Sunday, March 14, 2021

A March Ramble and Roll Post..

Good afternoon my dears.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth blog today.. 
So happy to sit down here at the computer and chat with you for awhile.. 
I think this is going to be a rather disjointed kind of post! 
More like a newsy kind of phone conversation.. 
Do you remember those? 
I still love them and probably always will... 
Thankfully, I still have a few friends who feel the same! 
I remember the first time a sweet much younger mother told me she would rather have a needle inserted in her eye then chat on the phone...
 I was so shocked!  
I didn't realize there were actually ladies  who would much rather text or message then use the phone.. 
That was several years ago and now I realize that it is a new lifestyle practice for the younger generation.. 
They can just take their thumbs and type a message in a heartbeat... 
Oh well.. I digress! 

Back to the same song but second verse.. grin.. 
The pics on here are in no kind of order.. 
It takes much shorter amount of time to just copy them on here then not have to copy and paste them into order.. 
So we will give this a try for once.. 

This pic and the one above is of a new cake I made for us last week.. 

It is excellent!  
We both loved it and as we just sliced it thinly it lasted several days.. 
Here is the recipe..
Lemon Yogurt Cake..
1 1/2 cups of flour
2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp salt 
1 cup of plain yogurt
1 cup of sugar
3 extra large eggs
1/2 cup of oil 
1/2 tsp vanilla 
Mix wet ingredients and add whisked dry ingredients.. 
Place in a parchment lined 81/2 x 41/2 x 21/2 inch loaf pan. 
Bake at 350 degrees F. for 35 minutes or until baked through..
Mix up in a small bowl 1/3 cup of lemon juice and 1/3 cup of sugar.. 
Let your baked cake sit and cool for 10 minutes.
Place cake on a rack over a sheet pan and while still warm  pour glaze over top and let it sink in.. 

I have been trying to make a habit of setting the table and putting a bit of effort into it for our meals this winter.. 

It is so easy when you are retired to just sit in your fave chair with a tray meal on your lap... 
Not a good way of taking our meals.. 
Once in awhile is fine but we were doing it way too much.. 
I actually look forward to sitting after the meal is over with my pot of tea and just enjoying our time..

A beautiful drive we took on a sunny winter day.. 

We still have snow here in Maritime Canada although not as much as lots of years.. 

I am trying to recycle some of my lace into projects.. 

Gave it a good wash with Gain (my favourite lace and linen soap) and hung it out on the line for the day and a frosty night.. 
It turned out lovely! 

My first project is to turn the tablecloth into a lined bed runner.. 
We shall see... 
I was looking at the thrift shops for a linen sheet but could not find one but I did find a nice heavy cotton that will do, I hope.. 
It is all in my head so may not turn out.. 
Will keep you updated.. 

I have been felting.. 
A few cushions covers for Spring.
I love rabbit crafts... and cat crafts and... lol... 
I have finished three of these.. 
For some reason I forgot to put the other pic on here .. 
Terry told me to do something rather then rabbits so 
I have another in mind... 
I have to sew these together and finish them first though.. 

We have had a few storms.. 
Not much mind you but enough to know that we can't count on winter leaving quite yet.. 

We also had a few fun times.. 

Met Shonda and Dave for a meal in a restaurant... 
It was lovely.. 
Our son-in-law gifted me with the beautiful napkins and soap in the pic above.. 
Way back before he and Shonda married he would sometimes bring me a package of lovely napkins.. 
I so love it when he still does all these years later.. 
Thank you, Dave... 

One of our lunches.. 

Quesadillas and Garden Salad with Chive Vinaigrette   

I didn't realize I was going to share this recipe with you or I would have looked up the proper spelling.. lol... 

I made a batch of homemade sausage the other day.. 
Terry loves these and always asks did I actually make them myself.. lol .. 

Here is the recipe.. 
So simple and easy..

18 ounces (0.526 kg) of lean ground pork
1/5 large onion and 1 clove garlic finely chopped
heaping tablespoon of bacon fat
1 tsp salt
1 tsp summer savory
1/2 tsp sage or Italian seasoning 
pinch of allspice and pinch of cloves.. 
Mix all together with your hands and make 6 patties.. 
I freeze these in packs of two and voila 3 breakfast meals.. 

Also trying to get through some pantry preserves and freezer foods.. 

Preserving batches of strawberry jam along with rhubarb and raspberries.. 
Do you preserve in the winter.. 
I still have a pumpkin to do this week.. 

Mornings are getting so beautiful, eh? 

Out my kitchen window before the time changed. 
Last night.. smile.. 
I am an early riser most days.. 
I love it when you get up and it is daylight, though.. 

A few pics here are from my Instagram account.. 

just showing some plant love here in our front hall.. 

bread making ... 

I made fish stew one evening.. 

An old recipe I have had for about 30 years.. 
It was my dear father-in-law's favourite meal that I would make them.. 

And finally in this food expose.. grin.. 

Potato pancake.... 

A new recipe from the same link as I gave last post on the breakfast sandwich.. 
This was excellent and so nice for a brunch meal.. 

And another Instagram post.. 

Made a kitchen table centrepiece from a bouquet of my Mother's old tulips.. 
Bought the sweet container from Michael's for half price almost.. 

You know Spring is almost here when Terry brings home a bunch of smelts.. 

So tasty... 

Anyway dear girls, I am almost done.. 
sorry about all the food posts.. 
I didn't realize there were so many until I started typing.. 

It is time to make supper... 

I wonder what time the sun will go down tonight.. 

So glad you all dropped by.. 
I hope all is well in your part of the world.. 
This new way takes a bit of adjustment, eh? 
Some are back to normal they say but I personally don't think it will be back to normal for a long time if ever.. 
Removing a mask does not put things back to normal.. 
It kind of feels like we are in a boat with heavier weather ... 
all the time.. 
We know the Master of the wind... 
He is also the pilot of the boat and all is well.. 
We just keep on hanging on.. 
Doing our thing and trusting in Him..

Blogger is not cooperating so I need to say goodnight for now! 
Please leave me one of  your sweet notes here or facebook or intasgram if you don't mind! 

God bless till next time! 

Sunday, February 21, 2021

A heart post.

Hello there dear hearts... 
How are you all doing?  
I hope you are having a good month.. 
February is called the heart month and is actually one of my favourite celebrations.. 
During the winter months it is a little brightness for our grey days.. 
I like planning our valentine supper and making heart crafts.. 
I painted hearts and modge podged and made some fudge.. smile.. 
Did a little decorating with it all.. 
I made the bunting last year, I believe and the cushion but they stay up for February.. 
It is hard to believe how fast this month has swept on by.. 

Our days are getting longer and we have had a couple of storms since I was on here last.. 
Nothing serious like some parts of our world.. 
My heart goes out to those in places that are not used to having our typical winter weather.. 
We have had a very good winter this year and we are thankful..

What have you all been busy doing?  
A lot of you work outside of the home but I know that Winter brings out our nesting urges .. 
Our daughter and daughter-in-law have been busy crocheting up a storm.. Market bags and big baskets.. I love them but crocheting a coffee cozy is about the height of my talents.. 
We all have our forte I guess... 

I really enjoy my plants especially now.. 
Terry has seed catalogues all over the place but I can't get into that much for about another month.. 
I notice on Instagram that the southern girls are planting their seeds and I just can't go there yet.. 
We will no doubt have snow and cold for at least two more months so what is the rush..
I am just enjoying this down season.. 
With the winter as mild as it has been I am not thinking of hurrying Spring along at all.. 
We have had winters when we thought they would never end but this year has been grand.. 
Anyway enough about the Canadian weather.. 

Here are a few  pics of some of my plants.. 
The Star of Bethlehem has a blossom as does the Goldfish plant.. 
As does my Pregnant Onion.. 
Isn't that a funny blossom.. 
It's stem is just so long and the blossom is a cone of small white star like blossoms.. 
Babies have fallen even into other pots.. smile.. 

These plants are here in the family room.. 
Some have such sweet memories for me.. 
The Snake plant above reminds me of my Dad.. 
He always had them and I remember begging for a piece of one shortly after I was married.. smile.. 
The Pregnant Onion was given to me as a tiny wee slip from one of the sweet ladies who worked at our Kings Landing Heritage Village.. They are so kind there.. 
Then the Star of Bethlehem was one of my Mom's favourites and I was so happy to get a slip from my friend for her.. 
The plant on the floor there is from my Aunt Leatha who I am named after.. I don't know what it is called though, do you?  
Anyway.. enough about plants.. 

One chore I have been trying to accomplish is to go through things and try to declutter.. (As I am sure I mention every post)  lol.. 
Lots of linens and lace .. 
But very hard to part with.. smile.. 
Lots of old dishes... 
I have parted with several boxes to the goodwill but really need to get rid of a few more.. 
I am trying.. grin.. 
And then... 

There are things of my Mom's that need to be gone through and sorted.. 
Passing on a few trinkets and keeping some too.. 
It is funny the things that jerk at your heart strings when one is touching little items that must have meant something to her.. 
The little box cover above is one.. 
It was in her cedar chest along with several dear treasures but I couldn't part with this old cover.. 
Tattered and torn as it is.. smile.. 
My mother loved cats.. 
I have enjoyed cat crafts since I was little and think she passed it on to me.. 
I will make something with this but not sure what.. 
Just a wee thing to remember her by.. 
Not that I will ever forget her..
She is daily in my mind and heart.. 
And so... life goes on.. 

Then there is the winter cooking...   

A new breakfast sandwich that I love.. 
Just one slice of bread that you cut in two.. 
I even use thin slices.. 
One thin slice of cheese.. (good cheddar) 
And two small eggs or one extra large.. 
Here is the link on how to do it.. 
Terry's fave pasta.. 
Broccoli, Mushrooms and Lemon Pasta.. 
I posted about this before, I am sure.. 

I have my soups.. 

Terry loves Chili... 
I like it once in a while.. 
So this time as usual I made a huge pot so I could freeze it.. 
Then looked on line and found several new ways of serving it.. 
Cuban Picadillo... 
You just add lots of sliced olives and a handful of golden raisins to your chili and serve over rice.. 
I loved it but Terry had his bowl with cheese.. (wink)  

We have our little trips to check on our old farm from time to time.. 

This day was after a storm.. 

Our dear farmer plows out our lane so we can get in when we visit..

While Terry made a fire to warm it up for a bit and such I sat in the truck and worked on a bit of felting.. 
After awhile we headed on back home.. 
Had a small bowl of mac and cheese on our laps and watched a Little House on the Prairie show.. 
We love them.. Do you? smile.. 
I am reading as always.. smile.. 

And snacking... 
Dried Honey Crisp apples.. 
So good.. 

And then we had Valentines Day.. 
Terry gave me some lovely tulips... 
And I made our special dinner.. 
Used my Marilla glasses as I call them from 
Anne with an E...  
I posted about them before.. 
I saw this drink on Instagram and just had to copy it.. 
Pomegranate juice, lemon slices, blackberries, pomegranate seeds and a star of anise.. 
Delicious and so pretty.. 
I forgot to take a pic of our main course.. Dahhh.. 
Oh yes.. 
And Terry gave me something he says he has been looking for the past fifty years .. 
He is funny all right... grin.. 

This is a verse I found a long time ago.. 

Still love it and am sure I have posted it before.. 
It is sweet and most of the time true.. 

Marriage isn't always a bed of roses... 
As any of you who have been on this road for very long know.. 
But each day for the last fifty years with the Lord's help we keep on and live through each season of marriage that we have .. 
Right now we have been emptynesters for a long time.. 
Our grandsons are grown ... 
We still live in this dear old house and every once in awhile we chat about what the next step will be.. 
Everyone is different.. 
A lot of our friends have downsized and are very happy with that. 
As for us we are not ready.. 
Terry would go nuts without something to putter at and I do not want to leave my home.. 
Some day... 
If the Lord tarries and we keep on as we are.. 
Right now there is no rush.. 

I saw this pic on the web somewhere ... 

This is my take on it.. smile.. 

The sweet old couple were out for a stroll  from their senior apartment..
They are walking by the house that they used to live in.. 
He is going right ahead just like Terry would do.. 
.. and she is looking back.. 
Remembering no doubt.. 
The days of babies and toddlers... 
the teenagers and graduations and college..
the empty nest..  
then the weddings and the births..
sweet visits from grandchildren and grown children... 
all the meals and laundry days.. 
the laughter and the tears..
perhaps the losses...  
prayers that were prayed inside those four walls.. 
names lifted up to the Lord..  
the moving on... 

Oh the years fairly flew by and they were lovely!  
And they still are... 
Regardless of what goes on in this world or the tests and trials we go through... 
Life happens but it is how we deal with it that counts.. 
Putting the Lord first and to keep enduring..
Running the race... 
Choosing joy and praying for love in our hearts ... 

Well my sweet friends this is all.. 
It is from my heart on this heart month post.. 
A bit long but you can just scroll on by.. grin.. 
Leave me one of your dear notes though so I know you were here.. 
Here or on the Facebook or Instagram page.. 
Sending you a all a heartfelt hug.. 

God Bless!!