Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Prim Heart Garland and Gardener's Salve Recipe...

Hello my dears... Another beautiful evening here beside the Bay of Fundy.   I was just speaking with our oldest son who is working in the city and he asked me what I was doing.  I told him I had just come in from potting some plants. He was saying it was very foggy in there so I guess we  must be living right out I know we get our share of fog but not tonight.....
You girls have been very patient with me  as I have not been posting but hopefully I am back to normal!!  Okay, as close as I can get to
The shop is up and running... Thank you, Lord!!  Each day I need to keep adding and changing but that is just part of the business.  My friend, Lynn says that I don't really work as anyone who enjoys doing what they do as much as I do cannot class it as work... Funny, eh?  She should feel these old bones some nights and perhaps she would change her mind.. Although, God has certainly blessed me with my work and any talent I have comes from Him.... and I am thankful!
But back to the rest of the story... I thought I would show you the little kitchen window in the shop.. The keepers made these at one of our craft sessions and I decided to use it this way.. I believe it is Linsay's idea as she sent me a pic of hers so I copied her.. Thanks Lins....
They are hearts made out of old wool coats and such and then embroidered with the words hope, faith, joy, love and peace I think... We had great fun making them..
The window really isn't quite fixed right here but I do love my little House of Henry stitchery that Christine made for me..
The stars on the bottom can be used as a valance also...
I know some of you girls are home for the summer so I have a little idea here for you to do.. You can make this and add it to your gift pantry... It is not that complicated and your kids would probably want to help you with it...
I call it my Gardener's Salve and I sell it in the shop.  The recipe is so easy and there are probably lots of gardeners on your Christmas list or for a gift for someone...
By the way, the girls in Keepers are reminded to fill their gift pantry with the seasons.. Such as right now they could make jams ... there are so many berries ready right now.. I made 40 bottles of cooked strawberry last week...
As the time goes on I will try to give you some ideas for you to do this summer.. You will feel much better if you do some creative projects especially with your kids and you will be saving money also..
Okay here is the recipe...

Gardener's Salve
2 cups olive oil
2 T. chopped comfrey
2 T. chopped calendula
2 T. lavender flowers
2 T. roses
1/2 C. beeswax
I also added a stem of lavender leaves
lavender essential oil  --a few drops or as much as you like...
Now you put this all in your slow cooker and give it a little stir..
I know.... I can just hear you ... Where will I get the herbs?  Most of them are available from your garden centers and herbs only cost a buck apiece right now... Lots of people you know probably have one of these growing in their gardens and it just takes a few leaves...
Anyway,   I just put this on low and left it for 5 hours while I was working..
This is just an old slow cooker that I use to do this kind of stuff in but it will not hurt your good one if that is all you have..
Ok now 3 - 5 hours later or whenever you get to it....
 in a separate little pot add some water to simmer and in a tin or glass bowl just melt your beeswax.. Just use old beeswax candles if that is all you have.  You can get them at the dollar store sometimes...
Meanwhile, strain your oil mixture into a sieve with some cheesecloth or cotton in it..  Squeeze tight and get all the oil.. Add your lavender oil....
Then just combine the two and pour into little mason jars or such....
This is 2 batches as you can see.  Try not to be as messy as I
Let it cool and then cap them...
Then I just put some brown paper and a pic from a magazine and a tag explaining that this is great for scratches, bruises and wee scrapes...
For you girls who live close by I have lots of comfrey and lavender...
Also, there are pics of the shop on Primitive Lace if you are so
I will be adding more as the days go by...
I hope you enjoyed this little lesson and are having a great summer..
You will find the summers come and go so quickly as you get older.  When you are young you  don't always realize how precious these days with your little ones are.. Really, you will turn around twice and when you look there are your grandchildren coming through the door instead of your own wee ones.... Your grandchildren are lovely but they are not yours... That only comes once.... So enjoy it while you can... ok?
Love ya...
Faye... xoxo


  1. Hi Faye,
    I loved your post as always! Extra herbs?? Please put my name on some- I would love to make that gardners salve! Unfortunately the only thing I have that is on the ingredient list is the slow cooker, LOL!
    I'd love to see your shop...Are you up for a visit perhaps in Thursday afternoon? (Let me know :)

    PS- I must have been putting your site stats through the roof checking constantly for a new post the last few days!

  2. Thanks for sharing the garden salve recipe, I can just smell the lavender. I don't know of anyone in these parts that make stuff like this, I'd love to try it. I always love your posts Faye, always feels like I'm visiting an old friend.
    Have a great evening,
    Blessings ~Ronda~

  3. Thank you girls for the lovely comments.. Yes, Linsay I will be looking for you on Thursday.. We will visit at the shop if that is ok and take a quick run down here to the cottage for
    some herbs...
    Love ya

  4. Faye, just a quick note to say I enjoy your blogs, even though I don't comment each time I still take the time to look for them.... enjoy the rest of the week and keep blogging, can hardly wait to see the pictures of the rest of the shop.


  5. Hello Faye, just a quick note to thank you for your prayers , we're home safely, thank you Lord!
    Thanks for the mention and link, you are so sweet!
    Now to sleep...

  6. Thank you Faye.
    I love useing all my herbs in my garden. I always love a new recipe.
    x x x

  7. HI Faye,
    Tomorrow's a go :) I'll venture down in the afternoon...

  8. You are the sweetest lady, Faye. I love the things that you say and I get so much out of them.

    I really enjoy what you do with your herbs.


  9. I love how creative you are. I love the cut out magazing pictures on top of the Gardener's Salve Jars. Like lindsay the only ingredient I have is the Slow Cooker. Hope you are having fun at your new shop and not all! We are busy here, getting ready for a yard sale on Saturday.

  10. Smells good here: I'm cooking up the gardeners salve as we speak! Lauryn helped too.

  11. Oh I can just smell salve that all the way from here in Maine! I'll bet it's delightful. Thanks so much for the recipe. I'm going to have to give that a try.
    Blessings to you~ birgit

  12. Birgit- that must be my batch! Smelly stuff, nice though!

    it's all jarred up now. Mine turned more green than yours and a bit too strong like lavender. I wonder if it's any good for sunburns- I tried it on Jacob's. 6 jars (5 for the gift pantry and 1 for me...)

  13. I love the decorations! Thank you also for the recipe. I think I'm going to give this a try.