Thursday, December 3, 2015

A painting...

Good Evening my dears.. 
I hope you are having a good week.. 
We are in the midst of a storm here in New Brunswick.. 
A lot of rain which has now turned to snow.. Probably a lot of slush... 
Hopefully, it will not amount to very much.. 

I wanted to share something kind of special with you all.. 
Do you remember this post? 

You can find it by clicking Here..

Well, a dear girl who follows the blog is an artist.. 
Her name is Pat Hamilton and she sent me a message on the Face Book page for the blog and told me she was inspired by the photo and was painting it.. 
Then she sent me a copy through email and here it is.. 

Here are a few close-ups she sent, too.. 

Didn't she do great work! 
I think it is lovely.. 

Thank you so much Patricia.. 

Oh and before I go... 
Here is a sneak pic of my kitchen getting done.. 
very slowly... 

I am decluttering and such and will show another pic after I get a few more things done.. smile.. 

God bless..xo


  1. Faye, that is a beautiful rendering of the farmhouse. I just love it. She is. a talented artist. Can't wait to see all your handiwork.

  2. Faye that painting is awesome! Wow!

  3. The painting is beautiful! Ah, but to have an ounce of that talent!

  4. Hello Dear One, Hurray for Pat Hamilton! What a beautiful piece showing a working homestead......every little detail. I love it!!!!!!! So much to look at and so much fun. It sure shows a very real resemblance to what I imagine it was like many years ago.

    I am so anxious to see your kitchen. I know it is going to have the "wow factor" for me!


  5. Faye's Produce!!! I love it. :-)

  6. Loveeeeeeeeee it, thank you for sharing...can't wait to see the after pictures of the kitchen. Blessings

  7. Oh wow! What a gifted artist and beautiful painting! I love it and its just the kind I see made into a jigsaw that we love doing!

  8. Dear Faye, that was such a beautiful thing for her to do for you. I agree with Christine...what a jigsaw that would be! Let us see it when it gets its place in your home.

  9. Oh Faye, I love the painting, so wonderful!!!!! Blessings Francine.

  10. What a talented artist, such beauty. Looking forward to seeing the kitchen. Take care.

  11. I just love the painting Faye! It really is beautiful and depicts your thoughts on what that old house would have been like in it's heyday as you shared on your blog. She is very talented! How nice your kitchen will be done soon. Look forward to seeing it. We got a lot of snow here last night and it's truly beautiful this morning - a winter wonderland. Blessings. Pam

  12. WOW! What a lovely painting, how Patricia has bought that lovely house to life. Weather is mild here, a little damp and rainy. Have a wonderful weekend, best wishes, Jackie :)

  13. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing! Have a good weekend!

  14. A beautiful photo and a beautiful painting! A great match indeed by two very clever ladies! xx

  15. Dear Faye, I wonder if you or other ladies can help me, I am a novice canner and getting better each time. My question is " Do I have to poach the apples in the sugar syrup before I put them in the canning jars?" I wondered if I could peel, core and slice the apples, put them in sterilised jars add the boiled sugar syrup and then into the canning bath. After I can the jars all the lids have popped but I can see air bubbles, before I put them in the bath I do check for air bubbles and remove any with the canning stick. Am I doing things right? Any advice welcomed, Thank you.

  16. What a lovely painting . I need to do a big decluttering here as I am at the stage now where less is more lol . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  17. Oh Wow she does wonderful work, how neat that one of your pictures was an inspiration!