Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Middle of August at the farm...

Hello everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth blog on this lovely Sunday in the middle of August.. 

The days are a wee bit shorter then when I posted just a couple of weeks ago.  The raspberries have ripened, the Sampfire greens are at the market and the beautiful Queen Anne's Lace are flourishing on every roadside... 
Summer is winding down.. 
For some that is a happy dance sort of thing but for me it is more of a side of melancholy! 
I do love all the seasons but for some reason when Summer makes her debut I feel so uplifted but then it sets me down slowly.... 
I can see the signs everywhere that she is going to leave ... 
The flowers and leaves that were alive and beautiful are changing their colours, the gardens are ready for harvest, the garlics are hung, the nights are cooler and there is a nip in the air when you open the kitchen door in the mornings.. 
Fall is in the air even if it has not arrived yet.. 
It is coming and we will bid farewell to another Summer.. 
I really don't like to say good-bye to her.. 
I am going to enjoy every enchanting moment left in her company! I will drink coffee in the mornings without a fire on and sit on the deck and breath the evening air!  Terry and I will do the picnic thing a few more times and go to the beach again.. I will sit on my swing and thank God for all of his blessings..
How about you? How do you look at it?  
Just wondering... smile.. 

We stayed overnight at the farm finally and it was fine..
A beautiful place to wake up in...  

The cows have been visiting in the pasture by the house and we love that.. 
Terry worked in the gardens a lot and I am still doing my thing..

Making simple meals.. 
Lots of veggies are available now.. 
Made batches of pesto and made a few salads with the basil.. 
This is one of our favourites.. 
Tomatoes and onions chopped and lots of basil and garlic.. 
Squeeze on some fresh lemon juice and a bit of olive or canola oil.. 
Let it sit at room temp for an hour or so.. 
It is delicious with banquette or fresh bread or just as an added salad or with some pasta... 

So enjoying our garlic harvest.. 

Our gardens are doing great.. 
This is one you can see out of the pantry window..

Love our farmer's cows..

Aren't they lovely?  

We go for country drives quite often as always.. 
Terry is a darling and picks me any flowers I need.. 
Or wild medicines.. 
This is actually Milkweed... 
He was telling the grandsons that the negative thing about Grandma getting her cataracts removed was that she could see every flower in the ditch now!  lol... 
And the poor dear has to pick them.. 
I do offer but I think it is easier for him to pick them then to have to call a crane to get me out of the ditch... grin..

On with the story.. smile.. 
Last Monday he decided it was time to go to the woodlot and chop down more fire wood.. 
All by himself.. 
As he knows that is not going to happen ... 
I would not accomplish anything for wondering if he was all right.. 
So ... I pack up some coffee, hard boiled eggs and a cucumber salad and away we go.. 
I had a project I wanted to work on so along it came ...  
I had picked this up at the thrift store for a couple of dollars.. 
I just needed it and a pair of scissors and a glue stick.. 
It provided lots of tags that I can use for gifts.. 
Not just kids but ladies, too!  
I am not the only Beatrix Potter fan.. smile..

The wee cutouts will be stickers.. 
The larger will get a hole punched and a pretty string for a tag or just a bookmark or such..

Several little envelopes that will hold a gift card or a bit of lavender or even some seeds.... 
I think I will distress ink on a few... 

My gift pantry is starting to come together again.. 
I built it up in the Spring but it does not last long.. 
What do you have in yours?  
I hope to make Queen Anne's Lace jelly this week.. 

Saturday morning we woke early and went to breakfast at the Big Stop and then did some yard sales in Salisbury.. 
It was yard sale day.. 
I was so excited as we bought a really good vacuum for the farm.. 
It works perfect.. 
A Filter Queen.. 
And a food processor!  
Both for only fifteen dollars with several really good books added in.. 
Then we headed for the farm and these were in the pasture in front of the house..  
Just enjoying the summer breezes... 
They are so friendly.. 
Terry laughs when I yell hello ladies!  
They moo right back.. lol....

I set to work in the living room.. 

The dear man had hung my shelf that I found at a yard sale for only five dollars.. 
I love it.. 
Terry has collected platters in the past and it was somewhere to display a few.. 
I took the lace panels down and washed them and hung them on the line... 
They blew out lovely like.. 
Hope to hang them back up next time up there.. 

I know I have lots of stuff..
Sorry to you minimalists!! 
My grandson was telling me about that this morning after church.. 
I think he still has hope for me.. grin.. 

Some everlastings drying.. 

And the Tansy is out.. 
That is what I mean by Summer passing us by... 
When the Tansy is blossoming then it is almost over.. 

Terry picked a ton of green beans.. 
Five pails full.. 
We gave 2 pails away but the rest I canned..
Or we ate.. smile.. 

These ones I cut in the french cut but I should have put them in litre bottles as they are jammed in there.. 
But.. they will taste the same.. 
I like these for a change.. 
Sometimes I make a Mennonite Salad with them.. 
Just drain and add chopped onion and make a dressing of sour cream and a speck of sugar, salt and pepper.. 

We bought too many bananas!

But my sweet friend on Instagram.. 
Remembering the Old Ways had posted a delicious new banana bread recipe.. 

Banana Bread
3 large ripe bananas 
1 cup of sugar
1 egg 
1 1/2 cups flour
1/8 cup of melted butter
1 tsp. soda 
1/2 tsp salt 
1/2 cup walnuts  
Oven 350 degrees F. 
45 to 50 minutes .. 
You can make small ones or 1 big one.  
I tripled the recipe and there were 5 as you can see.. 
You just mix this up like always... 
It is a very good recipe.. I think she said it was Amish.. 

Well my dears I guess this is all for today.. 
So happy to have you visit.. 
Really enjoy your comments and notes.. 
Here or Face Book or on Instagram... 
Where ever you may be.. 

Just know that I appreciate you all and feel that you are my friends.. 
 and that God loves us so much that our mundane every day matters to Him... 
God bless.. 


  1. That hint of Autumn makes these last Summer days all the more precious....

    1. Good evening Faye, loved this post and all the great favourites, although they are all good, was the shot looking out the window with a mist or fog and the oil lamp by the window....but as I said, I always like all of your pictures! Yes, unfortunately summer is slipping away ..I hate to see it go, it's my favorite season. It never seems long enough. I've frozen some green beans and will be canning tomatoes and carrots soon. Have a good week.

  2. What a lovely summer post Faye. I love Beatrix Potter too. You do so much , what an inspiration. I don't think of summer being over until October!!

  3. Everything is so breathtakingly beautiful...I am afraid, I was looking at our shelves in the pantry and thought, "Umm...time to restock." I don't have like a separate closet/pantry--more like just shelves. Nonetheless, time to restock before winter hits.

    I am not a summer person...well...I am not a humidity person. I love winter where one can layer up. smiles

  4. We are finding the same here in England, nights are drawing in, darker evenings, a bit of heat needed in the early morning.....yes, Summer is slipping away now.
    Lovely to see photos of your stay at the Farm.

  5. Looks like things are wonderful at the farm. I do so love your photos from there. I've been looking for a good banana bread recipe. I misplaced my mom's and neither of my sisters seem to have it, so thanks for sharing yours. Have a great week!

  6. Summer is winding down here as well. Lots of harvesting and preserving. The banana bread looks delicious. I was just thinking the other day that I need to make some pumpkin bread. It is a fall favorite here. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  7. I love every season in England but I understand what you feel as summer slips away. When the swallows and Swifts congregate on the overhead power lines you know they're getting ready for the long journey back to Africa to overwinter. Whenever I see that it brings a soft melancholy - summers over.
    The Celts believed that August was the beginning of autumn and we are seeing the signs now.

  8. Dear Faye, can you please share what medicine you make with the Milk Weed? I know the milk is used for wart removal and ringworms - but how do you preserve it or or turn it into medicine to be store for winter?
    I always leave the milkweed pods up for the butterflies in our gardens...

  9. My goodness you have a huge beautiful garden!! I so enjoy your country roads pictures and the tags for gifts was something I had never thought of so thank you. I love, love, love summer and I know it will be leaving soon but it is hot and humid here in S central PA. I need to can some tomatoes and green beans and make some applesauce soon. Looks like you are both enjoying being out at the farm! God bless.

  10. You have a way of making life look so picturesque - what a beautiful talent. Your posts feel like a welcoming home, a hug from a loved one, and a home cooked meal. I thank you for what you share. We could all use a little more of that:-) Have a superb day~

  11. Love your posts whatever the season, Faye! And this one is especially lovely, so evocative of summer. I am not ready to let go of summer either, though I'll be glad when the current humid spell passes. Fall is definitely my favorite season, with summer second.

  12. There is a certain sadness that overcomes one with the passing of the seasons. I just had this conversation with my sweet doggie as we were walking yesterday. We are so looking forward to fall, but we also know that it always seems to be the shortest season of the year. Oh, how I love all the beautiful pictures and happy thoughts from there at The Blessed Hearth.

  13. Cute shelf, and nice platter display.
    I may have to give that banana bread recipe a try; thanks for sharing.
    We are not getting a nip in the air, as of yet, but in mere weeks we shall, I'm certain.
    Still enjoying summer weather here, as we have plenty more unpacking to do from our move and we'll 'make hay, when the sun shines'.

    Smiles :)

  14. Faye, if our Summers were as lovely as yours, I probably wouldn't look forward to Fall so much! Beautiful post as always!

    Grace & Peace,

  15. Enjoyed your lovely thoughtful post and thought the green beans looked
    beautiful in the jars! My mother always canned so many of those, remembering
    that so well and I am 86.

  16. As many others have said, this was just a beautiful post in every way...but your description of summer leaving was especially well written. I feel that I love each season, but always get a bit anxious for the next one as the current one winds down. But for some reason, I am feeling a bit more nostalgic about saying goodbye to this summer as well.

    I used to be able to have small gardens, but where I am now I have too many trees. The log cabin & property are just perfect for me in every other way though & is right next door to my son & his family. The Lord prompted me & my husband to plan our retirement & buy this much smaller home, not knowing at the time that my dear husband would pass away unexpectedly just 3 weeks after our closing. But our plan was in place, ordained by God I knew, so I finished closing our small retail shop & making the move alone. He was just like your Terry & would often bring home treasures from his morning runs with our dogs. I often got in my car in the morning to find a bird's nest or beautiful feather sitting on the passenger seat. I miss him terribly, but have wonderful memories of our many years we were blessed with. What a wonderful gift to have had those years & also to know I will see him again.

    Because of my life style now, I don't have the opportunity to can & bake in quantity, but I used to love that as part of my life. Your farm is gorgeous...what a gift!

    Anita ~ the cabin on the creek
    ...all is grace!

  17. Hi Faye, so love your posts. I must ask. Where do you find your "medicine" recipes? I have been trying to find some, too many to choose from.

  18. This post is one that has to be read two or three times. I enjoyed it very much. Great post for this time of year ......when fall is just around the corner. I think of you often.

  19. Catching up here . Your posts always bring a smile to my face and an awe in my heart and also take me back to my farming days with all the home made goodies . I love your photos . I also love your little English cottage salt & pepper shakers you have on your table I have teas pots like that but not shakers soo cute . I hear you when you describe how summer is slowly ending and how you see and feel the change in the air and land, as I also do to . I also love summer and am melancholy about it . I got some lovely fresh yellow garden beans from my neighbors this evening and prepared them for the freezer it took me back to my farming days when mum and I sat out on the porch in the evenings snapping beans , also french runner beans with a neat little tool that looks like a pencil sharpener that I haven't seen anywhere since and shucking peas lol . Thanks for sharing , have a great week and weekend !

  20. Your pictures are so beautiful and peaceful. You present home - life in such a pleasant way.

  21. Lovely post! We are feeling the end of summer herein the Southern USA too. When our children were growing up they would always quick roll down the window of the car when passing cows near the road and shout 'HEY COW'. Then they would howl with laughter if the cows looked up at them. Now they are all grown and we do it sometimes just for old times sake.

  22. Thank you for sharing your recipes for the banana bread and the tomato basil salad. Great photographs!

  23. Mam. You have a wonderful blog. I am reading it with a smile from Kuwait. Thankyou.