Friday, September 6, 2019

It's really September...

Hello sweet friends.. 
When I was pondering the title for this post all I could think about was that it is really September!  
The summer fairly flew and now we are on the brink of Fall.. 
A lovely time of year for sure and many people's favourite but I sadly bid adieu to the loveliest of seasons of Summer.. 
That is how it is... smile.. 

How have you all been? 
Thank you so much for stopping by and all of your dear comments last post.. 
It is so gratifying to hear from so many and some of your sweet words really touched my heart.. 
I am blessed with this blog and hopefully as summer gives way to fall I will do a bit better job at keeping in contact.. 

Such a busy time of year, eh? 
Here are a few things we have been doing.. 
Preserving of course is the main activity at the moment for me and for Terry it is the garden harvest and getting wood in the basement for winter.. 

Peaches are lovely this year..  
These ones were grown in Ontario which is a province here in Canada... 
Our weather is not conducive to growing peaches here in New Brunswick.. 
I think I only did up 18 jars but then I froze a few also.. 

So delicious on yogurt and a few nuts added for good measure.. 
But in between picking and pickling we have been trying to get a few day trips in.. 
of course this is one of the places close to my heart.. 
St. Martins, New Brunswick.. 
Where we had a dear cottage and shop for over twenty years.. 
The beautiful Bay of Fundy.. 
I have had a love affair going on with it since I was a child and we would go and visit my Gram and my sweet cousins several times a year.. 

It was wonderful to visit again and I feel good that I do not regret the sale of it all.. 
It was time.. 

My Mom of course grew up there and she so loves to visit there every so often.. 

On this trip I went with my Mom and Step father and a sweet friend Cindy... 
Terry went to the races with our grandson so I was fancy free and there was no where I would rather spend an afternoon.. 

This was one of our meals lately.. 
Our once a week pasta dish.. 
Oh how I love thee.. grin.. 
chicken breasts browned in garlic and onions.. 
then simmered in homemade spaghetti sauce and topped with mozza cheese and a little side of fresh homemade pesto... 
Yup..  grin.. 
I do know that pasta is not really that good for you but it is the food I love best.. 
I tried substituting it with spaghetti squash but .... no.... 
Once a week will be the real deal.. lol.. 

On another day we headed to Buctouche, N.B. 
A beautiful seaside town with parks and dunes.. 
Such a lovely day.. 

And we bought some of my favourite greens.. 

Grown on the marshes.. 
Organic food at it's best.. 
Salty and delicious.. 

Sorry to be talking so much about food.. 

I have been harvesting my straw flowers at the farm.. 

I can see a wreath in my future.. smile. 

this was a gorgeous day trip a couple of weeks ago.. 
Minister's Island here in New Brunswick.. 

You have to go with the tide of the Bay of Fundy... 
When it is low tide this road appears and you can literally drive on the ocean floor to the island.. 
But you can only stay a few hours and you have to leave or be stranded there for 12 hours, I believe..  
When the tide is in that road there is covered with 15 feet of sea water.. 

This island contains the Van Horne estate which is amazing.. 

They were obviously very rich people and lived accordingly.. 
So much to see.. 
I couldn't begin to show you all there is to see but here are a few pics.. 

This is such a long post that I didn't want to bore you silly but perhaps I will do more another time as I have scads of pics.. 
The house and barn and bath house are glorious.. 
You could google it though and see ... 
Back home we go... 
Before the tide!  smile.. 

Here is a lovely treat that is so good.. 
Zucchini fries.. 
I just made a regular dill dip.. 
Low fat sour cream and low fat mayo... 
add herbs and garlic.. 
I loved these but they were not anything Terry wanted to try.. smile.. 

Canning more stuff.. 
These are just regular tomatoes ...

And four batches of Salsa... 
Have you been preserving?  
I love this time of year preparing for the winter months.. 
Do you?  

Our sweet daughter had a birthday.. 

This was a pic taken when she was a wee thing over on Prince Edward Island.. 
We used to go camping there every summer.. 
The kids loved it and still do.. 

And this is her now taken a few weeks ago in Boston.. 
Forty nine years old now!  
Where has the time gone.. 
So love and am so proud of our only daughter.. 
Thankful that the Lord has kept her and she has chosen to allow Him to direct her life and home.. 

And just one more food pic... grin.. 

Two ingredient foraccia bread.. 

Well dear hearts this is it for another time.. 
So glad we could get together 

I look forward to hearing from you again.. 
Love your notes.. 
Next post I will try to do a farm one.. 
I have been busy here at home doing my canning.. 
I didn't want to use my old stove at the farm as it is precious to me.. 
It is hard on a stove doing all the canning so I am home mostly.. 
But I still hope to get out there for several days yet.. 
I still have a lot of harvesting herbs and such.. 

I love this verse, don't you?  

God bless and sending you hugs.. 

As I read over this post I find it rather haphazard and sketchy.. 
I guess I am feeling a bit tired but it will do for now I guess.. 

Also in answer to a couple of question last post.. 
As far as the Wild Medicine sites that I use.. 
I use quite a few different ones.. 
Farmer's Almanac is one I trust.. 
Also the Milkweed is not anything I am sure of yet.. 
Just learning about it.. 
All I read is quite promising for me to try next year .. 
It is more of a food source though then a medicine, I think.. 
I really hope to study up on apothecary recipes and such this winter.. 
a project shall we say.. 
For now I have quite a bit thus far.. 
Red clovers, Horsetail, Nettles, Jewelweed, Yarrow, Violet, Tansy.. 
That are a few I have dried and such.. 


  1. Happy to visit Saint John, and a day trip to St Martins(my favorite)...
    also made plum jam and peach--fruit from Ontario--in a generous friend's kitchen!Thanks for your inspirational posts!

  2. Loved the post and all the pictures! I am going to check out the bread recipe next. Enjoy your day and God Bless.

  3. What good looking ladies in your family - your Mum, you and lovely Shonda. All looking healthy and happy.
    I have been making plum jam and freezing lots of plums and runner beans for the winter.
    Great to see the picture of samphire! I love it - especially with a little garlic butter. Did you know Shakespeare wrote about it in one of his plays? ( Can't remember which one - I need to look it up).
    Thank you for a lovely post.

  4. Happy Birthday Shonda! Wishes for many more happy birthdays.

    What a lovely post, Faye. smiles

  5. Oh, I did love seeing all of your photos of New Brunswick. Although I did live there for a time I didn't really get to see much of it. I used to drive up to Woodstock and over into Houlton to go shopping sometimes, and of course into Fredericton. We went to Saint John the odd time, shopping or to take the ferry across to NS. We went through Moncton and would take the children to the huge waterpark there, but no real sight seeing. I have driven through it many times through the years on the way from Nova Scotia West. I love learning about these new places. I loved seeing all that you are cooking and creating in your beautiful home. What a cosy, cosy post! Thank you! xoxo

  6. I love the verse too 🌿

    The bay looks so tranquil.

    Lovely Photos x

  7. I enjoyed reading this post. It's been awhile. Your photos are so pretty and love that big old stove in the house you visited. I bought peaches and made a crisp. Gone in a few days...delish with ice cream. I froze some peaches too. I like making applesauce too. Once in awhile jam. You should check out as they have the best essential oils for health and vitality oils to use in food. A drop or two will do ya. I been using them for over a year and they good in many ways!! I've written about them in my blog. Have a blessed weekend.

    1. I enjoyed all of your photos. I don't can anymore but I have been freezing some things for winter meals.

  8. I can't wait to see the "scads" of pics....teehee. Lovely - ALL of it!

  9. Happy September! Your post has made me ravenous, by the way . . . ;)

  10. Catching up here . Lovely post and photos as always . Your a busy lady in the kitchen that's for sure with all your wonderful yummy recipes and goodies , Lovely photo of you and your mum and of your lovely daughter , Wishing here a belated Bday . Hope the storm was kind to you and your family . Thanks for sharing , Have a great weekend !