Monday, November 21, 2011

A Field Trip to Gowland Mountain picking Christmas Boughs...

             Hello there everyone..
Would you sweet friends like to go on a little field trip?  Good.. smile..  
Today Terry and I had to go up to our old farm and we decided to get some boughs for Christmas decorating..

There is the dear man there in the rear view mirror... 

The back of the truck has pine and fir already that he collected in our field but there was not any cedar.. Here he is gathering some of it that was growing right beside the road..
Bless his heart:-) smile.. He is a good man...
Anyway, we came to a fork in the road and I mentioned that we had not been up to my Dad's grave for awhile..
So, he turned left and we headed for Gowland Mountain..
Here are some pics of the beautiful scenery along the way..
Very old farms...

Lots of old barns that have not been used for years.. Just cobwebs and memories..

There are still some huge farms, though..

And of course our windmill farm in the distance..

You can only see two there..
But I believe there are at least 40..

You can see these old farms on a road that runs parallel in the distance..
Beautiful, eh?
My Gram and Gramp grew up here in these mountains..
Many years ago..

I don't want to be maudlin but my dear Dad was laid to rest here..
When I stand there on that hillside and look out over the hills I imagine the glad morning when the dead in Christ shall rise..
Until then....
I have four sets of grandparents here and many other dear ones..

Here are some more photos... 

Lovely old barns...

Driving along I noticed this partridge in a tree getting his supper...
It's not a pear tree,

This is truly a rural part of our province but so beautiful..
Little buildings that were used for dairy and chickens and whatever..

More old barns that used to be full of hay and the sounds of cattle... 
They stand silent now.. Kind of sad.. 

This old barn is on the lane to my Grandmother's childhood home..
It is called Meadow...

She would walk for miles with her brothers and sisters to her school and to the church by the graveyard..
As we drive along I can picture a little curly black haired girl on the side of the road..
Gram was like me.. a real klutz so perhaps she is picking herself up and brushing down her skirt.. She would be laughing, though..
Every time she fell she would just laugh at herself and get back up again..
The dear thing.. I so loved my grandparents..
Gram and Gramp had 14 children..
This place holds my roots...

We need to get home, though.. We did not mean to be away so long but as I told Terry it was the nicest drive I have had for awhile..

I need to get home and make some supper..
Corn chowder and some garlic toast..
Sound good?

When supper was over I did these..

Just something I will share with you tomorrow.. smile..
Do you know what they are ???

Thank you dear friends for your visit..
Last week my stats showed that you visited more than ever before..
I am so glad to have you and am looking forward to hearing from you..
I did not mean for this post to be so long..
It was just hard to limit the pics..
Have a blessed evening..


  1. SO beautiful!!! I love those old barns, just something so peaceful about them and your chowder looks just wonderful!!!!!

  2. Mmm what a lovely meal! Wonderful photos, what a life your grandparents had, so good that you can visit the same roads x

  3. What a wonderful field trip Dear Faye Henry!
    Thank you sweet friend for taking us along.
    Just love those old BARNS! And your sharing your treasured memories.
    Love to you

  4. Dear Faye,
    One of my favorite things about coming to visit your blog are your wonderful field trips through your beautiful home country.
    This one was special because there were lots of personal memories with it.
    Thanks! I really enjoyed it and I loved the barns and old buildings...if walls could talk so they say.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful country!
    And BTW, I will be on my best behavior! lol!
    Thanks dear friend!

  6. Wow what beautiful landscape you have up there. Beautiful resting place... You have such a deep connection with your family through some wonderful stories you share with us. Thanks! If I knew all those buildings were abandoned and no one wanted the stuff in them....I would have a hard time not diggin in them :). Your corn chowder looks so good. It is one of my top favorites - I haven't made it for so long...maybe today as I scramble around trying to "clean" before we host Thanksgiving for the "inlaw" side. Blessings from Wisconsin!

  7. It is always a special treat to visit your blog. it is one of the ones on my reading list that I always "save for last" so I can really savor it : ) Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful photos & sharing your memories. Blessings, Shirlee

  8. Hello, Faye~ I always love seeing your beautful part of the world... I hope you know that whenever you ask if we want to go on a field trip, some of us are jumping up and down screaming "yaaaay!" *grin*

    I think old barns and abandoned houses are kinda sad, too.... I think of all the memories that were probably made inside those four walls and wonder if anyone is left to remember...

  9. Beautiful pictures, and beautiful memories Faye.
    Thank you for sharing.

    How wonderful to have a day with your hubby and a bit of a walk down memory lane. I love moments like that!!

    That is such pretty country! And, I loved the pictures of the barns.
    It is sad that they are no longer being used...sigh... I guess it's more evidence of how much our world has changed.

    Have a wonderful week!!

  10. i just loved the scenery and all those old barns. nice header photos too.

  11. Hi, Faye, I hope you and your family are well and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  12. I have been trying to wish all my blogging friends Happy Thanksgiving and just realized that you have already had Thanksgiving. I am sorry about that but hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow anyway!


  13. I love your pictures. So pretty. It looks a lot like here. Your corn chowder looks good. I would like the recipe if you wouldn't mind sharing. I think the last picture looks like a bar of soap. Just guessing. I will be checking back to see what it is. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  14. I'd better get reading, i''ve missed a few posts...thanks for the drive :)

  15. Where was I when this wonderful post went up ! Oh I love your photos ! Have a wonderful day !