Sunday, February 17, 2019


Hello everyone..
How art thou? 

My close friends who have been around me for the past few decades know that usually my first greeting to them are those three words..
How art thou?  
The other night at Bible Study our pastor mentioned that if one spoke the Kings James version of speech today that people would find it strange.  
I had to smile to myself and thought that my friends surely do think I am strange for more reasons then that though! Grin.. 
Actually there are a few who try to get those words in before I do!  
We all have our ways, don't we...  

Hope all is well with you dear girls these February days.  
We all celebrated Valentine's Day since we last chatted.. 

We had a quiet day at home.  
Terry asked if I would like to go out for supper but I told him I would rather stay home.  The evenings are so cold and I generally prefer to stay in.  
Since we are retired I find we eat out more then we should and it is not the treat that it used to be.. 
I stirred up a batch of Chocolate Chunk cookies for a treat and cooked one of his fave meals..
We call it Hamburger Gravy with mashed, veggies and a salad.  
T'was lovely and we were content..

There is something mind blowing on Valentine's Day when you look over at your husband and think to yourself...
Oh my word... this is our 50th year of being each other's Valentine!  
Our 49th anniversary is next month but we have been in love for over fifty years!  
To be honest it is hard to imagine.  
Remembering when Terry's parents celebrated their 50th and it seemed  like a milestone way beyond our reach...
But here we are!  
So thankful. 
  God has been a faithful part of our marriage and it has lasted due mostly to His presence in our life.
All good things come from Him...  
Well, some days I can find him to be quite the pain but most days he still turns my crank.  Terry that is!   Lol..  

On with the show... 
We went for a little drive up to check on our old farm...
We were surprised at how much more snow there was up there then here at home.  
We have had rain and a couple mild days so the brook was open..  

Lots of melting around the old house but thankfully there was not any in the basement... 
When I go this time of year, I just wait in the car while he snowshoes in.  
He didn't have to this time though as there was not as much snow in the lane .
I listen to the wind and the sound of the brook..  Sometimes I have a nap but usually I just read...  
For some reason you girls mention that you like to hear about whatever little projects or tasks that I have been up to..  
I made a batch of Sofrito the other day and put it in the freezer.  
This is a sort of mixture that is used a lot in Latin cooking to add flavor to dishes.  
Martha Steward suggested several ways of using it also..  
Just Google if you are interested.  

Then I did a new salad dressing..  
I do not use store bought salad dressings although Terry does.  
I will put a jar or two of homemade on the table and he will go open the fridge door and get his Kraft ranch, French or Catalina.  
Can you imagine!  Lol.., 
I told him 49 years ago that there were a few things I would not give up.  
Such a thing was onions.  
Now he likes them as well as I do but...
not the salad dressings.. So we compromise.  
He buys his and I make mine!  Lol!  
This one was really good...  
Here is the recipe... 

1/4 cup of red wine vinegar  (or whatever kind you have)
1/2 cup of canola or olive oil
juice and zest of 1 lemon 
3 cloves of garlic (smash into paste)
2 tablespoon Doon mustard
1 tablespoon honey
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoon or two of minced herb of choice
pinch of red pepper flakes

Put all in a bowl and whisk or a jar and shake well..  

Rambling along here..

The best thing we did was to make a batch of cold process soap.  
I am so excited about making it.  A goal I have had for years.  
It would not have been a success without Terry helping me.  
I love it and hope to do another batch soon as we want to iron out the wrinkles of the process.  
It smells of patchouli, lavender and grapefruit. 
Another skill I have longed to conquer was the making of sourdough bread.  
This was my first try... 

It looked so wonderful when it came out of the oven and tasted so good the first night...  
Then the next day it was hard and just not what it should have been... sigh...
I shall try one more time, I think.   
I will let you know the results.  Smile.. 

Well, dear hearts....  
I think I have gone on long enough for this time..
Hope you are blessed with a wonderful week and great weather.  

God bless!  

Saturday, February 9, 2019

February Doings..

Hello my dears
Hope all is well with you in your little corner of the world.  

One more time I need to apologize for my post. 
This is being done on my tablet and I find it quite vexing to say the least! 
I get my photos up and hit a wrong button and they are gone in a blink of an eye!  Then I have to do it all over again.  
I guess I will shed my pride and confess that I am only using my tablet because it is all I can see to work with at the moment.  
As you know I am an older (wink wink) person and I have to have cataracts to be removed in the next month or two.  
Until then I need to use this as I find it very challenging to see my laptop.  
Now on with the show!  Grin.. 
Above I believe the pics speak for themselves.  
Made a bunting for heart month for the mantel and then another wee one for the front hall to trim a cedar tree I have in there.  
Have also been baking breads... 
No knead and James Beards Sour Cream and Dill.  You can find the link in Google.  It went over very well. 
We have had quite the weather here in Maritime Canada!  Just like the world over, I guess!  We go from rain to ice to snow to freezing temps and then back to mild ones.  
The weather is one thing we all have in common, eh!

I will also admit that I am mostly enjoying these long evenings and cozy days.  
We go out a bit but I find myself very content to stay home.  
I wish I could report that the decluttering is going a breeze and closets are being cleaned out but honestly they are not.  
Books are getting read, soup and breads are being made, fabric stashes are being pored over and decided which project they would work best on, my layered journal is being immensely enjoyed and we have even watched a few old movies.  
Hmmm. What else?
Oh yes!  
Enjoying herbal teas and going through the bookshelves of old glorious books. 
Kitchen books, recipes, herbs, gardening, old journals of mine, handmade poetry books, my mother in law's cookery books and more.  
Yes, there are stacks of them beside my chair.  
One end of the table has a sewing machine and whatever project I am pottering with. 
And a large willow basket full of felting stuff is stuffed under the end table.  
Yet there is so much more I want to do.  
The problem being that it takes me so long to accomplish anything that my to do list never gets shorter! Smile

Well, I guess this is all for this time. Thanks so much for visiting here and on
Love hearing from you all.  
Leave me a note and let me know what you have been busy doing.  
There are to be more blog changes due to Google so will just have to wait and see how it affects us here.  
Tomorrow is the Lord's Day!  
Have a blessed one!  

He is all together lovely, the fairest of the fair
And on Him alone, I know I can depend!  

Monday, January 28, 2019

A Monday Morning Pinterest Post..

Good Morning.  
A little surprise post for you today.  Was doing my Monday lists and checking my Pinterest pins that took my notice last week and thought to share them with you. 
A very short post... May or may not turn your crank.  Smile .. 
But here they are... 

Which of any did you like?  
Valentine's  day is  on it's way so am leaning that way as you can see.  

As I said this is short as I have some company coming today.  
Take care and hopefully I will get back here mid week or so.  

Have a great week with your dear families and God bless!  

Sunday, January 20, 2019

A Stormy Sunday

Hello everyone..
Hope you are all doing well with the
 storm which is blowing outside our windows on this Sunday night.  
It has been forecast for a week now so everyone is probably prepared and many were looking forward to it.  
We live here in Canada so storms are a way of life, eh!
I don't mind them once in awhile but to really enjoy it then it has to be on my conditions!  

A list of rules for a lovely storm:
1.  That everyone is healthy and well.  
2.  None of my children or grandsons are working.
3.  The hydro does not even flicker.
4.  A soup or stew is on the back burner. 
5.  A loaf of bread is rising to bake in the oven.  
6.  I have a lovely new book that turns my crank.
7.  A few projects that I can doodle away at.
8.  I can watch a show of Mountain Man or Alaska the Last Frontier..  smile
9.  I don't hear any sirens.. They are worrisome.. 
10.  I spend some time with the Master.. 
Yes, that about covers it..  smile...
So, this was today's  bread..
Yesterday we took a city day as my husband jokingly called it and went to Fredericton.  
I was attending a lovely baby shower but we went early enough for me to call in at the Thrift store.  (Value Village) and purchased a bread pan.  It makes a large loaf and when you turn it out it is sort of braided looking.
Threw a few seeds in there first. 

I also picked up this novel for today.  It is a lovely read.  

We love stir fries.  Do you?  

A hint of ginger and fish sauce and serve it over rice.  

Here are a couple of pages of my calendar that I worked on last post.  

January is almost over..
Then in comes February it's promises of Spring but Winter will still be here for awhile... 
We had a ham last week so I saved the bone and made a soup today.

Very simple but good non the less... 
A little heart day project that I am working on...

A needle felted heart bunting for the mantel.. 
I love hearts whether it is Valentines Day or not... 
Wanting to make a few more things too.. 
Are you crafting any hearts?

Here is a new sandwich idea for you.. 
Found this in one of my old written cookbooks this week.  
just a good old tuna sandwich but in a different way.  

Mediterranean Tuna Sandwich 
2 thin slices rustic bread
1 garlic clove cut in half 
1 can drained tuna
1 medium ripe tomato, seeded and diced small
1 tablespoon chopped parsley
1 tablespoon salted capers rinsed and drained 
2 Tablespoons olive oil or canola 
1 tsp. fresh lemon juice sea salt and fresh ground pepper.. 
Toast bread and rub them with cut side of garlic clove 
Arrange bread side by side on plate and mix other ingredients in a bowl.  
Pile on top of bread slices.  

Terry doesn't like open face sandwiches but really they are nicer that way or make a regular one. A nice change..  Well dear hearts this is about it for a stormy day! 

Being on a Sunday we missed our service this morning but so lovely that we can still talk to the Saviour here at home.  
With all the lazy day activities we will still take time for Him..  

Terry just let Charlie out and he said the storm has changed from snow to rain.   
Praying for all those on the highways and byways tonight.  
Thanks so much for dropping by and 
I was so happy to hear from you all last time . 

You guys are just lovely!
God bless!  
Psalms 100  

Sunday, January 13, 2019

The first of January...

Hello everyone... 
Here I am finally.. 
A beautiful Sunday afternoon and I am giving my new laptop a trial run.. 
Can't say that I am doing very good so far but we shall see.  
I won't bore you with all the details of me getting used to this but I am sure as the post goes on you will see my inexpertise..Not sure that is a word but you no doubt get my drift.. 
I loaded my pics on with my tablet and then turned this one to my dashboard .. 
I cannot find how to copy and paste as there seems to be no right click so the pics are all helter skelter... 
One of our grandsons will show up and guide me before the next post, I am sure.  
Meanwhile, please be patient with me.. 

As usual just sharing some of our days with you all.. 
I think you must be finding this pretty boring each time.. 
Above are a few little dried wreaths that I made the other day... 
Terry picked me a huge bunch of these flowers last summer (everlastings, I think they are called)..
the pic is below.. 
they dried very well... but I still need to put some ribbon and such on them. 

These are little prairie dolls I made from clothespins for two wee girls I know..
I found almost the whole set of Little House on the Prairie books for them and I thought they might like the dolls to go with them.. 

Soup days are very common here in the Henry house.. smile.. 
Trying to add more grains.. 
This one has barley, wild rice and something else, I think.. 
Just a tomato and chicken stock base and veggies.. 
I am not a meat lover so can leave that out really easy .. 
Especially when Terry prefers something else... 

Christmas just about depleted my gift pantry except for preserves so am pottering away making a few things.. 
A wee wreath here, a bottle or two of air freshener there or whatever... 

I used a bottle already for a hostess gift... 
Found a few more bottles in my closet the other day so plan to make a few more... 
I was telling Shonda about the idea of using glass vinegar jars for spray bottles.. Whether it is for room fresheners or cleaners.  
They are lovely. 
The spray contraption from the plastic bottles fit right on the nice glass one.. 
The only thing is that she and I bought our glass jars of vinegar in Calais as we couldn't find the right ones here in New Brunswick... 

Shared this on Instagram the other day.. 
makes perfect sense, eh? 

This is the pile of flowers all dried.. 
I just laid them on a shelf in the sunroom and then cut and glued them to small grapevine wreaths.. 
Will show you a pic when they are finished... 

Had a lovely time opening these dear gifts from our son the other day.. 
They were a bit late but not any less appreciated.. 
It was fun to receive them and know he wrapped each one.. 

We like you have the dearest children.. 
No matter how old they get nor how far away they roam they will always be our babies.. 
Miss this one an awful lot at times... 
So many of us here in Maritime Canada have loved ones out west working so I am not alone in this for sure.. 
Just pray daily that God keeps his Hand upon him.... 

We have started having our town days once a week again and we look forward to them.. 
Do you have a town day?  
I think it may be a retired couples who don't live in the city kind of thing.. grin.. 
I do enjoy this one day but unlike my dear mother I am not a shopper and never have been.. 
I prefer thrift and book shops above everything and farmer type market stores.. Love them, too.. 
Here are my finds the other day.. 
A dear little jam jar (old china), a tray to put this laptop on for when i use it, several books, cookbooks, Louis L:Amour although I think I have read every one but I am lucky if I can find one that I almost forget (grin), fancy cutting scissors, a valance for the laundry room, a pale yellow lace tablecloth, a potholder, a woven basket for my crochet, a sign that says Always Kiss Me Goodnight for our room... (just to remind him)  grin and a recycle bag or two.. 
In the Salvation Army they have lovely bags of cloth and such that you can buy for your purchases for only 25 cents.. 
The one above is from Old Navy... 

Sometimes after church on Sundays we go to the Big Stop for lunch.. 

We almost always buy the same thing.. 
He gets Liver and Onions and I buy soup or chowder.. 
This is clam chowder... 
It is better at times then others... 
This was a fair day... But the last time it was delicious... 

I dug out my crochet the other day and made a coffee cup cozy... 
It is finished but needs to have a couple of buttons sewed on and I have a plant pot hanger also mostly finished.. 

Love these winter days for pottering about, don't you?
I keep my little chochet projects in this little bag I made.. 
It is an old piece of embroidery tablecloth or such that was pretty well done for but salvaged enough for a drawstring bag... 

I wanted to share once again this recipe for good health... 

It s called Fire Shot and I really think it makes me feel better.. I bought a couple of little shot glasses at the thrift and try to take this on a regular basis.. 
It can't hurt you anyway I guess unless you are like my friend Pam and alergic to something like cinnamon.. 

Anyway dear hearts this is all for today.. 
Not done very well and I know there are misspelling but can't figure that one out yet either.. 
But all is well.. 

This old body has it's days with whatever but am blessed beyond measure... 
Have lost several dear ones the last few weeks and it makes me appreciate all that God has done for me.. 
Don't want to get melancholy but if I went today there are no complaints. 
He has been faithful... 

Thanks for dropping by once again and hopefully this blog will pick up and I will be more faithful to it... 
Loving these January days and the sweetness of home that they bring.. 
Candlelight, soup simmering on the stove, quiet chores and projects and sweet music.... 
Hubby busy in his workshop downstairs and Charlie snoring on the rug.. 
God is good... 

Sending hugs and blessings your way...