so much to her.. 
Sometimes there would be bottle of celery relish or some preserve.. 
But always there would be a piece of Belleek pottery. 
I think most of my collection is from Marilyn.. 

As you can see had a special talent for gift giving.. 
 She would put so much effort into each one and make it so special.. 

Her Christmas spirit was genuine and visiting with her would inspire me to come home and get at it.. grin.. 

I miss her.. 
Belleek ..

I am so thankful for my friendship with Marilyn and all of the friends in my life that God has blessed me with..
They are a gift from God.. 

Christmas is all about gift giving..  

John 3:16
For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.. (NIV)

God gave us the perfect Gift when He gave us Jesus!..
He is the perfect gift.. 

Well, my dears this is all for now.. 

Like everyone else we are busy but I will try to share some Christmas decor pics with you next time.. 

Thank you so much for visiting and your lovely comments.. 

I hope you are having a great time preparing 
for the special day..

God bless !


  1. She sounds like a dear kindred friend, I know the love for her lingers still, bless you!

  2. What special memories of the gifts your friend gave you Faye. They sound so thoughtful and lovely. Not everyone appreciates receiving something old as a gift but I know you would and so would I. :) Have a blessed weekend.

  3. Oh Faye, what precious memories you have. I'm sorry for the passing of your friend. May Our Lord fill you and your family with peace during this time. Maria

  4. Thinking of how you must feel losing a good friend like Marilyn. My love goes out to you. You have such adoring faith in your heart...that I know You will have better days. We have had some deaths of family and friends close to us lately. Such sorrow.

    Looking forward to your wonderful Christmas pictures, as always!


  5. Awww... Dear Faye...what treasured memories you have of Marilyn. And what thoughtful gifts she gave you that will help sustain you through this sad time of her passing by way of all the happy memories they have vested in them. Be happy my friend...and take comfort in the familiar at this the most joyous and at the same time saddest part of the year. Jackie oxo

  6. It's fond memories of a friend that keep her alive in your heart! Thanks for sharing. Today I spent awhile in Target and bought some items for a 10 yr old girl from our town who needs some lovin' this Christmas. Love Inc in town is that organization that puts out names for children who are less fortunate than others. I decided to pick her name from the tree at our investor's office the other day at a party. Now I get to wrap it up. Maybe I'll use a fun idea or two as well...thanks for that. Spoil her in love...which came at the form of baby Jesus! Hugs and have a blessed Christmas season!

  7. Such beautiful treasured memories of a wonderful friend. I love the sound of he thoughtful gifts and nature, she lives on in all of your minds. Take care.

  8. Vos paroles sont très belles et votre amitié fut très belle avec votre chère amie !
    Je vous souhaite une bonne continuation dans l'esprit de l'avent.
    Amitiés de la France,
    Anne-Michèle LENGLART

  9. A real and true friend who will live forever in your heart. xx

  10. What beautiful memories, friend. Thank you for sharing. Blessings

  11. what a beautiful tribute to a special friend

  12. Your friend sounds lovely. It's very easy to understand why you miss her so much. The bitter with all the sweet, which makes the sweet all the more sweet. I feel the same when I think of mamma and daddy. So sad they are gone, but I have my wonderful memories of them to cherish and hold in my heart. And the promise that we'll be reunited in Heaven one day.

  13. Hello, What a sweet honor and you are so right good friends are a gift from God! It made me feel blessed to know that what someone does to love and cherish us is never really forgotten! Merry Christmas...
    Love, Roxy

  14. So sorry for the passing of your friend as she sounded just wonderful. Enjoy the memories of her!!!
    I hope you are having a nice weekend too.

  15. Faye, what a lovely post about your dear friend. You have so many lovely memories to cherish. She sounded like a beautiful woman.

  16. Your memories of Marilyn are so beautiful! And thank you so much for sharing them with us. She sounded like such a beautiful lady.

  17. Oh such a wonderful post full of beautiful memories. People like her make the world a better place and make up for a mighty lot of darkness. I knew a lady like that, she still shines in my life and I am so blessed to have known her. Thank you for sharing your memories. Wishing you a blessed Christmas, Christ truly is the greatest Gift. Pam in Norway xx

  18. So sorry for your loss but what a blessing to have had a friend like that in your life, what wonderful fond memories you have. I too love to read Rosamund Pilcher books.

  19. Dearest Fay, I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful friend from your life. What a special person she was. Thinking of you. Mimi xxx

  20. It isn't often we meet a kindred spirit who seems to know just what we like, or what we need. How wonderful that God put you two sweet ladies together to lift each other up and fill a space with love and blessings. I am so sorry for your loss, it has to be hard especially at Christmas. But how you blessed us by telling about her and her friendship with you. You have made me want to try a few of the things to love on my family a bit more. I always love your pictures, and this was an especially sweet post. Thank you for sharing your faith as well, your blog is a comfort and a soul lifter. God bless dear lady.

  21. Sorry to hear about the loss of your dear friend, I loved reading all your happy precious memories.
    Fondly Michelle

  22. greetings from northern vermont. i have been a faithful reader of your blog since i found out that you live in the maritimes (my dad was born and raised in glace bay, nova scotia). your blog is very cosy and inspirational-i look forward to each post! wishing you and yours a very merry christmas and a happy, healthy new year!
    m.k. pickle

  23. What a lovely tribute to your friend. She sounds like a very special person.

  24. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss Faye. It sounds like your friend had very big shoes to fill. But how lovely to leave such a happy legacy behind with wonderful memories of giving of herself, her time, and her energy. One that you are carrying on with all your lovely Christmas merry making. Good friends truly are a gift that make life worth living.
    And now is the special time to be merry and remember her old world charm.
    Take care of yourself and have happy happy days.
    Lots of love,

  25. Such sweet memories of your dear friend. I am sorry for your loss.
    How wonderful to have known her, and had her influence and love in your life.
    Thanks for sharing your sweet memories of your friend.

    Sending wishes to you and yours for a Merry Christmas.. full of peace and joy and gratitude.


  26. Hello friend. I am new here. This is so precious. I love this post. It was as if it took me back in time and I was unwrapping each of the gifts with you. Rare are these precious gift givers. Sounds like your were blessed with an incredible friend. I want to give gifts like that, with meaning. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post.

  27. We always loose the ones we love too soon. It always seems that it is too little time you spend with them. After they leave you always remember all the things you wanted to say or do for hem but something was always interrupting. Sorry to hear that you lost your close friend and a family member.