Thursday, April 4, 2019

Spring has arrived...

Hello everyone.. 
Happy Spring! 
The last time I did a post it was the tail end of winter.. 
Seems as though it is still here in the Maritimes of Canada.. 
We had a day of snow and then rain after feeling very Spring like for several days.. sigh... 
I am ready for Spring although I must say I am not nearly as desperate as I have been in the past.. 
Our winter was not really all that bad and I found activities to keep me mindful of home and hearth...

Now with that said; I must say it is good to be back.. 
Especially as I am using my good old laptop..
I brought it into the sun room and just plugged it in for a couple of weeks and then did some work updating it and hopefully it will do for awhile.. 
How are your days going? 

Terry has started going to the farm quite regularly each week.. 
I believe he is getting quite anxious to be out there for the summer.. 
But here at home we are still just doing the usual retired life.. smile.. 

Each morning I make my daily quart...grin.. 
It is something I learned this past winter... 
It is for your health.. 
I am on a Nettles kick right now.. 
It is a heart healthy herb.. 
So I just boil up a quart of water and pour over 1/4 cup of dried nettles in a mason jar.. 
Let that sit for 10 minutes or till you get around to it later in the morning..  Strain into a lovely little cuppa and slug her down.. 
I was told to sip away at it but when it comes to nettle tea I just get her down.. grin.. 
It is so healthy for you.. 
I did not dry my own nettles but bought them from the health food store in Sussex... Winterwood.. 
I do dry my own peppermint, lemon balm. sage and such ...
They taste better, too.. 
You can add a touch of honey and sip away at them.. 
They are tasty and soothing.. 
I have my little cup from my shop that I used to have in St. Martins and a little strainer and enjoy this little simple pleasure.. 
After supper each night I drink a cup of chamomile and peppermint..  

Here are 10 healthy her teas you can try.. 
Chamomile Tea
Peppermint Tea
Ginger Tea
Hibiscus Tea
Echinacea Tea
Rooibos Tea
Sage Tea
Lemon Balm Tea..

Probably you girls already drink these. 
I am slow at getting on the herbal tea train but now I am here.. smile..  

I made up a couple of batches of the two ingredient bagels again..  

We took a little trip south of the border and I found a bottle of Everything but the Bagel shaker.. 
It contains poppy seeds, sesame seeds, garlic and such.. 
Very tasty.. 
Here is the recipe for the bagels in case you would like to have it.. 

As I was saying we took a little trip to Bangor in Maine.. 
We were celebrating our 49th anniversary... 
We have made this trip almost every March for many years.. 
It is just something we both like to do.. 
We used to stay two nights but now we seem to enjoy one night better.. 

We don't shop as much as we used to and really there is not 
that much to do there for us... 
But we do have a great time.. 
We shopped at my fave places... 

This is a darling shop... 
Antiques, crafts and books galore.. 
All kinds of dishes, linens and laces.. 
I love it... 
Terry and Charlie wait so patiently in the car for me.. smile.. 
Of course Terry has some treats I made before we left.. 
He ate most at home.. 
I had to make 2 batches.. 
And for me.
A jar of homemade Hummus and Pita Chips.
Do you like it? 
We ate at Texas Road House which is Terry's favourite and at Ruby Tuesdays which is mine.. 
They were both delicious... 

Here is a Goodwill treasure that I found.. 

Magazines from 1950 to 1953
Lots of neat patterns and ideas... 
I found some wonderful finds there.. 

I also love the Tiller and Rye store.. 
Here is a link... 
There are some recipes and such there, too.. 
I bought some Rennet tablets and a new Sprout Kit... 

We had company with us, of course... 
Dear old Charlie... 
Such a perfect dog to take.. 
Never gets excited or barking or anything.. 
The kids say he is a perfect dog and he is.. 
Sorry to be dog bragging.. lol.. 

On with the show.. 
Yesterday, I did a bit of sewing.. 

Made a fresh pot of coffee and used my cup that Trevor bought me for my birthday.. 
I love the size of it and it doesn't spill... 
And stays hot.  

I started on these.. 

New dishcloths.. 
You can recycle old towels or such.. 
Terry bought me some that was a really great buy.. 
Just plain white terrycloth so I covered them like I do when I reuse an old white towel.. 
Just makes them a bit more homelike.. 

Then for my gift pantry I finished up a few more Lavender 
Sleeping bags... 

I also made a couple of sachets for a purse..
I think the secret to these is to put the lavender buds in a bowl and sprinkle several drops of lavender oil on.. 
Mix it all up and crush with your fingers and let it sit while you are making the bags..  

I have one in my pillow case and everytime I move my head I smell the lavender.. (if I am awake)  grin.. 
I gave one to my Mom and she loves it.. 

I must mention that I visited Shonda\s Ladies Group.. 
It is called REAL... 
We had a lovely morning together.. 
Made some bread and other dishes.. 
The ladies there are always so welcoming and I love being with our daughter.. smile.. 
I just wish I had taken some pics but of course, I didn't... 

Oh yes... 
the first pic is a little idea I saw a few places on the web.. 
Use a wide mouthed short mason jar and leave out the lid.. 
Stick your measure spoons and such in and you can find them so much easier. . 
The other spoons are good for tasting.. 
I put mine right by the stove on the countertop... 

Well dear hearts this is all for today.. 
Here is a little verse I have kept for years..

It is my Anniversary card to Terry each and every year.. 
It always rings true..  

Have a great weekend and so happy to get back to you all.. 
Looking forward to your sweet messages here and on FaceBook.
I wanted to mention that I was so happy to meet one of you dear girls the other day.. 
I have read her little notes for several years but not met her.. 
She graduated with my sister and is good friends with my cousin but I personally had not made her acquaintance .. 
Only on here.. 
She called to me at the Walmart and so now we have met face to face.. 
It was nice meeting you, Kathy... 

Take care everyone and God bless.. 
I will say of the Lord, 
He is my refuge and my fortress;
my God; in Him will I trust.. 
Psalms 91:2


  1. Happy Anniversary, and many more!
    What a lovely verse that is, 'You are a candle in my night', such beautiful words.

  2. Happy Anniversary! How sweet that you go to the same place each year to celebrate. The bagels look so good, I downloaded the recipe to try. Before my mom passed we cleaned out her craft closet and she had piles of those Work Basket magazines. We had such fun looking through them.

  3. Faye, I know how much you look forward to Spring over there and I hope it warms up for you soon. After lots of heatwaves at last it is cooling down here in least for a few months. Years ago I used to drink herb teas all the time and I really should get back into the habit instead of drinking so much coffee. We have stinging nettles growing here but I know it isn't a terribly nice tasting tea but I do infuse it in olive oil for my soap making.

  4. What a fabulous post! Your bagels look delicious. I love all the photos. You sound so happy. Thanks for sharing. You've inspired me to make herbal tea.

  5. Happy Anniversary, wishing you many more happy years together. I love the idea of making bagels, so thank you for sharing the recipe. New dishcloths is on my to do list.

  6. 🎉Happy Anniversary!🎉Always enjoy reading your Blog & hearing about your ventures. All the best ❤

  7. What a lovely verse - happy anniversary to you both. Thanks for the picture of Charlie - I've been missing him! We have similar weather here in the UK I think - just when you have a bright spell and it seems like spring the next day it will be hail and heavy rain. Never a dull moment! Thanks for a homey post.

  8. Thanks so much for sharing the bagel recipe. I have saved it on my recipes and definitely want to give it a try. God bless.

  9. Hi Faye, belated happy anniversary! I grew up on Deer Isle, in Maine. In fact, Bangor was our closest large shopping area and still is aside from Ellsworth. I now live in Pennsylvania but still spend a lot of time on Deer Isle taking care of my 91 year old Mother. I also have a blog where I try to chronicle both sides of my life, one on the coast and the other in Bethlehem, PA.

  10. Happy Anniversary! We love Texas Roadhouse but it is always so crowded which I guess means we are not the only ones! Your picture at the top made me think of this-- Our youngest daughter worked at a restaurant with real chefs when she was in college and there was a cup full of plastic spoons by every cook station for the chefs to taste as they cooked. They would taste and throw them in the trash and it drove her nuts to see all those plastic spoons trashed everyday but it really made sense in the restaurant business.

  11. Happy Anniversary to you and Terry! Glad you had such a nice getaway together, and that Charlie got to join in on the fun with you both :) I always love seeing what you are up to in your home, and those lavender sachets look lovely, what a wonderful gift to share! The bagels look really delicious too, and only two ingredients, wow! I hope you enjoy a lovely week ahead :)

  12. Faye, each time I visit here, there is always goodness abounding...thank you!
    Happy anniversary to you and your dear husband. What a blessing to have each other all these years :)

    I'm a fan of the two ingredient dough, though I have only made cinnamon rolls with it and pizza dough. I have some bagel topping so I shall have to make the bagels shortly!

    Enjoy springtime!

    Smiles :)

  13. Happy🌼Anniversary x

    Look forward to trying the bagels.

    Lovely post as always.

  14. I love it that you go to Bangor. Our son is an IT guy and he worked at the GE plant there in Bangor for about 12 years before moving close to the coast to work for L.L. Bean.

    I'm missing you and your wonderful posts, my friend.