Saturday, August 3, 2019

A Country Summer...

Good Evening everyone.. 
How are you?  
So happy to get back to chat with you all again.. 
It is a lovely day here in New Brunswick.. 
Quite hot, actually but another fresh breeze out amongst the apple trees.. 
I sit here with the door wide open and listening to it.. 
Terry has gone to the races with a friend so it is a great time for me to check in with you all.. 

Hope you are enjoying the summer as much as we...

Been out and about.. But still at home here and the farm, too.. 
This first part of the post will be farm pics.. 
Up above is a pic of some of my plants at the farm.. 
I have taken a lot of them out there because they grow so well.. 
I have learned from previous summers that the old house must be the perfect light because they seem to thrive so much better then here.  
Or perhaps it is the country air.. smile.. 

This is a pic of a new teepee for my Scarlet Runners that Terry made.. 
This pic was taken a week ago and we noticed yesterday that they are half way up the birch posts now.. 
We have had some very warm days and they are growing so quickly.. 

I am loving having to pick lavender each time we go.. 
And Chamomile... 
I just tie up the lavender in a bunch and hang it till next time out when it is dry.. 
And dry the Chamomile on a paper towel on the table in front of the window.. 
I am hoping to have quite a bit by the end of summer..

A meal we had there one day..  
Basic Steak and Mushrooms and chopped garlic scapes... 

A few books ...
These have  been grabbing my attention lately.. 

Some new to me baskets that I found at the Thrift store.. 

They are all great for gathering herbs or a bit of swiss chard and such.

My dear sweet poppies came back at the farm.. 
They are here and there in the garden and are two hues this year instead of one.. 
A few even found their way into my Lavender bed... 
You girls who follow the blog probably remember my little poppy story from the other year.. smile.. 
They bring me such joy every summer now that they are back after being absent for so many years.. 

Another little pic that I put on Instagram one day. 

All in all the farm days are lovely but short.. 
We are late getting there and late coming home.. 
We have still to stay.. 

This past week I went to P. E. I. with my sweet friend Janelle.. 

We had a welcoming committee of one.. grin.. 

He belonged to this sweet shop in Victoria by the Sea...

Here are a few pics from our little trip.. 


We visited Brackley Beach and the gardens and food were wonderful.. 
I, unfortunately had a return of Vertigo and had to return home a bit earlier then we planned but we had a couple of lovely days.. 
Janelle's daughter Hannah was so gracious to put her Momma and I up for a night.. She is such a dear girl.. 

But as always it is good to get home..

 I did up a bunch of strawberries the other week.. 

They did not seem as plentiful as other years due to a large amount of rain earlier, I think.. 
Was really happy to get some put in the freezer and such.. 

Well my luvs... 
This is all for this time.. 
Not much happening yet I guess.. 
Our beans are a couple of inches long so I will be canning next week, I imagine.. 
How is your summer going and what have you been busy doing? 
I notice on Instagram that you girls south of the border have been pickling and canning for weeks while we still are waiting on our gardens.. smile.. 
Oh well.. 
All in due time..  

So nice to chat with you all and I do look forward to hearing from you if you have the time..

Enjoy your Sabbath tomorrow.. 


  1. Thanks you relaxing to come here and read your blog. smiles

  2. I love all your pictures! Thanks for sharing. God bless.

  3. So lovely to read your words today.

  4. A joy to visit and enjoy a peek into your life. Sorry to read you weren't too well, hope you are feeling better now. You are an inspiration drying and preserving.

  5. Faye, I had vertigo for the first time this year. It was dreadful. The doctor said it was from a virus so I hope she was right as I would hate to have that condition regularly. I hope yours doesn't come back. I love both your summer and winter photos. It is so green there whereas we are in drought and the grass is brown.

  6. As always, it is a restful inspiring break I get when I read your blog. My husband has been very sick so I am doing nursing most of the time. Don't have a lot of time for me so when I see your blog pop up I know I am in for a sweet treat to beautiful pictures of God's handiwork. Your strawberries look so delicious and your gardens are so green and full. Looks like you will be busy at harvest time. Thanks for the peak into P.E.I., as I always wanted to go there.

  7. A lovely post. I love hearing about all your goings on!

  8. Vertigo is terrible. ((((hugs)))) I love reading about the farm and your summer goings on. I was born on PEI. My middle son still lives there with his family. God willing I will one day be able to return. xoxo

  9. Thank you for sharing your beautiful days. I feel more relaxed just looking at the beautiful foliage in your pictures.