Monday, February 21, 2011

A Country Bedroom Fix-up....

 Here I am with some of the pics that I had promised in the last posting of the little fix-up of our master bedroom...
As I had told you it would only be a little redoing that and would not cost very much.
Actually... I only spent $30.00 for the bedcoverings, $5.00 for the bookshelf and $15.00 for a couple of old prints that I really liked... So.. in all $50.00....
Pretty frugal, eh?  Terry thought so anyway.. smile.. The coverings were such a great buy.. Thank you, Lord...

So.. my dears lets go in and see the changes..

A few years ago Terry changed our flooring from carpet to this pine one.. I love it and it was so frugal to do.. He just laid pine boards then stained and sealed it...
The walls were still okay but I did need new bed coverings....

I had picked this up at Walmart for only $30.00 last year and was so happy to get such a bargain.. It is a king size too. The bed is only queen but where Terry built such a high base it needed a king size to hang right.
I made up some cushions and changed the angel to this Annie that I finished up last week..
I also took down the old swag over the headboard print and replaced it with a berry star sprig..
I still like the curtains, too. I topped them with some old crochet valances..

I changed the rocker cushions and added another old Raggs doll that I had made.
The candolier above I had picked up at a thrift store for a few dollars so I added different candles and an old prim cat that I already had.
Also.. I finally got the little bookshelf painted for some of my books..

Here is the quilt cupboard that my sweet husband made out of an old wardrobe.. We had painted it this mustard color and stained it..I changed the handles to wood ones that I painted black then kind of antiqued the cupboard with some dry brushed black paint.. Then I added the light garland.. That is just a set of mini lights with 3 inch rags tied a bit apart.. An easy and fast touch ....
On top I added a bird house and crow that Shonda had given me for gifts...
I love prim crafts but what ever is your own thing.

There... that is the most of it..
Nothing major just a few touches to welcome Spring...
Here are a few close ups... 

The old Raggs doll with her stitchery and cat..

The candolier with candles and rags..

The Word with a simple candle and a bird nest..

On top of the quilt cupboard..

A little gift from one of our grandsons...

Cushions and a bear from England..

The Soldiers Letter..
one of the prints I picked up at the Thrift..
The other print... 1913
Some dear lady...

 Just look at us...
The only pic that Terry and I had taken before we were married..

It will be 41 years next month..

Thanks for dropping by and I hope this was interesting...
I am wondering what you are all doing just before the new season arrives..

Love to you all...


  1. VERY nice and cozy and i LOVE the candolier

  2. I love the bird house and the crow, the chandeler, I like it all, it all looks so nice and for a great price!!!
    Love Ya,

  3. I love it all! It all fits together so well and so prim! You got yourself fab bargains!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Best wishes

  4. I love prim things. Your room is very sweet and I love the lights with the rags tied on. Very cute!

  5. I love the picture of you 2!! I got that quilt set too!!LOL.. I was so excited to get a Kingsize for that price!!
    Looks good!

  6. Oh, it's wonderful, Faye! I love your new quilt and the lighted garland is wonderful.
    And I *squealed* over your little Annies and kitties and bears and OH, MY! *hehe* They are so adorable!

  7. I love this post Faye, looks like you have found your own style :-) Must admit I double clicked on your photo. Ah wow don't you both look in love :-)
    I want to know why you have my cottage floor in your bedroom though :-) x x x ha ha... x

  8. This post was more than interesting!!! It was wonderful! Your bedroom is looking great. You have added just the right touches that reflect you and hubby. It looks so comfortable. I really like the quilt and the angel...but most of all, the picture of the 2 of you! So nice.

  9. Wow, looks good! I must tell you that I got myself a great deal today... I got $100 off of a medicine cabinet-a perfect match for my new bathroom...(then my dad paid the $30...)Sweet!

  10. The room looks just terrific, I love the new changes, everything is just beautiful and cozy.
    The quilt, cupboard, rocker, Annie, all of it is just lovely. I saw the old book under Mr. Mouse, the authors home (a museum) is just down the road from our place. Each year our oldest state drama is produced in honor of the book on your bookshelf. Thanks for sharing your home and ideas with us.

  11. Faye, Ilove your room, isn't it great how you can change the look of a room for so little...I absolutely love your doll, I think she just might be my favorite one.... you are so talented that's for sure, I have been following your blogs and sorry I haven't been faithful at commenting but I do love reading them and hope you keep it Tam

  12. Oh, I just love this room! So cozy!