Friday, December 8, 2017

Friday Night Christmas Rambling..

Good Evening my dears.. 
Another Friday night here in New Brunswick.. 

This is a bit of a rambling post of our doings the last few days.. 
Last weekend I met a sweet friend who has been following the blog for ages and she told me her favourite posts were the ones that were just about what we are up to.. 
So.. here we go, Laurie.. smile.. 
We have had a great week with several warm days that was great for doing a bit of outside stuff...
Been drying some apples..  
And making and doing a few crafts..
Drying pears for crafts and eating later during the winter.. 
I like them better then dried apples actually.. 
Using star anise.. Love it in pears or apples.. 

I thought I would show you my Gold Fish plant.. 
Pretty, eh?
  The blossoms do look like little gold fish.. 
We were out and about getting more boughs and such and 
we took the truck.. 
On the way home we had such a great laugh..
Charlie must have felt a bit crowded.. 
He put his back end way up on my shoulder..
Terry and I thought it was so funny!! 
I don't know why he did that..
There is plenty of room for him to lay down which he has always done before.. 
Guess he was trying to tell us something.. 
What a great dog, though.. No, really.. grin.. 

Made some Christmas jam.. 
Then one day this week it was so nice that I got to hang out all the bedding.. 

Not using the dryer makes Terry very happy.. 
And I do love the smell of line dried bedding, don't you?  

Making small gifts for some special friends.. 
Will show you the finished product after they receive them.. smile.. 
Cooked a turkey one day.. 
Had several meals with it.. 
Turkey with the works, of course.. Then Turkey Shepherds Pie, 
Turkey and Rice casserole and Soup.. 

Terry stringing some lights outside the window last night.. 
Can you see him?  
So happy to have coloured lights back in style.. 
So festive... 

Well, I guess this is all for tonight.. 
So much left to do and so little time to do it in but must say I am enjoying all the busyness... 
Not feeling too overwhelmed yet.. 

Tomorrow is cookie baking day for Sunday School on Sunday..
Making some date balls from a friend's recipe.. 
And not sure what other kind..  
We are having our Concert on Sunday evening if the weather is ok.. 
The forecast is for lots of snow tomorrow then freezing rain on Sunday so time will tell.. 
If not then it will be next Sunday, Lord willing.. 

Thanks so much for dropping by once again and look forward to hearing from you sweet friends.. 

Hope you are enjoying the season... 
Such a lovely time of the year.. 
God bless.. xo


  1. Oh how I love your rambling Faye!....and all of your pictures of course!

  2. Very interesting and great pictures dear sister :) I hope you share the date ball recipe, A lady back home use to make them, I'd be first to events for I knew she'd bring some : ) Perhaps Charlie had gas in his tummy LOL..... He is great company... Have good week end xoxo

  3. Faye, I enjoy your blog so much!! Miss seeing you guys!! Hope we can meet up sometime at the farm!!

    1. Thank you dear for leaving the note but sure wish I knew who you are... I can guess but probably not right.. lol... xo

  4. I love this. Simple and true to your home. Making me feel at home. Question for you. Do you make your own bone broth, too? Seems like you would - you make everything else. :) I have only recently been trying my hand at it. Always learning.

  5. I enjoy reading your blog also Faye! That turkey soup looks so good and the Christmas lights are so petty. It is a busy time of year. I am cooking a turkey today. Have a Merry Christmas. Thelma

  6. What a lovely 'ramble' through your days.

  7. We got our first snow here yesterday! It is beautiful. I hope your weather doesn"t get too bad and you get to enjoy your church functions this weekend. God bless.

  8. I have never heard of a Goldfish plant, smiles. I always enjoy any/all posts you write, friend. Have a beautiful and joyful weekend, smiles.

  9. It was wonderful seeing you last weekend. And, I do love your posts about your every day goings on - you inspire me. In fact, I had never heard of apple cranberry jam so I googled the recipe and I am now making it for Christmas.

    Thank you for sharing your inspirational self.


    1. Btw, the jam turned out so delicious....thank you for the idea.


  10. Love your posts Faye. Wonderful sweet and simple times. Very comforting. : )

  11. Silly dog! Our granddog likes to sit on our laps like he is a person. Cracks us up! I have never seen a goldfish plant. Thanks for sharing it with us. Happy Christmas!