Friday, December 9, 2011

Is it Christmas yet?

Just dropping by to wish you all a blessed weekend..
Terry and I took a wee trip across the border to Maine yesterday and today I have decided that this old mare isn't what she used to be... grin..
I made some Santa toile curtains today..
Will share them with you later but for tonight I am of to bed..
Hugs and Blessings..


  1. oh, maine is just a beautiful place to travel to. the hubby & i went there several years ago. great place. was there any snow there? (:

  2. John & I are toying with the idea of moving to Maine. Of course there's so many places to consider. Sigh! Love your Santa! Blessings, Shirlee

  3. If you could have made it from Maine to Tennessee, we would have put you and Terry up for the night, Faye! Like my grandaddy always said, we would have given you the best bed even if we'd had to run the chickens out of it. :)
    Sleep tight, dear...

  4. Almost :)

    That Santa is so cute, and I love that sheep.

    Have a great weekend.


  5. Hope you rest, and have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Night, Night Faye hope you get plenty of rest ! Love your santa photo ! I am off to bed as well it's 10:15 pm here now and I have to be up early as I have lots to do, make chili for supper and decorate for christmas ! Have a wonderful day !