Monday, June 20, 2016

Farm Diary # 4..

Hello everyone.. 
A farm picture post for you tonight.. 
We have still not moved out for the summer.. 
Going on our trip to Nfld. and other things seem to be slowing us down but we are making a bit of progress.. 
We go each day that we can and then come home for the night and go again in a day or so.. 
We have a graduation of our sweet grandson, Matt this week and we need to go to the cottage and do some yard work but Terry thinks next week for almost sure.. smile.. 

Anyway, here are a few pics of the the last couple of times we were there.. 

A bit of gnocchi with herbs and garlic for a lunch ...  

Washing the dishes in the old farmstyle way.. 
By hand.. smile.. 

Sweet son helping his father decide where the pens for the geese and ducks are going.. 
Close to a little stream that flows from the spring.. 
I think they will like it there.. 

A little floor mat I found in a shop but so love the shades of blue and greens in it that I put it on the table for some inspiration.. 
I hope to paint the kitchen sometime this summer.. 

I told you we are making progress.. 
Our meat king chicks came in and are about a week old already... 
Do you want to hear about our little chicken miracle?  
Yesterday, after we came home from church Terry put the chicks in a big pen he built to put in the sunroom until next week when they will go to the barn.. 
It is a lot bigger and they seem to like it but when I went in to see them I noticed one seem to be out for the count.. 
Just laying there breathing fast.. 
Oh no... 
Well, the next time I went in it was literally ten toes up.. 
It's feet were stuck up and it was barely breathing.. 
I picked it up and put it in a basket on a table there and as none of us could kill it, I just left it there to die.. 
Dustin says I am not going to make much of a farmer if I feel so bad over one wee chick.. grin.. 
In the meantime he had come out with another one that had been pecked and was bleeding.. 
Oh brother ! 
I am beginning to think they are more bother then they are worth but we put it in a separate box so they wouldn't pick on it.. 
I went to bed last night and told Terry to do something with the chick that must be dead by then.. 
When I came out this morning, Terry said that chicken is in on the floor.. 
I thought he meant it was dead but no it was running around and happy as a lark.. 
How it didn't break it's leg getting off the table is beyond me.. 
The other one is the separate box was fine, too and peeping away.. 
They are both fit as a fiddle.. 
Isn't that weird?  
Just thankful anyway that we didn't lose them but we do need to reintroduce them to their pals... 
Sorry for the long chicken story.. 
I am sure there will be more so prepare yourselves.. grin.. 

Some salad fixings.. 

Lunchtime table setting.. 

Cucumber and Shallot Salad... 

More plain fare which Terry is happy to receive after all the restaurant meals on the trip.. 

Planting more herbs.. 

Making some violet oil.. 

Lots of Rhubarb jam in the making.. 

Taking most of my plants to the farm as they grow so well there.. 
This is my Pregnant Onion.. 
See the babies.. 
My favourite plant.. 

A sweet old plate I found at the thrift shop for the farm.. 

Pantry window sill.. 

And looking out the pantry window.. 
Lilacs and green grass... 

Well, dear hearts this is all for tonight.. 
I am headed for bed as it is almost nine o'clock and I always read for an hour.. 

Hope to hear from all you sweet readers and may God bless each and everyone of you.. 
Till next time.. 


  1. Hi Faye, I enjoyed your farm post as always. You do so much to make the old house cozy and I know you will have a beautiful summer there in the country. Have a great week!

  2. Glad you are getting things fixed up for your move to the farm. Looks so inviting already with the pretty small touches you are adding. So funny about the chicks....I would be like you....could not kill one.😁 Love seeing all your flowers and plants, they make a place so much better! Have a wonderful week..looking forward to more to come from the farm! Blessings Linda

  3. Beautiful Faye...I don't have a dishwasher either (well, if you count hubby and son, smiles). Thank you for sharing...we use to raise chickens when we had a farm. Have a lovely week, friend.

  4. Hello Faye, I remember the feel of the sweet little chicks and how soft they were. I did not know you were going to be getting some chickens and geese. It's going to be a real farm now! Just need some goats and a horse or two! I am so glad you and Terry are enjoying retirement and having a great time. I love the pictures!



  5. Faye, so much loveliness!!! I LOVE chickens!

  6. Love your farm Faye, your home is so country cozy. Glad the chicks are ok, weird is right... Blessings Francine.

  7. It all looks so lovely. I would like to be there with you in reality!

  8. Faye, I've been following your lovely blog for a few months. It is a wonderful inspiration and radiates the Christian spirit. Thank you so much for sharing your lifestyle! Blessings, Bonnie

  9. Good to see more of your farm diaries. Glad that the chick was OK!

  10. How peculiar about the chickens, I am not sure I would be able to kill them either. You are certainly making the farm home, it looks so homely already. Love the look of the cucumber and shallot salad. Have a great week.

  11. I love your blog,and the plate is so pretty,such a shame that you left the horrible price tag on it.

    1. I wanted you to see what a great buy I found.. lol.... Thanks for stopping by.. xo

  12. I love how the seasons change on your blog and your lifestyle. Since it's the two of us I always wash dishes by hand, and I like it :)

  13. Dear Faye you have a lovely way with words :) x

  14. Lovely post. A red bulb will help with the pecking. Less apt to draw blood. From one chicken mama to another.;)

    I really enjoy your blog!

  15. I didn't even realize that I got behind in your blog reading it's been so busy around here lately. Sorry! Your chickens are so cute! Too bad they didn't always stay little and fluffy like that (it would be nearly impossible to eat one like that though).
    I also looked at your NFLD pics...I can't wait to see those sites at the end of the month :)