Saturday, November 5, 2016

Rambling on a Saturday night..

Happy Saturday Evening everyone.. 

Are you happy it is the weekend? 

Since we have been retired it does not seem as much of a big deal as when we were working and looking forward to a couple of days off, although we do still enjoy them.. 

Actually, it is as if we are working harder then ever even though it is not a typical job we go to each day.. 
I guess because it takes us twice as long to do anything we feel as though we are doing twice as much work as before... grin
Combine that with the fact that we seem to have lost a big part of our memory!! It keeps us busy just looking for stuff... smile..  
Life is what you make it!! 

Yes, I need to get on with it.. Sorry.. smile.. 

We grew these squash this past summer and I needed to get them done up..
I cut them in half, cleaned out the seeds, brushed the tops with oil and turned them over onto the trays and roasted them in the oven for an hour or so ...  

When they came out of the oven I just needed to scrape off the squash and puree them and put them into freezer bags .. 

Except for a bit that I made a soup with.. 

I just made the recipe up but it was pretty good.. 
I had left my cumin at the farm and only had some seeds which I put in the mortar and pestle.. 

For the recipe.. 
Saute some leeks or onion and garlic in butter.. 
Add your mashed squash (2 cups) and a bit of chicken broth,  a bay leaf, salt and pepper and a pinch of red pepper flakes.. 
Simmer away for about 15 minutes then add cream and a tsp. of cumin... Or you can replace the cumin for nutmeg.. 

We brought our plants home and it is good to have them about.. 

Love love my Pregnant Onion.. 
It has grown like crazy... 

And is very busy having babies... 

I noticed it had a wee visitor.. 
My sister's favourite insect.. 

Three new babies coming on this side and two on the other.. 

I guess this is a ramble and roll Saturday night as I am going from one thing to another.. 
I made some tortillas that we were taught at Keepers meeting last time... 

They turned out wonderful and I have made wraps, quesadillas and used them like bread, really ...

More plants.. 

An Ivy from Trevor and a Prayer Plant from Shonda.. 

Made some more bread... 

Found a lovely book at the Thrift Store.. 

Had a couple of cauliflowers to use up so made more of my favourite pickles.. 

Hot pickled veggies.. 
I use these like a snack, I am afraid... smile.. 

Pottering around with craft supplies trying to find some ideas for our next Keepers of the Home meeting which is on the 12th.. 

We are doing a craft and soup day.. 

Well that is all for tonight dear hearts.. 
I actually started this post last night but did not finish it and this morning we took a little trip to Calais, Maine for a little shopping day.. 
We went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch and ran into some of our friends from Sussex and my cousin and her husband was at Mardens and friends from St. Martins in the Walmart.. 
Guess everyone had the same idea today.. 
It was a great day and found a few treasures for Christmas... 
Oh my.. 
I saw someone had their tree up and all decorated in their front window.. 
I could hardly believe my eyes.. 
Oh well !! Whatever turns your crank... 

Another Lord's Day tomorrow.. 
How the weeks fly by... 

This will be our first Sunday without our Pastor and his family.. 
The Lord has led them to another province to minister His Word.. 
How we loved them as a church and appreciated all they have done for us the last four years.. 
So blessed to have had them as part of our lives and pray that God's hand will be upon them and keep them in His care .. 
Praying for God's will for our little church.. 

Take care my dears and looking forward to hearing from you.. 
Hugs .. 


  1. I was hoping to hear from you this evening. I love to see your pictures and read your stories......very calming and relaxing.....enjoy your Sunday and God bless.

  2. Dear Faye, Loved your post whether it was rambling or not. I think I might try those pitas with gluten free flour and see how they turn out. I'm always experimenting. Sometimes it just means the crows have a few more snacks.
    Are you going to Xmas at the train station this year? I am going with a friend on the Friday. Just thought I would ask since we crossed paths the last time. take care Mary

  3. Dear Mrs. Henry,
    Thank you so much for posting your amazing bread recipe!! I made 2 loaves tis afternoon and it was soooooo yummy! We only wish you were closer and we could share a loaf over tea!!
    Much love to you!!
    Love, Jessica Mayo

  4. Linda Andrews SmithNovember 5, 2016 at 6:25 PM

    Happy Friday evening to you Faye,so good to see your post; not really rambling I call it chatting, as friends do with each other about this and that, �� and I enjoyed it all. Love your pictures as always and your plants look so happy! Your food looks good and I know your house smells wonderful with bread baking! Have a blessed weekend and will be praying that God will send your church a Pastor very soon. Linda

  5. A wonderful post!
    Need to try those pickles.
    Is the recipe posted?
    Must have missed it before.
    Hugs! So glad you had a wonderful day out.

  6. Hi dear Lady! All the things that you are doing are all the things I am interested in ,too. I adore the rope chain with the baby pictures and the little play clothes. YOU MUST TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE GOING TO PUT THAT. iT IS SO SWEET. Your pickled veggies are something Jim and I would love. Your plants look healthy and happy. Going to a green house tomorrow to check out a few more indoor plants. So much easier on the bones and back to have them inside. Istill do love my flowers though. Our two grandchildren are checking into colleges. One has been accepted and my granddaughter applied to three instead of one she will be checking the mailbox. I think it is pretty early but Sean went for early acceptence so he heard back sooner than our Tori. How can this happen Faye? Just yesterday they were in grade school.....yours, too! Well, the dear Lord will take care of all of them. Keep having fun!


  7. Thank you for your lovely ramblings, you have certainly been very busy, and it all looks so good. The tip for squash is one that I will definately use. Blessings on your Sunday. Woo xx

  8. A lovely post, it is always nice to visit. I have some squash and a pumpkin that need using up so a great tip I am going to get it in the oven whilst roasting a joint of lamb for lunch.

  9. I'm going to have to try the pickled veggies. Great idea! It was nice to read a new post this morning. Have a great day!

  10. What a lovely post, Faye. My husband is threatening to put the Christmas tree up, smiles.

  11. Well you are richly blessed with that beautiful squash and the soup (and recipe) looks delicious. I've heard that once you make your own tortillas you won't want to go back to bought...maybe some day I will try it! Your bread looks great! Andrea

  12. Hello Faye,
    As always love your posts.
    One of our Pastor's left in September. Yes, it takes time to adjust. We miss him. Last week we received an encouraging note from him for our son who started his first part time job in Sporting Goods.
    xx oo

  13. I love the craft you are doing, great idea for those old photos we have.

  14. HI Faye
    Love your post as always, sure would like your recipe for hot pickled viggies they look so yummy. God Bless.

  15. Faye, I love your pictures. Your blog comes to my email but it does not allow me to make a comment. So I didn't have time this morning to go back out to the net and my favorites list til now. Everything you bake or the pickles you make look so good to me. lol I am amazed at all you do and it encourages me to do more. My husband had been really sick for about two years so I have been it, mowing, cooking, cleaning and taking care of his meds and doctor appointments. It is always a breath of fresh air when I read your blog and see the beautiful pictures of your area. I LOVE the outdoors but winter is coming so I think I will be in more. Wish I loved to cook as much as you. I belong to a Sewing Servants group at our church so I am always looking at sewing projects too. Just wanted you to know, I so enjoy your blog even though I may not have the time to send you a comment. God Bless!

  16. All your delicious baking and making has made me very hungry. Especially that white bread which I never buy or eat....but there is nothing quite like homemade white is there? And its almost lunch time!! Enjoy this lovely day. Blessings. Pam

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