Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Wednesday Evening in April...

Good Evening everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth on this Wednesday ..  
It is a very rainy week here in New Brunswick..  
The rain has been falling steadily here for several days and our province is once again fighting flood waters.. 
Our capital city is in a bad state as is many parts of our province. 
We are blessed to live in an area that is not near the St. John River and is on high ground... 
Praying for these communities that suffer so during this type of Winter with lots of snow in the north then so much rain in the Spring. 

How are you all doing?  
Did you have a grand Easter.. 
We had a nice one but quiet non the less.. 
We did get to St. John and we all attended an Easter drama that Shonda and Dave were in..
 All except for our youngest who lives in the west as you know.. 
Miss him so much during these holidays especially... 
After the drama we all gathered at Shonda and Dave's house and had a lovely visit and food, of course.. 
And our gorgeous grandsons!
They are just so much fun!  

David had a big birthday so we were able to celebrate that also... 

Things have been sort of slow around here lately.. 
The weather is not helping.. 
Although it is Spring except for a few lovely days it seems that it is quite dreary... 

We went out one day looking for a few pussy willows for Easter.. 
We spied them in this ditch.. 

It was kind of neat since they were on Terry's old farm where he grew up.. 
I think I will keep some of them for awhile.. 
They are lovely and big this Spring... 

We were out to the farm on Monday and it was so nice and warm.. 
Cloudy but the brook was running and the wind was blowing.. 
It is still not very green but it won't be long... 

It is amazing how drab it is one week and you turn around twice and the place is full of dandelions and green grass.. 
I went through the house making plans for moving out there for the summer months.. 

We hope to do some painting inside before we get there.. 
I would like to paint the walls a creamy colour.. 
And the curtains need changed and so on... smile..
I wish the kitchen was this clean now but it needs some work, shall we say.. 

The gardens are ploughed and will soon be dry and ready for planting.. 

Our garlic weathered the winter and is up already as is a few herbs.. 
Charlie was ecstatic to be there! 
Just runs around like a puppy and drinking from the spring.. 
Although, he keeps looking back to make sure we are not leaving him there.. smile.  
I love this season the best of all of them.. 
What is your fave season?

Here is a sweet pic of our daughter and son in law with their Easter drama costumes on.. 

So cute!  

Terry and I had a dinner with Mom and my Step father but on one night we had a meal just for the two of us.. 

Roast Beef for a change from Ham and Turkey.. 
It was lovely.. 
But next year hopefully we will return to a ham dinner with all of our family here .. 
I missed that actually although it was a lot less work.. grin.. 

We did have lovely Easter service at our church.. 
We shared the Lord's supper and that is always so special.. 
Just thankful that I know the risen Saviour and He's in my heart today... 
Do you know Him, too?  
He makes life so worth the living.. 
What I so love about Jesus is that He is as close as the mention of His Name.. 
We just need to whisper his Name in prayer and He is there and available.. 
And faithful! 
Meeting our needs and comforting our hearts.. 
Like the old chorus goes.. 

Where would I be without Jesus.. 
Where would I spend eternity.. 
Lost in  a world full of sorrow.. 
Without Jesus ... 
Where would I be?  
Just wanted to share with you a bit tonight. 

And now on we go...  
My Mom turned 85 on the 15th... 
We took her and Gerald out for dinner to their favourite place.. 
St. Huberts... 
Then I wanted to make her a little somthing .. 

This is their cat Mable.. 
They both love her so much.. 
I made this pillow for her birthday .... 

Not a great job but it is the thought that counts and she liked it... 
It is amazing how fast time goes.. 
I remember when Gram (her mother) was 85.  
So many sweet years have passed... 
Praying we will have many more with her... 
This was a stir fry I made for tonight's supper.. 
One piece of steak goes a long way in a stir fry.. smile.. 

Thank you all so much for dropping by.. 

As I said we will be going to the farm soon and then I will have something to chat with you about.. 
The first pic up top is one of our meals out there.. 

Anyway, dear hearts have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you all.. 
Your notes are precious to me.. 
Take care of yourselves and your sweet families and we will meet here again soon, Lord willing..


  1. lovely inspiration as always. Love that floor at the old farm! Can't wait for cottage season as well once my studying is over!

  2. Faye, I look so forward to your blog posts! I love the cat pillow you made for your mom. It is darling! And I bet seeing the farmhouse gets you excited to get out there for the summer. I am glad you and your family had a good Easter. I absolutely love that passage from Lamentations, and I particularly like that translation. What Bible version is that taken from?
    God bless!

  3. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts about our Lord and the scripture from Lamentations. I love seeing pictures of the farm kitchen!

  4. SO good to have a post from you and know how things have been going for you and your sweet hubby. I know you miss your youngest son out west on holidays and family gatherings. One day there will be no more parting! All of your food looks delicious, always. Loved the cute cat pillow you made for your mom's birthday. Thank you for sharing Jesus here and what He means to you. He certainly does make life worth living. Hugs to you, dear one.

  5. Awe, I Love your blog! You’re always so inspiring. I love the pictures as well. You’re home always looks so cozy and inviting. I would love to visit at the farm sometime this summer. A great cup of tea and biscuit is long overdue. Much Love!

  6. That cat cushion is adorable - your Mum must have been so pleased with it. Great to see dear old Charlie again - I love his sweet photos. Looking forward to hearing all your news as we move into spring.

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  8. I removed my original comment as I had spelling mistakes!
    Pussy willows are such a herald of Spring. I love them with a few daffodils.
    A lovely post as always, Faye.

  9. It is ever a blessing to visit with you. May you continue to have good health and your gardens full of nourishment and beauty.

  10. Such a treat to read your blog and see the beautiful pictures. Spring has been busting out here in south central PA for about three weeks. We had to mow our grass last week. God's creation has really been spectacular with most of the big trees unfurling there leaves and the flowering trees displaying all the beauty they possess. The daffodils are spent but the bleeding heart plants are at there peak. Looking at your lavender buds, did you grow them or buy them somewhere? I would love to make some of those beautiful little sachets you showed.

  11. Lovely pussywillow stems! It's been years and years and years since I last cut pussy willow stems, and just about as long the last I saw pussy willows growing.

    Love that summer place of quant!

    Glad that you had a lovely Easter and that you have a heart filled with gratitude and
    and feel the blessings of our Saviour... me too!!

    Spring is such a nice time of year, esp. after a long winter.
    Fall has to be my most favorite season of all though. Wish we could have spring, then Fall all year long :)


  12. It's been so long since I have visited you. Hopefully I'm back to blogging more. Great post.....Be blessed my friend, Shelley

  13. Nice post.Keep sharing. Thanks for sharing.