Saturday, December 10, 2016

Decorating the Church and an Old Memory...

Hi everyone.. 
Happy Weekend!!... 

The pic of the church was taken a year or so ago.. 
We have snow now but not quite that much.. 
We will soon, though, no doubt.. smile...

Today we did a little decorating there for Christmas !! 

When Shonda and I were to Bangor we bought some rolls of ribbon and they came in handy today.. 
I thought I would put them on my tree but I think they look better above all of the windows.. 
Lindsay stood on the chairs and hung them, the dear girl.. 

I wonder what Terry is doing over there by the office door.. 
Probably tormenting our poor secretary by doing something mischievous.. 

Men !! They can act like wee boys, sometimes.. grin..  

Tools of the trade.. 
I always carry these three tools...

The window sills are done... 
Except for lighting the candles inside.. 

Sweet Lorraine did a little art work.. 
She wasn't happy with it but I think it is great.. 
An old window, a nativity print out from the computer and a bit of greenery... 

It hangs above this poinsettia !
I should have taken an after pic...  

Under the communion table... 
We had soup and muffins for lunch and just had a great day of fellowship while doing our little thing.... 

Then when we came home I took a few more pics of decor around here.. 

My old folk art nativity... 

My Birthday present from Shonda last year that Lorraine made.. 

Another little nativity... 
Jesus is the reason for the season !

Some vintage cups that were a Christmas gift last year.. 

I like Father Christmas or vintage Santas.. 
Not everywhere but here and there.. 

I hang these dear stockings every Christmas.. 
They were my Dad's... 
I wrote a little note and pinned it inside so that my children will know that they were Grampie's... 

Amongst the copper.. 
A wee gift from another blogger... 

Yes, I love pewter.. 
Notice the reindeer candle holders.. 
Found them at a thrift shop for five dollars each.. 
Still have to add fresh greenery but just too early yet.. 

A few homemade snowmen... 

Well, there.. 
Enough of that to bore anyone silly.. 
I haven't even began our living room yet so will be back with more hopefully by next week.. 

Are you girls doing much decorating or baking ? 
Our children mostly want gift cards so my shopping is not too strenuous these days, thank heavens.. 

I try to make each one some little homespun or baked gift as well.. 
The grandsons love fudge and such... 

We were discussing today how Christmas has become such a stressful time in the lives of most people and how we should be happy that we are celebrating the Christ of Christmas ... 
We talked about how wonderfully blessed we are and how we should try to de-stress ourselves and to take joy into our lives and spread that excitement and love to our children.. 
Christmas actually is all about love.. 
We can be excited and joyful because now we have hope... 

John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life. 

I loved Christmas as a child.. 
We were as poor as Job's turkey but our parents worked hard to give us a wonderful day..
 Not that we had a lot of gifts at all but I remember the lovely wrapping my Mom did with royal blue, red and green tissue papers and each present all tied up with coloured strings.. 
I can still feel the excitement in my heart as my sister and I would hold hands and come out and see a tree that was not there when we went to bed the night before .. 
Mom and Dad had worked late to put it up and decorate it with coloured lights and those precious glass ornaments..  
And the tinsel !! 
There it all was along with the smells !! 
The fir boughs, the oranges and apples, and the turkey baking in the oven..
The bowls of fruit and candy.. 
Ribbon candy and Barley Toys.. 
So much to see... So much to smell and oh wow!
It is Christmas Day!!
Remember? smile..

The smell and the lights and the tied up parcels were all just so magical!! 
I hope my children remember Christmas like that... 

And now they are all grown up but I still chose joy for our home and when they arrive on the our big family day the excitement will be here waiting for them.... 

It is my job .... 
And I love it ! 

God bless... 


  1. I love your decorations, both at home and in the church. I especially like the snowmen and your dad's socks. I've done a small bit of decorating. The mantle, tree and living room are done. A few things in the dining room and kitchen. I'll post some photos next week. I haven't started baking yet and not sure how much I will do this year.

  2. Hello my dear......Your Christmas decorations at home and at church are so pretty! Everyone will enjoy them.I'm done with the decorating. It looks nice. Usually have more out but I can not do the stairs anymore so decided to not put so much out. Shopping is almost done. My son did some shopping for me. It was great. I love your pewter. You have alot and it sure does look wonderful on your fireplace. Your Dad's stockings are fabulous! Wish I had saved my Dad's old wool coat but I was too young to know at the time. Well, we'll keep on trucking along and soon the special day will be here! But we must remember why we really celebrate this season. Oh....I have lots of verses from the Bible that are my favorites but John 3:16 is my most favorite of all. When I was a young girl our church gave us this darling sign or plague that had John3:16 written on it. Mom had it hanging right by my bed and I would read it all the time! Now, I tell it to my kids and grandkids. I still have the little plague and I trreasure it deeply. Just thought I would tell you that.


  3. I loved Christmas as a child too, Faye. Mum would usually make me a dress for Christmas and that was always exciting. The focus was on the birth of Jesus not presents. So different from today. My grandchildren live a long way away and won't be coming here this Christmas as it is a very expensive time of the year for accommodation as it is our prime holiday time during the Christmas holidays in Australia and they always like to go to the beach after visiting the family. Maybe next year.

  4. Such a different way to celebrate Christmas, weatherwise I mean. Like Nana Chel this is our main summer holiday with most people off work for at least a couple of weeks and the schools out for six to eight weeks. But I love it, I find it hard to imagine a white Christmas but would love to experience one some day.
    I have wonderful memories of childhood Christmases and I'm lucky enough to have most of my family nearby, with up to 20 people for Christmas Day. We take turns at hosting Christmas dinner and depending on whose turn it is determines the flavour.


  5. What a lovely post, full of memories. We had similar stockings at the end of our beds on Christmas morning. So many of your memories are the same as mine. I love your little pops of red around the house, very seasonal! I am doing a little decorating, and we look forward to my daughter and grandson coming from Vancouver for Christmas!

  6. I haven't had much time, due to classes...but my hubby has taken care of most of everything related to decorating. I enjoyed your post, Faye. Oh and we have about 6 inches of snow here in western New York...and expecting more.

  7. It is a lovely post Faye, especially where it says Keep Christ in Christmas. Our church dosen't do Christmas, but I do, it is season so full of joy and love for both Christ and for Christmas. Blessings...Woo xx

  8. Hello Faye,
    A lovely post. Thank you!
    We are enjoying this season by making things simple. We started to cut out the busy last year, what a difference it made. We are doing the same this year. It feels so good.

  9. Faye, I love your decorations! I'm not one for flashy lights and decorations sand your style is very similar to my own. Beautiful job!

  10. Faye, it is all so lovely. Thank you for sharing.
    We aren't baking but we have decorated a bit.

  11. Linda Andrews SmithDecember 13, 2016 at 6:28 AM

    Faye this post should put everyone in the Christmas spirit! Your home and the church are so beautiful! Love the memories! Thanks for sharing with us. We are at the coast for a few days spending time with friends and attended their Christmas program Sunday! Family and friends celebrating our Saviors birth! Blessings to you and your family!!

  12. Linda Andrews SmithDecember 13, 2016 at 6:30 AM

    Faye this post should put everyone in the Christmas spirit! Your home and the church are so beautiful! Love the memories! Thanks for sharing with us. We are at the coast for a few days spending time with friends and attended their Christmas program Sunday! Family and friends celebrating our Saviors birth! Blessings to you and your family!!

  13. beautiful decorations! I especially love the snowmen :)

  14. You have a way with decorating! It all looks so nice. Sounds like you have a wonderful Christmas ahead too with all the family coming! :)