Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Queen Anne's Lace Jelly and a Sleep Over....

Good Evening Friends... What a lovely evening that the Lord has given us again here in the Maritimes.. We certainly can not complain about the  summer we are having.  I know it has been a bit hot but when you consider the cold one we had last year it makes us appreciate the wonderful sunshine...
This evening is windy which you all know that I love!!  Terry and I went for our little drive over west as usual.  I found a Tim Hortons cup and we filled it with raspberries.  They were almost finished!!  But I did get enough to do a couple of bottles of raspberry vinegar.. Terry is so great in helping me pick all this stuff.. God has blessed me with a wonderful husband who seems to appreciate my creative urges.... LOL.. Thank you, Lord...
I took a sweet pic of him helping me a week or so ago..
He is actually helping me gather some Queen Anne's Lace... It is a beautiful flower that makes a wonderful jelly...
I could not find it for awhile.. Everywhere we were driving I kept scanning the roadside but all there seemed to be was the wild carrot... The lace is a much bigger flower and the bud is kind of curly..
Finally, we were in Moncton and I let out this kind of quiet screech...LOL.... He is used to me doing that now after all these years.... So, there it was growing right in the city of Moncton... I had to put it in a jug of water and try to get it back down here to the cottage still alive... God was good and we actually did that..  I made the jelly which tastes a bit like Apple Jelly and is really nice on toast or whatever.... I copied some pics and put them on the top of the bottles....
The recipe is quite easy to do once you figure out that you should make it like you do the other jellies you make and not the recipe on the web... The first batch taught me that after I had to redo it...
This is a busy time now with all the delicious veggies which are ready in our gardens or markets...
I kind of dread the pickling cukes which will be ready in a week or so... I make so many cases of dills and then of course there is all the rest... I do love doing it once I get going...
The keepers of the home are coming to the cottage on Friday nite for an overniter as we call it... They actually voted for me to cook for them instead of eating out at a country inn.... Don't figure...LOL...
So they will all be here by seven or so for dinner and then we will see who stays up until 5 am...LOL..
They really are just little girls who are now grown up... with so many responsiblities!  They have their heartaches and their joys... They love the Lord and want their families to be blessed by Him.. They have been so faithful this past year in attendance and help with anything we have tried to do.. I really love these girls and appreciate what they are doing for Jesus and for their families... We want them to come and just have a night where they can sit around and be blessed with sweet fellowship and maybe some fudge...LOL..
Terry will head home with Sammi for the night ...LOL... He and Dustin have some chores to do together so he  will be fine....
Well... God Bless and Keep you..
Praying for you and your families...
Looking forward to Friday nite girls!!!


  1. Yippee! I am so excited for Friday night..I always enjoy myself and have lots of laughs. I know one person who was talking about staying up to 5am, I am sure it probably won't be! Terry is so kind helping you pick the flowers that you needed for your jellies. And oh he doesn't want to stick around with all the ladies...LOL! I am so sleeping bag is all ready and so is my pillow...can't wait only two more sleeps and we will be there...Yippee! I can't believe that this is our third year, wow, how time flies?

  2. Here in Iowa, Queen Anne's Lace is wild carrot and it has become an invasive plant, filling up entire pastures and roadsides. When I was a HeadStart teacher, we put food coloring in a vase of water and added the QAL and watched it change colors. The kids always loved that.
    But you know the dandelion is a weed and it makes an awesome jelly--tastes a lot like honey.

  3. Oh how I would love to join you girls on Fri. nite! I know it would be a blessed time.
    I laughed when you wrote you gave 'a quiet screech'! How funny - at least Terry didn't crash!LOL!
    Have a great day

  4. Oh Faye- Way to make me cry! All those nice things you said about keepers. You are such a blessing to us! I wonder who I will be able to keep awake with me until 5 am this year??
    I'll finish this comment- Lauryn is going to type the next one from me- sometimes she sits on my lap and and I read The Blessed Hearth to her... she keeps bugging me to let her write!

  5. thanks for writing something down for us to read. i fed your fish.

  6. Jelly looks great. Never tasted but would love to try sometime. Have a blessed day!

  7. Friday is here and on our way to the wonderful Sleepover in St. Martins.. what a blast it will fun fun.

  8. I never heard of Queen Anne's Lace jelly. Here I thought it was just a weed! I never knew I could be using it for something useful. :-)