Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Back from Newfoundland.....

Good Morning everyone.. 
Here we are back from our trip to Newfoundland.. 
We had a wonderful time and saw simply beautiful scenery... 
As you know we were joining a school bus trip with our grandson and his Christian school group along with other couples to fill up the seat capacity of the bus.. 
So there were about 60 souls on board.. smile.. 
Lovely souls, I must say.. 
Everyone was so kind and there was not a moment of discord.. 

This is our grandson... 

Standing in front of an old fish shack.. 
So handsome ... 

This is just a short post as I am needing to catch up on everything but wanted to give you a glimpse of where we have been.. 

Lots of icebergs...

We stayed in simply wonderful bedrooms,,,

Great tour guided bus trips.... 
Saw the jellybean houses in St. Johns... 

Landed in a European country... 
St. Pierre Island which belongs to France and is definitely a European country.... Not at all Canadian.. 

The ocean scenes were out of this world... 
How I love the sea... 

A real French bakery and didn't even have to travel across the sea.. 
Yummmm is all I can say.. 

Handcrafted items, of course always caught my attention.. 
Loved these mitts... 
Hand knitted trigger mitts for the hunters.. smile.. 

The dandelions were out in full force when we arrived and so they are the first blooms to grow after the Winter we did not see a lot of flowers but I did see these wild strawberry blossoms.. 

I chose fish at every supper meal while we were there.. 
It was delicious each and every time.. 
I love cod... grin.. 

Well, this is all for this morning dear hearts.. 
Lots of laundry, baking and cleaning to do today.. 
Yesterday, we ordered our meat king chickens !!!  

Now we can concentrate on getting to the farm and such.. 
Terry put in this herb bed and I planted a few things before we left so am anxious to get back up there and get more in.. 

Hopefully, I will do a better post later on in the week..
We have tons of pics and beautiful experiences to share with you..  

For now, thanks for visiting and God bless..



  1. Good morning Faye! What a great trip you have had to Newfoundland. I'll look forward to your photos and stories that you share here soon. I've never been there but it is one province I'd love to visit and tour around.

  2. Faye I have never been to either place. I just loved the seascape with the horse. so romantic!
    Welcome home!!

  3. Welcome home Faye! From the pictures and your post sounds like your trip was great! Can't wait to see more pictures and hear more about it. Blessings!

  4. Welcome home, friend...I always enjoy your posts. Can't wait to hear more...I have moved my blog over to Wordpress...smiles

  5. Wonderful! And what a handsome grandson!

  6. Welcome home sweet sister in Christ, wow what a beautiful place.

  7. What lovely scenery, Faye. I don't know much about that part of the world so I find it very interesting. Good to have you back once again.

  8. Glad that the trip went so well. IT looks like a beautiful part of the world to have visited. Incredible to see the icebergs!

  9. It was amazing to see the icebergs, what a beautiful place to visit. Really does sound like a great trip, looking forward to hearing more about it. Take care.

  10. Welcome back from your wonderful trip with a definite European flavour!
    I am amazed by the size of the icebergs so close to land!
    Have a super week!

  11. Hello,
    I am so happy for you. And I am so excited to see more.
    Love you,

  12. Welcome home !!!! So sweet to read your lovely words again :o)

  13. Hi Faye, As I read the comments I agreed with each one! So ditto to all of them. ;-)

    Love that you're home again.
    Trish Clark

  14. looks like you had a wonderful time, enjoy getting the farm going