Thursday, November 17, 2016

Almost the weekend...

Good Evening my dears.. 
What do you think of those two opinions ?  
I think they both have truth to them.. grin.. 
Just a few pics for you tonight of some Pinterest pins that struck my fancy lately.. 
Hope you are having a good week.. 
I also included a recipe for a new bread that I made earlier on Monday and just loved it.. 
It is at the end of the post.. 

I have a lot of cups and this exact plate in St. Martins at the cottage.. 
I may this wreath a try.. 
I saw it on FB and thought it was so sweet.. 
I think one would have to use the Gorilla glue, eh? 

Then you know me and my love of this kind of art.. 

I always love mice and cats.. smile.. 

I guess this is one of my pics when I was making some pantry potpourri.. 

This was a Martha Stewart craft which you dip in cider.. 
They were different but nice.. 

Love these old fashioned graphics.. 
This is such a cozy room, don't you think? 
Love love the UK Country decor...

I pottered about in our living room today.. Doing throws and pillows and such.. 
Trying to cozy it up for the Winter months... 

Love this..

A lot of wisdom in this.. 
Don't you think, Lindsay?  smile.. 

Nice chicken pot...

I baked a chicken this week in my clay baker which you soak in cold water for a couple of hours.. 
It did not look as nice as this but was simply delicious and tender..

Still planning my fresh simple Christmas decor..
Found the dearest set of clear snowman lights at the Thrift store yesterday.. 
Will take a pic of them when I figure out where they will be seen the most.. smile..  

This garland would be very easy to do, eh? 

Or even this dried apple one.. 

Sweet little tree ornament.. 

You can buy these bottles at the dollar store and you could put Christmas greetings in them and tie them to your parcel.. 

More cozy living room decor.. 

Finding it hard to believe that I love these color tones again.. 
Remember the eighties ??  grin.. 

Here is the new bread I made... 

It has a wonderfully rustic crust and only took a few hours from start to finish.. 
No timing it to make at night and wait till the next day to bake.. 
You do it all in the morning or afternoon or whatever.. 
It is recipe from an American gal who lives now in Sicily .. 

It even looks like an Artisan bread.. 
I wish I had remembered to push it up higher with a wood spoon as  it was a bit flatter then I like.. 
The taste was wonderful though and went perfect with homemade soup.. 
The recipe is HERE..

Let me know how you make out with it if you make it?  

Thank you for visiting and let me know what you are busy doing, ok?  

Sending love and prayers your way.. 

Oh yes.. 
The soup base recipe is HERE as someone was wanting the recipe.. 

God bless.. 


  1. Thank you for the recipes, Faye. So lovely to have you back so regularly as you were missed. I don't think I would use all those lovely cups for a wreath. Seems like a waste to me but then again I have visions of the glue not sticking too well in our Aussie heat and the cups come crashing down :-)

  2. Oh Sweet Faye, that bread sure does look delicious! I will try it this weekend :0) Thank you so much for sharing such lovely photos...we need to focus on everything that is lovely during this time :D mari

  3. Linda Andrews SmithNovember 17, 2016 at 4:52 PM

    Hello Faye, loved the recipes and will let you know if I try the bread. I have been busy making some crafts and enjoying this warm weather we are having here in Alabama. Like the looks of the living rooms you comfortable looking. Have a blessed weekend! Linda

  4. Neat and cozy pictures. Esp. the tea cups! And good decorating ideas...I love the pine cones esp. Andrea

  5. Hi,
    I like the pine cone garland. I have just the place to go find some pine cones to make it!
    Thank you for the idea.

  6. Loved the ideas for your Christmas décor, the pine garland was stunning and the cotton reel tree ornament was a delight. I have made a start with making a few addition for this year. A lovely time of year.

  7. What a lovely blog, just takes me away for awhile, from everyday life and work. Have a wonderfully Blessed weekend. Woo xx

  8. A lovely potpourri of homemaking goodies! :) Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  9. Hi Faye! Thank you for your blog writings and photos. I enjoy them very much and am thankful for a small spot of joy in my day when I come here.

  10. Those quotes are wonderful and have a lot of truth to them Faye. Sweet decorating ideas! I had a clay baker - a wedding gift - that I never used so sent it away years ago. I recently saw one for sale in a flyer so I guess they're back. Is yours a new one? Have a wonderful week. Hugs.

  11. I am thankful for you, your life and this blog, Faye! You are an encouragement and inspiration as I go into empty nest years! I'm glad you share your journey with us here!