Monday, July 19, 2010

Popsicles and Cleaning.....

Good Morning my dears... Another new week that the Lord has given us... I love Mondays and always have... I know I am strange but as I have said before it is like a new slate with endless creative possibilities!   
First of all because it is summer I thought I would give you a recipe or two for popsicles..
I have my grandsons with me for a few days so I thought they might like these and perhaps yours would also.... 
I know this is pretty basic and you probably already do these and more but just in case....  
Try putting  some applesauce into some molds if you have them or in dixie cups with  sticks... If they are too thick you can add a tablespoon or two of applejuice...maybe a hint of cinnamon...
Blend 1 cup of strawberries with 2 c plain yoqurt and a tsp. of vanilla.  Then pour into your molds and freeeze. If you don't have the yoqurt you can dissolve 1 package jello with 2 cups of boiling water.. stir well .. add strawberries and 1/3 cup of sugar...blend and place into molds... 
use 6 ounces orange juice concentrate , 2 c plain yoqurt and 2 tsp. vanilla
place in blender and then put into your molds... these are my favorites.. They taste like creamsicles!!
Also you can just put in fruit juices and freeze...
Anyway it is pretty hot  for St. Martins although is a lot cooler here than  it is at home.  I know cold weather is coming so Ineed to appreciate what we have now...
I was wondering if you ever use vinegar to clean your homes with.  This is Monday and I know I have some heavy duty cleaning to do.. The shop is up and running so now I can use the mornings to get the cottage in order..
Here is a site I came upon which  show the uses of vinegar for your home... It is an amazing green cleaner!!  Vinegar and it's uses
Look it up and try some of them... I hope
Well, girls this has not been very long but I have two boys here who are up early because they are at Gram's house and would no doubt like to havc some breakfast so I will have to get back to you another day..
Enjoy these nice hot days with your kids.. Be creative and find things to do together to make some good memories... ok?
God bless and keep you...
Hugs ..


  1. Popscicles and vinegar- from one extreme to the other LOL! I am actually a vinegar freak!(much to my husbands displeasure!- he complains of the smell!) I have it mixed up in a spray bottle for general cleaning. I 've also mixed up a solution to put in my swiffer wet jet- I refuse to pay the high prices. Ask me about the wet jet sometime and I'll tell you that $ $aving story. AND for the past little while I've been using vingear in place of fabric softener in the wash. It works well but I do miss the fabric softener smell. The clothes virtually have no smell at all now. If you're wondering, I "hid" the vinegar in the old fabric softener bottle- I'm so sneaky- HA Ha Ha!

    I think the popscicle recipes sound yummy! I'll try the applesauce ones for Jacob since he can't have milk. For me definately the creamscicle kind. could I use the low fat yogurt? I've been a bit too indulgent in ice cream and summer treats lately and I need to smarten up!

    Well Tha's enough ranting for now- enjoy your grandsons!

    PS- we have our first feed of hodge podge fresh from the garden yesterday!

  2. Hi Linsay.... I guess you were not listening in Keepers or you would put some essential oil in your vinegar fabric softener.. I believe we suggested the sweet orange... lol... you were probably

  3. What a great idea for the popsicles, Emmas is always asking for them and I just go and buy them, I remember now mom making them for us. How we do forget! I will have to get some dishes to make them in. Anyways, just wanted to let you know that I planted a tomotoe plant yesterday and I got a Ivy Geranium plant today to plant...I know it is a bit late, but better late then never I say...atleast I am trying to spice up the deck a little...LOL! One flower and one Tomatoe! Hope you have a wonderful time with your grandsons. I am sure that you will and have great creative activities for them to do. Love Ya

  4. I can't believe how diasterous the popscicle making turned out! I had to listen to kids that were as excited as waiting for Christmas! Then when they were finally ready I couldn't get them out of the molds- I pulled the sticks off! How come yours turned out so nice?? What's the secret?

  5. Hi Lins... I am so sorry ... I should have told you to dip your popsicle mold into a bowl of hot water for a few seconds... just until you feel the release when you gently tug on the stick... and make sure they are frozen right through... ok?

  6. Are you suppose to use sweetened orange juice?? Do you mix the juice up first?? I think I messed the creamsicles! Who know this would be such a challenge for me!