Saturday, December 17, 2016

Saturday Christmas Ramblings.....

Greetings everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth on this snowy almost Christmas evening..
A week from tonight and it will be the night before... smile.. 
This year has passed so quickly !

I am not ready yet.. 
Big surprise !! Not !! 
I am such a procrastinator and every year is the same .. Also,  I am so slow now and I am not even doing as much.. One would think that I would be more ready.. 
Is that proper English?  smile.. 

Anyway, these pics are just a few rambling doings that has been going on around here.. 

The Snowman Hat is on the Buffet..
The next one is a sneak peek at the fireplace mantel in the livingroom.. 
I need to add one more element.. Waiting on Terry to hang such element.. Then I will take a pic.. It is a little inspiration from Pinterest.. 
Fresh branch that was so awesome from my friend's tree across the road.. smile. Thanks, Darlene.. 
Then the fresh cranberries I strung on florist wire and that is so easy to manipulate into swags.. 
I will hopefully be able to share the pic with you next as we finally found the right nail.. grin.. 

The little snowman sits amongst some homemade pillows... 

Rambling along here.. 
This is a little memory for you..
A little girl who loved Christmas.. 
I think this is the only picture I had taken with old Father Christmas.. 
Many years ago... 
An old box of Christmas candles... 

As we ramble along here is a project that I did this past week.. 
In our living room I have some old silver.. 
So as the chandelier was brass colour I wanted to change it.. 
With some paints and sealer it is finished.. 
I painted it all black first then dry brushed the silver paint (named Old Silver) over top.. 
I love how it turned out.. 
I had already changed a mirror frame over the buffet.. 
It is topped with a fresh swag and a pair of old silver skates..

These mirrors were also given to us and they were gold.. 
I have copper in the kitchen so applied some copper paint to the frames and they go along well with the rest...  
Sorry for the quality of the pic but you get my drift.. 
There are two mirrors done the same way... 

My bowl of soup for lunch ...
Trevor had brought us a fresh partridge and we love a soup made from it.. 
And bok choy ...
 Love that in our soups.. 
Well, I do.. 
Terry does not add that to his bowl.. smile.. 

Still rambling.. 
A tablecloth that I sewed up this week for the dining room table.. 
Shonda and I found the fabric in Bangor when we were down.. 
I have to finish up the napkins and that is another chore finished.. 
I love ticking... There is also a bunting made out of the same fabric..
 More pics coming up.. 

My living room actually looks like a tornado went through.. 
Christmas stuff everywhere along with pine needles and such.. 
It all comes together though just in time.. 
I love pottering away in there.. 
A touch here and little vignette there... 

Oh yes... 
I had a birthday this week.. 
It was not my big one.. grin.. 
But it was celebrated like it was.. 
Went to Maine with sweet daughter as a birthday gift and then the next Saturday they took us to Moxies along with gifts hidden under Dave's coat which made the waitress quite anxious.. grin.. 
English tea in a Union Jack type of tin.. 
Loved it.. 

Then Dustin and Trevor and their sweet gifts.. 

Made Shrimp and Pasta to celebrate.. 

 Terry had taken me out to dinner at the Big Stop on Sunday.. 
A local place that we love.. 
I received so many wishes from so many friends and family this year.. 
I even received a wonderfully dear parcel from our sweet friends the Mayo family who live in Wisconsin.. 
They have this blog Here..
We met through blogging and feel as though we have known each other forever.. 
We really love and appreciate them.. 

All in all .... It was a great birthday..

Rambling along here.. 
Doing some baking today.. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Banana Butterscotch Chip Bread.. 
Just add butterscotch chips instead of chocolate.. 
A nice change.. 
We are serving Hot Cocoa and homemade cookies tomorrow night at our Christmas evening at church.. 

What our world looks like tonight.. 

It has been snowing all week but surprise we are getting rain all day tomorrow then down to below zero temps.. 
Oh my.... Whatever. !! 

More soup for this soup junkie.. 

Italian Wedding Soup.. 
My all time fave... 
The link is Here..
Love these vintage doll ornaments.. 

Well, dear hearts this is the rambling I am going to do tonight.. 
It is almost my bed time.. 
I love to go to bed and read.. 
Enjoy going into my darkened bedroom and hearing the wind chime clanking ..Turning on the lamp and opening the window (most nights).. Getting ready for bed and crawling in and reaching for my book..
I do try to end each day with the Word of the Lord.. 

Thankful for all of His blessings...
He is a great God... 

Looking forward to hearing from you sweet ladies.. 
Enjoy your Lord's Day tomorrow.. 


  1. Sweet post and the chandelier turned out beautiful. All the soups look so good and I love the decorations in your home. Have a wonderful weekend and blessings. Linda

  2. Love following your blog! I love the natural Christmas decorating! The chandelier is gorgeous!...and yummy soup!
    Enjoy your Sunday and Happy belated birthday!

  3. Love your chandelier makeover - a little paint does wonders to transform things!
    I'm a soup junkie too - especially in the fall/winter time - I call it "comfort food!"

  4. Hello there - sweet Lady!!!! You call this blog - ranbling? I call it... WONDERFUL! Such wonderful topics and so much that you are interested in. First, I just adore the picture of you and Santa! You are so cute and I'm sure you are very excited!!!!! everything you are interested in just peaks my interest too! The soups, the cookies, the bread and the making of the new chandelier. The light looks brand new and so up to date and in style. I am so happy you had a very nice birthday. I said prayers for you several times that day. Well, have to get all tucked in. It is getting late. God bless you, your hubby and your wonderful family!


  5. Belated Birthday wishes. Once again a joy to visit, the chandelier and mirrors were all impressive makeovers. The soup looked good and your natural décor was a delight. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed rambling with you, that's a cute photo of you with Santa. Have a wonderful 'week before Christmas'.


  7. Faye, your ramblings are so comforting, and a joy to browse through. Your little Christmassy touches are so pretty, and your soup looks delicious!

  8. Love, love , love it....(well, except the shrimp, as I am allergic to it, giggling.)Yes, friend, God is good. Have a beautiful Sunday friend.

  9. Lovely post Faye! Happy birthday blessings to you my friend. It sounds like you were well celebrated and deservedly so. Our church service was postponed this morning to this evening as it's the children's concert. I hope the roads will be alright after service for everyone to make their way home. It is freezing rain here now but will warm up to rain this afternoon before the temperature drops this evening. Wacky winter weather!! Have a blessed week and Christmas. Hugs. Pam

  10. Happy belated birthday, Faye! Your decorating looks beautiful.


  11. Oh Faye...the happiest of birthdays to you sweet lady :0) may this new year be filled with joy and peace that only Our Lord provides! Merry Christmas sweet friend... mari

  12. Merry Christmas Faye,
    Enjoy your Christmas week!
    I had a birthday this past week too. 12/12 :-) Happy Birthday to you too.
    Love, Carla

  13. I so enjoyed your post.
    Playing catch up tonight.
    Rain here today with some light snow coming during the night.
    I loved all your decorations!
    You have a lovely home!
    Pretty little Christmas girl in that photo, grin.
    Bless you and yours, Dear Faye!
    Merry Christmas!

  14. We may be related, based on painted projects,alone! Christmas blessings, Deedy. (but am wondering what the red structures are behind the snowy outside scene?)

  15. Dear Faye you do every thing beautifully...Merry Christmas to You and Yours...(((HUGGS}}}

  16. Loved the blog, I always feel quite involved with what you do, you make it so interesting . Have a Blessed week. Woo xx

  17. Happy Birthday, so good to hear you had a nice day!!

  18. Happy Birthday! Your home is looking like Christmas!