Sunday, November 6, 2011

Some textures of an olde farm and a Giveaway Reminder...

Hello everyone...
I am doing a little posting here about our Saturday afternoon.. We had a lovely Keepers of the Home meeting in the morning .. It was great to get together and have some lovely fellowship... I have some good pics but cannot get them off of my camera.. I changed the batteries in between and for some reason the computer will not upload them and says that they are all copied.. Any suggestions?
Anyway, we had some sweet guests and so glad to have them.. Welcome to Laurie and Sandra.. Also Kristal.. Hope you will come back again.. We did some felted sweater projects and will share with you soon.. I hope.. smile..
In the meantime I was able to get some of the pics off..
If you follow this blog you know that we have an old farm that we visit when we can.. Such a relaxing old place.. As you know my dear husband loves it there...
So, here are some pics of the afternoon..OK?

It was a clear cool day... What is that growing there..

Some really nice fir cones.. Next time over I decided  I would pick a bag and mix them with some bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, apple slices, rose hips and some pine or balsam oil for a winter potpourri to have for some gifts...
All you do is throw in handfuls of each ... It is  nice if you have some carrier like orris root but if not just sprinkle the oil on top and cover with plastic wrap for three days before stirring up..
What do you think?

The old spring.. Real trout live in there..

Some textures inside the old farm house...

An old rocking chair...

On top of an old cupboard.. geraniums and roosters..

Inside an old cupboard...

A mason jar molasses dish...

An old table and pottery...
And some very old chairs..

Then here are some of my favorite neighbors..
Aren't they lovely??
Mama and babies..

He is my favorite...

Every time we go to the farm I get Terry to stop so that I can say hi..
Isn't that the dearest animal?  grin...

And here is Mama again...

She is quite sophisticated,  I think... grin...

Oh my.. the sun is going down again..
Time will be changing and getting dark sooner..

The old farm is up in the Kent Hills and it is colder there than here at our house.. The snow from our October storm is gone here but still laying around up there on the farm..
Can you see it up on the hills, too?

And here is dear old Sammi..
He just loves it there, too.. Here he is waiting patiently ...

Looking out over the hills and dreaming of the rabbits up there..

So my sweet ladies.. this is all for now..

Please please don't forget my GIVEAWAY....
Thanks so much to the ones who have already signed up.. smile..

Just click on and sign up..

We will be busy for the next few days but  I will check in with you as soon as I can....

Thanks for dropping by and welcome to all the sweet new followers...

Remembering you in prayer ...

Love to you all..
Faye ..


  1. Oh Faye your photos are wonderful . We may be able to help you with your loading of your photos if we knew a few things, like how do you load them onto your computer do you plug your camera straight into your puter like I do or do you remove the card and load it from that and what program if any do you use and what type of camera do you use. I hope we can help. Have a wonderful evening.

  2. Your potpourri sounds lovely. The little cones will make it so cute. :) Your farm house is so cozy. I love the old rocker and all the farm animals around. I have been meaning to tell you that I potted my geranium and brought it indoors, and it has bloomed. Made me so happy. I would have never thought they would bloom indoors! Thank you for letting me know. :)

  3. These photos were wonderful! The fir branches and cones were so vibrant and green. Loved the photo of little Sammi, he looks so content there on the porch!

  4. Hi Faye...I am going to make your potpourri. Do I just put it in any bowl to wait the three a mixing bowl? I love your pictures. When I saw the pine tree, I just knew you would be doing something with those wonderful pine cones! Love the goats and the burro (?). We have two burros near here that had a baby this past August. It was the sweetest little guy. We have been watching cute. Thanks for the trip through the Kent Hills and to the farm. We went to my family's farm here in our town (that we no longer own) and we asked permission and I was able to take many great pictures. Great post, Faye.


  5. Hi my sweet Sue... You can put it in any bowl or roaster and cover it with plastic wrap... I should have told you to dry the cones in a 200 degree oven for a few hours first.. ok.. And the longer you leave your potpourri covered the longer it will last.. If the smell seems to be less vibrant after a while then just sprinkle on a bit of water... ok?

  6. Lovely, lovely views! An ideal way to spend a Saturday!
    I love the farmhouse textures too!
    Blessings for a calm and relaxing week!

  7. Lovely journey, lovely photos. Wonderful potpourri! Sweetest animals, what bonny friends they make!

  8. I absolutely LOVE these pictures. The rocking chair just called my name. I love rocking chairs, especially old ones. I hope you got to spend lots of time in it, rocking. I have some of those pine cones. Do you think when you make your potpourri, you might do a post on it? I would like to make some with my cones. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  9. It's no wonder why you love to visit that farmhouse... it's charming .

    Love your idea for the winter potpourri! It will smell divine.

    Seems that your week is off to a good start.

  10. Keepers was truely a wonderful meeting...but of course they always are.. and welcome to our new members.

    Love ya,

  11. Well as always your trips to the farm never disappoint me...always such beauty to see. Farm animals are just the best then the scenery. You are so fortunate to have so much Faye and I know you feel blessed as appreciative of everything.

    Your Keeper of the Home meetings are always so fun for you aren't they????
    Thanks so much for always making it such a blessing to read your blog.

    I also FINALLY got over and signed up for your giveaway...last one probably but I made


  12. Wonderful pictures of a lovely place! I always keep pine cones in baskets and bowls but have never made potpourri...sounds wonderful!

  13. These pictures are wonderful, Faye... I love the animals and the little rooster on top of the cupboard is adorable!