Sunday, January 5, 2020

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year dear hearts!  
So happy to welcome you to the Blessed Hearth this first Sunday of the New Year.... 
Feeling so blessed to be alive and well and ushering in a new decade...  
I wonder what it will bring... 
Sad times perhaps but joy for sure..
Laughter and tears ... 
Triumphs and failures ... 
But through it all we can depend upon God to be with us.. 

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas...
We did... 

But first of all.. 

Terry and I went for a little drive the other day, as usual!  
Checked out the farm to be sure all was well.. 
When we came out the lane I said I thought we should take the long way around... 

The roads were not so good as you can see above but very pretty...  

Saw a beaver dam... 
Right beside the road... 

And the pond was not frozen yet... 

We continued into the city and stopped at a bookstore.. 
It was a lovely day! 
Came home to make supper and have a cozy evening...
I do enjoy these evenings when Terry is not outside working and the fire is burning and the lamps are lit... 
Don't you?  
I have been doing some research on hygge .
It means a quality of coziness and comfort that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being...  
This is a defining characteristic of Danish culture.. 
I love it! smile
You can google it if you are interested.. smile.. 
I hope to get back to this subject on future blog posts.. 

I thought to share some of our Christmas pics with you.. 
I know Christmas is over for another year.. 
I still have not put it all away.. 
But hopefully this week it will get accomplished.. 

We spent Christmas Day with Shonda and her family.. 
Our oldest son had to work and our youngest son is out west so we had to plan on a later day for the whole family.. 

Everything as always was so beautiful.. 
The table was set with her lovely china dishes and crystal..
She had crafted those sweet gnomes for each place setting and we brought ours home with us.. 
The meal was delicious, too.. 
Dave's Mom was there and we always enjoy visiting with her.. 

And of course... 
our dear grandsons... 
Two of them this time... 
So dear to our hearts!  

Then the rest of the week went by and I puttered at getting ready for our real Christmas!
You know... 
When they all come home... 
The only thing is that our youngest could not be here again.. 
We talk and text and all that but
I will admit it is hard on this mama's heart.. 

The tables were laid.....

Desserts were made.. 

Appetizers and Punch prepared... 
Finally the morning arrived and they were here.. 
The meal was made ready and enjoyed ... 

Then the entertainment began... 
First we exchanged our gifts and then we did our Swap... 

Just so much fun!  
One grandson thought we should do it twice next year!  grin.. 

Then coffee was poured once again and everyone started something else...
Some just relaxed and chatted.. 

Then some got serious!  

They love their games... 

Terry and one of the grandsons were digging around the book shelves for some reason and came across our old projector and slides from the 1970s when our kids were just little.. 

We had such a wonderful time strolling down memory lane with our grandsons and their parents.. 
So touching to see how thrilled the boys were to see their mom and dad when they were just wee ones.. 
And their grandpa with hair.. 
They thought he looked like Rambo!  lol... 
Pics of our parents ....
It was like a visit... 
It was just so lovely!  
Trevor was taking pics of some of the slides and sending to his brother out west and so he was included in it all..

It was truly a most wonderful time!
Then they all went home again ....   

And now the new year is upon us.. 
We make our resolutions and try to get our priorities in order for another year..  

We will be married 50 years in March.. 
So this will be a celebration year for Terry and I.. 
We are looking forward to it all.. 

But most of all this year
I want to be found faithful to the Lord...  
I really want to draw nearer to Him then ever before.. 
Do you have that longing? 

Like the old song goes.. 
Just a closer walk with Thee...
Grant it Jesus is my plea.. 
Daily walking close to Thee.. 
Let it be, dear Lord, let it be.. 

That is my prayer for this year.. 

God bless you sweet readers of this blog.. 
You are awesome and I count you all as blessings.. 
Happy New Year! 


  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely Christmas!
    Is that a Gingerbread cake???[smile]

  2. What a beautiful Christmas you had! I know how you feel, not having all your babies home for Christmas. Our daughter lives in Virginia and even though we spent Christmas with them there this year, we truly missed them when we came home and celebrated with our two sons and their families. But we manage, don't we? We make the best of it all. Happy New Year, Faye!

  3. Faye this is just the sweetest post, starting out with you and Terry enjoying a day out just enjoying the day and each other, mixed with the Christmas get togethers and ending with the promise of a soon 50 year anniversary. Loved it. I too want this year to bring me closer to our Lord and to serve Him even more. Thanks for sharing your simple but wonderful life with us. Blessings to you and Terry and your family.

  4. What a lovely Christmas you all had, so nice to be with family. Your house looked beautiful. We rediscovered some old slides recently...we all looked so young!
    Wishing you a very blessed new year.

  5. Happy New Year! What a wonderful family Christmas. Old slides and family pictures are such a fun way to connect generations. Yes, a closer walk with God - I want that too. Thank you for sharing. May God bless in you in 2020!

  6. How I miss all of the family Christmas gatherings. Yours made my heart happy.
    We’ll be married 50 years this year, too. I’ve offered to pay for my son, dil and grandchildren to come over from England for a summer visit. We only see them once or twice a year and they have no money to travel.
    Wishing you a peaceful and blessed New Year. I love your blog posts!

  7. What a wonderful uplifting post, many blessings for 2020.

  8. Lovely post Faye🌿
    Yes I have the same longing
    or perhaps its a need....

    All Good Wishes x

  9. Beautiful...wishing you and your a family a very Merry Christmas. smiles

  10. Lovely, thank you for sharing.


  11. As always you have shared some beautiful images! Your post reminds me of one of Anne Frank's diary passages. "What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven't even happened yet." We just never know... Best wishes for a wonderful year!

  12. I love your pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us. I can just imagine how much fun the slideshow was. God bless

  13. What a wonderful family time you had at Christmas. Best wishes as you head into 2020

  14. Nothing like precious family moments together Faye! I'm sorry your son was not able to be there for Christmas, but glad that he was included in all the activities, with the pictures being texted to him! What fun! My parents used to do the same, we'd watch the old slides together and movies. So much fun! It is always a bit sad to put everything away, but the new year always brings new things to look forward to - congratulations to the both of you on 50 years! So exciting! Will look forward to hearing more about all those celebrations! Much love to you sweet friend!

  15. Oh what a dear Christmastime you had. I bet that ol' projector was a hit. Happy New Year.

  16. Such a beautiful post Miss Faye :) I wrote in my journal at the start of this year that I too want to draw ever closer to the heart of Jesus. I thought your Christmas looked simply wonderful and so much fun!! I also have that same British Christmas Country Living magazine (a gift from my husband)It's my favourite magazine !!. Blessings to you ~ Linda (New Zealand)

  17. Your have a beautiful family Faye.

    We have slides too and love going through them from time to time. Looking back to a simpler time, love doing that.

    50 years marriage, that is quite an achievement, congratulations. It will definitely be a good year for you.