Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Copper Bowl Potpourri and more..

Good Evening, my dears. 
How are you all doing? 

We had our first substantial snow fall last night.. 
Woke up to find this out on our deck this morning.. 
Pretty but not really welcomed by me.. 
What can you do, though.. 
It is Winter here in Canada and this is what we do.. 
Shovel snow..  smile.. 
More to come tonight with rain so it will no doubt be a bit messy.. 
Are you dear things all ready for Christmas?  
Not me.. 
I am never ready.. 
It just arrives and I stop.. smile.. 

One of my favourite breakfasts here.. 

Multigrain toast with mashed avocado and sliced tomatoes.. 
Do you like that.. 
I do open face and avocado is good for you.. 
That's my story anyway.. 

Making a few bough things.. 

I forgot to take a pic after it was filled in and finished but when Terry hangs it then I will take one... 

 Bought a basket of pears... 

Made another big batch of fruit salad.. 

I think I am hooked on this as it is such a refreshing treat.. 
Anytime of the day.. 
Two large containers.. 
One for the fridge and one to freeze.. 

Then I dried a tray full.. 

I glue these onto gift tags ... 
After they are dried, of course.. 
Just a bit different.. 

A pic I took this morning, too.. 

Lots of apples still on the trees.. 
Nice for the birds and the visiting deer that we have all Winter.. 

The soup junkee is coming out in me again and a day like today is meant for soup, eh? 

Mediterranean Vegetable Soup using the soup base once again.. 

Oh and this is another fresh simple Christmas decor.. 

Start with a nice bowl.. 
This one is copper.. 
Then start with some twigs, pine cones, dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, fresh pine and I used some pomegranates that I dried last year.. 
Draw a heart on an orange and fill it in with cloves.. 
Or you can do a star or what have you.. 

This is on my kitchen table on top of a small red table riser that my cousin Val made for me.. 

Shonda and I took a weekend trip to Portland, Maine this past weekend.. 
Not a great pic but what can I say.. 
I am what I am.. smile.. 
Shonda always looks great.. 

This is a pic she took of us setting off.. 
She phoned me at 7:30 am and wanted to know if I would go.. 
I will call you back I told her.. 
I checked in with Terry and he said to go and so 5 minutes later I am calling her and saying I am showered and my hair is washed ... 
Almost ready to go... grin.. 
I must have known I needed to do that as soon as I woke up.. 

We had a great time.. 
Staying in nice hotels and wonderful food not to mention great shopping.. 

She said we were celebrating my birthday which is coming up soon.. 
So blessed with such wonderfully sweet children.. 

I guess this is it for tonight my friends.. 
Just a bit of this and that and not much of anything.. 
Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope to hear from you all.. 
So sweet of you to leave your lovely notes..

Take care, now... 

Psalm 127:3-5 “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth.


  1. I always love your pictures and your stories!!! .....loved your all natural centrepiece!!!!

  2. What a nice birthday surprise. I was in Maine for Thanksgiving! Love that dried centerpiece.

  3. Love Love Love this sweet beautiful post. Your stories, your pictures and the sweet homemade things...all just like home and Christmas! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip and special time with your daughter. Hope you have a great weekend. Blessings! Linda

  4. How great of her!
    Travelin' ladies! :)
    Been wanting some of that fruit too, mmmm.
    Loved your bowl display!
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

  5. So good to get away with your daughter. And so much shopping with her, too! you must have talked and talked. Hope it was a great memory in your heart!

  6. Lovely photo! How nice to spend time with your beautiful daughter. My girl is coming from Vancouver for Christmas, with grandson also, so looking forward to seeing her again.

  7. Morning Faye, love the centerpiece, how do you dry the pomegranates? I would like to dry mine out I bought...always a joy to visit you, pretty pictures.Blessings Francine.

    1. Hello dear Francine.. To dry the pomegranates all I did was to leave them out in a fruit bowl along with a couple of lemons and oranges which also dried naturally... xo

  8. Love your post always interesting read

  9. Such a great Birthday treat, you are blessed with such a thoughtful family. Loved the dried centre arrangement, it looks amazing. I am certainly not envious of the snow.

  10. You look beautiful on the picture with Shonda!

  11. Sweet!! loved this... spontaneous spirit of yours!! :) I'm glad you had a good time and while look at all that snow, already. Sure does make a bowl of soup sound good!!

    Blessings - my friend!!

  12. Happy Birthday for when it comes! Gosh, what a lot of snow, it looks beautiful, but would be too cold and snowy for me!

  13. Happy Birthday! I am a December baby too. December 12th.

    I think the photo of you two is beautiful. And wearing blue, my favorite color!
    I really like the heart in the orange. Fun idea.
    xx oo

  14. What a wonderful read this morning! We don't have snow, but cold weather with a wind advisory here in Boulder City, Nevada....

  15. Faye, I always love seeing your snow photos. We are in the middle of a five day heatwave here in Australia and I would just love to dive into that snow at the moment :-) That would cool me down quickly. LOL!

  16. Our first snow flurries will kiss the ground next weekend. It's pretty to look at around Christmas. After that I am ready for spring. Warm wishes

  17. That is a lovely pic of you and Shonda....two beautiful ladies! I like your potpourri in the copper bowl. There seems to be a lot of apples on the trees this year for the critters that will need them through the winter. I think it is a sign we're going to have a real winter this year don't you? ;) Have a wonderful week Faye. Blessings and hugs. Pam

  18. Faye, your snow is beautiful to me. We don't get to see it much here unless we go up to the mountains. That last picture is so pretty with the red berries and white snow. You know, pears used to be my favorite childhood fruit. I smiled when I saw the cloves in the oranges, as my sister used to do that often and her kitchen smelled so nice. It looks like you have the spirit of Christmas all around your home, Faye.

    love, ~Sheri

  19. Love the dried pomegranates! I may have to dry some too. I think we should do a girls trip each fall ;) love you mom!

  20. You are both very beautiful! I love the pears, they look like they would taste good. Our local pears are yuck right about now.

  21. You two are absolutely beautiful ladies!!
    Christmas blessings to you,