Sunday, June 28, 2020

Farm Journal 2020 Number 2...

Good Evening everyone.. 
So happy to have you visiting here at the Blessed Hearth.. 
All is well here in Eastern Canada. 

Tis another Sabbath and we were thankful when they said .. let us go into the house of the Lord.. 
Again we are so blessed to be able to be in church this morning.. 
And a  special day it was as we celebrated our youngest grandson's graduation..  
Pastor spoke so well.. 
Admonishing not only Joel but all of the young people to keep God first in their hearts and lives.. 
Praying for all youth today in this topsy turvy world.. 

I know it has been a few weeks since I posted and thought I better get one up before this month was over to show you we did a special day for our 50th once again for the month of June... 

You will think we are such a boring couple!!  
No wild trips or great excitements.. grin.. 
I mention to my husband every once in awhile that I am a cheap date!  lol.. 
All he has to do is take me over the mountain to the Bay of Fundy and I am a happy gal.. 
Once again.. 
Cape Enrage it was.. 
We had another picnic lunch.. 
Potato Salad, Tomato Sandwich on a bun which I made there, fermented carrot pickles, cherry tomato salad, popcorn and such.. 
Terry had a diet pepsi and I had a lovely thermos of hot tea.. 
In my china cup.. grin.. I know, eh!! 
Sitting there listening to the waves and feeling the sea breezes on my face just recuperates my lagging spirit.. smile.. 
And I had downloaded the most wonderful book on my Kindle..  
The Promise of Dawn by Laurain Snelling.. 
Terry had a nap and a walk and I just sat.. 
I did pick some flat rocks to make one of those stack things.. 
Two of them actually..
We left there.. 

And drove to Alma.. 
Such a quaint and beautiful village.. 
Bought a sticky bun.. 
They are famous!  
Then back across Caladonia Mountain and to the farm.. 
We are still not staying there all the time..
We shall see.. 
Love being home too.. 

This is a farm journal post so here we go..  
I spend a lot of time in the herb beds but they are getting about done except for weeding and watering.. 
Terry works outside and I love pottering about inside.. 
Remember a while ago I mentioned he had brought my old shop wall cupboard in .. 

He hung it in the pantry and I love it.. 
Pretty old and distressed shall we say.. 
No matter.. It is lovely to this beholder.. grin.. 
I just put in what had been in the other one but I will get to it.. 
Another day at the farm and another meal.. 

Fish Chowder and Salad.. 

A few make and dos.. 
Fermented Rhubarb Pickles.. 

Which I simply love.. 
Terry... not!! lol.. 
So.. I get them all to myself and have finished a bottle already!! 
I love sour... 
Well.. I love sweet, too.. Just not in pickles.. lol.. 
More meals.. 

We do love our fish and salads.. 
Especially, cod fish!  
Yes, we are Maritimers!  smile.. 
My chives are being put to good use..
Made vinegars and Acadian Soup Herbs.. 
Sorry no pic.. 
Each time we go I pick a basket full of herbs..  

Oregano, Chives, Thyme, Tarragon and Catnip are already.. 
So love herbs!! 
Do you?  What is your favourite thing to do with them.. 

And of course, Lovage! 
Sun dried a lot so far.. 
It takes a lot to make the Lovage Salt.. 
It is not really salt but lovage all ground up and put in a shaker dish to use as a salt replacement.. 
Of course, I don't think I could ever replace salt full time but it does have a wonderful celery type flavour.. 
Also I add this to my soup herb cheese cloth balls and then I add them to the ones I freeze.. 
Oh my.. 
I must be on a roll today.. 
Rambling on and on and on.. 
Almost finished.. lol.. 

Another simple farm meal.. 
Terry's kind.. 
He is going to take me out to a few gourmet places as soon as we think it is safe enough.. To celebrate, I mean.. smile. 
For now it is steak and mushrooms, mashed, squash and dilled bean salad... 

Some of you girls email me and say you love the meal ideas so hope you don't find me just longwinded.. grin

We are celebrating two of our grandson's
 achievements this month of June-2020.. 

Our youngest of five grandsons graduated from high school!  
He did so well with high honours and several prizes and scholarship.. 

He will be entering U.N.B. in the fall.. 
Praying God's blessing and protection for him.. 
We are proud and happy for him.. 

He is our second oldest grandson..
He just graduated from four years of Engineering at U. N. B. 
With high honours and all.. 
He has been accepted into Med school in the Fall.. 
So we are indeed blessed!  
Praying that the Lord will continue to bless and protect Matthew!  
The other 3 grandsons are all at university also.. 
What can I say.. grin.. 
I am their grandma after all!  

Well dear hearts this is all for this time and this month.. 
We have a family  celebration coming up this week and am so looking forward to being with our family.. 
Missing our precious son out west, though..
Just try not to think about that and am blessed with the calls and such.. 
Better then in the day of these books I read when they left their family not expecting to ever see them again in this life.. 
Just can't imagine!  

Thanks for dropping by and visiting with me once again.. 
So love your notes here and on Face Book and on Instagram.. 
Appreciate you girls.. 

For the questions and such.. 
I picked those blue bowls up that was on the last post at a thrift shop.. What a scoop.. lol.. 
And I will be making the bunting for the farm and will explain that then Donna.. Sorry to take so long.. 
and the recipe for the perfume is so easy.. 
Just use an unscented lotion.. 
And add essential oils.. 
I think it was 15 drops of patchouli, 2 drops of ylang ylang and 2 drops of orange..  
I think next time I will just use patchouli and perhaps lavender.. 
Just adding till I get the scent I like.. 
Hope this helps.. 
God bless..  


  1. Hi Faye, great to see your post. It's a busy time of year, but we have to take some time to slow down and enjoy the beautiful season of summer ( my favorite). I'm enjoying it so far, just wish this virus was long gone so we could go and do more. Enjoy your week.

  2. Always enjoy the peeks at the pretty and delicious...
    your posts are so inspiring--thank you!

  3. Love your pictures! Thanks for sharing the recipes with us. I have a question about the cake recipe. Do you put the egg yolks in the batter and then add the whites at the end? and just kinda fold them in. I think I would like to try it out. Thanks.

  4. I enjoy my little visit to your blog and insights into the farm. I love to to have a variety of herbs hanging in my kitchen at this time of year, drying out ready to store for those winter stews and casseroles.

  5. Another lovely visit, thank you Faye.
    My herbs are doing well and my Fennel has grown to over 6 feet, maybe I should cut it back a bit! But I love its pretty yellow flowers.
    Your meals look delicious as usual.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed your lovely blog; it's my first time visiting you on here. Your anniversary celebration sounded perfect, especially at this time in history. Hope you have a wonderful week!! Blessings, Sue

  7. Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary and congratulations to your grandsons. smiles

  8. That cod fish and salad looks delicious!

  9. Hi Faye. It's Friday morning but I came back to your blog for a second visit up home. ❤️❤️. Love you sister 😘

  10. Hi Faye, I have checked your blog a couple times hoping to see a post so I was definitely smiling when I saw your farm journal 2 this morning. Love all your pictures and recipes. Could you share with us what mix you use to coat your Cod fish in? It looked so good! I enjoy the info on your herbs too. My son planted some herbs for me. I noticed my oregano had little white flowers all over and when I googled it I found out you are not suppose to let them flower. I did some trimming. I have been having yellow squash from one plant for over two weeks now and it is really producing:) I just made a rhubarb and strawberry pie for my son - one of his favorites! You are blessed with a lot of precious grandchildren! Oh I meant to say too that the cabinet your husband hung in the pantry looks beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love your travels and picnics. Picnics are always best with some niceties! We always bring cloth napkins and such. It just makes the outing nicer.

  12. Your posts are always comforting ... a big affectionate hug!