Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Frugal Country Bathroom Fix-up Completed...

Greetings to everyone..
As promised here are some bathroom redo pics for you..FINALLY!! 
It has taken us quite some time to get it finished.. But good things come to those who wait.. eh?
This is what one would call a frugal fix -up..
We are not a young family here anymore .. just a couple of empty nesters who can see selling and downsizing in the future.. We thought we would just make it look better.. I do like it..
I think it is better than BEFORE ..much better..
I put together a few ideas that I picked up on pinterest and elsewhere.. This is what we came up with..
 We put on this wallpaper that my friend Tammy showed me.. It looks like wainscoting and you can even paint it..
I left it plain.. Much easier and cheaper than the real thing..
We had to keep the vanity top.. It is marble and no way was Terry parting with that..
 I just added the odd touch of the rust with mats and such..
The floor was already there.. pine boards that Terry had put down..

 I found this old medicine cabinet at a yard sale and painted it black..
And made the curtain with a piece of toile..

  Here are some old antique dishes that are useful and frugal for the bathroom accessories..

The old photo is of Terry's grandfather..
He was a C.N. Railway engineer...

 Then I changed the towels and I was happy to find these toile dish towels at Mardens to add another touch..
We had made the prim candle holders a while ago and had one left over...
I forgot to turn the battery candle on..

 The prim bear was something I already had ..
I thought his colors went along with everything..
He is holding an OLD pic of yours truly...grin.. 

A little paint goes a long ways..
So we just touched up a few things..

I tried to find something different for over the flush...
This star candle holder was something I already had..

And then I made this wreath to go along with the other old photo sort of theme...
I found this idea on pinterest and spent about an hour making it..
If you like you can click on pinterest on my sidebar and go to bathroom decor and see some ideas...

As you know I love old stuff and I had these old photos.. I just bought some new glass which was only $5.00..
On the back of the bottom right one was written Baby Stuart... 1739...
The lad who was replacing the glass and I were really excited for a few minutes until we realized that it was not possible..
It could not be that old with the quality of the paper it was printed on.. It has to be just a copy.. smile..

And last but not least is another frugal buy..

Waverly toile curtains that I picked up in New York at a Goodwill the last time we were down for $5.99..
Thank you New York:-)) grin...
They make lovely shower curtains and I only added a liner...
I could not find them anywhere for about a month or more.. I searched at the cottage, the shop and finally the workroom in the basement here at least twice.. Then thank you, Lord I found them down in the workshop in a bag..
Hallelujah!!  smile...

And that is all for now..
I know it is not great but different and frugal..

In the last Keepers Meeting we talked about how necessary it is for the homemakers of today to try to be frugal..The Proverbs 31 lady did what she could to help with the housekeeping costs.. We can use many creative ways to cut down our overhead even on such things as our bathroom redoes... Right?

Thank you to all for dropping by.. Welcome to the new followers of the blog.. Here's hoping you will find something to inspire or even make you smile..

Today, I am attacking my kitchen.. grin..
The cupboards, pantry and counter tops are my goal.. They need decluttered and scoured for Christmas..
We are having a party... For the Keepers of the Home and their husbands..
Bless their hearts.. So Terry and I are preparing.. Will let you know about our progress as we go along.. smile..

So for now.. ta ta...

And remember... the Lord.. He is good... 


  1. Wonderful re-do, Faye & Terry!
    The paper like wainscoting is a great idea and all your other touches are perfect!
    Have fun 'attacking' the kitchen!

  2. Faye ... You did a fantastic job with your bathroom! I need to attack my kitchen as well. The whole house actually. No company coming but the clutter & dust is getting to be a bit overwhelming : ) Enjoy your day! Blessings, Shirlee

  3. It's lovely Faye - so relaxing! I love the wainscoting wallpaper!

  4. Beautiful! I LOVE the wallpaper-I totally thought it was the real deal! Where did you find it?

    And the vintage photograph wreath is perfect too!

  5. What a wonderful job you did redecorating the bathroom Faye. It's beautiful. All the old photos gave it a special touch. My daughter would love all the black accents. Hugs dear friend!

    I love your's just perfect and 'frugal' is not the word for what you did....goodness I just can't find the is put together with much thought and love.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh the bathroom looks wonderful I love it all you have done a fantastic job. I collect the wash basins and jugs , there is just something that I love about them . Have a wonderful day !

  8. Your bathroom looks great! You did a wonderful job!!

  9. hello faye
    wow!!!!! i love your bathroom,it looks absolutly wonderful.i love all the nice items that you have collect,it makes your bath very cosy.
    have a nice day,
    love and hugs,

  10. Love it! So nice! I too have bought stuff from GoodWill and left it in a bag somewhere....I love finding it later, it's like a new treasure again. Blessings from Wisconsin!

  11. I really, really love the photos!!!! It adds such a personal touch.

  12. Faye,
    You and Terry are a great team!
    The bathroom turned out great! I love all the little touches that you've put in there, and the color scheme is beautiful. What a find on that shower curtain!!

    Have a wonderful day, and I hope it's a productive one for you and you are able to get all the things done in your kitchen :)

  13. Faye go over to the linky party at Growing Home - you silly goose - I made the same mistake...too funny! After I posted my comment and read the others, I just burst out laughing!

  14. Hello sweet Faye......Your bathroom is fantastic clean and smart looking! You can tell you put your heart into decorating it...the personal touches are great. AND yes, it is actually fun to be frugal and sometimes (most times) the outcome is better than all new. I love your bathroom. You and Terry must work very well together. Congratulations on a very good job!

  15. Such a lovely example of how we can work in our homes in a frugal yet beautiful way!


  16. Lovely! I love it! I would never want to leave!

  17. I love your bathroom, it turned out wonderful!
    And that wall paper is fantastic, I thought it was real bead board! Thanks for sharing.


  18. Oh my goodness, Faye~ it looks BEAUTIFUL! Your special little touches make it so neat~ and the curtains were a great idea. Love that wallpaper too... I thought you had spent a bundle and used the real stuff!

  19. Hi.. this comment is for Jacinda and all who was wondering where I found the wallpaper.. We bought it at our local Kents Building Supply Store.. I think they have it at Home Depot, too..

  20. Your bathroom is so pretty, Faye! You did a beautiful job on it!
    I had no idea that was wallpaper...very nice!!
    I just love that picture wreath. That is a wonderful idea!
    Hope you're having a great week. :)

  21. Wonderful job Faye! It looks beautiful! I love your photo wreath too!

  22. Wow, this seems a long post :-) GREAT POST I ADD :-)
    Hey just look at that panda... it's a me thing, I see bears everywhere :-) X X X

  23. Hi, Faye, I think your bathroom looks fantastic!

  24. I can not believe that is wall paper. The whole thing turned out fabulous! Thanks for sharing. Kendra

  25. HI Faye;

    I love your bathroom - what a great job you did on it - but of course, you always do wonderful things. I especially like the black and white scheme and the photo wreath.


  26. Just love the redo! Love the color scheme and the amazing wallpaper. Such great ideas Faye Henry! You are always so inspiring. The wreath is a cool idea and the panda..OH MY!
    Love & JOY Friend!

  27. Great bathroom results! I guess I'll get to see it on the 17th :)

  28. Oh! I love what you did to the bathroom, looks really primitive

    Love Ya,

  29. Hello Faye,
    So happy to have had a few extra minutes to visit this eve....
    I was looking at you bathroom re-do as we have been working in ours and I have a wall thats stone-tan-ish & the others white, I been working on prim & doing some black accents.
    So, we are stuck with a mirror thats just not "the one" now that colors are different; All of the sudden I see your black med/cabinet with a mirror between the white oval ones, okay out in our garage/shed we have a old wooden med/cabinet w/mirror & took it down when we bought our home, yes what a answer to prayer! We can bring that in sand it a bit & paint it! Smile :)
    God is so good to us in many ways big & See, I am learning the lingo up by all my Canadian friends! :)
    So, nice to visit :)
    have a wonderful Lord's day tomorrow!
    P.S. We had some winter come visit us once more, however it is staying lighter till a bit past 5:40 here :)
    Off to tell hubby about "our cabinet"!

  30. So pretty. I have a couple of questions. 1. where did you get the wallpaper? and 2. you said those were pine boards on the floor. does that mean they are just plain pine boards that you get in the lumber dept. of Lowe's or Home Depot and not tongue and groove flooring?
    You did a beautiful job on this.