Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Frugal Country Bedroom Fix-up..

Hello my dears...
Good Morning to you .. Just wanted to share my weekend project with you all..
I love our bedroom... Oh.. there are bigger and better but this one is ours and it is one of my favorite rooms here at home.
HOWEVER, it needs a little fixing up.. Kinda stuck in the the same rut for a few years so yesterday and today I am striving to give it a facelift.  A frugal
Here is what it looks like before I started working on it yesterday.. I guess you could call it the BEFORE pic...
Remember I am not doing major reno... just a bit of
I still love the paint and the border that Shonda (our daughter) did a while ago...She stamped on the border with 3 square sponges..And it only took her a couple of hours.. The DEAR girl...
The candle chandolier needs a little tweaking as does the old rocker.. 
And some new or different bed coverings..
 It is a water bed as I had mentioned before..Remember? 
Terry built a base for it so it quite high.. I love it.. But it requires king size bedding..

This is an old wardrobe that Terry redid for a quilt cupboard.. I love the country look but I think this needs another coat of antiquing and redone some to look more prim..
I am not sure what to do with it..
New drawer pulls and knobs...
Right?  We shall see...

A small corner wall that I love and  won't change..
It is a sweet reminder that I wake up to each day..
But some other wall changes are needed...

Perhaps change some chairs around..
I did not take any more pics of the dressers and such for now..

Anyway... this is what I am working on and you can check back on Monday or Tuesday to see how I make out... ok?
Hopefully, I  will complete my weekend project..

With that in mind I did a little surfing the web and found some inspiration the other day..

These pics are mostly country style... I love prim but there are some wonderful ideas here..
Most are from the Country Living Site

The old pieces here are beautiful..
I love old quilts and antiques...

I love the bookshelves which I need ... I picked an old one up at the thrift the other day... It is only small but I want to paint it and fill with books.. I have books everywhere..
Do you girls have a lot of books?

In this I loved the old planter at the foot of the bed..
My mother has one... maybe she is tired of it, eh?  lol...
No.. I don't  have room...
Nice, though...

Lots of pillows .....

The little stand.... the old trunk...

Another old stand, books, old white porcelain pieces. pics on a rack...

My friend Tammy's bedroom.. I love the bedding and the cushions..

I love her fireplace, too... Tammy is very  prim..
Also.. she is very talented and does most of the renos herself..
I am not that smart .. I NEED Terry for anything of major redo.
But this time I am just wanted to give it a bit of a facelift and am on my own.. smile.. 

Our bedrooms should be sweet and cozy and clean, of course.
Now I must confess that if there is any room in the house that needs constant attention it is OUR ROOM...
I was wondering why that was as I am dusting down the spider webs and picking up books and stuff..
Then it came to me... This is a room that I live in... I use it a lot..
Not only for sleeping but relaxing in.. 
Therefore, I need to give it more attention in the future.. So if I get it all spiffed up I will be more motivated.... smile...
I hope so anyway.. 
I wanted to thank all you sweet ones for commenting on my last posting.. I appreciated it.. And I called my Mom and read them all to her.. She really enjoyed that so thank you so much.
Also... I would like to welcome any new followers...
If you have a blog please let me know...
Don't forget to check in next week for the AFTER

Have a wonderful blessed weekend and don't forget to take your families to church tomorrow...

Blessed be the Name of the Lord...

Ps... I posted  a breakfast recipe on my other blog last nite.. Just in case you are interested...


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do, sometimes just a few little touches make a big difference. I went back and read the post about your Mother and Father. I thought it was beautiful and I loved your own thought that your husband is God's plan for you. Happy Saturday morning from Michigan.

  2. I so enjoyed the bedroom pictures you shared tho' it gives me too many ideas! LOL! I love all your quilts too and am looking forward to seeing how you tweak things!
    Have fun!

  3. You'll be busy! Can't wait to see the end result! We are also doing a few little things around here today... slowly but surely we'll get it all done!

  4. I know what you mean! I am itching to do a spring makeover of our bedroom, too. Last night, I gave it a good looking over and found little cobwebs in several places! I was mortified! Hubby said to get in bed and forget about them. Bless his heart! Well, I am going to get them knocked down and a spring comforter on the bed and maybe some other changes as well!
    You have me inspired and I will definitely be back to see your redo!
    BTW~ I hate word verification!

  5. So many pics and styles to think about there Faye. Good luck with it all and can't wait to see your tweaking :-)
    I think we are removing floors this week !
    :-) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Ooooh, Faye~ those are some gorgeous bedrooms!! I could really get inspired to redo mine too after seeing those. I love the black wrought iron beds the best... they are just so so pretty.
    By the way- I love the little angel you have hanging on your wall!
    Now I'm off to check out your yummy recipe!


  8. Beautiful photos and rooms. I just love the hand made country quilts and country decore. Have a great day !

  9. I adore the windows in your bedroom. If I had them I would sit there everyday for a bit just for the joy of it. Dianntha

  10. I can't wait to see what you come up with, I know it will be something that I will love. I just realized the thing that I need to upgrade is my computer, it is so SLLLLOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW. LOL! After you are done with your place, I will have to get you to come and give me ideas for mine. lol!