Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Snowy Kinda Day..

A very snowy day here in Canada... 

I stayed home where it was nice and snug and did some tidying up..
The sun room was greatly in need of some rearranging.. 

Terry brought in our tree before the storm started and the house smells so Christmas like.. 
Kind of puts me in the mood.. (Thank heavens)  ...

 Lord willing I can get a bit of baking done although my living room still needs work.. sigh.. 
Oh well.. I am sure it will get done enough for Christmas to come.. smile..

I want to make an orange bread or two, a nut cake with icing, a new recipe for peppermint bark that looks lovely, a very special white sugar cookie recipe I found from years ago and.... 
Oh.. you get my drift.. 

What are you girls baking for Christmas? 

Did I mention some fruit bread?  Made with yeast.. 
I used to make it many moons ago and I think our older kids would remember it... 
One day when Dustin came home from school I had a batch of the sugar cookies and some homemade bread made.. 
He started telling his brother that we were rich.. grin.. 
Those were the days!!
I so loved them and miss them.. 

Hope you all are getting some snow where ever you may be.. 

Thanks for visiting my sweet friends and as you know I love your notes.. 

May God bless and keep you all.. 

oh.. I like my coffee just with milk.. 
I can't abide cream...


  1. Evening Faye, love the Bluejay in the snow, Yey!!!! All your baking sounds so good, I don`t do to much baking any more, I tend to eat it all, ha!!!! Enjoy the even my friend,

  2. I wish we had some snow for Christmas! Your geranium is so pretty with the snowy window in the background. Merry Christmas Faye!

  3. Oh Faye I am like you....bustling until the last minute!!!
    I am so envious of your snow!!!! Please enjoy ,because in southern Ontario it is bare:( oh well much abides...:)

  4. That is quite a nice amount of snow you have up there (please don't send it down here) ;-) I will be baking two traditional Italian sweets, honey balls (struffoli) and pizzelee (crisp wafer cookies). And some toffee candy. Cutting myself some slack this year. Between the hurricane and oven problems and last week's massacre, it kind of dampened my spirit a bit. xo

  5. Hello Faye, such lovely photos!
    I love the way your geraniums bloom in the winter while the snow is just outside!
    Your goodies do sound good!

    I will make fudge, coconut balls, and maybe some cookies. If I make it too early, we will eat it, all! I will make some next week to share.
    Hope you really enjoy this week, it is so nice to be at home!

    Today we had 50, but it will drop into the 20's during the night, maybe a smidgen of snow way up in the mountains! hugs!

  6. i like my coffee with flavored creamer, vanilla preferably... Grin back... :)

    Everything looks lovely! Snow and geraniums- well, now that is a mix! It is not easy to get those beauties to bloom indoors. My great-grandmother could. I like how you gave your snowman a little lift with the glass thingies... I am still pouting... snow.

    I might make spritz cookies... I am a pie maker, not necessarily a cookie baker. I get rammy because it takes so long and well, I just want to eat the dough and THAT'S not good, sooooo...

    Love your posts, my dear!!!!!
    Blessings and hugs!

  7. Lovely snowy pictures from inside. It's so nice to see the geraniums blooming in December. We got a lot of snow out here in the country too, more than in town, and it's so beautiful. We got out for a walk and let the dogs out to play during the storm. I baked molasses crinkle cookies and made some easy chocolate fudge this afternoon. Baking is done, shopping is almost done. Guess I'm pretty well ready for the day on Tuesday. It's coming fast. I wish you and Terry and your family a blessed Christmas. Blessings and hugs, Pamela

  8. Hello Faye.....Bringing that tree in might have just sparked enough
    Christmas spirit to get you going! My coffee is with just milk and the sooner I get it in the morning..the better Not as many cookies as usual this year. It will be the 2nd time in 47 years that I will not be making cut outs. My darling daughter, Kim, says she is making them for all of us! Such a love she is! I know I will be making my mom's almond toffee bars. They are soo good. Your pics are so snowy and beautiful. No snow yet here.....dark and dreary for quite a few days...sun this morning...going to get cold over the weekend so expect some snow. Snow for Christmas is good. Then after can fly the coop and not come back until next Christmas. I won't be that lucky though. Still have a few packages to wrap and h'orderves to make to take to Kim's on Christmas but must rest, too, so we have fun and this old lady is not too tired out. You said you love your comments. This may be way toooo long. Sorry.

    Love ya,

  9. P.S. Hi Faye ...I started my Ball canning jar onion today. I could not find my jar used a piece of red checked cotton cut in a strip and tied it around the jar at the top. If it gets wet from changing the water then it should dry quickly.I think it should be lots of fun. I love projects like this. Thank you, Faye. You come up with the best ideas!

  10. Hi Faye;

    I love cream - just not in my coffee!

    We drove through the storm to pick up our daughter at the airport in Moncton last night - we arrived back home about 1 am. Up now heading out to a noon wedding in Nova Scotia where she is maid of honor. Just hope I won't be too tired, too sore, or too cranky. :o(

    Just reread my comments - I'm already too tired, too sore, and too cranky. I am drinking my black coffee now waiting for it to kick in and thanking God for our safe travels yesterday and asking Him for the same today.

    Have a good day, I love reading your posts.


  11. Oh beautiful beautiful snow!!
    My brother is coming in tomorrow I so hope we get some.
    Love your photos.
    Woolie HUGS

  12. We are in the middle of a snow storm here in Wisconsin. I think they named it...what is up with that? I never heard of a snow storm being named. I plan to do some baking and candy making too. I make peanut brittle, molasses and sugar cut outs, pecan balls and this year - thanks to pinterest - I'm going to try "Christmas Crack" and a brittle made from saltine crackers. Blessings.

  13. Wonderful pictures.
    We had a doozy of a snow storm a few days ago, and now we are suffering temperatures in the negatives.
    Baking, and fluffing the house sounds like the perfect thing to do!

    Today, we are baking, and candy making.

    Warm wishes...

  14. Faye, This weekend is a baking weekend for me also. :) I found a recipe on pintrest for a "whoopie pie" cake. It looks so yummy. I am going to make it for my son Colin over the holidays as he loves whoopie pies. On the weekend it will breton brittle, peanut butter squares and choc chip cookies (your recipe with secret ingredient :)) Hope you get your baking done and me also. I also have to finish up two scarves for gifts.
    Hugs, Krista

  15. Oh I will be there to help with the baking hehe ! Lovely photos ! I see your Geraniums are doing well to and blooming just like mine I guess that means I am doing something right first time ever bringing them in for me ! Hope you get all your baking done oh I bet your house will be smelling YUMMY ! No snow for us here on Southwestern Ontario still rain beginning to feel like Britain here with all the fog and rain lol ! Have a good day !

  16. Good morning Faye!

    Coffee with cream, when I drink it, although that isn't very often:) Love all your pretty pictures.

    I have cut way back onb my baking this year, but will be baking apple and squash pies, peanut butter balls, cherry balls, shortbread cookies, and if time permits a couple of other cookies I've been wanting to try.

    I'm almost finished my Christmas shopping (and so I should be at this late date!) I have major issues with a bum sciatica nerve, so I can only shop for a few minutes at a time, but thank the Lord I have a wonderful husband who will take me out as many times as is necessary to get everything done:)

    Have a wonderful day:)
    Kim from Saint John

  17. Hi Faye.... it was quite a day yesterday wasnt it? I hope the snow survives the rain that is forecast; I really need a little snow for Christmas! I have only done a small amount of baking this year; other years, too much, and guess who would be eating most of it for weeks after.... I only made mocha cakes, shortbreads, pumpkin muffins and snowball cookies. I find with all the other food, usually we are too full after the main meal for sweets. Have a merry and blessed Christmas Faye; hope to see you next summer.

    Cheryl from F'ton

  18. Love your snowy photos! It's so pretty. I am making chocolate peppermint bark for the first time this year! I hope it turns out ok. The recipe seems easy enough so hopefully I can't mess it up :)

  19. looks like you will have a white Christmas!! your pictures are kids are so wishing for snow.
    Merry Christmas!

  20. Oh, Faye, your house looks so peaceful and your geranium so cheery!

  21. The snow really makes it Christmas time - we've just had lots of rain.
    Enjoy all your preparations!
    God bless

  22. My coffee consumption has gone up lately...I like it with cream amd sugar which makes it kinda sinful-LOL... Always lots to do this time of the year but I'm not doing any baking, unless I make cookies with the kids a day or two before Christmas...
    Guess who?! (From "the Nob")

  23. I would love to get a snow day like that. We get a little snow but it is always melted by the next day.