Sunday, May 21, 2023

Some of our May days....

Hello everyone..

How are you all?  Better then I am right now, I hope...

No, not really!  I am just very frustrated at the moment...

I have literally been hours trying to get this post up but I go two steps ahead and one step back.. 

I had to come into our old desktop and I see the spacing is off... Ugh!

Anyway.. I think I will go to the bottom of the post and write a few words and that will be it for tonight...

 The next few pics are of our Mother's Day celebration and it was a beautiful day! 

Filled with family and church... 

It was so great having our children there at church together.. 

We missed our youngest who is in Alberta but he had called the night before and again when we returned home.. 

Shonda and Dave surprised us by surprising us at church and then taking us out for dinner...


Then we were all invited to Trevor and Tammy's for a beautiful BBQ supper... 

Two wonderful meals in one day!  And lots of gifts!  I so appreciated everything but most of all were the memories that were made... The grandsons had a few laughs with their grandparents about this and that.. lol.. I can't keep up!  But just so much love and joy!  I thank God for the blessing of all these dear ones.. Near and far!  

My grandsons are blessed with wonderful parents and I have never had a moments worry about their parenting!  And I am thankful! 

 Anyway.. This computer seems to be acting better than my Chrome Book.. I think I need a few more instructions from them boys!  smile.. 

A sweet funny pic from our youngest son the other day.. He was showing me the smoke in Alberta... I told him that I would rather see his face and this is what I received!  He is so funny but so sweet!  😊

We are so praying for Alberta and the wild fires in that province... Send the rain, Lord... 

My husband brought these to me for Mother's Day! The dear man!

We finally had a day at the farm and it was lovely! 

Waiting patiently for lunch... 

Chicken and Spaghetti.  A celebration meal... smile.. 

A pic of the old stove from last year.. 

I have been working outside and have only had one day to tidy up.. It will be back to rights soon, I hope.. Anyway... it is what it is... I guess.. 😏 

On my last post I was saying I wanted to paint this old buffet of my Aunt Emily's... 

It took me awhile and of course Terry did half at least!  lol.. But it is finished although everything is not as I want it yet.. So this is just a peek shall we say.. I couldn't find a pic of some of the changes that I meant to include .. I just am not going through trying to get pics up here again.. 

So next time.. Ok?  

Did some ironing of old linens.. How I love them.. Do you? 

I changed out that mirror over the buffet and a few little projects.. 

Tried to make an old old calendar picture into a painting.. Turned out fair but the picture is so sweet.. Will show that later too.. 

Man, I have to hurry up... I am usually in bed by now.. There has to be an easier way to do this.. If I would just post more often I wouldn't have half the work.. I am truly whining today, eh?  Forgive me! 

We took a few country drives but not many.. I do have a whole post on one and will hopefully do it by itself and soon.. 

But here are a couple.. 

And here are some food pics from the last while..

And some make and dos... 
Homemade Laundry Soap... 
And a little tip for your garbage can.. 
These were on Instagram but not all of you are on there.. 
The laundry soap recipe is here on the blog.. If you can't find it just leave me a message and this tip is just putting some essential oil on a couple of cotton balls and putting inside your garbage can before you place your bag.. 
Keeps it so much fresher.. I use lavender and teatree but it is your choice as well as the amount.. 
Doesn't take a lot.. 

I am including this little advice 

Great advice, eh! 
Modern lingo! 💗

We had more company this post .. 
Last time it was Mr. Rooster but now we have geese, ducks, and such.. 

I wish I could keep them.. But they only visit... 
Dustin said it is pretty good when the freezer food comes to you!  Haha!

Then I had a bouquet of gorgeous and smelling beautiful Mayflowers.. 

So love them.. 
My friend had a gorgeous bouquet and Terry said it looked like they were on steroids!  So many blossoms!  😊

Then the other day I received this beautiful bookmark all the way from France... 

It was made by a dear missionary friend who does this lovely tatting!  I love that craft.. 
It was precious and I put it in a precious place!  
Thank you again, Mike... 💗

Well, dear hearts, this is all for today.. 
Shows how much I love thee.. No supper and past bed time.. Lol.. 
Take care and I hope to hear from you ... 
I love your sweet notes.. 
And I am so sorry for the whining and the mistakes and the ...... 
You know what I am like by now.. 

God bless you and your sweet families!  
Pray for me and I will pray for you.. 
We need each other in this time in history... 
Hugs from New Bruswick, Canada... 

Sunday, April 16, 2023

The Breath of Spring is here...

Hello there dear hearts...
How art thou? 
Here I am after a month and a half... 

The last time I posted we were in the midst of winter... 
Spring was still on her way but she arrived and we were very happy to welcome her back.. My favourite season of all!  
We celebrated by having the Breath of Spring Cake!
I think that I posted the recipe here last year.. 
It is a good cake.. 

Life has gone on and we are visiting out to the farm some.. 
I couldn't go in for a while because it was too cold but I will be able to very soon.. 
I would take a bit of handwork and listen to the wind... smile..
Lots of books.... 

A bit of embroidery.. 
These are to be Lavender sachets..
I am not expert at doing this.. 
Like my Gram I just pick up a needle and floss and go.. 

Then of course there are always paper crafts that I love to do.. 
This is just a wee daisy garland to hang in my sunroom... 

I so love this book called 
The Long Way Home... 

And cookbooks and note books.. 
I can keep myself amused for some time.. 
I am doing a Bible Study on the prayers of the Apostles... 
I have been praying for a particular need for some time and one day I wondered how the Apostles would pray for such.  
So I started looking their prayers up and then writing notes  .. 
It is really making me think about prayer in a different way.. 

The chores are still here always to do.. 

And projects.. 
I bought some paint to do the buffet in the diningroom.. 
Kind of excited about that.. 
The paint is Annie Sloan.. 
I will post pics when it is finished.. 
Not sure where I will store the collection of Flow Blue.. 
Smile.. Such decisions.... 

Did a bit of decor for the Easter time.. 

morning sun...

Just a few pics... 
Trevor was working and Dustin out West so we didn't celebrate it as much as usual.. 
We did go to Shonda's and had a beautful meal and we went to church on Easter Sunday with Trevor's family.. 
Spoke with our darling boy out West... 

Terry and I had a roast chicken and then a ham.. 
Hope you all had a great Easter.. 
So happy to know the risen Saviour.. 
And thankful for the debt He paid for my soul...

Moving on.. 
Here are some snowy pics from just a couple of weeks ago...

We have had mild temps and warm winds so this is today at the farm.. Still snow in the woods but it is leaving fast.. 
Hard to imagine that there was a big snowbank here a couple of weeks ago... eh!

Made some jam yesterday from frozen strawberries... 
And a big batch of bread.. 
And a few pics of other meals.. 

A feed of Mussels in garlic broth was delicious!  
Fried Ham and Spanish Rice...
We like to fry up some of the ham before I roast it.. 
This is with Terry's homemade sauerkraut and baked potato.. 
We love fried saurkraut!

Roast Chicken with Sage...

Like I mentioned last time I tell you the same old stuff.. 
But it is what we do here.. 
Thank you for telling me you are not bored.. 
My picture taking hasn't been great lately.. 
I keep forgetting but will try to do better now that Spring is here.. 
yeah, right!  😏

Another wee project was a few soap balls.. 

Now that my Mom has passed I seem to love the smell of roses.  
I didn't used to but anyway.. 
We went to Calais and I bought a big bar of rose soap but it didn't smell as much as I like.. 
So I grated it up and add rose essential oil and a tablespoon or two of water and molded it into balls.
Great for washing your hands or in the shower... 

I saw a pic on Instagram of an old basin filled with bulbs for Spring.. 
She sat it on her table... 
I loved the idea and added the pitcher that went with it and Terry buys me tulips every couple of weeks ... 
I love this for a change.. 

One morning I got up and I heard something pecking at the window. 
Looked out and saw that we had a visitor.. 
A beautiful roaster from across the way.. 
They had quite a time catching him.. 
I wanted to keep him.. 😉
Hoping to have one this summer and a few layers but time will tell.. 

Spent lots of time reading.. 
As always.. 
My favourite past time.. 

Splurged on this wonderful magazine.. 

Lots of make and do recipes... 

Doing my usual incense burning and potpourris and such.. 
Got this gorgeous incense burner..
from the Painted Pineapple in Moncton where I bought the buffet paint. 

This was a stove top for Spring potpourrie from the magazine.. 

Here are a couple of pics from Shonda's decor at Easter... 

A beautiful table.. 
Delicious Ham Dinner and great company.. smile.. 

And this wonderful Carrot Cake.. 
So pretty too!  

Then in March we had our 53rd anniversary... 

Just a couple of kids who found their way with God's grace... 
Blessed beyond measure!
We were treated to the best dinner at Carrabba's in Moncton 
from Shonda and David.. 

I think I used to be Italian.. lol..
They are the best around in my opinion.. 

Twas a lovely evening.. 
Thank you!!

I guess this is it for another time loveys... 
I saw this and thought of you all.. 

I love a little scripture inspiration, don't you? 

And a bit of good advice for us all.. 

I may have posted this before but nevertheless it is a grand idea.. 
I am really concentrating on taking back precious time that I have spent on the internet.. 
Working on productive things... 
I will check back with you next time and see how I am making out.. 
Will try to take pics, too... 

Thank you for dropping by and thanks for your sweet comments.. 
So love to hear from you and know you have been here.. 
Or on Facebook or Instagram... 

Please leave your first name so I know who you are.  
May God Bless and Keep you till we chat again.. 
Hugs from New Brunswick...